one Wardrobe in a niche

Initially, a rather voluminous niche was made in the wall, which did not fit into the interior and did not carry any benefit. As a result, it was turned into a hidden storage system with lighting, and the facade was disguised as a general finish. The absence of fittings and the most inconspicuous seams between the door and the rest of the surface make the structure truly invisible. This is a great option for additional in-place storage for a non-functional niche. And a secret door allows you to organically fit a wardrobe of any size into the interior.

2 Storage system under the stairs

Several secret cabinets hid under the stairs in this house at once. The doors were sheathed with clapboard and painted in the color of the rest of the finishes in this area. This storage option is ideal for minimalist interiors or for spaces heavily loaded with furniture and decor. Space under the stairs is a great opportunity to expand your existing storage system with several large niches. There you can equip a pantry or dressing room. If you want to create the same secret storage, choose a common finish for walls and facades and ditch the handles in favor of the click-clack system.

3 Spacious wardrobes in the living room

Three large and very spacious wardrobes are hidden in this minimalistic living room. The facades are painted in the color of the walls and trimmed with flat wide laths. This design option — with vertical lines — helps to better mask the seams between the doors and the wall. They look like one of the rails and due to this they do not stand out from the general background. Such a solution allows you to give the living room one more additional function: for example, a dressing room. At the same time, the overall picture of the interior does not suffer, and the room does not look overloaded due to the disguise of cabinets.

four Secret room behind a shelf

In this interior, it was possible to hide a full-fledged dressing room so that no one would guess where it is located. The secret is in the fake door, which looks like an ordinary rack. In fact, this is a hidden passage to a separate room in which the owners keep their clothes. A bright niche with shelves, although it stands out against the general background of the wall, does not look at all as impressive and foreign as if it were just a door to the dressing room.

5 Dressing room in the bedroom

An interesting idea for decorating a dressing room adjacent to the bedroom is to “hide” it in the wall. This option will be especially relevant if the room is small and you do not want to overload the interior with unnecessary details. It also helps to zone the bedroom, delimiting a place to sleep and store things. Secret doors will allow you to create a complete interior, and at the same time, the dressing room will always be «at hand».

6 Laundry room in built-in wardrobe

Is there not enough space in the apartment to equip a laundry room there? Organize it in your closet! For example, the interior of this hallway is decorated in the style of modern classics. Designers have designed a built-in wardrobe with hidden handles without handles. Thanks to the same moldings on the wall and doors, the furniture completely merges with the rest of the surface. The wardrobe is made to order. Among the tasks was not only to fit it to the size and existing surface decor, but also to choose a paint that was identical in color and texture.