Place Name Characteristic in the rating
Top 10 best cabinet furniture factories in Russia
one Furniture holding The best modern designs at an affordable price
2 Triya Environmentally friendly materials
3 Soyuz-furniture The best assortment
four Lazurite Beautiful wooden furniture
5 Silvia Better functionality, ergonomics
6 Somovo-furniture Unique dressing tables, libraries, mirrors
7 Dyatkovo The largest factory of cabinet furniture
eight Courage Durability, recognizable design
9 Stolplit The most affordable furniture
ten Glazkovo furniture factory The oldest manufacturer with a good reputation

Updating furniture, I want to find high-quality materials that will last for many years. At the same time, the cost should remain affordable for the average consumer. For several years now, there have been factories on the domestic market whose products literally fall apart after the warranty period has expired. Imported furniture is much more expensive, and this is not a guarantee of quality. Fortunately, there are worthy companies in the country that have focused on functionality and durability. Production in Russia is very developed, it is not difficult to find a furniture factory to suit your preferences.

We have compiled the top 10 options based on user ratings. The nominees specialize in cabinet furniture and have high-tech equipment for working with materials. Factories hire specialists who not only make the product beautiful, but also think through ergonomics. Most of the nominees take first place in the most prestigious show jumping in the country, have quality certificates.


The team of the factory are true professionals in their field. Specialists often attend seminars and advanced training courses, so under their control the furniture turns out to be especially successful. Furniture is produced on modern equipment, and all materials are purchased from foreign enterprises. At all stages, the process is clearly controlled, which virtually eliminates the appearance of factory defects. The range allows you to choose the right furniture for your home, hotels, restaurants, cafes, cinemas and other places.


  1. High quality materials and assembly;
  2. Wide selection of furniture;
  3. Careful production control;
  4. Often there are discounts and sales;
  5. Reliable upholstery and accessories.

What determines the price and quality of the sofa

When you visit any furniture store, you will find a wide range of leisure furniture. The cost of outwardly similar sofas can differ by tens of thousands of rubles. In order not to overpay extra money, you need to understand what really affects the price of a particular model.

Transformation mechanism

The cheapest sofas have a fixed design and cannot be turned into a double bed for a night’s rest. Due to the lack of moving and rubbing parts, they are quite reliable, but not so convenient and versatile in use. Most often, furniture in this category is equipped with a transformation mechanism. The price of the sofa depends on the complexity of this mechanism.

The most common of them:

1. Book. The simplest lever design with fixation in two positions for sitting or lying down. It is time-tested, reliable and used for budget models.

2. Click-clack. Modernization of the first version, which got its name for the characteristic sound during its actuation. She has another intermediate position that allows you to rest reclining. Such a transformation system is also used on budget models.

3. Accordion. This design divides the bed not into two, but into three parts, which not only fold out, but also move forward in the longitudinal direction. It is compact when folded and is suitable for small spaces. More material and labor costs are used to make it, so these sofas usually cost more.

4. Dolphin. Sofas of this type consist of two parts, one of which is in the assembled position under the other. To open it, it is first rolled out with the help of rollers until it stops, and then lifted by a lever mechanism to the required height. The design is often used in corner models and has a higher price compared to a book type transformation.


The appearance and feel of touching the sofa is largely determined by the material used to upholster the furniture. There are a lot of options here. It is easier to break them into several groups according to the cost principle.

Inexpensive fabrics. These primarily include jacquard and cotton with synthetics.


Cotton fabric.

Woven and non-woven materials of the middle price category. These are velor, flock, chenille, artificial leather. To improve their strength characteristics, manufacturers often use special impregnations based on Teflon or Scotchguard.




Expensive finishing materials. These include carefully processed genuine leather and skins of rare animals. These sofas are usually made to order for wealthy clients.


The strength and durability of any product depends on the material that makes up its frame. In the furniture industry, the least expensive chipboard or plywood sheets are often used for this purpose. In the most critical places they are reinforced with metal or natural wood.

Sofa frame made of chipboard.

If the sofa frame is entirely made of metal or wooden parts, then the price can increase several times. Strongly affects the cost and type of wood. The most accessible are pine, spruce and birch. Products made from oak, beech, walnut, cherry or exotic tropical trees will cost much more.

Wooden sofa frame.

An additional factor affecting the cost of expensive models is wood processing technology. It can be quite labor intensive. Products with curly carvings, high quality joints, expensive impregnations, varnishes or tinting compounds are often sold at a very high price.

Choosing a quality sofa: what to look for

The sofa is quite popular and necessary acquisition for the home. It is used not only to create a cozy atmosphere, but also for relaxation — both short-term daytime and long night.

Consider the most important criteria to consider when choosing a sofa.

Criterion Description
frame The first thing to do is to check with the seller what the base is made of. The material determines how long the final product will last. The metal base is considered the most durable. Chipboard — does not last too long, but is a more affordable material. But the tree is the average between metal and chipboard, both in terms of strength and price.
Filler Another important criteria Not only the frame is responsible for the final product, but also the filler. The foam rubber option is soft enough and does not cause allergies, but it wears out quickly. Latex foam is not pressed through and retains its shape for a long time.
Upholstery It depends on the upholstery how comfortable and pleasant it will be to spend time on the sofa. There are a number of options, such as leather, leatherette and fabrics. Genuine leather is the most expensive, but at the same time durable, since Kozhzam is practically “not afraid of anything” — a good alternative to it, although its durability, like the price, will be lower than that of its natural counterpart. An even cheaper option is fabric, such as jacquard or tapestry.
Layout mechanism The most controversial criterion, but, interestingly, it can also influence the final choice of a potential buyer. If you need a sofa that will be laid out every day, then you should take the simplest, but at the same time reliable option — a “book” or its variation in the form of a “eurobook”. If the sofa needs to be laid out less often, it is better to take a semblance of a book called “click-clack”. But if the sofa will be used purely for sleeping, then other options, including the «accordion», will do.

Important! For added convenience, you should look at the spring blocks — they are perfect for a sofa that will be used mainly for sleeping.

Each of the criteria helps in choosing a future sofa.


The production of upholstered furniture in Russia has a long history. And during this time it has been significantly improved both technically and aesthetically. Now Russian manufacturers of upholstered furniture have gone far from the stereotypical image that existed 25 years ago. Then it was possible to produce «simply domestic inexpensive products, and how the quality will turn out.»

The result was not long in coming. Since the beginning of the 2010s, domestic furniture products have been at least as competitive as imported products in the same price range. The number of models is already several tens of thousands. All modern technologies and the latest design innovations are being actively introduced. A considerable part of the goods is already undergoing permanent certification for compliance with Western European standards. At the same time, the presence of local production and, therefore, relatively small transport costs make furniture from factories in the Russian Federation a fairly profitable purchase.


The manufacturer focuses on the manufacture of large sliding wardrobes. Basically, they are composite, which allows you to achieve the required length to the consumer. All materials, as well as accessories, are of high quality from Austrian and Turkish brands. An interesting offer is the production of stained-glass sliding wardrobes, which are distinguished by high build quality and beautiful design. Thanks to such constructive developments, you can get multifunctional wardrobes, which will have additional shelves for different things and even additional sections with their own doors.


Another Belarusian manufacturer in the ranking. The factory is known for excellent models of sofas for everyday sleep. A big advantage is that you can change the dimensions of the selected model for yourself, as well as make an individual order according to your sketches. The factory boasts a choice of 1000 fabrics, only wooden frames for its products and high-quality filler that shrinks no more than 1 mm in 10 years. In the catalog you can find more than 300 models, the price of a sofa starts from 28,880 rubles.


«Ronikon» is engaged in the production of cabinets and kitchens. The company offers a huge selection of hinged and corner cabinets, bedrooms, nurseries, dressing rooms, libraries. In addition, Ronikon products have an attractive design that allows them to successfully fit into a variety of interior styles. Selling more than a million positions annually, the company continues to gain momentum and collect more and more positive reviews. Of the main advantages — availability, quality, variety. Specialists of MF «Ronikon» also produce furniture according to individual projects. Although this status factory has not escaped negative reviews, even if they are few.


A sofa is necessary in every home, so its choice should be made as carefully as possible. When choosing it, you need to take into account many criteria.

The first thing you should pay attention to is orthopedic qualities. You need to make sure that the base is anatomical — then the person will be able to sleep well at night or rest in the evening, after which he will feel great.

Second — you need to find a model that will fit into the interior of the room.

The manufacturer’s warranty is another criterion by which you can choose your sofa. The larger it is, the better the product. If a marriage comes across, it can be easily replaced or refunded.

If all this is taken into account, it will be easy to choose a model that will completely suit him according to all criteria.

Recommendations for choosing furniture


A large number of models from different manufacturers makes it difficult to make a final choice. Therefore, experts advise to determine the price range in which the purchase should fall. Each buyer has his own vision of design, style, size, options, material, which ultimately affects the cost.

Furniture type.

Updating the situation in the room, you should decide on the type of furniture you buy.

  1. If the catalog of your favorite manufacturer has cabinets or kitchens that are suitable in size and functionality, then you can buy a finished product. In this case, the order fulfillment time will be minimal (if available in a store or warehouse, 1-5 days).
  2. When no model fits into the interior, then you should think about making custom-made furniture. It can be either a built-in wardrobe or a bookshelf. But then the order fulfillment time can grow up to a month or more.


For the manufacture of furniture used a rich range of materials.

  1. Cabinets, kitchens, and chipboard sets have the most affordable price. But they require careful care, high humidity can lead to the rapid destruction of the plates.
  2. Modern MDF material is used for facade decoration. At the same time, the price of furniture also increases.
  3. Natural wood has always been valued, but solid wood furniture is expensive. But it looks luxurious, and the service life reaches a hundred years.


. When the decoration of rooms is done in a house or apartment, it becomes even more difficult to choose furniture. In this case, you often have to resort to the help of professional designers. It is important that the furniture harmoniously fit into the created concept of the room.


Since furniture is bought for many years, such an important factor as care and maintenance should be taken into account. The best option would be to purchase cabinet elements or sofas that can be cleaned with household detergents and a vacuum cleaner. Some exclusive models can only be serviced by specialists of cleaning companies.

We selected 19 best furniture factories for our review. All of them sell their products in our country. When distributing places, the editors of simplerule magazine relied on the opinion of the expert community, while taking into account the feedback from Russian consumers.


The next place in our rating is occupied by the Courage company, which has popular household furniture in its assortment. Bedrooms, living rooms and hallways are made according to the modular principle. Many Russian buyers famous collectionswhich are produced at the Courage factory:

  • «Palermo»;
  • «Sorrento»;
  • «Parma Lux»;
  • «Parma».

Furniture sets of the manufacturer are distinguished by the use of original materials, thoughtful design of products, bright design solutions. High quality is confirmed by an 18-month warranty. According to many consumers, Courage furniture combines good value for money. All financial costs are fully justified by the products.


Not the last place in the ranking is the furniture manufacturer Stoplit. The low cost of products and large volumes of production make it one of the leaders in the lower price segment. At the factory a wide range is produced:

  • modular systems;
  • living rooms;
  • bedrooms
  • kitchens
  • hallways;
  • furniture for children and teenagers.

The company has more than 2,500 points of sale not only in Russia, but also in neighboring countries. The factory started its successful work more than twenty years ago. And, despite the fact that not all reviews of Stoplite products are positive, furniture is in great demand.

Particularly popular with buyers high quality modern design kitchens. Each kitchen set has its own texture, design, color palette. Unites all sets functionality, spaciousness and high quality. Using the kitchens of Regina, Anna, Olya, Milena, you can create a special style in the room or decorate it simply in a classic style. The main advantage of Stoplite furniture is kitchen modules, with which you can feel like a designer and create an individual kitchen.