Place Name Characteristic in the rating
Best Pocket Ultrasonic Dog Repellers
one SITITEK GROM-250M Best efficiency, excellent equipment
2 EYENIMAL Universal device for protection and training
3 Bios «Cobra» Best price
four Dogs.No The longest range
5 Chiston-11 AntiDog Best in ease of use
The best stationary ultrasonic dog repellers
one Weitech WK0053 Most functional
2 EcoSniper LS-937CD The best ratio of price and quality
3 Tornado-115 Easiest use
four Grad Duos S Three power supplies. Large coverage area
5 DC-035 The best in economy. Equipped with motion sensor

Nowadays, almost every family has pets. As a rule, these are cats or dogs. Unfortunately, not all owners are ready to take responsibility for their pets, so they often end up on the street as a result. This gives rise to the emergence of new individuals, which can then cause inconvenience and even pose a danger to people. It is not uncommon for dogs, gathering in packs, to attack passers-by.

In suburban villages, the situation is similar: dogs can climb onto the site in search of food or scare someone on the street. Manufacturers have developed a modern device specifically so that when meeting with a flock, a person feels safe and can defend himself if necessary. Its name is repeller. Such devices are available in 3 types:

  1. Gas (aerosol) ones resemble an ordinary pepper spray, only with different contents. Relevant only when an animal attacks, because. operate at a minimum distance. It is enough to spray a small amount in front of the dog’s muzzle so that the animal feels irritation in the eyes. The main disadvantage is that they do not prevent an attack.
  2. Electric repellers are small in size, easily fit in the hands and work on the principle of a stun gun. In direct contact with the dog, a special button is pressed, which releases a current charge in order to immobilize the animal for a while. The main disadvantage is the same as that of the gas repeller — it only works during the attack, and not before it. But it has a few more disadvantages: if used carelessly, it can kill an animal or harm a person.
  3. Ultrasonic repellers are the best option. They work at a great distance (up to 30 m) and act through special waves that cause discomfort to dogs and make the animal leave. There are two types — pocket and stationary. The former are more often used in the city, while the latter are installed in private sectors directly at home.

Ultrasonic repellers are considered the safest for animals and effective for humans. Therefore, we will dwell on this type of device in detail and consider the best models of the most popular manufacturers.

Best Pocket Ultrasonic Dog Repellers

Choosing a dog repeller is not an easy task. Now in stores you can find a huge number of different models. But if you know for sure that you will need the device far from home on the street, then a pocket repeller is what you need. The portable device has a small size, light weight, impact-resistant body. Some models are equipped with additional means of protection (sound and light signals). He can really help when dealing with aggressive dogs. We studied customer reviews and found out which repellers are considered the most effective.

Comparative table of presented models

We have prepared for you a comparative table of the main characteristics of the devices discussed above.

Model Manufacturer Weight, g Dimensions, mm Effective distance, m Cost, rub
DAZER II USA 122 115x50x35 7 2950 — 3990
SITITEK GROM-250M Hong Kong 144 75x55x21 6 3290 — 3300
CHISTON 11 AntiDOG Russia 70 116x79x41 fifteen 835 — 940
SITITEK GROM-125 China 70 ten 1690 — 1990
PA-2 (ANTIBOBIK) Russia 115 2.5 1200- 1400
HAWK — OS 2 Russia 64 135x25x55 12 2000
TORNADO-115 Russia 80 30x75x105 twenty 2100

The best stationary ultrasonic dog repellers

Stationary repellers are usually larger in size than pocket repellers, but at the same time they have wider equipment and high efficiency. They are attached to fences, walls of houses, poles, etc. Designed to scare away not only dogs, but also other animals (various garden pests, etc.). An important advantage of some models is charging from solar panels. This saves battery costs and is very convenient to use. We found out which stationary ultrasonic scarers are the most useful.

What to look for when choosing

When choosing a repeller, you should know the principle of its operation. To get the maximum benefit and achieve the desired results, pay attention to the technical specifications:

  1. Power (it happens from 80 to 135 decibels), the frequency of the radiation and the shape of the emitter, because all these 3 factors affect the range. The decisive criterion is the latter due to the fact that the focusing of the correct direction of the beam depends on it, which allows you to concentrate the flow of energy.
  2. Efficiency repeller increases and light radiation. This element distracts the dog. It is advisable to give preference to repellers with a flashlight. Such models are conventional or with a stroboscopic mode.
  3. Device type – stationary or portable (portable). Stationary are well suited for summer cottages, parking lots, warehouses. In addition to wild dogs, foxes, crows, cats and other warm-blooded animals are well repelled. It is more preferable to choose a stationary one with a motion or heat sensor.

Sititek GROM-250M

One of the most successful models in the GROM line. This is a unique device that, due to its design, will scare even the most daring and aggressive animal. The fact is that inside this small box there are two ultrasonic emitters (usually one is used). The scare effect is increased by the built-in LED (in flashing mode). Radius of action — 20 meters.

With its main taskGROM-250M‘ is doing great. Moreover, the device has several other functions. It can be used as an anti-theft system, built-in siren or flashlight. The device does not need batteries, it needs to be charged from the mains. Average repeller price — 5 thousand rubles.

Hawk OC-3

The flashlight repeller has several modes. It can be used both to protect against hostile dogs and to train furry friends. Big Advantage»hawk» — high range of impact, up to 25 meters. Power is supplied from a battery. Without it, the device weighs 70 g. Dimensions 48x48x150, not the most convenient size. Even if it fits in your pocket, it will get in the way. Of course, all this is individual. Average cost of a repeller — 4.9 thousand rubles.


Another repeller in the form of a box. Its weight is 100 g, which is very convenient. The device does not take up much space, it can easily be placed in your pocket. It operates in the 110Hz range. The animal will be frightened, but on his health and well-being «Cobra‘ will have no effect. The repeller is equipped with a powerful flashlight. The scare effect is enhanced by flashes of bright light.

Impact Distance – from 5 to 15 m. Battery powered. Durable. Performs its function in any weather conditions, is not afraid of frost and heat.

The repeller can be attributed to the budget, it minimum price 800 rubles.


Pocket scarer equipped with a siren, strobe and flashlight. Number of emitters — 1. Operating frequency — from 25 to 40 kHz, it changes every two seconds. A pulsating effect occurs, which further frightens the animals. Device weight 130 Maximum impact distance — 15 meters. Works from the built-in accumulator. The set includes a wrist strap and a clip for attaching to a belt. Average device price — 4.5 thousand rubles.

Dazer II

A powerful ultrasonic repeller causes severe discomfort in the animal, but does not provoke aggression. Gentle mode allows you to use the device for training domestic dogs, will help wean your pet from bad habits.

Maximum impact distance – 15m, instrument weight 120 g. It is made of durable plastic and equipped with a special clip (stainless steel) for attaching to a belt. Runs on batteries.

This model is in demand among specialists who, by the nature of their activities, are forced to go to other people’s houses. Medical workers, postmen, delivery workers — most of them prefer «Dazer II«.

Price — 5.2 thousand rubles.


Which dog repeller is suitable for a child? A small pocket ultrasonic dog repeller is suitable for a child, which you can always carry with you: we have three of them in our selection. They are compact, comfortable and completely safe for both the child and the animals.

How to protect yourself from a pack of dogs? Stray dogs very rarely attack people. If animals show aggression towards you — they bark, growl, bristle their hair on the neck, grin, or even try to attack — it means that you have either entered their territory, or you look like a very easy and appetizing prey, which is a sin not to covet. Most likely, the dogs think that you are claiming their food or a threat to their puppies, that is, you are too close to the den. Usually the area around the den, within which dogs can behave hostile, is limited to a radius of 20-30 meters, and if you go beyond this zone, the dogs will not chase you.

Imagine that you are faced with a pack of dogs that is not going to bypass you and behaves defiantly. To get out of a delicate situation in one piece and not provoke dogs into an open attack, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t run into trouble. If stray dogs, seeing you from afar, start barking, it is better to go around them and do not mess with them. Most likely, you are approaching their territory, and you should not climb on the rampage. Nobody will chase after you.
  2. Don’t be afraid or panic, no matter what happens. Dogs sense human fear and insecurity. As soon as you give up slack, the pack will try to take advantage of it.
  3. Don’t run. Running with your back turned to the dogs means provoking them to attack. And then you will definitely not have any chances for a bloodless resolution of the conflict. Do not expect that you will have time to run faster than the dogs to the entrance door — they will surely get ahead of you.
  4. Do not look the dogs in the eyes — from their point of view, this is a manifestation of aggression. Do not lose sight of the animals, but look a little to the side and half-close your eyelids. This will let them know that you do not want to attack.
  5. Do not chase retreating dogs. If you show excessive aggression towards a pack that plans to retreat and retreat, you can be unhappy, because animals are capable of changing their plans.
  6. Do not let yourself be surrounded and come from behind. Always stand so that the animals are in full view of you. It is best to stand sideways — dogs perceive this as the least aggressive position.
  7. Don’t count on sticks and stones. Get distracted by one dog — the rest will have an opportunity to attack.
  8. If a flock blocks your path, the animals bark but do not attack, do not dodge or try to get around them. There is a good chance that there is a pup den somewhere nearby, which the pack is protecting, and if you move towards it, you will be attacked. Keep going straight without changing the route. Stop every 10-15 meters. Most likely, after 20-30 meters the flock will lag behind you, and you can walk calmly.
  9. To scare the dogs, use a stun gun: the discharge released into the air and the smell of ozone perfectly cool their ardor. An ultrasonic dog repeller is even better — in the selection above there are three excellent pocket models, one of which would be nice to always have with you.

Operating principle

The basic feeling of every living being is the instinct of self-preservation, directly related to fear. It is fear that helps the animal to survive in the wild. Therefore, no matter how aggressive the animal is, a bright light, a sharp piercing sound, and other similar stimuli cause a single reaction — flight.

Actually, the basic principle of the repeller’s operation is built on this. Ultrasonic devices, for example, produce a frequency that is unpleasant to a dog’s ear. But repellers-stun guns scare the animal with electric discharges. Each device has a clear and simple interface, so there are no difficulties during use. Once again, we recall that the repeller will not bring any harm to the animal — it will only scare.

Outdoor LS-937CD

Stationary repeller successfully fights dogs, cats, martens, rodents. Able to protect private territory from uninvited guests. Lovers of gardens and orchards will definitely like it, because animals often cause irreparable harm to plants.

Maximum impact distance — 15 m, angle — 90 degrees. Power is supplied from the adapter. Price — 3.5 thousand rubles.

Where could I buy?

Below are the best online stores with a large availability of dog repellers. Managers of these places of purchase provide discounts to both first-time buyers and regular ones. Please check directly with the sellers of online stores.

  • EcoSniper.
  • MegaHall.
  • Electrograd.
  • Pokupka-tv.
  • Green Ball.
  • Cabinet 24.
  • VDL company.
  • TopRadar.
  • Navigator Shop EN.
  • Meleon.


There are 3 main types of repellers: gas, electric and ultrasonic.

Gas ones are somewhat similar to pepper spray, however, with different contents. They are used exclusively during the attack of an animal, as they act only at minimal distances. Spray a small amount in front of the dog’s face. Feeling irritation in the eyes, it is likely that the animal stops the attack. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not give a 100% guarantee of preventing an attack.

Electric ones are compact in size, easily fit in the hand, working on the principle of a stun gun. Contacting with a dog, you press a special button that instantly releases a minimum charge of current — it will be enough to immobilize the animal for a while. The main disadvantage is that the device can only be used when the attack has already taken place. Be careful — due to careless handling of the device, the animal may die!

Ultrasonic repellers are considered the best option. Working at long distances (up to 30 meters), the devices act due to special waves: there is no contact with the dog, however, an unpleasant sound will make the dog leave. There are stationary and pocket. Stationary are used mainly in private sectors near the house. And pocket ones are in the city.

TOP products

best pocket repeller


Price: from 900 rubles.

The manufacturer BiOSE presents the Cobra ultrasonic repeller. Country of origin — Russia. The operation of the device is based on the combined action of light and ultrasound. The device fits easily in the palm of your hand, harmless to humans and dogs. The expected reaction is that the animal will back away or run away. Overall rating — 8.8 out of 10.


  • weight (without batteries) — 45g;
  • dimensions — 10/3 / 6.5cm;
  • sound pressure (at 0.5m) — 120 dB;
  • working distance — up to 10 m;
  • frequency range — 23-25 ​​kHz;
  • power supply — Krona battery.


  • repels dogs within a radius of 15m, as indicated by the manufacturer;
  • light weight;
  • the presence of a flashlight;
  • small price.


  • batteries are not included;
  • power is lower than that of analogues.


from 900 rub.


Price: from 970 rubles.

The MELEON repeller is an inexpensive model made in China. Differs in the compact sizes, is equipped with 2-diode illumination and a convenient thong. The device can operate in 3 modes — training, scaring, flashlight. A switch is located at the bottom of the device. Overall rating — 8.9 out of 10.

Technical features:

  • weight — 98g;
  • dimensions — 13 / 2.3 / 4 cm;
  • frequency range — 25 kHz;
  • range — 10m;
  • Power supply — Krona battery.


  • compact dimensions;
  • small price;
  • flashlight with 2 LEDs.


  • fragile body.


from 970 rubles

3. Tornado-112

Price: from 1600 rubles.

The manufacturer Tornado has released a highly effective dog repeller Tornado 112. It operates strictly along a directed trajectory, hitting only the target object. A powerful wave of 135 dB exceeds the pain threshold and instantly scares off an aggressive dog. In addition to ultrasound, the device has a bright LED flashlight. The battery is rated for 200 operating cycles. Overall rating — 9.2 out of 10.


  • weight — 40g;
  • dimensions — 9 / 2.5 / 5cm;
  • frequency range — 16-25 kHz;
  • range — 10m;
  • ultrasonic pressure level — up to 135 dB;
  • Power supply — AAA batteries.


  • acts strictly in the specified direction;
  • powerful ultrasonic wave;
  • light weight.


  • the price is higher than competitors.


from 1600 rub.

Chiston Ch-11 Antidog

Chiston Ch-11 Antidog
Price: from 1013 rubles.

Domestic manufacturer Chiston has released a pocket repeller with a basic set of features Chiston Ch-11 Antidog. The device is made of high-strength plastic, and the ergonomic body with side recesses for fingers provides a comfortable grip. A feature of the model is the presence of 2 emitters. This increases the coverage angle and impact power. Overall rating — 9.4 out of 10.


  • weight — 70g;
  • distance — up to 15 m;
  • ultrasonic pressure level — up to 135 dB;
  • frequency range — 18-22 kHz;
  • the battery is a Krona battery.


  • price-quality ratio;
  • Ease of controls;
  • ergonomic body;
  • two powerful emitters.


  • the battery drains quickly.


from 1013 rub.

The best stationary dog ​​repeller

EcoSniper LS-937CD

EcoSniper LS-937CD
Price: from 1800 rubles.

The EcoSniper brand presents a universal repeller of the standard type EcoSniper LS-937CD. Country of origin — Taiwan. The device is mounted on a wall or other vertical part. Effectively protects the adjacent territory to the front part not only from dogs, but also from other animals (squirrels, cats, rodents). The signal propagates at an angle of 90 degrees over 15m. Such a girth allows you to reliably protect the site from pests. Overall rating — 9.2 out of 10.

Technical features:

  • weight — 48g;
  • protection area — 200 sq.m;
  • distance — 15m;
  • frequency range — 16-23 kHz;
  • coverage angle — 90 degrees;
  • sound pressure level — 130 dB;
  • type of power supply — from the network.


  • effective area of ​​influence;
  • streamlined body;
  • large angle of coverage;


  • no significant deficiencies were found.


from 1800 rub.

EcoSniper LS-987S

EcoSniper LS-987S
Price: from 2750 rubles.

Model LS-987S from the brand EcoSniper is a powerful stationary repeller with a large coverage. Designed to repel dogs, cats, rodents, pests. The impact area is 85 square meters, which allows you to reliably protect a vast area. The device is equipped with an infrared motion sensor, which increases its efficiency. The model has a LED screen, which displays information about the work. Overall rating — 9.3 out of 10.

Technical features:

  • weight — 70g;
  • frequency range — 18-24 kHz;
  • coverage angle — 70 degrees;
  • impact area — up to 85 sq.m;
  • Power supply — Krona battery.


  • the presence of an ice screen;
  • large coverage area;
  • the presence of a test button;
  • autonomous operation from batteries.


  • undefined.


from 2750 rub.

Weitech WK0053

Weitech WK0053
Price: from 3890 rubles.

The Weitech WK0053 repeller is an ultra-modern device with a wide range of possibilities. Country of origin — Belgium. Using the built-in motion sensor, the power of ultrasound is regulated. The device has 3 modes for different animals (wild cats/dogs/foxes, rabbits, martens, hares). The device is self-powered and runs on 2 batteries, which are charged from the built-in solar battery. Overall rating — 9.6 out of 10.


  • weight — 250g;
  • area — 75 sq.m;
  • viewing angle — 120 degrees;
  • frequency range — 14-25 kHz;
  • sound pressure level — 100 dB;
  • power supply — 2 Ni-MH batteries.


  • autonomous operation from the solar panel;
  • large area of ​​influence;
  • good moisture protection of the case;
  • 3 exposure modes;
  • strong body;
  • long service life;
  • smooth adjustment of the sensitivity of the motion sensor.


  • high price;
  • low sound pressure level.


from 3890 rub.


Price: from 3450 rubles.

i4Technology presents the GRAD DUOS S stationary repeller. One of the features of the model is universal recharging. Two powerful emitters with 180-degree coverage provide effective protection against dogs and other wild animals. The user can turn on the device from the mains, from a battery or a solar panel. The design is designed for horizontal and vertical mounting. Overall rating — 9.6 out of 10.


  • weight — 50g;
  • radius — 20m;
  • coverage angle — 180 degrees;
  • coverage area — up to 200 sq.m;
  • frequency range 20-28 kHz;
  • ultrasonic pressure — 120 dB;
  • power source — AC adapter / battery / solar battery.


  • 2 ultrasonic emitters;
  • large capture angle and coverage area;
  • universal charging method;
  • possibility of fastening on horizontal and vertical surfaces.


  • no significant deficiencies were found.


from 3450 rub.

9. Tornado-115

Price: from 2100 rubles.

The manufacturer Tornado has released a professional stationary model Tornado-115. The repeller is equipped with 2 emitters that increase the angle of impact. The dynamically changing frequency prevents the animal from getting used to the ultrasound. The device works without loss of power from the mains. Overall rating — 9.5 out of 10.


  • weight — 80g;
  • wave power — 2 * 100 dB;
  • impact area — up to 20 sq.m;
  • frequency range — 160 25 kHz;
  • distance — up to 20m;
  • power type — network adapter.


  • price-quality ratio;
  • small sizes;
  • dynamically changing frequency;
  • ease of handling.


  • requires a permanent connection to the mains.


from 2100 rub.

The most powerful dog repeller

Sititek Grom-250M

Sititek Grom-250M
Price: from 3790 rubles.

The Sititek Grom-250M repeller is a powerful pocket repeller. Enhanced action is achieved through 2 emitters and bright LED flashes. Works in several modes: scaring away, flashlight, alarm siren, anti-theft (to open). The manufacturer provides protection against accidental activation. The device works from the built-in accumulator. Overall rating — 9.6 out of 10.

Technical features:

  • sound pressure power — 2 * 125 dB;
  • distance — 20m;
  • ultrasound frequency 25 kHz;
  • battery capacity — 250 mA.


  • two powerful emitters;
  • large range;
  • fuse against accidental activation;
  • increased deterrence by flickering LEDs;
  • well-made case.



from 3790 rub.

EcoSniper LS-977F

EcoSniper LS-977F
Price: from 1400 rubles.

The EcoSniper brand presents a pocket repeller with additional features. EcoSniper LS-977F. The device has 3 modes: ultrasound, ultrasound + light flash, flashlight. There is also a handy dog ​​training option. The manufacturer provides a hole for attaching the strap — the user can take the device with him for jogging. Overall rating — 9.5 out of 10.


  • weight — 55g;
  • sound pressure — 125 dB;
  • frequency range — 20-25 kHz;
  • distance — 10m;
  • battery — Krona 9V battery.


  • high power;
  • the presence of a training mode;
  • advanced functionality;
  • price-quality ratio.


  • no significant deficiencies were identified.


from 1400 rub.

12. Dogs.No Flash+

Dogs.No Flash+
Price: from 4490 rubles.

The device is distinguished by its range — the maximum range reaches up to 21m. The model is equipped with a multicolor battery level indicator. Stable operation of the device is possible even with a half-discharged battery. Thanks to the built-in controller, the voltage is stabilized. It can work in 2 modes — as a repeller and as a flashlight. There is a removable clip for attaching the device to a belt or clothing. Overall rating — 9.6 out of 10.


  • weight — 100g;
  • distance — up to 21m;
  • sound pressure — 120 dB;
  • operating frequency — 25 kHz;
  • power type — AAA battery.


  • informative indicator of battery discharge;
  • the largest radius among pocket models;
  • full operation with a half-discharged battery;
  • robust body construction.



from 4490 rub.

Changing Your Dog’s Diet: What Foods and Drugs Affect Urine Acid Levels?

On the Internet, you can see advice to change the diet of dogs, which supposedly should affect the effect of dog urine on grass and plants. To begin with, we immediately dismiss the commercially available drugs containing methionine or ascorbic acid that affect the level of acidity in the urine, since, as we have already found out, this has nothing to do with “scorched grass”. Moreover, they can cause harm to the health of a pet, for example, kidney stones can form. Special drugs can thin the urine, but this can be achieved in safer ways. For example, you need to feed your pet more often with canned food, and dilute dry food in water. Salts, garlic and tomato juice, when added to food, increase the amount of water consumed, which leads to urine thinning, but these products should not be used without first consulting a veterinarian, Colorado State University Extension scientists recommend.

Researchers at Purdue University are highly skeptical of drug-based dietary changes as a way to keep dogs from damaging the lawn: “Most of these foods simply make pets drink more water, thereby diluting the nitrogen content in the urine. An additional side effect is that the animal will need to urinate more frequently, increasing the chance of «accidents». In addition, the use of these products is potentially dangerous,” says the Animal Urine Damage in Turf article.

As another scientist, Ali Harivandi, Environmental Horticulture Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension, Alameda County, points out, claims that dietary changes help solve the problem are not based on anything. There are no scientific studies to support the effectiveness of dietary changes to reduce lawn damage, he said. Ali Harivandi considers the most effective way to immediately flush urine with a large volume of water. Thus, the water will wash away the nitrogen and salts from the leaves. At the same time, in this case, the time factor plays a key role — the sooner you water the place where the dog urinated, the better. True, from the point of view of convenience, this method does not seem the most attractive. Imagine yourself guarding your pet with a hose or a basin of water in your hands?

If you spend your precious time, it is better to train the dog, weaning it from leaving waste products where it is not needed. Select a specially designed place in your garden for this, lay it out with fine soil. Then, for several weeks, collect urine and feces from your pet and transfer them there. Take your dog to the garden on a leash and leave it there. When your dog defecates in this area, give him some treats as a reward. You may need to repeat these exercises for a month or even longer to achieve results, but the price of these efforts is your peace of mind and a beautiful garden.

Veterinarian Stacey Schat (Oregon State University Master Gardener in Columbia County) recommends installing low fences along the “no-go zone” that are more likely to act as a psychological barrier. Even low bushes can perform this function. In addition, densely plant flower beds with flowers — this will make them look less attractive to the dog. Lay a path along which it will be convenient for your pet to run and frolic, he will appreciate it. But Stacey Schat is convinced that all these measures will be useless if the owner does not spend time training the dog, and this is important to learn: “If the dog remembers that the sofa does not have a “visit limit”, then he will also think about your garden. A little training will go a long way, spend more time with your pet,” she advises.

If the dog is not trainable, do not despair — perhaps you have not taken into account some personal characteristics of the dog. Christopher Enroth, Extension Educator, Horticulture Henderson/ Knox/ McDonough/ Warren Unit, shared his experience with two dogs. He arranged a special place in the garden, lined with wood mulch, and began to train his dogs. But Christopher achieved results with only one of them, and the second refused to succumb to training. “It’s something about old dogs and new tricks. Dog owners will understand me,” he joked. But in the course of his experiments, Christopher discovered that the second dog prefers to defecate in a pile of fallen leaves — now this is her permanent place for this purpose.

It is helpful to regularly walk your dog in parks and other open spaces, which will reduce damage to your garden and at the same time give pleasure to both the owner and his pet.

It is helpful to regularly walk your dog in parks and other open spaces, which will reduce damage to your garden and at the same time give pleasure to both the owner and his pet.

Fences from wild dogs

Above, we have already mentioned low fences used as a psychological barrier. This method works for your pet, but if you want to get rid of the unwanted presence of neighbors or wild dogs, then in this case you need to install a large full-fledged fence.

Jeffrey S. Green, Assistant Regional Director at USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services, Colorado, and Philip S. Gipson Unit Leader Kansas Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Kansas State University Manhattan recommend installing a mesh fence with barbed wire along the base to keep out wild dogs so that a wild dog does not try to dig a passage under the fence. The height of the fence must be at least 6 feet, otherwise the animal will try to jump over it. To increase the effect, run an electrically charged wire along the bottom and top of the fence, then the dog will certainly not attempt to dig under the fence or jump over it.

Fully electric fences have also proven to be practical. It is desirable that they have 12 alternating wires, in which case the fence is an effective deterrent against dogs. But electric fences have a number of disadvantages. First, it is necessary to regularly check whether the wires are sufficiently charged. Secondly, mice and bears can damage such structures. And thirdly, such fences are difficult to maintain in regions where there are blizzards.

However, Jeffrey S. Green and Philip S. Gipson consider building fences the best investment when it comes to keeping out wild dogs. Another option for dealing with wild dogs is to install cages with baits. However, by resorting to this method, you run the risk of being bitten by a wild dog and contracting rabies. In addition, puppies are most often caught in a cage, not adult dogs. If you are afraid of a wild dog attack outside your home, then wear special sound or visual devices to scare away dogs.