No. Name Rating Nomination
one ECOSOFT MO550ECOST Standard 4.80 The optimum ratio of price and quality
2 Atoll A-550 STD 4.74 metal tank
3 SENDO Aqua A7 4.60 Manual filter washing
four BARRIER PROFI Osmo 100 4.56 Best price
5 Prio New Water Expert Osmos Stream MOD600 4.55 High performance
6 Aquaphor OSMO 50 version 5 4.50 Long filter life
7 Prio New Water Econic Osmos Stream OD310 4.50 Durable membrane
eight Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2 4.45 Integration with the Smart Home system
9 Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion 4.44 The most popular
ten Geyser Prestige M (12 l) 4.38 Installing a very dirty water cartridge

Direct-flow and flow-through reverse osmosis systems are becoming more and more popular among residents of cities, villages, cottage settlements. Some users even use such installations in private backyards to provide clean water to livestock.

Which brands produce decent reverse osmosis systems?

There are quite a few brands that produce reverse osmosis filters. But the most popular models are produced by the company Aquaphor

. For 2021, this manufacturer is the leader in the number of sales. The filters are long lasting and easy to use. And also at an affordable price. However, not everything is so rosy. Aquaphor systems have one common drawback. Judging by the reviews, the main problem of the models is low performance. But such a drawback applies only to those models that are used without an additional pump / pump.

No less popular systems from the company Barrier

. Reverse osmosis filters from this domestic manufacturer have become popular due to their low price. The brand produces some of the most budget models on the Russian market.

Production of the company Geyser

also applies to inexpensive filters. But along with an affordable price, the user receives a not very high-quality assembly. The percentage of rejects from this manufacturer is quite high.

In addition to reverse osmosis systems from popular manufacturers, models from ECOSOFT, SENDO, Atoll, Prio Novaya Voda and Xiaomi were included in the rating. These devices have received fewer reviews, but they are still in demand among Russian users.

To determine the best reverse osmosis filter, responses from real owners from Yandex.Market, DNS, OZON, IRecommend, Citilink, Otzovik services were used. The data is current for 2021.

The best reverse osmosis systems with booster function

Such models are equipped with special pumps. They are designed to increase the water pressure to the required level for the operation of the osmotic system. These devices are suitable for use in conditions of frequent depressurization.

Zepter WT-100 AqueenaPro



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The model is equipped with a filter status indicator, which facilitates their timely replacement and maintenance. The intelligent display shows all the main indicators of the system. The computerized control unit provides automatic control of work. And all this has rather compact dimensions — 26.5x42x40.8 centimeters

The power of the device is 25 watts. A special case protects the membrane from mechanical damage, and the solenoid valve ensures its flushing and prolongs the working life. The leakage protection sensor reduces the likelihood of flooding neighbors from below.


  • stylish design;
  • convenient management and control of work;
  • long service life;
  • status indication;
  • simple installation.


Zepter WT-100 AqueenaPro is suitable for family use in urban areas.

Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

Four levels of filtration guarantee high quality liquid purification: removal of bacteria, antibiotics, heavy metals and other contaminants from the water. Installation is simple and takes about five minutes, which allows you to do without the help of a specialist. The powerful pump provides constant access to water.

The device maintains high performance over 2000 hours of continuous operation. Support for Wi-Fi connection is used to conveniently control the operation of the device via a smartphone.


  • durability;
  • high quality cleaning;
  • convenient control through a mobile application;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • fast installation.


Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier is suitable for use with intensive consumption of purified water. The modern choice for regular use.

Prio New water Expert Osmos MO600



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The automatic pump-action control unit with the function of flushing the membrane provides convenient maintenance of the model and extends its life. The system of LED indicators informs about the current status of the device.

The kit includes filter cartridges and all the elements necessary for installation. This allows you to quickly start operation after purchase and simplifies installation on your own. The presence of a combined post-filter improves the organoleptic qualities of water.


  • rich equipment;
  • high performance;
  • serviceability;
  • simple installation;
  • stylish design.


  • noisy work.

Prio New water Expert Osmos provides constant access to purified water. The right choice for city dwellers. But if the kitchen is combined with the living room, the sound of the pump can be annoying.

Angstra R-5Cp



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The flasks of the model are fixed on the bracket using a quick-release mechanism, which makes them easy to replace and maintain. A set of connecting pipes and valves simplifies the connection to the water supply and drain line.

The performance of the device is about 400 liters per day, the minimum pressure is 1 atm. The system is capable of retaining up to 99.9% of pollutants. The carbon post-filter gives the purified liquid a pleasant taste and smell. The presence of two Filmtec membranes makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the device by an average of 25% compared to analogues.


  • high-quality water purification — even from unpleasant odors;
  • high performance;
  • extended equipment;
  • simple installation and ease of maintenance.


  • fragile body.

Angstra R-5Cp is designed for regular operation in conditions of unstable pressure. The perfect solution for a private home.

Aquapro AP-600P



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The model has three stages of pre-cleaning, which ensures high quality of the incoming liquid. The basic package includes replaceable cartridges with foamed polypropylene, granular activated carbon, as well as a supply valve, booster pump, power supply and a set of fasteners.

Productivity — up to 12 liters per hour, the generated pressure reaches 2.5 bar. It is possible to modify the system: installation of an ultraviolet sterilizer and a flow meter. The presence of a separate tap facilitates access to filtered water.


  • high-quality cleaning;
  • rich equipment with a supply tap;
  • the possibility of expanding the system;
  • uncomplicated service.


  • flimsy body.

Aquapro AP-600P is connected to a well or a utility supply system. The system is suitable for use in a household, commercial building, municipal institution.


9 best filter jugs

Recommendations for choosing a reverse osmosis system

When choosing a filter, it is important to focus on 3 main indicators: the initial water quality, the availability of space under the sink for installation and the pressure in the water supply. The dirtier the water, the more purification steps should be in the system you choose. If you plan to install a filter in an apartment, then the best option would be an installation with 3-5 steps. For a private house, it is better to purchase six-stage models or additionally install a pre-filter that will trap large fractions of rust, sand, and metal.

Most reverse osmosis systems are installed under the sink. Don’t have much space under your sink? Then take a closer look at compact direct-flow filters without storage. They occupy a minimum of space, while they have good performance.

It is better for owners of private houses and apartments with a pressure of 2-2.5 atm or less to purchase systems complete with a pump. Such installations quickly filter water and provide consistently good pressure.

Having bought a reverse osmosis filter, strictly follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance / replacement of cartridges. Then the system will serve you for at least 10 years.

The best reverse osmosis systems with mineralization function

Such models are equipped with special post-filters. They enrich the water purified from mechanical impurities and metal ions with vital microelements, increasing its acidity level and improving its taste.

Atoll A-575Ep SailBoat



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The model offers five stages of cleaning. The prefilter traps insoluble and solid particles, the membrane — small elements of pollutants. The liquid enters the coal module, after which it becomes suitable for drinking, cooking and other purposes.

The system capacity is 0.26 l/min, the inlet pressure is up to 2.8 atm. The strong case is steady against mechanical damages. At the same time, it is quite compact and does not take up much space under the sink.


  • durability;
  • compact dimensions;
  • separate faucet;
  • ease of maintenance.


The Atoll SailBoat system is designed for family use. Stylish solution for permanent use.

Geyser Allegro M



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The model is equipped with a faucet with two valves. It supplies enriched water for direct consumption and demineralized water for cooking and beverages. The dimensions of the cleaning unit itself are 42x47x38 cm.

When the pressure exceeds 4 atm in the line, a special valve discharges the excess into the drainage. The double sealing of the flasks guarantees the tightness of the connections and stable operation under heavy load — the Allegro Geyser is able to withstand up to 100,000 water hammer cycles. The service life of the modules is from 1 to 3 years. The maximum productivity of the system is 0.14 l/min.


  • long service life;
  • two-valve faucet with a separate supply of mineralized water;
  • maximum tightness of all connections;
  • small dimensions.


  • lengthy installation.

Geyser Allegro M is worth buying for permanent operation in a large family.

Barrier Profi Osmo 100 Boost M



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The kit along with the model includes all the necessary cartridges for a quick start of operation. The system has a resource of about 5000 liters, comes with keys for replacing modules, a valve for connection, gaskets, clamps and fittings.

The filtration rate is 0.2 l/min, the maximum water temperature for operation is 35 °C. Installation of the device under the sink takes about 30 minutes and does not require additional tools.


  • rich equipment;
  • quick installation and easy installation of cartridges;
  • small dimensions;
  • separate faucet.


  • service complexity.

Barrier Profi Osmo 100 Boost M is connected to domestic water supply and is suitable for regular home use.

Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion



editorial score


buyers recommend this product

The compact and stable design can be easily placed under the sink. The kit includes connecting pipes, a water connection unit, a drain clamp and plugs for quick self-assembly. Protection of the housing against water hammer extends the life of the system.

The productivity of the osmotic membrane is 7.8 l/h, the line pressure should be no more than 6.5 atm. Stable operation at low pressure and the presence of a reservoir with a capacity of 5 liters guarantee constant access to purified water. Replacement of cartridges is carried out without application of tools within 1 minute.


  • small dimensions;
  • ease of installation;
  • rich equipment;
  • simple and fast service;
  • stable work.


  • not very durable modules.

Aquaphor Morion is suitable for installation in an apartment — a compact solution for occasional use.


12 best water filters

Top 10. Geyser Prestige M (12 l)

Rating (2021): 4.38

Installing a very dirty water cartridge If necessary, the 2nd stage filter can be replaced with an ion exchange cartridge. This makes the system ideal for a private home.

Functional and inexpensive reverse osmosis system for a private house, apartment with a large tank. The model from the Russian company Geyser has a good performance — 0.13 l / min, operates at a water temperature of +4 ° C to +40 ° C. Filters are designed for a long service life: up to 9 months without replacement. By the way, the consumables themselves are quite affordable (compared to other water treatment systems). Water, according to reviews, the output is tasty and without extraneous unpleasant tastes / aromas. True, when choosing this model, you need to carefully check the configuration and build quality of its case. It’s all about factory marriage: from time to time, users come across instances with crumbling fittings, gaps, which within 1-3 months. start to flow.

Pros and cons

  • Available Consumables
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Large storage
  • Large marriage rate
  • Low mineralization

Final table

The table below summarizes the basic information about all the systems described in this article, and shows approximate prices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Model name Main advantage Peculiarities Resource Price, rub
Aquaphor DWM 101 Morion Warranty 5 years Top membrane drainage 7 000 l 7300–9000
Atoll A-550 Patriot Complete set of materials and tools for installation Applicable only for post-treatment of water from the water supply 6 500 l 6900–8600
New Water Expert Osmos MO530 Low pressure operation The container is equipped with a replaceable antibacterial bag. 10 000 l 11000 -15000
Geyser Prestige Large tank capacity When filtering up to 200 liters per day of dirty water, the cartridge of the second stage can be replaced by an ion-exchange filter element «Aragon» 3 500 l 8800–10000
BARRIER PROFI OSMO 100 High rate of purified water accumulation The service life of the membrane depends on the performance of the pre-treatment unit 5 000 l 6000–8000
Atoll A-550m STD Large tank capacity Purifies water without chemicals 6 500 l 11900–12800
Aquaphor OSMO 50 Possibility of using water for baby food The service life of the membrane depends on the performance of the pre-treatment unit 7 000 l 5900–7800

Attention. There is no mineralizer in the models Aquaphor Osmo 50, Barrier Profi Osmo 100, Atoll A-550 Patriot.

Top 9. Aquaphor DWM-101S Morion

Rating (2021): 4.44

The most popular This system scored the maximum number of reviews in the selection — 938. The model is compact, good performance and affordable price.

Flow reverse osmosis system with carbon filtration and a capacity of 0.13 l / min. The model is compact: its dimensions are only 37.1/42/19 cm. A filter is installed under the sink, it is suitable for water pipes with a pressure of 2 atm (it can be installed both in an apartment and in a private house), it has a mineralizer in the kit. After purification, the water is tasty and safe. In the process of boiling, there is no plaque left on the dishes / appliances. Based on user feedback, the device copes with even the hardest water, effectively cleans it of all kinds of suspensions, chlorine, and pesticides. As a result, you can drink it without heat treatment. Only here some users are faced with the appearance of an oil film. It is formed due to the lubrication in the complete crane box. The problem is solved by completely disassembling this component and thoroughly washing it.

Pros and cons

  • Filters hard water well
  • Compact dimensions
  • Long service life
  • Oil stains on the surface of the water
  • noisy
  • There are instances with defective filters

Top 8. Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier 2

Rating (2021): 4.45

Integration with the Smart Home system The only advanced filter in the collection. There is also Wi-Fi control in the Mi Home ecosystem, and an indication of cartridge replacement.

  • Characteristics

    Country: China

  • Average price: 24000 rubles.
  • Installation: under the sink, next to the sink
  • Number of cleaning steps: 4
  • Pressure: 1-4 atm
  • Filter resource: 1200 l
  • Tank volume: no
  • Mineralization: no
  • Protection against bacteria: yes

Smart direct-flow reverse osmosis system for a house or apartment. It is controlled from a smartphone via Wi-Fi and integrates with Mi Home. True, for management, you need to set the region «China». The device takes up little space, copes with a bang even with hard water. Filters live on average up to 6 months, but if the operation is active, then they last for 3-4 months. The membrane, as a standard, can withstand up to 2-3 years. True, the final resource still directly depends on the initial quality of the filtered liquid. During the operation of the system, users note its compact size, good performance (1.4 l / min) and pleasant taste, softness of water. Among the shortcomings, the owners highlight the occurring factory marriage, which manifests itself in the form of a leaking body, as well as expensive consumables.

Pros and cons

  • Smartphone control via Wi-Fi
  • Housing made of durable plastic
  • There is a reminder to replace the filter
  • Easy to replace consumables
  • Difficulty finding parts
  • Sometimes there is a marriage

Top 7. Prio New Water Econic Osmos Stream OD310

Rating (2021): 4.50

Durable membrane The filter is equipped with a durable membrane — up to 3 years of operation of the system. For some users, it retains its functions for 4-5 years.

Direct-flow drinking reverse osmosis filter system without storage tank. Three stages of purification allow you to get clean water without chlorine, rust, sand and bacteria/viruses. The model works with liquid temperatures from +5 °С to +35 °С, suitable for installation both in an apartment and in a private house. Assembly and maintenance take a minimum of time, do not require professional skills. The system functions autonomously, the only thing you need to monitor is the resource of complete filters and membranes. Consumables are changed every 6-8 months, but the membrane is designed for 3 years of continuous service. By the way, the productivity here is small, although 1.5 l / min is indicated here, and under the condition of low pressure in the water supply, it is completely low. Judging by the responses, you will have to wait up to 10 minutes to fill a 1.5 liter kettle.

Pros and cons

  • You can add an additional filter
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Economic consumption
  • Flimsy filter mounts
  • Long set of water

What to look for when choosing?

When buying a filter attention must be paid to a number of factorsdirectly affecting the operation of the system:

  • Working pressure (for the correct operation of the equipment, a minimum pressure in the pipeline of 2.8 atm is required).
  • The presence of a pump (if the system is equipped with a pump, then operation is possible even at a pressure of 0.2 atm).
  • Number of cleaning steps.
  • Liquid softening.
  • The presence of a mineralizer.
  • Working life of the cartridge.

Important. A competent approach to choosing a reverse osmosis filter will ensure not only the most efficient use of it, but also extend its service life.

Top 6. Aquaphor OSMO 50 version 5

Rating (2021): 4.50

Long filter life The system of domestic production is equipped with cartridges that do not require frequent replacement. The average service life, according to reviews, is 4-7 months.

An affordable reverse osmosis system from a Russian company with carbon filtration and a large tank volume. The flow model takes up a minimum of space under the sink, is installed without the use of any specialized tools and professional skills. Everything is as simple and clear as possible: users say that even a child will understand the installation. Works with water temperature from 5 °C to 38 °C. The filtration rate is quite high — 0.13 l / min., There is practically no noise during the liquid processing. In the reviews, the owners praise the device for a long service life without repairs (at least 5 years), inexpensive filters and clean water without impurities. However, there are also complaints about this model. Some users, despite the low percentage of marriage, come across faulty / damaged copies.

Pros and cons

  • Adequate cost
  • Clean and tasty water
  • Available Consumables
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Increased water consumption
  • Come across marriage

Rating of the best filter systems

In order to decide which reverse osmosis water filter is better to choose, you should carefully read the characteristics of the flagship systems.
All models in the ranking have good cleaning performancepositive customer reviews and excellent build quality from well-known manufacturers.

Consider the top 9 best reverse osmosis filters.

Aquaphor DWM 101 Morion

Reverse osmosis filter Morion DWM 101 from Aquaphor is a professional purification system that allows you to reach the level of Premium-class drinking water, regardless of the quality of the original liquid.

Consists of blocks:

  • water treatment;
  • membrane;
  • deep cleaning;
  • storage tank with a volume of 5 liters.

The work is controlled by a new generation of hydraulic automatics, which makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the system and the rate of collection of clean water. It operates at a pressure of 2–6.50 atm, which is relevant when connected to old water supply networks.

Reference. Overall dimensions — 37.1 × 42 × 19 cm with a weight of 6.2 kg. Maximum productivity — 0.13 l / min.

Functions provided:

  • filtration from: sand, dirt, mucus, free chlorine.
  • mineralization through interaction with activated pearlescent dolomite;
  • iron removal;
  • water softening.


  1. democratic price;
  2. compactness and ease of connection;
  3. work at low pressure;
  4. soft water after cleaning;
  5. warranty period — 5 years.


  1. the faucet included in the kit pollutes the water with an oily substance;
  2. there is no filter block replacement calendar.

The price of the filter in Moscow and St. Petersburg is 7300–9000 rubles.

According to customer reviews, the filter is compact, easy to install, and comes with detailed instructions.

Atoll A-550 Patriot

Budget household model from Atoll with a five-stage cleaning system. Effectively filters water, helps prevent the formation of scale in water heaters. The system is great for a family of 3-4 people.

Maximum productivity — 0.08 l / min. Accumulative capacity of 8 l. Operates at a pressure of 2.8–6 atm.

Reference. Overall dimensions — 42×43×15 cm. Warranty period — 1 year.


  • the possibility of an upgrade;
  • affordable price;
  • long hoses.


  • there is no counter signaling the need to replace the filter cartridges.

You can buy the A-550 Patriot for 6900-8600 rubles.

According to user reviews, the system is good in operation, there are no complaints.

New Water Expert Osmos MO530

Modern household reverse osmosis system Premium class with mineralization function. The liquid goes through 4 stages of purification. The temperature of running water at the inlet can vary from 5 to 38˚С.

Productivity — 0.18 l / min. There is a large storage tank with a capacity of 15 liters. Porosity — 5 microns. Able to function at a pressure in the water supply from 2 atm to 19 atm.

Reference. Overall dimensions Osmos MO530 — 34.2 × 37.6 × 8.5 cm with a weight of 5.5 kg.


  • the ability to eliminate odors;
  • the presence of a mineralizer improves the taste of water;
  • transparent water storage tank;
  • availability of replaceable filters.


  • the tank takes up a lot of space.

The price of the filter ranges from 11,000 to 15,000 rubles.

According to customer reviews, the filter is ergonomic, with a convenient body shape, and has a stylish design.

Geyser Prestige

A modern model of multi-stage water purification from]Geyser[/anchor], occupying a leading position among similar systems. The liquid is filtered through the SlimeLine membrane, which allows only water and oxygen molecules to pass through. The system is also equipped with a mineralizer, which is based on natural components.

Working pressure — from 3 atm to 8 atm. The package includes a branded mixer. Productivity — 0.13 l / min with a tank capacity of 12 liters. The temperature regime of water at the inlet and outlet is 4–40˚С. The porosity is 5 µm.

Reference. Dimensions — 34.5 × 14.5 × 12 cm. Warranty period — 3 years. The price is from 8800 to 10000 rubles.


  1. high level of purification;
  2. can be used to filter water from both a well and a pipeline;
  3. equipped with a mineralizer.


  1. high water consumption;
  2. You need a lot of space to accommodate the storage tank.

According to customer reviews, the system purifies water well, but there is a possibility of the membrane housing rupturing during operation.

Filter Barrier Profi Osmo 100

Five-stage flow-through drinking filter Barrier rightfully considered one of the best.

Awarded with honorary titles:

  • Brand No. 1 in Russia;
  • Product of the year;
  • Brand of the year.

It is based on the Hidrotek membrane, which allows you to purify water up to 12 l / h. The model is recommended for large families.

The temperature regime of running water at the inlet is 5–35 °C. The volume of the storage tank is 8 liters. Porosity — 1 micron. The package includes a branded mixer and filter unit.

Reference. Warranty period — 1 year. The price in Moscow and St. Petersburg ranges from 6000-8000 rubles.


  1. excellent quality of water at the exit;
  2. ease of connection;
  3. adequate cost of replacement filters;
  4. the possibility of modifying the design.


  1. there is no mineralizer;
  2. there is no pressure pump.

According to customer reviews, the system is of high quality, easy to install, and successfully copes with the task of cleaning.

Filter Atoll A-550m STD

Reverse osmosis system of compact dimensions. Provides not only water purification, but also saturates it with useful substances.

The kit includes tools and materials for fasteners:

  • key;
  • fum tape;
  • tee for connecting to the water supply;
  • detailed instructions.

Also available is a special faucet and a 12 liter container. There is a mineralizer.

Reference. Dimensions 43×42×15cm. The price ranges from 11900-12800 rubles.


  • profitability (minimum draining of water during filtration);
  • quality of materials and assembly;
  • ergonomics (provided with quick-release cartridges and self-locking fittings).


  • opaque water tank;
  • price.

According to customer reviews, the Atoll A-560Em and A-550m STD models are almost identical and do an equally good job of cleaning.

Aquaphor Osmo 50

Reverse osmosis filter Aquaphor OSMO 50 due to design features successfully neutralizes various impurities:

  • heavy metals;
  • pesticides;
  • nitrates;
  • rust;
  • active chlorine;
  • magnesium;
  • calcium.

Guarantees tasty and healthy water. This is ensured by a special membrane with carbon modules with Aqualen.

The device includes:

  • postfilter;
  • metal storage tank for 10 l;
  • fasteners for connection to the water supply;
  • branded faucet;
  • key for flasks.

Purified «Aquaphor Osmo 50» water can be fearlessly used for baby food. The rate of accumulation of purified water in the tank is 0.13 l/min. Working pressure 3.5–6.5 atm.

Reference. Warranty — 1 year. The approximate price is 5900–7800 rubles.


  1. at a low price — excellent consumer properties;
  2. ease of installation;
  3. good packaging, clear instruction manual.


  1. high water consumption.

At a democratic price, OSMO-50 copes well with its main task.

According to customer reviews, during installation, the destructor should be installed correctly in order to avoid excessive water consumption.

Top 5. Prio New Water Expert Osmos Stream MOD600

Rating (2021): 4.55

High performance The system filters 1.25 liters of water per minute, and the pressure remains good. The actual performance is fully consistent with the declared.

Direct-flow reverse osmosis system in a compact plastic case with automatic control. It features high productivity of 1.25 l/min., easy maintenance, the possibility of installing an additional filter at the outlet. The device is suitable for cleaning cold water in an apartment and a private house with any pressure. The lack of pressure in the water supply is compensated by an electronic pump. Judging by the responses of the owners, this filter is one of the best in terms of processing quality. With the timely replacement of cartridges, the taste of water remains at its best, the liquid does not have dangerous impurities. Of course, Expert Osmos bypasses many reverse osmosis systems in terms of filtration quality, but the assembly of the model leaves much to be desired. Sometimes owners are faced with short-lived components and factory defects.

Pros and cons

  • Automatic control box
  • Strong water pressure
  • Fast filtering
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very expensive membrane
  • Fragile connection fittings

Top 4. BARRIER PROFI Osmo 100

Rating (2021): 4.56

Best price The cheapest reverse osmosis system in the ranking. You can buy it from some online retailers for only 7200-7500 rubles.

Budget flow type reverse osmosis system. The kit comes with a storage tank and filters, which are enough for at least 5-6 months. Consumables are inexpensive, maintenance and installation do not require specialized knowledge. Water after purification does not mineralize, but at the same time it has an optimal PH, and the owners emphasize its pleasant taste. True, the model has a couple of minuses. There are complaints about low performance: the model is supplied without a pressure pump. It must be purchased separately. Users also scold the system for a poor connection with the drive (an additional fum-tape winding is required), an occurring marriage, the need for the first flushing of the carbon filter (you need to drain 10-20 liters, otherwise particles of coal will come across in the water). But these shortcomings and features are fully offset by an affordable price.

Pros and cons

  • Cleans even rainwater from a pond/well
  • Requires no special skills to install
  • Water without scale and odors
  • Works without external power supply
  • No mineralizer
  • There are instances with defective filters
  • Leaking connection to storage tank

Reverse osmosis filter: reviews of owners, scientists and doctors

Reverse osmosis filter Aquaphor

Humanity has been thinking about the need for water purification for a long time. As soon as people did not try to filter water, they used a variety of devices for this, but still it was not possible to achieve the desired result. A fundamentally new approach to this issue was obtained only in the 20th century.

Reverse osmosis water treatment — how did it all begin?

history reverse osmosis filters started over a hundred years ago. Officially, reverse osmosis began its countdown as a filtering installation in the seventies of the twentieth century. The number of industries where this technology is used cannot be counted:

· The medicine;

· Food industry;

· Domestic use.

The reverse osmosis filter helps to get not just soft water, it will easily give out distillate. And now many areas require water of this quality! In everyday life, it is advised to use this cleaning device, because. it softens water very effectively and not only. The entire load in the filter is carried out by a semi-permeable membrane. This is the most vulnerable part of the device. It is very easy to damage! Therefore, only prepared water is used for cleaning in this filter.

The membrane helps to eliminate harmful impurities, some types of bacteria. Anything that is dissolved in water is best eliminated by such a semi-permeable membrane barrier. The advantages of this filter include the fact that the water is not heated to obtain softness.

Over time, the membrane becomes unusable and it is extremely important not to miss the moment of replacement. Check the condition of its clogging with TDS meter

. Cleaning is carried out in automatic (without human intervention) or semi-automatic mode.

The filtration process itself lies in the fact that there is a certain barrier that filters out unnecessary impurities, and only pure water passes through. In a reverse osmosis system, cleaning is a little different. Pressure drops help to squeeze good water through a poorly permeable membrane. As a result, it is possible to filter out even what other devices are not subject to.

Reverse osmosis filters are able to retain any impurities larger than 0.3 nanometers. It turns out that the filter removes such components as:

device impurities
Reverse osmosis sulfates





No wonder the reverse osmosis filter gets the appropriate reviews. Although this is a fine purification plant, it works to some extent like a small water treatment system. Such a system is able to keep two extremely harmful viruses for humans — hepatitis and, in addition, cholera. This already gives him a very large edge.

Reverse osmosis water purification has its rather impressive disadvantages. Although they have been arguing about them for a long time and they will not come to any kind of consensus, they will not agree. Osmosis removes minerals from water. Moreover, both useful and harmful. The total mineralization of water after treatment with an osmosis membrane is no more than 100 milligrams per liter. Sometimes it can drop to three milligrams per liter.

Benefit or harm? Reviews of scientists and doctors

According to the recommendations of scientists and doctors, good drinking water should have a mineralization of 1000 mg / liter. The distillate should show no more than ten. It turns out that the water treated by osmosis becomes extremely acidic. And her level of acid-base balance drops dramatically. This is no longer natural water, which means that there is less and less benefit in it.

There is a very big debate about the benefits of osmosis. Two facts contradict all reviews. The mineralization of water purified in this way is much less than 100 mg/liter. But at the same time, the same US naval forces use water purified in this way on an ongoing basis, and there they do not complain about non-desalinated water. Although you can restore the balance of minerals with the help of products.

Many doctors blame membrane cleaning — it removes beneficial minerals from the water. But for some reason, no one focuses, does not focus on the fact that minerals of inorganic origin and harmful effects are eliminated from the water.

Softened water cannot have a special effect on the human condition. As well as plumbing. Unless you’re severely allergic to chlorine. Man himself is a storehouse of salt water. At the same time, the salinity of the water contained in the human body is almost 3000 mg / liter. It’s like sea water in terms of salinity. And if we compare it with water after osmosis, then the water after membrane purification is one hundred and fifty times more desalinated. Therefore, there is no difference whether to take osmatic water or tap water.

To replenish the minerals lost during purification, it is not necessary to mix purified water with hard water. You can always replenish the missing minerals by eating certain foods. It will be enough to add to the diet: dairy products, fish, vegetables and fruits. It is not necessary to drink liters of water, it is easier to eat 200 gr. cottage cheese and get the required amount of calcium per day.

Moreover, despite the fact that there is a massive promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Scientists and doctors recommend drinking up to 2 liters of water per day, but people still drink little water directly. That is, they consume coffee, tea, eat soups and borscht, but water is still out of work. Thus, it is still not worth talking about the dangers or benefits of osmatic water — a person still does not consume as much water per day as necessary. And by doing so, he cannot harm himself.

Another disadvantage of a reverse osmosis water filter is its price. Depending on the manufacturer (Russia, Germany or the USA), the price of a filter can reach 17,000 rubles. for 1 set.

Water after a reverse osmosis filter — what is its usefulness?

Water after treatment with such a fine purification device becomes practically sterilized. And this is often the reason for the disadvantages of reverse osmosis installations. But you should not use hard low-quality water, when you can get all the necessary minerals from food. So, the question of the harmfulness of osmatic water is quite controversial. Reverse osmosis filter reviews of the owners about it say that it is possible to clean the water with the highest quality only with the help of this purification device.

The human body is able to obtain all the main useful substances and minerals from cereals, vegetables, fruits, as well as meat and fish. It is always more beneficial to eat a glass of wholesome homemade milk than to experiment with lime water.

In addition, modern society drinks very little direct ordinary water. Coffee, tea, juices are used. And very little when ordinary water, albeit specially purified and saturated with natural minerals.

The essence of reverse osmosis cleaning is reduced to working with water of three stages of purification. Although the system is almost perfect, it also failed to avoid shortcomings. There are three more filters inside the housing of such a filter. Or these filters are connected in series and gradually remove impurities from the water.

The first stage is the elimination of any solid impurities, albeit very small ones. Here is the usual carbon adsorbent. This is followed by mechanical cleaning, elimination of organoleptic impurities. And only the final stage will be reverse osmosis fine cleaning. As a result, water is freed from any kind of impurities, with the size of harmful molecules larger than the size of a water molecule. Mineral impurities, including lime salts, viruses and microorganisms, nitrates and sulfates, fall under this category. Only this type of water purification can insure a person from infection with cholera bacillus or hepatitis C. In general, this includes a lot of diseases caused by bacterial spores in water.

Well-known and best manufacturers of filters for washing with reverse osmosis (with a mineralizer):

  1. Aquaphor
  2. Geyser Prestige
  3. Atoll
  4. new water
  5. Barrier

Scientists often believe that reverse osmosis water becomes too acidic and unhealthy. But the defenders of osmosis are on a different version of the development of events. The first argument they give is a drastic reduction in the list of diseases that can develop due to the presence in the water of certain bacteria that are eliminated by osmosis. The same hepatitis and cholera, after treatment with membranes, are not terrible for a person. Of course, not all viruses are eliminated, but quite a sufficient number of them.

The thin osmotic membrane removes most of the salts from the water. What is the reverse osmosis filter reviews of owners and buyers about it and testify. After cleaning, the water becomes soft. Let not the same as after ion-exchange treatment. But this degree of cleansing helps to get both soft leather and undamaged laundry after washing. This water is definitely better. Today it is impossible to build a healthy lifestyle without such water.

Using a reverse osmosis system allows you to keep the slag contained in the water. In turn, their elimination is a guarantee of the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. That is, water purification, thus, promises a lot of good. Where is the negative? Is the elimination of natural minerals so important? But the disadvantages of reverse osmosis are not limited to this. One of the first features of water treatment is that too much water is involved in the purification process and too much of it goes to the utilizer. The purification process itself takes much longer than other methods. You can also add here the high cost of both the device and replaceable membranes.

The first drawback mentioned by everyone is the poverty of water for minerals. But they can be obtained naturally from food, without even thinking too much. Then, for all its high degree of filtration, the membrane is not able to remove chlorine from the water. This means either drinking soft chlorinated water, or additionally cleaning it, which already adds costs to an expensive reverse osmosis water filter. And the accumulation of chlorine in the body is also far from useful.

The membrane passes well divalent metals, which often turn out to be toxic, poisonous. With individual intolerance, such water can be poisoned. However, there has been no official confirmation of such poisonings yet. Therefore, this information can still be called a fiction or a version. Therefore, the benefits of buying an Aquaphor or Geyser reverse osmosis filter are much greater. Especially for industries with specific needs. And for home use, you can always either put on air conditioning or eat a good portion of cottage cheese to achieve balance.

Top 3. SENDO Aqua A7

Rating (2021): 4.60

Manual filter washing The procedure increases the resource of cartridges by an average of 3 months. The function is built into the system: just read the instruction manual.

  • Characteristics

    Country: China

  • Average price: 12990 rubles.
  • Installation: under the sink
  • Number of cleaning steps: 4
  • Pressure: 2-6 atm
  • Filter resource: 6000 l
  • Tank volume: 7.8 l
  • Mineralization: yes
  • Protection against bacteria: yes

Compact reverse osmosis system with a capacity of 0.184 l/min. Filters water well even at low pressure. Easy to install, requires filter replacement every 5-6 months. The cartridges themselves are reliable and do not require thorough rinsing the first time they are used. The water is clean, soft and pleasant to the taste. By the way, when the resource of native filters is exhausted, they can be replaced with similar consumables from Russian companies. For example, Atoll brand cartridges. Of the serious shortcomings of the model, the owners single out only the lack of usable volume of the drive, as well as the marriage of the gasket. Defective devices are rare, but it is best to carefully check the system before buying.

Pros and cons

  • Quality cartridges
  • Suitable components from systems of Russian brands
  • Easy replacement of consumables
  • Works silently
  • Expansion tank gasket leaking
  • Actual tank volume approx. 4 l

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Top 2. Atoll A-550 STD

Rating (2021): 4.74

metal tank The filter is equipped with a stainless steel accumulator. It is more environmentally friendly than plastic tanks from other manufacturers of reverse osmosis systems.

The Russian-American company has released one of the most reliable and best quality reverse osmosis filtration systems. The device is easy to install, filters 0.159 liters of water per minute, is equipped with a capacious storage tank of 12 liters (useful volume 8 liters). The system copes with the treatment of drinking water perfectly, however, there are some nuances when using it. The model works with liquid temperatures from +5 °С to +40 °С and does not tolerate heavy pollution. In a private house with very low water quality, filters will need to be replaced after 2-3 months: this installation is so sensitive to pollution. But for an apartment in the city, this model is perfect. In addition, users complain about the high water consumption and low mineralization: the water is not tasty enough.

Pros and cons

  • Tasty water without scale when boiling
  • Service life up to 10 years
  • Reliable assembly
  • Easy bend hoses
  • On average, it dumps up to 5-6 liters of water
  • Poorly saturates the liquid with useful microelements

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