Where to place tall cleaning items like a mop or vacuum cleaner so they don’t stand in any empty corner? For example, provide for this place in the closet, you can even place them on the door. These and other ideas are in our material.

one On the cabinet door

The inner surface of the door is often unused and empty. On it you can conveniently arrange objects with long handles. To do this, you need to fasten the hooks. Hang mops and brushes on them, and thanks to a special holder, an upright hand vacuum cleaner will also fit there.

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2 In the bathroom closet

If the area of ​​u200bu200bthe bathroom allows you to put a wardrobe there, it can be equipped to store cleaning accessories. At the same time, it is not necessary to use it only under a vacuum cleaner and a mop. The upper shelves will be conveniently taken under towels and household chemicals. And below — leave a niche in which the vacuum cleaner and mop will be located.

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3 In drawer

A long narrow drawer with a roll-out mechanism will ideally complement the kitchen set where there is not enough space for a full-fledged utility cabinet. Long-handled items such as brushes, brooms and a small upright vacuum cleaner will fit perfectly in such a cabinet. There you can also arrange additional places for storing rags and household chemicals for cleaning.

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four On a hook on the wall

A simple wall hook or hanger will help organize your cleaning supplies. You can’t hang a vacuum cleaner on them, but you can hang brooms, mops and brushes. To make it easier to attach a broom or brush to a hanger, make a small loop out of the cord and hang the accessory behind it.

Do not forget that such open storage obliges you to keep all items clean and maintain their neat appearance. And also — pick up plain and aesthetic accessories for cleaning.

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5 In a deep storage closet

If you are making a cabinet to order, you can provide a small place inside for attaching a vacuum cleaner or mop. For example, if the closet is 60 centimeters deep or more, you can make shelves 30 centimeters deep, and leave the rest of the space free and hang a vacuum cleaner there.

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6 Behind the interior door

If there is no more storage space left in the house, explore the hidden corners. You may be able to arrange storage space behind one of the interior doors. Of course, not in the bedroom, but in the kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Fix the holders on the wall and hang the accessories. Just remember to install a stopper for the door so that when you open it, you do not accidentally damage the mops or the vacuum cleaner.

7 At the end of the cabinet

If the end of the cabinet is free, use this surface for storage. Hooks or holders can be attached to it and cleaning tools with long handles can be hung. To equip closed storage, you will have to make a storage system to order.

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eight In the pantry

The pantry is simply created in order to store in it something for which there is no place in the rest of the space of the house. These items include large vacuum cleaners, mops, and other cleaning accessories. But you can’t just put them in a corner, they can fall and get damaged or damage something else. Attach accessories to holders or hooks on the wall.

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