As a rule, the coffee machine is placed on the kitchen worktop. But this option is not limited to everything. There may be very little space on the countertop. Then the ideas from our selection will come to the rescue.

one On the trolley

In general, carts are a universal addition to a small kitchen. You can push it into an uncomfortable corner, put jars of cereals, place vegetables or dishes.

And for a coffee machine such a solution ...
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And for a coffee machine, this solution is also suitable. You can not only move the coffee area around the kitchen, but also organize the storage of bags or cans of coffee, cups, coffee grinders — in a word, everything you want.

2 To the pantry

If you live in a private house and have allocated a separate pantry for storing food supplies and small household appliances, the coffee machine can be placed there.

So, in this example, the coffee machine...
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So, in this example, the coffee machine has taken its place on the countertop, so it will be convenient to prepare a fragrant drink. However, in some apartments there is the possibility of arranging a pantry. So this idea is not only for cottage residents.

3 On the nightstand

Another option for placing a coffee machine, which is suitable for a combined kitchen-living room.

On the nightstand you can arrange coffee &...
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On the bedside table you can arrange a coffee «bar» with all the necessary accessories for making a drink. It will also be convenient to store coffee here, so as not to take unnecessary actions in search of bags or cans of grains.

four On the rack

Another example of the design
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Another example of decorating a corner with a coffee machine is a small rack that stores everything you need, including the equipment itself.

However, it is not necessary to take a whole rack to store everything for coffee. If the storage system is larger and wider, other kitchen utensils will also fit there. Or maybe a microwave. It is important to place the rack so that there is a socket nearby, and the length of the wires of the devices is enough.

5 On a drawer in a cabinet

Such furniture will have to be made to order, but minimalists will definitely like the idea for storage: everything is hidden in the closet, and at the same time it is convenient to use appliances — just pull out the module.

It is important to provide an outlet in
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It is important to provide an outlet inside such a cabinet, otherwise you will have to pull out the device every time and connect it to the power supply in order to make coffee.

6 Just in the closet behind closed doors

It is possible not to design a retractable module, but to put the coffee machine on a kitchen cabinet shelf.

For convenience, it is worth considering the following...
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For convenience, consider the following. Inside the cabinet you need a socket (you will have to think about this at the repair stage). It is also important that the shelf is at eye level. That is, you will have to design a column cabinet or make a narrow module on the countertop, as in this example.

7 On a separate table

Add a worktop
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You can complement the worktop of the kitchen set with a small table, as in this example. And put a coffee machine on it. Here they also organized storage using a cabinet under the table.

eight Don’t Install, Embed

What if during the planning phase...
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But what if, at the stage of planning a kitchen set, you choose a built-in coffee machine? The solution is not budgetary, but elegant. And you definitely won’t need to think about where to place a useful device.