Finding a place for household appliances in the house is not so easy, especially when it comes to housing a small area. It is important that this space is comfortable and devices can be easily reached. We tell you where to store the vacuum cleaner in the apartment so that it is comfortable to use.

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All about vacuum cleaner storage

What to Consider
Ideas for placement:
— Storage room
— Cupboard
— Special holders
— Laundry room
– Nisha
— Loggia
— dressing room
— space under the stairs

What to consider when choosing a location

The choice of where to place the vacuum cleaner depends on your lifestyle. Think about how often you clean your house, how many times a week you vacuum. If you are used to doing this daily, then the technique should always be at hand. It will be inconvenient to get a disassembled model from the depth of the cabinet every day.

It also matters who vacuums. For example, if you are delegating cleaning to children, then storage should not be difficult. A teenager may not be able to cope with the assembly of equipment, and he will have to call adults for help every time.

The second point to think about is the model and design of the device. There are both compact wireless options and very large construction ones. Take a closer look at your model and determine whether the hose is removed from the device and where it is attached, how many parts it can be disassembled, whether there is a place for nozzles, how to put it (vertically or horizontally). If you can’t quickly understand these points, then look at the instructions. They always describe in detail the components of the device and storage conditions.

And the third point, which should not be forgotten, is the important requirements put forward to the location. Store the vacuum cleaner, as a rule, it is necessary in a dry room at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C and a low level of humidity. Therefore, do not leave it near a hot battery and in direct sunlight. It is also not recommended to place appliances in the bathroom — it can be very humid and hot there. For any household appliances, sudden changes in temperature are detrimental, so you should avoid places where these can happen.

After you take into account all these points, you can proceed to the search for a suitable storage location.


Where to hide the vacuum cleaner in the apartment

1. Put in the pantry

In pantries, various accessories and equipment are often placed: a washing machine, a mop, an iron, detergents, and tools. It all depends on the size of the room. If you have one, most likely there is a place for a vacuum cleaner in it. In this case, the device will always be at hand, and at the same time hidden from prying eyes.

2. Place in the closet

The closet is the place where the vacuum cleaner is most often stored in a small apartment. In small spaces, pantries are rarely equipped due to space savings, and there are not always loggias and balconies. Therefore, it is easiest to hide household appliances on a fairly deep shelf. If it is to be stored vertically, a high section will have to be provided. If the model is collapsible, then place it in parts.

You can put a storage cabinet in any free place in the apartment. Often this is located in the corridor and hallway, sometimes in the room or in the kitchen. If we are talking about household appliances, which must be recharged during storage, then an outlet must be placed inside. Otherwise, the wires from the extension cords will spoil all your efforts.

If there is no place to put the utility closet, try to highlight part of the wardrobe. For example, disassemble the device and occupy one shelf with it. Vertical can be placed in the wardrobe with clothes. For this, you need a section with a height of at least 1.5 meters. However, storing cleaning equipment next to textiles is not the best option. You will have to wipe it from dust every time so that it does not stain things. But you can provide an additional case that is put on the device.

3. Use holders and retractable structures

Special holders can be used in different ways: just attach them to the wall in any room or equip a closet with them. You can find them in household stores. Pay attention to the third photo in the gallery: on it, the mount was marked on the door, and the device itself was placed in a cabinet. This way of organizing makes storage convenient and compact.

4. Find a place in the laundry

If your house or apartment has a laundry room, then you can place household appliances in it. However, be careful and consider the conditions: if you often dry clothes in this room, then it may be too humid in it. In this case, the device should not be stored there.

5. Place in a niche

A niche is any free space in which walls or furniture play the role of walls. Appliances can be placed between any cabinet and the wall. For example, a small cordless vacuum cleaner, which is placed on a stand, can easily fit in there. Ideally, if the outlet from which it is charging is not far away.

If your apartment has a large niche, then you can organize a full-fledged utility closet in it. Look at the second photo in the gallery. Here, a shelf, hooks and a convenient railing were added to the niche, and a door was equipped that hides the contents from prying eyes.

6. Find a place on the loggia

If you have a loggia in your apartment, then you can place the device on it. However, it must be insulated. Otherwise, variable temperature and humidity will ruin the device. The vacuum cleaner can be stored on the balcony even in winter, if it is carefully insulated from the cold.

7. Put away in the dressing room

This option is similar to storage in the pantry, but it primarily means the placement of clothes. If there is enough space for an additional cabinet, equip one for household appliances. It is convenient: it can accommodate an iron, steamer, vacuum cleaner. There is also enough space for an ironing board and other accessories. A separate section will protect clothing from dust that may collect on the devices after cleaning.

8. Equip the space under the stairs

This option is for country houses and duplex apartments. Usually such a space is empty and it is not so easy to organize it. Sometimes there is a storage facility for cleaning products. Especially if we are not talking about the front staircase. In the case of the latter, special sections can be built in that will be invisible to others. But such designs must be made to order, their price can be quite high.