Place Name Characteristic in the rating
TOP-10 climatic complexes for the home
one Panasonic F-VXK70 High-quality air purification (NANOE technology). Long filter life (up to 10 years)
2 Boneco W2055DR The best ratio of price and quality
3 Zenet Air Cooler Model 2 The most versatile air conditioner
four Philips HU 5930 Better setting and timer flexibility
5 Venta LW45 The largest reservoir and operating time (10 liters and 25 hours)
6 FAURA Aria-500 Can be used in a car. The lowest price
7 ARCTIC AIR Mini air conditioner at an attractive price
eight Sabiel MB30V Powerful air conditioner for large rooms
9 ZENET ZET-472 The best choice
ten Vitesse VS-868 Attractive design

Climate complexes, or “air washers”, have become a universal option for improving the microclimate of a separate room. They are able not only to humidify the air, but also to purify it from harmful elements such as dust, animal hair, and so on. There are climatic complexes of cold and hot types. The former humidify the room without heating the water poured into them. They are completely safe even for small children. The latter heat the water, and it begins to evaporate. But air purification and humidification is not all that such devices are capable of.

The most demanded functions of climatic complexes:

  • purification and humidification of air;
  • ionization and ozonation of air;
  • aromatization of a room or office;
  • ventilation and cooling of the room;
  • ultraviolet lamps for complete disinfection of premises.

Let’s write right away: one should not expect a first-class performance of all functions from the climatic complex at once. Specialized devices for the same money can obviously do more than this device. Its huge plus is the combination of several functions in one case. However, he copes not much worse than the same air conditioners and humidifiers. The effect will just be slightly different.

It is worth remembering that the most common and simple air humidifiers are unable, most often, to purify the air of dust, wool and other filth. They simply pump moisture into the room, sometimes overdoing it. Something more is needed for cleansing. And the climate complex is what you need. It is a combination of an air purifier and a humidifier in one housing. Depending on the type of devices used, it will have different characteristics.

Climatic complexes are somewhat inferior to air conditioners in terms of speed and intensity of air cooling. But it is worth remembering that air conditioning is far from the main function of the device. Often, manufacturers do not even indicate it, because they do not consider it important. In part, poor cooling of the room is good, because now employees who are “blowing” from the air conditioner, as well as small children and people with weak immunity, will catch a cold much less often.

In addition, the presence of several functions at once allows you to save on various devices. There is no need to buy both a humidifier and a purifier, an ionizer and an air conditioner at the same time. This is very convenient, especially for small offices or apartments. So we present you a rating of the best climate complexes for the home, including those with additional features.

Principle of operation

Keep in mind! The principle of operation of a household air conditioner consists of several stages:

  1. After turning on the appliance air enters the system and is directed to be thoroughly filtered and sterilized with silver ions.
  2. Then the air flow is additionally cleaned with water, sterilized ultraviolet rays or biophotocatalysts.
  3. After passing through a 3 or 5-stage purification system, the air is completely purified and becomes more humid..

Due to the fact that polluted air is cleaned with water or ice, the user does not have to spend extra money on the purchase of chemical detergents.

Panasonic F-VXH50

The climate complex has several design differences. The working discs and the tank are pulled out from the side. Performance is similar to Electrolux EHAW. Three filters — HEPA, carbon (deodorizing), moisturizing. At high speed it works quite loudly (51 dB). The water tank is 2.3 liters, which is enough for 4-6 hours of operation. Many operating modes, including eco, manual, auto, night, learning mode. The timer allows you to turn off the complex after 8 hours.


  1. The materials are quality. There are no wheels, but it glides well on the surface due to the smooth plastic base.
  2. The brightness of the indicators and display is dimmed by a light sensor.
  3. Due to the air intake in the front, it can be placed close to the wall.
  4. The water compartment slides into place smoothly.
  5. Almost all indicators go out in the dark, does not interfere with sleep.
  6. There are unique features, such as the mode of refreshing clothes.
  7. The tank has a swivel stand to keep it level when pouring water.


  • The sponge filter needs to be cleaned frequently to keep bacteria from accumulating. There are problems with the replacement (hard to find consumables).
  • You cannot set the exact humidity level (only low, medium and high levels).
  • You need to add water frequently.
  • Noisy work.
  • Some find management difficult.

The price of the Panasonic F-VXH50 is 24.7 thousand rubles. According to reviews, easier maintenance compared to Sharp, Daikin, Philips, Boneco. The easiest and most convenient bay of water.
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Disadvantages of mobile coolers

The disadvantages of mobile floor cooling systems that do not have an air duct are the need for periodic replenishment of the water level and the high prices for such products.

In order for the air conditioner to show a higher efficiency of use, it will be necessary to ensure a constant supply of air.

dimensions climatizer Air 4000 reviews

For successful work in the office, you will need a system in which there is a supply and exhaust ventilation.

Boneco W2055D

It works in two positions: normal with a high intensity of humidification and night, which is characterized by low noise (only 25 dB, which is quieter than the ticking of the clock). Boneco W2055D unlike Boneco W2055 is equipped with a display. It displays performance indicators, the level of change in humidity. The device achieves the set indicators and maintains them. Suitable for aromatization of air, for which it is necessary to put a tampon moistened with aroma oil into a capsule. Equipped with a silver rod for ionization, water disinfection. According to Ecostandard specialists, Boneco W2055D is not inferior to air cleaners with a HEPA filter.


  1. The discs are made of honeycomb material. They are dishwasher safe.
  2. The hygrostat is accurate. Users checked the humidity readings with independent instruments.
  3. Very quiet operation at night mode, does not interfere with sleep, like other brands of humidifiers.


  1. The water inlet is inconvenient: the neck is located on the side, which is why it is impossible to fill the tank completely.
  2. According to reviews, the complex does not cope with the area declared in the characteristics (50 sq. M). Really humidifies the air in the room up to 25 sq. m.
  3. The aromatization function is weak. A light aroma is felt only near the device and only at first (does not spread around the room).
  4. Very bright display backlight, can be annoying at night.

The price of Boneco W2055D is 19-20 thousand rubles, it justifies itself. But the service leaves much to be desired. Like all others, it must be washed at least once a week. Due to the large number of bulges in the sump, the porous structure of the discs, washing it takes about 30 minutes, while for Venta it lasts only 5 minutes.
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Aic S135

A small climate complex that will help you clean a room up to 45 square meters. Power — 50 W, the timer will allow you to delay turning off the device up to 24 hours. Two modes will allow you to select the optimal level of humidification and air purification. The model effectively cleans the air from the smallest villi of cat or dog hair, as well as from other particles.


  1. Stylish shape and small size;
  2. Suitable for a room of 45 sq.m;
  3. There is an automatic mode;
  4. There is a choice of colors;
  5. Effectively cleans the air.


  1. Short power cord;
  2. Small water tank.

Winia AWX-70

The climatic complex differs from many rating models in a large water flow — 700 ml / h. Humidifies the air much more efficiently than others — twice as fast as the Boneco W2055D. Winia is equipped with a biofilter with silver-plated balls for ionization and two HEPA filters that trap the smallest particles of dust and allergens. There are only 4 buttons on the control panel — turn on, select the mode, speed and turn on ionization. The display shows indicators describing the operating parameters, including the level of moisture in the range from 20 to 60%. There are lights that tell you when to change the filters or when the water in the tank runs out.


  1. Made soundly, all materials are adjusted, there are no gaps (plastic does not creak, like Boneco).
  2. Easy access to all filters, including the pre-filter (it collects dust, hair), which needs to be washed every 1-2 weeks.
  3. The discs are metal, so they can be washed in the dishwasher.
  4. Capacious tank — 9 l.
  5. Well-written instructions in Russian.


  • The humidistat cannot be adjusted. The complex turns itself off when it reaches 60%.
  • The complex does not really fit into the interior because of the somewhat «cubic» design. However, it cannot be leaned against the wall. Behind should remain 10 cm, and on the sides — 30 cm.
  • The cord is easily pulled out of the socket. Therefore, if you have children, you need to be careful.

The price of Winia AWX-70 is 18 thousand rubles. Given the possibilities, functionality and ease of use, the humidifier can be recommended for purchase. It does not require frequent replacement of consumables (no more than once a year), does not leave puddles on the floor, and consumes little energy (24 W).
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The climatic complex of the German assembly is able to effectively purify the air, ionize and humidify it, as well as cool it. The volume of the water tank is 3.2 liters, and the power of the device is 65 watts. The complex is suitable for a room of 25 square meters. With it, you can enjoy clean air without unpleasant odors, as well as various allergens and dust. The model is able to cool the room by 6-7 degrees, and the special “Swing” mode will allow you to supply air in a horizontal position.


  1. Stylish design;
  2. Good volume for water;
  3. Cools, cleans and ionizes the air.


  1. Noisy work.

Weak sides

This technique has many advantages. But there are also some weaknesses:

  1. You cannot turn off the LCD monitor whenever you want.
  2. In some modifications, you cannot add water to their system. This complicates their domestic use.
  3. For some models, additional materials are very expensive. This complicates their purchase by ordinary users.
  4. Also, some devices are very noisy. This is especially true at night. Such equipment should not be placed in children’s rooms.

Redmond RAW-3501

The model belongs to the floor and consumes a small amount of electricity — 60 watts. The climate complex humidifies and purifies the air, and thanks to the ultraviolet lamp it disinfects it. 4 modes of operation speed, will allow you to choose the best option. There is also a timer that can be set to a delayed shutdown time of up to 24 hours. The model is equipped with a beautiful backlight, convenient touch controls and minimal noise, which allows you to use it while relaxing. The climate complex also performs the function of air ionization, charging it with negative ions, which are beneficial for the human body.

See price


  1. Beautiful design and lighting;
  2. Performs the function of ionization;
  3. Silent operation;
  4. 4 operating modes;
  5. There is a timer.


  1. Big sizes.

The advantage of using mobile systems

The convenience of a mobile air conditioner, in which there is no air duct, is the reason for purchasing such a device. The mobile room air conditioner Air 4000, reviews of which are positive, will be a useful device in many situations.

The purchase of a portable air conditioner for home use, in which there is no air duct, is beneficial because of the ease of use in everyday life:

  • Such a cooler does not require cleaning of hoses, care for the ecological state of the environment.
  • Safe to use, as the unit is designed without the use of freon and refrigerant.
  • Differs in mobility — it can be easily moved, transported in transport.
  • Small in size — it can be used in a small office or home, the dimensions of the Air 4000 air conditioner contribute to this.
  • Has minimal weight. Models with a plastic case weigh no more than 6 kg.
  • They feature silent operation.
  • Easy to install.
  • In such devices, the formation of condensate is not noticed.
  • Characterized by low power consumption.

Sharp KC-G41RW/RH

The KCG series differs from other Sharp devices in its advanced design, built-in highly sensitive dust, odor, temperature and humidity sensors. He regulates the work himself, taking into account the current parameters. Ionization occurs according to Plasmacluster technology, when the flow of ions is aimed in a certain direction (for other models, they come out in a chaotic manner). This is how the ionization of air and textile accessories occurs.


  1. A full night program: quiet sound, turning off the lights.
  2. Cleanses well and moisturizes.
  3. Reliable assembly, quality materials.
  4. An indicator displays data on the cleaning progress.
  5. The tank has a wide mouth, so it is easy to clean from the inside.


  1. Water is not enough for a long time due to the small volume of the tank (2.5 l). It needs to be topped up a couple of times a day.

The price of Sharp KC-G41RW/RH is 20.3 thousand rubles. According to reviews, the complex cleans and humidifies the air thanks to advanced technologies better than the described models.
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Venta LW45

Compared to earlier Venta models, the size of the lid on top has been increased. Because of this, the air flow is stronger, and the efficiency is higher. According to many experts, Venta LW45 is the quality leader in the line of expensive sinks. Economical in operation — consumes only 8 W thanks to high-precision electronics and touch control.


  1. There are handles on the pallet, which Venta LW44 does not have.
  2. There is a fragrance feature.
  3. Simple design, high quality materials.
  4. Humidifies the air well.
  5. The tank is enough for almost a day without topping up.


  1. Noisier than the early Venta LW44.
  2. Discs don’t wash well.
  3. Bulky, takes up a lot of space, not very beautiful in appearance.

The price is 23.5 thousand rubles, which users consider unreasonably high. It differs from all rating models by a very long warranty — 10 years, which indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in quality.
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Rating of climatic complexes

The top climate complexes are compiled based on customer reviews and expert assessments, the results of technical testing, and the scope of the device’s functionality. The nominees were evaluated according to the following indicators:

  • purification and humidification of air;
  • aromatization of the room;
  • ventilation;
  • cooling or heating;
  • the presence of ultraviolet lamps for disinfection.

Most climate complexes for the home meet these criteria, but many of them are somewhat inferior to classic air conditioners in terms of the intensity of cooling or heating the air. However, devices with advanced options can save time and space in the house.

Best humidifiers for home

Best humidifiers for home

What do you need to know before buying?

Before we move on to the rating and comparison of models, it is fair to pay a little attention to the issues of choosing a climate complex. We won’t take up much of your time we list the most basic information that you will need when buying:

  • productivity and areafor which the complex is designed. In the characteristics for each model, the serviced area is always indicated. It’s better not to take it quite close — a small margin will not hurt so that the device does not work at its limits. Productivity or air exchange — the volume of air that cleans the complex per hour. On sale there are models with a capacity of 120 to 700 m3 / h or more. To understand which device you need, multiply the area of ​​​​the room by the height of the ceiling, and multiply the result by 3 (the air must be updated at least three times per hour). For a room with an area of ​​20 m2, the productivity must be at least 180 m3 / h;

Sometimes air washers are given out as climatic complexes, which, in turn, are ordinary traditional-type air humidifiers. Such devices pass air only through a water filter. As a result, it is cleaned of dust and moistened. There are many more filters and options in the climate complex.

  • filter types. Theoretically, the more filters, the better. In fact, it all depends on the operating conditions. Perhaps you don’t need some kind of filter at all, and therefore it makes no sense to overpay for it. We list the main types of filters: water module it can be designed in different ways, but its main task is to “wash away” large particles of dust and pollution from the air, and in parallel to moisten it to normal values ​​for a particular temperature;
  • prefilter traps particles larger than 5 microns;
  • HEPA-filters — pleated paper filters that trap dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. The degree of filtration depends on the size of the pores and the number of wrinkles on the paper, which is indicated by numbers from 10 to 14 (the lower the number, the better). HEPA filters need to be replaced periodically;
  • carbon filter helps to get rid of unpleasant odors;
  • photocatalytic filter kills viruses and bacteria by exposing them to UV rays from a special lamp. There are not in all complexes;
  • electrostatic filter well cleans the air from dust and allergens. A current is applied to the filter, due to which the passing air, together with polluting particles, is ionized. Somewhat heavier dust particles settle on the filter plates, as well as on the floor, furniture — in general, they do not fly in the air, so it becomes cleaner. The filter only needs to be washed periodically;

  • noise level — focus on 40-50 dB;
  • additional functions make the device more convenient and “omnipotent”, but also increase its cost. Before buying, soberly evaluate whether you really need all the chips, and they can be as follows: timer – turns off the device at the specified time. Very comfortably;
  • remote control allows you to set up the device without getting up from the couch;
  • night mode reduces the noise level and brightness of the backlight;
  • filter clogging indicator works against your forgetfulness. Installed in many models;
  • flavoring performed in the form of a block where a capsule is placed or aroma oil is poured. If the goal is to overcome unpleasant odors, then along with filters, the flavoring agent will be very useful;
  • air purity control — a function that helps the device determine the degree of air pollution by various substances so that the complex operates at the appropriate power without using all its resources;
  • choice of airflow direction carried out thanks to movable blinds;
  • built-in hygrostat measures the level of humidity;
  • Ultraviolet lamp it can be installed separately, and not as part of a photocatalytic filter, but it has the same tasks — to kill pathogens that enter the complex with air;
  • ionization and so it will be carried out in the presence of an electrostatic filter. If it is not there, and it is necessary to ionize the air, look at devices with a built-in ionizer;
  • control panel lock — very convenient if there are children in the family.

Naturally, it is worth considering the size and design, but here you will figure it out without us. We are moving on to the most interesting thing — we are studying the best climatic complexes of 2021.

Which air conditioning system is better to buy

The main parameter that you should rely on when buying a climate complex is the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room. It is important to pay attention to the power of the device, because. too «demanding» devices can overload the electrical network.

From the entire list of ratings, individual nominees can be distinguished in the following categories:

  • A small complex for small rooms — Panasonic F-VXR50R;
  • A device with extended functionality for apartments — Winia AWM-40;
  • Climate complex with low power, but for large rooms — LG LSA50A;
  • Compact device — Leberg LW-20;
  • Complex for large rooms with high air quality requirements — Electrolux EHAW 7510D/7515D/7525D.

Among the huge range of climatic complexes, it is advised to pay attention to the rating nominees, as they have already been tested not only by time, but also by experts and users.

Criteria for choosing QC

When you have a goal to purchase QC, you need to decide in advance the issue with the performance you need. To do this, you need information about the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room where the device is installed, the height of the ceilings there and the number of revolutions of the total air that the CC implements in 1 hour. Usually 3 turns are obtained.

The documentation attached to some QCs already reflects the highest area of ​​u200bu200bthe room in which the apparatus can operate effectively.

QC have solid prices. But keep in mind that in one «bottle» you buy several devices with many functions at once. Also, this technique is durable. And as a result, you get serious financial savings.

Also, before making a purchase, you need to know which brands are leading and which models are more in demand. The following list is provided.

Can the mobile version compare with the stationary one in terms of functionality?

The effectiveness of a portable air conditioner for home use that does not have an air duct needs to be studied. Many buyers who want to purchase a small air conditioner for use in one of their rooms are interested in the efficiency of such a device as the Air 4000 air conditioner.

Manufacturers’ responses provide an opportunity to learn that efficiency and performance can be improved if the ambient temperature is increased. In a floor standing air conditioner for home use without a duct system, in most cases there is a compartment with an ice compartment.

Even when it is the hottest outside, with the help of such a device, you can effectively cool the air. It is carried out through the device of a special compartment. You can replace the ice if you fill the compartment with plain cold water.

In a small home or office, the use of a mobile floor air conditioner is especially effective in order to successfully cool the entire area without causing inconvenience during operation. The Air 4000 mobile room air conditioner, reviews of which can be found here, is also convenient to use.

dimensions air 4000 air conditioner

If the room is large, it will be necessary to use a cooler with a higher capacity — a standard split system, which must be installed near the ceiling, or a climate complex device that includes air washing properties in the functionality. What is the power of the Air 4000 air conditioner, you can find out by examining its technical characteristics.

Why use a mobile air conditioner?

Before purchasing a cooling system, it is important to study the technical characteristics of such devices in order not to make a mistake and not fall for the trick of scammers. After all, it’s not a secret for anyone that scammers sometimes trade on Internet sites. An overview of the equipment and the study of the rules of its operation will help you find the best option.

Mobile room air conditioner Air 4000 reviews

Electrolux EHAW 7510D/7515D/7525D

Touch control. Twice as much capacity as Boneco W2055D — 500 ml/h. The display changes brightness automatically, depending on the level of lighting in the room. The tray has a silver rod to remove bacteria from the water. Humidity is maintained at the set level by a built-in hygrostat.


  1. Does not require changing filters (requires cleaning every 1-2 weeks).
  2. In night mode, it works almost silently.
  3. Quickly humidifies the air even at minimum speed.
  4. It turns off when the required humidity level is reached.
  5. If all doors are open, the humidity gradually increases throughout the apartment. For quick humidification in one room, it is better to close the doors.
  6. The filling is more convenient than Boneco.


  1. The top part of the body is difficult to put on. Some customers are worried that this may accidentally damage the discs.
  2. Indicates the level of humidity that differs by 10% from the actual one due to the fact that the sensor is located on the device.
  3. It will not be possible to transfer from room to room, it is easy to splash water.
  4. The sensor is very sensitive. Accidental switching is possible, even with animals.
  5. It does not turn on automatically if the electricity is turned off for a short time.
  6. Each time you need to set the humidity again (it automatically sets the level to 55%).

The price of Electrolux EHAW is 19-20 thousand rubles. It is similar to the Boneco in terms of characteristics and assembly. Has a more streamlined, attractive design than the Venta. Due to its high performance, buyers recommend it for purchase. But they point to the complexity of disassembling the structure.
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How are stationary coolers arranged?

The device of a stationary split system (or mobile monoblock), widespread among consumers, is a complex system, which includes:

  • Air intake.
  • Cooling unit with the presence of refrigerant to lower the temperature.
  • Heat sink unit to release heat from the air.
  • Compressor to pump freon.

Due to the complexity of the installation system, this will require the help of competent specialists. You also need a constant check of performance and periodic cleaning of the elements of the device. The Air 4000 mobile room air conditioner, reviews of which are listed below, does not require the help of professionals, is easy to install and operate.

air 4000 air conditioner

How do floor coolers work?

Most air conditioners have heating and cooling modes, it is possible to adjust the temperature using the remote control. There are also buttons on the front of the panel for this purpose.

Among the varieties of floor air conditioners, one can single out systems with antibacterial air purification, functions such as filtration and ionization.

Quiet operation of the model is inherent in air conditioners of many modifications. The capabilities of the cooling agent in its various states (liquid, gaseous) allow for the simultaneous release and reception of heat. The Air 4000 mobile room air conditioner, reviews of which are offered in this article, is also a portable system.

Stadler Form Robert Original R-007/R-008

This is an extended version of the basic Robert model, which has received international awards. The evaporation rate is 13.2 l/day, one of the highest rates for air washers in this segment. Therefore, it is suitable for large rooms — from 80 sq. m. Consumes 7-30 W, the power depends on the mode of operation. On the top panel is a large 5.32-inch touchscreen display with a motion sensor. It is completed with the bactericidal filter and the filter for softening of water. The extended package includes aroma oil and a Selina little hygrometer, which helps to control the level of humidity and temperature. The price of the latter with a separate purchase is about 2 thousand rubles.


  1. The built-in hygrometer works really well. Indications practically do not differ from those shown by an outdoor device.
  2. Only the required modes.
  3. Good moisture rate.
  4. Handles large spaces.
  5. In appearance, it differs significantly from other sinks in quality and design.


  • The aroma function is poor quality. Practically does not aromatize the air due to small slots in the capsule. And the manufacturer does not recommend adding more than two drops, so as not to affect the quality of the plastic.
  • The noise is significant, including at night. When the automation is triggered, clicks are heard, sometimes vibration appears, friction of the gears is heard.
  • The actual capacity of the water tank is 4 liters instead of the declared 6.3 liters.
  • There may be problems with service, as there are not centers in every city.

The price is 35 thousand rubles. Good quality materials, stylish design, high humidification speed, but not everyone recommends it for purchase due to the overpriced price, low level of service and noise during operation.
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