Updated: 11/19/2020 Car TV is a convenient and useful device. It will entertain passengers during a long journey, capture the attention of children for a long time, and help the driver pass the time in a traffic jam.

TVs for cars are equipped with a large number of functions that each user selects based on individual needs.

What to look for when buying:

  • Adaptation for local TV broadcasting (such a problem is rarely encountered with official sales, more often with «gray»).
  • Support for digital and cable TV, or at least one of them (DVB-T2, DVB-S2).
  • Ability to play recordings from external media.
  • Remote control.
  • Possibility of control without remote control.

Of the additional functions, the most popular is the ability to connect a set-top box and a rear view camera.

According to the installation method, car TVs can be divided into two categories:

  • Stationary.
    They are installed at a certain point in the cabin, their location cannot be changed. Most often located on the front panel, front seat headrests (for second-row passengers), sun visor, on the ceiling. When choosing this placement option, it is worthwhile to clearly define who exactly will watch TV — it depends on where to place the screen (a convenient location for the driver is inconvenient for rear seat passengers, and vice versa).
  • Mobile.
    The location of such a device can be changed if necessary. You should choose models that are equipped with a tilt-and-turn mechanism, thanks to which they can be placed anywhere in the cabin and set the optimal angle of inclination. The main advantage of the mobile version is that it can be used not only in the car, but also at home or in the country. Therefore, it is worth making sure that the device also works from a 220 volt network.

We present the rating of car TVs 2021. Top 10 models that were selected by our experts based on user reviews and ratings.

Rating (2020) Prices, ₽ Country
1. Eplutus EP-124T from 6400₽ China
2. XPX EA-1016D from 4400₽ China
3.Hyundai H-LCD1200 from 6500₽ China
4. Eplutus EP-143T from 5800₽ China
5. XPX EA-148D from 5700₽ South Korea
6. Eplutus EP-900T from 4200₽ China
7.Hyundai H-LCD1400 from 7000₽ China
8. Mystery MMTC-1030D from 12000₽ Russia
9. Eplutus EP-9511T from 3900₽ China
10. Eplutus EP-700T from 3500₽ China

What is the best car TV to buy

The main selection criterion is the dimensions of the device. And they, in turn, depend on the model of the car and the location in the cabin. For a passenger car in a sedan type body (and similar in size), screens with a diagonal of 7 to 12 inches are used. Larger models are bought for minivans, minibuses and buses. If the TV is fitted into a large car for rear seat passengers, it is advisable to pay attention to devices designed to be mounted on the ceiling or in headrests.

For comfortable viewing, the viewing angle plays an important role — the larger it is, the better what is happening on the screen to people who are on the side (and in a car this is inevitable). It must be at least 100 degrees horizontally, and 50 degrees vertically.

And finally: it is recommended to buy a car TV with maximum protection against electromagnetic interference, since they are present in large numbers in cities, and the car itself creates interference. Enjoy the shopping!

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Comparative table of presented models

In order to compare models, we suggest taking a look at the table with their main characteristics.

Model Screen size ( inches) Screen resolution (pixels) Memory cards The weight Color Price, rub)
Digma DCL-1020 10.1 1024×600 SD, MMC 610 g black from 7620 to 8300
Eplutus EP-9511 9.5 1920×1080 SD, MMC, MS 550 g black from 3870 to 4100
Hyundai H-LCD900 9.2 640×234 SD, MMC 600 g black from 6080 to 6550
AVEL AVS0945T 9 800×480 SD, MMC 1.65 kg black from 11,500 to 12,000
Ergo ER 9L 9 800×480 SD, MMC 1.2 kg black White from 9900 to 10360
Eplutus EP-101T 10.1 1024×600 SD, MMC, MS 680 g black from 9900 to 10360
Alpine PKG-2100P 10.2 800×480 SD, MMC, MS 2.27 kg black gray from 34120 to 34550

TOP 7 best TV in the car

The list of the best includes:

  • Eplutus EP-700T.
  • Eplutus LS-912T.
  • Eplutus EP-1019T.
  • Eplutus EP-9511T.
  • Eplutus EP-120T.
  • AVEL AVS090CM.
  • SoundMAX SM-LCD707.

Let’s explore the presented range in the article below.

Eplutus EP-700T

Eplutus EP-700T portable car TV operates in DVB-T2 digital broadcasting format. In addition to regular TV shows, you can also watch videos from removable storage media: SD card / USB drive. The beautiful body does not spoil the interior of the car dealership, and thanks to the wide 7-inch screen, you do not need to carefully peer into what is happening on the monitor.

In addition to the stylish appearance and versatility, the TV features a thoughtful set of accessories. In addition to a TV antenna, an AV cable and a regular AC adapter, the package includes a remote control, a stand and a car power adapter.

Permission 1024×600 pixels
Screen size 7 inches
Weight 450 g
Color option black

Price tag: from 4000 to 5500 rubles.

Eplutus EP-700T


  • clear image resolution (1024×600 pixels);
  • connecting a game console;
  • high antenna signal;
  • the state of the device is determined using the power indicator on the panel.


  • not detected.

I bought this monitor as a gift for my father. Installed in a service center on Kashirskoe shosse, which was recommended to us by the store manager. The father was extremely skeptical about this device, but his opinion changed after the first trip. The whole family was so absorbed in watching movies and videos from You-tube that no one interfered with my father’s driving, and the road, in which everyone usually languished from boredom, was surprisingly quickly passed. We were advised to use FM headphones to connect the whole family to the monitor. Surprisingly, the sound was clear, loud, with virtually no interference. Eplutus makes the best TVs for cars. Recommended.

Eplutus LS-912T

Digital LCD TV with a 10″ screen and the function of viewing photos, movies, listening to music from removable media: USB, micro SD. The TV is equipped with an antenna in order to receive an analog signal, a DVB-T2 digital signal. It is possible to connect a conventional UHF antenna.

In addition to the standard AV input, there is also an output for connecting headphones and a USB port for connecting an external drive (flash drive), a universal slot for micro SD memory cards. The TV can be placed on a horizontal surface using the fold-out/universal stand.

Color black
Monitor resolution 1200×800 pix
Screen size 10.2 inches
Weight 1000 g

Cost: from 3100 to 4200 rubles.

Eplutus LS-912T


  • surround and clear sound;
  • interior lighting in blue;
  • connecting a game console;
  • parental protection;
  • resolution — 1200 × 800 pixels;
  • screen diagonal — 10.2 inches.


Of the advantages, I can note the appearance, image quality, color brightness, catches all channels. Great gadget for your money. I took it as a gift to my husband. He is pleased. No deficiencies were noticed. The only thing is that it switches a little slowly from channel to channel. But apparently, for such TVs, this is normal. The clarity of the sound makes the car feel like a movie theatre, and the picture quality is quite watchable. In general, we are satisfied and can recommend for purchase.

Eplutus EP-1019T

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The Eplutus EP-1019T 10-inch digital portable TV in the car is one of the best models on the TV market at the beginning of 2021. It is equipped with the latest generation DVB-T2 digital TV tuner, and you no longer need additional receivers to watch digital TV channels.

In addition to television, Eplutus EP-1019T portable LCD TV easily plays audio, video and photo files from your USB flash drive and SD memory cards. The presence of a capacious built-in battery gives the EP-1019T portable digital TV unlimited possibilities, because you can watch such a TV in a tent while camping, fishing, and anywhere else. The PVR video recording function will save an important match and your favorite concert to the USB flash drive if you do not have time to watch them.

Permission 1200×800 pix
Screen diagonal 10.2 inches
The weight 530 g
Color black

Price category: from 4200 to 5790 rubles.

Eplutus EP-1019T


  • photo, audio and video playback from USB flash drives;
  • the ability to work both from the 220V network and the car’s on-board network 9-12V;
  • support for anaglyph 3D video;
  • resolution — 1200 × 800 pixels;
  • screen diagonal — 10.2 inches;
  • photo frame function;
  • Russian-language menu;
  • built-in speakers.


I must say right away that I did not find any cons for the entire time of use. The TV is not bad, we took it in the car in the Minivan and put it in the back for long trips. They removed the seats in the minivan, put a special seat on order — like a sofa in a car, and now we watch this TV when we travel, everything is fine. Shows even when hitting pits and mountainous areas, does not blink, everything is clear. Home of course is small, but the car is the most. The cost of the TV in the car is not high and quite acceptable. Recommended for the whole family.

Eplutus EP-9511T

Portable digital TV Eplutus EP-9511T is a compact media player. It has excellent features, which makes this TV model very popular. Enjoy TV broadcasts in digital quality.

Watch movies, photos, listen to your favorite music from removable media, because the presented model has USB and SD connectors. This model additionally has HDMI and VGA inputs, which allows it to be used as a monitor.

Permission 1204×768 pixels
Screen diagonal 9 inches
The weight 390 g
Color option black

Cost: from 4716 to 5215 rubles.

Eplutus EP-9511T


  • playback from USB;
  • MP3, MPEG4 support;
  • support for SD, MS memory cards;
  • power adapter for 220 V;
  • reception of digital television DVB-T;
  • remote control;
  • light weight (390 g).


Eplutus portable TV bought 2 months ago. Very pleased with the price and functionality. With a native TV antenna, it catches all regional broadcasts. Most importantly, it catches both analog and digital TV. Also, in addition, it is possible to connect SD and USB flash cards and view files from them. Video, photo, audio all popular TV extension opens without problems. There is an HDMI input and you can connect it as a monitor to a computer (it helped a lot when the monitor burned out). Another plus is the shameless sound from two stereo speakers. The 3000 mAh battery is enough for an hour and a half of work, the time for a full charge is also an hour and a half. Great portable TV for the money. Perfect for people working on the road, fishermen and hunters.

Eplutus EP-120T

Portable digital TV Eplutus EP-120T DVB-T2 received a digital and analog tuner, which greatly expands its capabilities. The 12-inch display allows you to comfortably view videos and images. At the same time, the device is compact, it does not take up much space in the car. The integrated battery ensures autonomy of operation.

As a result, the Eplutus EP-120T portable digital DVB-T2 TV is used not only at home / in the car, but also in the country, on a hike, etc. The battery capacity of 4000 mAh is enough for the device to work continuously without being connected to the mains. The model has an integrated card reader and a USB port. The convenient handle provides simplicity and convenience of carrying. The device supports popular formats of videos, pictures and audio files.

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The weight 730 g
Permission 1400×1080 pix
Screen diagonal 12 inch
Color black

Cost: from 5570 to 5518 rubles.

Eplutus EP-120T


  • screen diagonal — 12 inches;
  • screen resolution — 1400 × 1080 pixels;
  • playback from USB;
  • MP3, MPEG4 support;
  • support for SD memory cards.


Instead of a failed portable TV Rolsen RTV-900 9″, I decided to buy a replacement, but with a larger diagonal. I hesitated for a long time that it would be too big, but later I did not regret it a bit. The difference between these models is, of course, significant. With exactly the same dimensions, the brand new portable TV has a thinner frame, a larger screen, and it looks sleeker and neater. The packaging is colorful and tight. Inside the TV is also in a dense package that protects from bumps and damage. The kit in a separate box includes instructions, 220v adapter, car adapter, connection cables, antenna, remote control. A huge plus of the TV is that there is a DVB-T2 tuner. The sensitivity of the tuner is good, I found 20 TV channels without problems. This is the best TV in the car. I recommend, you won’t regret it.


A wonderful model with a huge number of different functions, among which both a child and an adult will find something to their liking. The set of the car TV has an active TV antenna, which will allow you to fully enjoy the quality of digital television.

Installing a portable TV in a car takes a matter of minutes: just place the device on a horizontal surface, and if the battery of the device runs out, plug it into a 12V car socket using the adapter that comes with this car portable TV.

Weight 470 g
Monitor resolution 800×480 pixels
Color black
Diagonal 9 inches

Price: from 4200 to 6190 rubles.



  • light weight — 470 g;
  • MPEG4 support;
  • power adapter for 220 V;
  • work from the built-in accumulator;
  • there is an FM radio;
  • remote control included.


My wife gave me this TV for my birthday. I have long wanted this to be small and fit in the car. First of all, I liked that the colors here are bright and there is a slot for a USB flash drive. Plug it in and watch your favorite movies. There are no problems with watching any TV shows at all. The quality of the broadcasts of the TV channels is excellent and it is pleasant to watch them. The diagonal is enough for comfortable viewing, the built-in antenna catches the signal perfectly. I can recommend, I use it myself for only a week, the build quality is solid, the picture is super, it works without failures and this is the main thing for me!

SoundMAX SM-LCD707

A small and convenient TV allows you to fully enjoy the quality of digital TV anywhere, whether it’s a highway or a river bank. And all thanks to the powerful antenna built into the device, which catches a stable signal even on the go, without annoying the audience with a «snowball» and other unpleasant interference.

Installing portable equipment in a car is easy: just place the TV on a horizontal surface, and when it is discharged, connect it to a 12V auto outlet using a special adapter from the kit.

Weight 300 g
Screen size 7 inches
Color option black
Permission 480×234 pixels

Cost: from 1200 to 1790 rubles.

SoundMAX SM-LCD707


  • telescopic antenna;
  • power adapter for 220 V;
  • own battery;
  • remote control;
  • weight — 300 g.


  • small display resolution — 480 × 234 pixels.

For this money, the model is super, with a very good TV tuner. In Sochi, it catches everywhere on a regular antenna. I was looking for a good TV for a long time, I took both Prolodzhi, and Supra, and Mystery into the car — they are more expensive, but they didn’t catch anything on a regular antenna or they caught it very badly, but Soundmax surprised me, where the above brands don’t catch anything , he catches just super. Of course, there is also a drawback — I don’t like the remote control, it doesn’t have some buttons on it, it’s cut down, but everything is fine. Watching TV in the car has become comfortable and easy on the eyes. I can recommend if you need a device without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Lists of the best

In addition to the products presented above, we have created another TOP of three models, which differ from each other in their special properties. This rating includes:

  • Budget.
  • Stationary.
  • Headrest monitor.

Let’s take a closer look at the presented range.

Eplutus EP-702T — budget

An excellent model, suitable for a small-sized cabin. Its screen diagonal is 7 inches, but the viewing quality is very high: a resolution of 1024 × 600 pixels. The set includes a DVD and MP3 player. With regards to sound quality, users note clear and surround sound without interference.

Price tag: from 2750 to 3000 rubles.

car tv Eplutus EP-702T

VECTOR-TV VTV-1000 — fixed

The car TV has a 10-inch diagonal and a built-in USB media player. Easily receives digital and analogue TV with more than 20 free channels of excellent quality. The model is equipped with excellent viewing angles, allowing you to watch programs from any seat in the cabin.

Price: from 5950 to 6300 rubles.


7 INTRO CDH-71 Android Headrest Monitor

A 7-inch multimedia headrest is installed on the front seats of the car. The device is equipped with a high resolution screen, a built-in DVD player, and the ability to connect a game console. The device is also equipped with wireless IR headphones, an SD card reader, a USB port and an AV output. Users note the excellent sound and clarity of viewing, without harm to the eyes.

Price tag: from 16990 to 17440 rubles.

car tv 7 INTRO CDH-71 Android

How to choose a TV in the car

tv in car

To make the purchase as useful as possible, we recommend that you study the selection criteria presented in the article below.

  • Device type. All similar devices on the market today are divided into two large groups — portable and stationary. The first ones can work both from the car’s on-board network and 220 V household electricity. Often they are equipped with a built-in battery that allows the gadget to work autonomously for 12 hours or even more. They usually have a swivel mechanism that makes it easy to mount the model to the ceiling of the car/dashboard. Stationary ones are built directly into the cabin — into the ceiling, into the panel, into the sun visor, and so on. They are equipped with everything you need: a display, a sound system, an antenna, a player, a tuner, and so on.
  • Screen features. Especially closely you should look at its resolution — the higher, the better the picture gives the display. The size of the diagonal directly affects the viewing comfort. Typically, drivers install TVs with a diagonal of about 3-12 inches. They do not need a lot of space in the cabin, but at the same time they allow you to easily see everything that is happening.
  • A portable car TV is installed almost anywhere. This is available through a special stand equipped with Velcro. Such a stand allows you to adjust the angle of inclination that is comfortable for viewing purposes, as well as turn the equipment in a way that will be comfortable for all passengers. Before connecting the TV to the car network, you will need to disconnect the negative terminal from the battery in the car. This action will be required for stationary devices that are powered by the network of the machine. When installing a mobile TV, you only need a few steps: placing the monitor in the right place and connecting the tuner. Most often, users install the device on the ceiling, on the headrest, in the sun visor. For each location, a different monitor model is appropriate.
  • Antenna. Each equipment is supplied complete with an analog/digital antenna designed to receive TV signals in urban areas. Regardless of the type of antenna, the quality of the signal on a suburban route deteriorates, which leads to interference and a lack of image. In order to watch TV in the city, TVs with built-in digital tuners are better than analog models. If there is a large amount of money, a satellite dish is installed. In this case, high image quality and a huge selection of channels are guaranteed. However, for most car owners, standard car TVs with a dvb-t2 digital tuner are suitable, which are optimal in terms of price-quality ratio.

Several types of antennas are suitable for a car:

  • pin stationary in order to fix inside the car to the front/rear glass;
  • similar, but for the purpose of fixing the outside of the car to the side / rear window, fender, roof;
  • mesh, which are installed inside the cabin on the rear window;
  • pin electromechanical, mounted to the rear wing.

Criterias of choice

Despite the variety of portable TVs on the market, there are a number of criteria by which it is recommended to choose such devices.

Criteria for choosing portable mini-TVs:

  • Permission.
    Give preference to models with a higher resolution. The displays in such devices are small, so the best solution would be a value of 1030×700 pixels or more.
  • Diagonal.
    She is selected based on her goals. If a TV is purchased in a car, 5 inches is enough, since the distance from the screen to the viewer is limited by the size of the cabin. For giving, you can take a model with a diagonal of 6-8 inches, no less. This option allows you to get a fairly high-quality picture.
  • Aspect ratio.
    For standard TV models, it is usually 16:9. The same proportions are typical for portable devices. But there are also options with a ratio of 4:3. For watching standard Russian TV channels, the first option is suitable, for satellite broadcasting — the second. This is not a particularly important point, since most models today provide for image adaptation — it is stretched automatically without losing quality.
  • Viewing angle.
    The bigger it is, the better. A TV with a good view can be watched by several people at once — they are suitable for a large company.
  • Antenna power.
    The larger it is, the clearer the signal will be, the better the image, and the more uninterrupted the broadcast will be.
  • Additional options.
    It should be noted that each option makes the device more expensive. The TV can have a variety of additions, for example: — control panel; — the ability to install a memory card, flash drive, disk; — radio; — games; — lighting and much more.
  • Fastening.
    This parameter is important only for car TVs. They can be mounted in the cabin in different ways — on the front panel, on the headrest of the seat, on the sun visor, on the ceiling. The choice depends on user preference.
  • Control.
    Portable TVs, like conventional ones, can have different control systems — voice, remote, push-button.
  • Equipment.
    There are devices that are supplied to the market with a minimum configuration — an adapter and a remote control. Some brands are less popular, attracting buyers with more luxurious equipment.

Why do leading factories choose Videocomplex video systems?

Any video system kit has excellent technical characteristics, is resistant to low and high temperatures, vibration, and long-term continuous operation, has wide viewing angles so that passengers can see a colorful picture, no matter where they sit on the bus — directly under the monitor or in the back seats. The video signal distribution system provides a clear image, stereo sound, noise reduction, and rich colors on the screen. With Videocompelx video systems, the passengers of your buses will be the most satisfied!

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What is a portable TV?

The main feature of portable TVs is their small size. Typically, such devices are located in car interiors. Moreover, they are fixed in any place convenient for passengers using brackets. Most often, portable TVs are placed on the working panel.

Miniature TVs are also in demand among summer residents, as they are easy to take with you on the road and install anywhere in the country house.

Such devices do not claim superiority over models of 24, 32, 43 or more inches. Their use is forced, it is justified only if no other option is possible.

Pros and cons

Portable TVs are convenient and useful, but along with the advantages, they also have a number of disadvantages that are useful to know about before making a purchase.


  • transportability — it is convenient to carry from place to place, take it with you on trips;
  • low energy consumption — for the TV to work, the energy of a car battery is enough;
  • light weight.


  • limited functionality;
  • small screen.