No matter how carefully you wear outerwear, sooner or later it gets dirty. Dirt first appears on the collar, pockets and sleeves, then there are more and more greasy areas. Dry cleaning is not the only way to freshen up a product. You can get rid of stains yourself. We will figure out how to wash and how to remove grease stains from a jacket quickly and easily.

All about do-it-yourself jacket washing

Is everything washable?
Features of cleaning different materials
We remove stains
— traces of fat
— Spots of different origin
We remove greasy
Choosing a processing tool
How to wash
— Machine wash
— We wash by hand

Do you always have to wash

If outerwear has lost its attractive appearance, do not immediately send it to the washing machine. There are things that absolutely cannot be washed. This information must be indicated on the product label. If it has a pictogram with a basin crossed out with two lines, only dry cleaning is possible.

It is undesirable to wash things with fur or leather inserts. These are quite capricious materials that are easy to spoil. It is strictly forbidden to wash products made of leather, suede or nubuck.

Features of washing products from different fabrics

The top material determines the washing mode. Items made of denim, cotton, raincoat fabrics made of mixed fibers, polyester can be cleaned in the machine at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C, preferably in delicate mode with a minimum number of revolutions of the centrifuge during the spin cycle. Membrane fabrics require the addition of special equipment to the washing drum. Otherwise, they lose their airtight and hydrophobic properties..

The possibility of washing depends on the filler. Natural fillers, such as down or wool, do not tolerate wet processing. They must not be soaked, and should be washed as little as possible. If there are only a few spots on such a jacket, dry cleaning will be enough. The most unpretentious fillers are synthetic. This is holofiber, tinsulate, synthetic winterizer and others. Man-made fibers withstand washing in a delicate mode and spinning at medium speeds.

Information about the fabric of the top and the filler is on the label, it must be studied before processing.


Preparing for washing

Start washing by preparing the jacket. We have compiled a checklist of what needs to be done.

  • Turn out pockets. Remove everything that is in them, including the smallest debris.
  • Unfasten the fur trim. If possible, remove or unfasten decorative elements made of plastic or metal.
  • Zip all zippers up to the top. Otherwise, the teeth in the drum may be deformed.
  • Turn clothes inside out. This is optional, but it better preserves the fabric of the top and decorative elements.

If there are heavily soiled areas on the jacket, such as cuffs or a collar, they must first be cleaned. Otherwise, they may not wash off. If there are stains, they must also be removed first.

How to remove grease and other stains on a jacket

The next step is to remove stains, which can be different.

All-purpose grease removers

Very often there are marks from fat. It is easier to get rid of them while they are fresh, but old ones can be dealt with. Homemade mixtures will help.

Salt and starch

Each of the ingredients is a good adsorbent. Any of them is poured on a fresh spot, after a while it will “pull” the fat out of the tissue. For old marks, a mixture of both components is prepared. They are mixed in equal proportions and diluted with water. It should turn out gruel. It is gently rubbed into the dirt, left for 10-15 minutes, washed off.

Dish detergent

Dissolves grease well. A tablespoon of the product is diluted in a liter of warm water, mixed until foam forms. A sponge soaked in the solution is treated with pollution, left for 20-25 minutes, washed off. This treatment works well in greasy areas.

Salt and Vinegar

In half a liter of warm water, dissolve 2 tablespoons of salt and table vinegar. The resulting solution is gently rubbed into the stain, left for 15-20 minutes. Wash away.

How to get rid of stains of different origin

  • Paint marks can be removed with solvent, ammonia or acetone.

  • Caustic soda or gasoline will help if you do not know how to remove fuel oil from a jacket.
  • Spots from cosmetics can be removed with micellar water.
  • Citric acid will help with rust.
  • Blood stains can be washed with cold water and then treated with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Refined gasoline with starch or talc is considered a good option than removing machine oil from a jacket. First, the stain is moistened with a liquid, then it is sprinkled with an adsorbent. After a few minutes, the contaminated powder must be cleaned off.

If home remedies do not help, you can use stain removers like Udalix, Ace, Vanish. They are produced in different forms: liquids, powders or sprays. Most often, these are universal compositions designed to combat stains of various origins. Instructions for their use are always on the packaging.

In order not to “smear” the stains even more, peel them off in the direction from the edges to the center. Be sure to check if the fabric has deteriorated in any inconspicuous area — this applies to all means: both homemade and store-bought.

How to remove grease

Greasy areas cannot be put in order with normal washing, pre-treatment is needed. Let’s figure out how to wash greasy places on a jacket.

In a short video, they listed the best remedies for greasy

peroxide and ammonia

Ammonium chloride and peroxide must be mixed in equal proportions and wipe the greasy areas with a cotton pad abundantly moistened with the mixture. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, rinse. The composition is best used on light-colored things, peroxide can slightly lighten the fabric. The cleaning mixture has a very strong smell, so things must be ventilated after processing.


It is better to take a refined oil product. It is abundantly applied to pollution, sprinkled with talc, starch or tooth powder on top to absorb the dissolved greasy dirt. Leave for 15-20 minutes. The powder is then scraped off.


In a glass of water, stir two tablespoons of alcohol and the same amount of any dish gel. Treat with this greasy solution, leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse off.

Soda and dish gel

Any gel-like dishwashing detergent is mixed with soda so that a slurry is obtained. It is applied to the greasy fragment and gently rubbed. Leave for half an hour, wash off.


Best of all helps economic, 72% fat. They soap the problem area and rub it with a brush. This is the best way to wash jacket sleeves. You can do otherwise: grate the soap, dilute the chips with water and wipe off the greasy with the resulting soapy solution.


As with greasy stains, greasy areas should always be treated from the edges to the middle so as not to rub the dissolved dirt over the product. For processing, it is worth taking a brush of medium hardness, too hard a fixture can ruin the material. Abrasives must not be used.

How to choose a detergent

To get a good result, you need to choose the right tool. It can be general or specialized. They sell products for washing products from the membrane, for example, Salton CleanTech or Cotico; for down jackets, such as «OS-gel» or «Trekko Down Wash», etc.

Means are produced in the form of washing powder, liquid, gel or capsules. All are effective, but powder better not to use. The granules are rinsed out worse, whitish stains may remain from them. Liquids dissolve well in water, work effectively and rinse out without residue. The capsules contain a gel, they also do not leave streaks.

It is important to pay attention to the purpose of the remedy. It can be hand or machine washable. The latter option is suitable in any case, but the composition for hand washing cannot be used in the machine. It gives too much foam.

How to wash the product

You can wash the item in the machine or by hand. Let’s figure out how to do it right in both cases.

Machine wash

It is important not to make a mistake in choosing a work program. The hint will be the information on the label of the clothes: the allowable temperature and the possibility of spinning are indicated there. Based on this, a suitable mode is selected. Washers have different capabilities: some have special “Outerwear” or “Duvet” modes with periodic shaking of things in the drum. You can wash on them.

If they are not available, “Hand” or “Delicate” wash, “Synthetics” will do. The latter mode is especially recommended for bolognese, nylon or polyester products. If there is a manual program setting, choose a temperature not higher than 40 ° C and spin at the minimum speed — no more than 500 per minute. These are the safest programs for outerwear.

The filler may crumple during processing: to prevent this, you need to put several tennis or special balls that are sold in stores together with the jacket in the drum.

It is advisable to supplement the selected mode with a double rinse. If this cannot be done before starting, at the end of the cycle, simply start another rinse.



Product with natural filler should be washed vertically: hang on hangers and place over the bath. Moisten the top layer with a shower head with warm water, lather the fabric with a soft brush, leave for a while to dissolve the dirt. Then brush the entire surface with a brush, paying special attention to the soiled fragments. Then wash off the soap suds from the product. This is a good way to wash a greasy down jacket if you can’t do it in the car.

Clothing with artificial fill can be washed in the usual way and even soaked.. In this case, pour warm water into the bath or other volumetric container, dissolve the detergent in it. Immerse the item in the solution, leave for half an hour and wash. Dense fabrics can be additionally rubbed with a soft brush, so it is better not to handle delicate ones. Rinse clothes well, changing the water several times.


A jacket washed in any way is best to dry vertically, on a coat hanger. So she won’t lose her shape. Dry in a well ventilated area. It is undesirable to use a hair dryer, heater and other appliances. Down jackets during the drying process should be periodically whipped and shaken so that the fluff does not crumple.