With such a concept as a hearth, family, comfort and, of course, warmth are usually associated. And not only mental, but also the most common in the physical sense of the word. And since we live in a unique, either the most beautiful, or forgotten by God, country, the vagaries of the weather in the off-season and the winter cold always come unexpectedly for utilities. Those, according to an old tradition, “sang a red summer”, and as soon as the heating season approaches, they blame it on “cataclysms” with pipes, boiler rooms, and equipment.

As the French say, C’est La Vie, in creating a truly comfortable microclimate in a house, apartment, office, not to mention a dacha or garage, you have to rely only on yourself. Well, there are plenty of domestic heaters on the market. However, if we talk about efficiency, most specialists and experienced users prefer convectors. There are also a lot of them, there are enough models, both successful and not very good. But we proudly ignored the second ones, but the first ones, they are the best convectors for home and summer cottages, were presented to your judgment in this rating.

What to look for when buying a convector heater

Before buying, check the following nuances:

  1. Is there an adjustable heating power. This option allows you to save — reduce power when the air warms up enough.
  2. What type of control. Basically, the models are equipped with a mechanical control — a rotary switch. But they also produce convectors with electronic control using buttons and sometimes even with a remote control and the ability to remote control from a smartphone.
  3. Is there a timer. It allows you to set the start time. It is convenient that the air in the apartment warms up by the time you arrive home.
  4. What are the installation methods. Convectors are floor-mounted, wall-mounted, recessed or universal (for installation anywhere),
  5. What is the heating element inside. Tubular is optimal — it is cheaper and more reliable. Needle is even cheaper, but more fragile. Monolithic — durable, reliable, but more expensive.

Select the installation location immediately. Convection holes can be on the side, front, top. Consider this point if you put the convector close to the wall.

Comparison of the presented electric convectors

For convenience of choice, we present you a comparative table of convector models.

Model Control type Heating element Power, W) Heating area (sq.m) Accommodation thermostat/type Cost, rub)
Ballu BEC/EM-1500 mechanical Aluminium alloy 1500 twenty floor yes/mechanical 2400
Scarlett SCA H VER15 1500 mechanical heating element 2000 twenty wall/floor yes/mechanical 3 300
Hyundai H-HV4-15-UI605 electronic heating element 1500 eighteen wall/floor yes/electronic 3 900
Polaris PCH 1588D electronic heating element 1500 24 wall/floor yes/electronic 3400
Noirot Spot E 3 1500 Plus mechanical heating element 1500 fifteen wall/floor yes/electronic 8 300
NOBO NFC4S 12 mechanical heating element 1250 fifteen wall/floor yes/electronic 10,000
Electrolux ECH/AS-2000 MR mechanical heating element 2000 twenty wall/floor yes/mechanical 4600

Rating of convector heaters

1. The best wall convector heater Electrolux ECH/R-1500 T

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Why we liked it: one of the best convector heaters with a large heating area. In 10 minutes, the device is able to heat the air in a room up to 20 m2. Has two ways of fastening: floor and wall. There is moisture protection. Editor’s score:

  • power — 1500 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — wall, floor;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 1;
  • serviced area — 20 m2;
  • WxHxT — 56×40.4×9.1 cm;
  • weight — 3 kg.

The winner of the rating is a powerful convector heater for rooms with an area of ​​20 m2. The total power is 1500 watts. The key feature is the overheating protection mode. The case is made with a level of protection against moisture IP67.

The heater has two types of fastening: floor and wall, fasteners are included in the delivery. Controlled by mechanical buttons. There is an option to lock the display for safety. It does not make any noise during operation, it works quietly. The control unit is not included.


  • universal type of installation — on the wall and on the floor;
  • quickly gains temperature;
  • protection against dust and moisture;
  • improved blinds for even heat distribution;
  • display lock;
  • overheat protection.


  • control unit is not included.



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Why we liked it: compact floor convector heater with three-stage power adjustment. There is an option to turn off when the air is heated to the set parameters. This helps to avoid unnecessary waste of electricity. Works silently. Editor’s score:

  • power — 2000 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 1;
  • the area of ​​the heated room is 30 m2;
  • WxHxT — 82.5x50x12.3 cm;
  • weight — 2.3 kg.

The second place is occupied by a compact convector heater with a power of 2000 V. Three modes of power adjustment are provided. The heating area is 30 m2. There are several levels of temperature control. The key advantage is the waterproof housing with IP67 protection level.

The convector heater is designed for floor installation, but you can hang it on the wall if you buy additional fasteners. The kit includes rollers for moving the heater on the floor, legs and a 6 m network cable. A serious protection system is provided: display blocking and shutdown in case of overheating. The control buttons are equipped with a red indicator light.


  • minimally consumes electricity;
  • large heating area;
  • high level of security;
  • silent;
  • power level selection.


  • There are no brackets for wall mounting included.
  • takes up a lot of space in the room.

3. Thermor Evidence 3 Elec 1500

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Why we liked it: one of the best heaters with 4 operating modes. EVIDENCE 3 ELECВ technology allows you to heat the air without drying it out. Equipped with fall and air temperature sensors. Editor’s score:

  • power — 1500 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor / wall;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 4;
  • the area of ​​the heated room is 17 m2;
  • WxHxT — 59x45x11 cm;
  • weight — 2.2 kg.

The list is replenished with another convector heater with a high-quality assembly. The kit comes with a bracket, so it is suitable for horizontal and vertical placement. The operating power of the device is 1500 V. The area of ​​the heated room is 17 m2.

Functional features include four-level temperature control. EVIDENCE 3 ELECВ technology heats the air to the desired temperature without reducing the humidity level. The body of the device is protected from moisture and dust (IP67). Heating does not exceed 45 degrees.


  • protection against moisture and dust;
  • temperature control;
  • antifreeze mode;
  • quickly gains and drops temperature;
  • weak heating of the case;
  • wide scope of supply.


  • wall mount only — feet not included.

4. REDMOND SkyHeat 7001S

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Why we liked it: budget and compact convector heater with voice control. Can be connected to the Smart Home system using a Bluetooth gateway. Quickly heats a room up to 10 m2. Has two modes of operation. Editor’s score:

  • power — 400 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor / wall;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 2;
  • the area of ​​the heated room — up to 10 m2;
  • WxHxT — 104×5.5×6.7 cm;
  • weight — 1.8 kg.

Another budget, but low-power 400 watt model. It has a convenient electronic control panel. The device is sold in two colors — black and silver. The case is made of durable impact-resistant plastic, which reliably protects the insides from damage. Heating of the case — no more than 45 degrees.

A feature of the convector is voice control and the ability to connect to the Smart Home system when connected to a smartphone. To do this, you need to use the Bluetooth protocol. There is an emergency automatic shutdown in case of overheating.


  • low cost;
  • 4 heating levels;
  • connection to the «Smart House» system;
  • easy to move across the floor;
  • automatic shutdown in case of overheating;
  • compactness.


  • at maximum heat there is a smell of plastic;
  • short cord (1 m);
  • no thermostat.

5. Nobo NFK 4S 15

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Why we liked it: high quality heater with high power level and two operating modes. It has a long service life — up to 10 years. Equipped with a safety system in case of overturning and overheating. Editor’s score:

  • power — 1500 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 2;
  • the area of ​​the heated room — up to 19 m2;
  • WxHxT — 102.5x40x5.5 cm;
  • weight — 6.5 kg.

The next convector has gained popularity due to its build quality and functionality. The heated area of ​​the room is 19 m2. Another significant advantage is the precision thermostat. In standby mode, the convector consumes 0.5 V, which makes it economical.

Thanks to its high power and ecoDesign technology, it is able to heat a room in a short period of time — no more than 20 minutes. Bracket only included, feet for floor mounting sold separately. The device has an anti-freeze option. The convector is equipped with a full-fledged security system and a waterproof housing with an IP68 protection level.


  • does not dry the air;
  • high heating rate;
  • concise design;
  • two modes of operation;
  • bracket included for wall mounting;
  • antifreeze mode;
  • low power consumption.


  • high price;
  • sharp corners of the body.

6. Ballu Camino Eco Turbo BEC/EMT-1500

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Why we liked it: compact and budget convector with legs and a handle for transportation. Suitable for rooms up to 20 m2. The increased level of a heat transfer guarantees fast heating. Editor’s score:

  • power — 1500 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 1;
  • the area of ​​the heated room is 20 m2;
  • WxHxT — 54x40x8.9 cm;
  • weight — 3.5 kg.

This is a compact and lightweight convector with legs for floor installation. On the back panel there is a built-in plastic handle for transportation. A monolithic heating element with an increased area heats the air 20% faster. Users speak positively about the power of the heater.

One of the main advantages is the support for temperature control. When the desired heating level is reached, the device goes into standby mode and saves energy. A thermostat is built in to measure the air temperature. The convector works silently.


  • mobility: built-in legs and carrying handle;
  • high power;
  • power saving mode;
  • increased area of ​​the heating element.


  • no indication of work;
  • body gets hot;
  • The kit does not include a bracket for wall mounting.

7. Ballu BIH-S2-0.3

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Why we liked it: high-quality and functional infrared convector with ceiling mount. Equipped with a heating element that works on the principle of a cable «warm floor». Easy to install, comes with the necessary mounting hardware. Editor’s score:

  • power — 300 W;
  • type of heating element — infrared;
  • installation type — ceiling;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 1;
  • the area of ​​the heated room — 6 m2;
  • WxHxT — 59.2 × 59.2 × 3.5 cm;
  • weight — 3.4 kg.

The worthy infrared convector, designed for installation on the ceiling, replenishes the rating. It is suitable for apartments, cottages, offices and commercial premises. Among the functional features, we note the built-in thermostat and overheating protection.

It is controlled by a branded remote control with one button. When turned on, it emits a beep. The area of ​​the heated room is up to 6 m2, so we recommend using at least two heaters in a room with a larger area. The case is made in accordance with IP54 moisture protection class.


  • ceiling mount;
  • double thermal insulation with shielding;
  • controlled by a remote control;
  • does not require additional fasteners, everything is included in the delivery;
  • minimum power consumption.


  • insufficient power of work;
  • designed for a small area;
  • heats up slowly.

8. Wester EK-2000

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Why we liked it: the convector differs in compactness and profitability. Able to heat rooms up to 25 square meters. The impressive power deserves attention. Can be installed on the wall or floor. Editor’s score:

  • power — 2000 W;
  • type of heating element — heating element;
  • type of installation — floor;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 1;
  • the area of ​​the heated room is 25 m2;
  • WxHxT — 83x40x10.3 cm;
  • weight — 4 kg.

The rating continues with a decent model with high power. Despite one mode of operation, it can control the room temperature with a thermostat. When the desired indicator is reached, the heater turns off automatically and goes into standby mode.

Another advantage is a durable case, protected from dust and moisture. For control, a mechanical panel is provided that is not amenable to heating. A wall mount is built into the back of the case.


  • compact;
  • independent shutdown when the set air temperature is reached;
  • high power;
  • impressive heating area.


  • no wheels;
  • no power indicator.

9. Hyundai H-HV15-10-UI617

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Why we liked it: reliable heater with high build quality from a well-known manufacturer. Not afraid of mechanical damage and moisture. Has two types of fastening: floor and wall. Can be used both at home and in the country. Editor’s score:

  • power — 1000 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor / wall;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 1;
  • the area of ​​the heated room is 13 m2;
  • WxHxT — 46x40x8 cm;
  • weight — 2.8 kg.

The compact device for heating with convenient management. The design of the convector is strong enough, there is protection against dust and moisture — suitable for use in damp areas. The power of the device is modest (1000 V), but it is enough to heat a room of 13 squares.

The heater has one operating mode and a thermostat that controls the heating level. Hot air outlets are located on the front panel, so they do not get clogged with dust, do not require cleaning and allow you to put the convector close to the wall. Many users complain about loud noise and clicks during operation.


  • compact dimensions;
  • two types of installation — on the wall and on the floor;
  • the delivery set includes two types of fasteners;
  • air holes are on the front panel;
  • built-in thermostat.


  • small power;
  • short cord;
  • unreliable case material;
  • noise at work.

10. Scoole SC HT CM4 1500

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Why we liked it: budget convector heater with decent functionality. It has two modes of operation and a temperature level regulator. The power of the heating element is 1500 V. There are built-in legs with wheels for transportation around the house. Editor’s score:

  • power — 1500 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 2;
  • the area of ​​the heated room is 20 m2;
  • WxHxT — 62x46x25 cm;
  • weight — 4.4 kg.

One of the best budget floor heaters. There are two legs with wheels for easy transportation around the house. The power is 1500 W, it is able to heat a room of 20 squares. It has 2 modes of operation and the ability to select the temperature. The device is controlled by rotary knobs on the side panel.

Some users are dissatisfied with the speed of air heating. Works from a network with a voltage of 220 V, connects to it through a power cord as long as 6 meters.


  • there are legs with wheels;
  • high power;
  • long network cable;
  • The case doesn’t get hot at all.


  • long heating of air;
  • when working exudes an unpleasant odor;
  • thin body metal.

11. GALAXY GL8227

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Why we liked it: inexpensive and compact convector with convenient control. It has an elegant design and is available in two colors. There is an automatic shutdown in case of overheating, protection against moisture and dust. The built-in legs for floor installation have wheels for transportation. Editor’s score:

  • power — 1700 W;
  • type of heating element — monolithic;
  • type of installation — floor;
  • voltage — 220 V;
  • operating modes — 1;
  • the area of ​​the heated room is 15 m2;
  • WxHxT — 61.5 × 41.5 × 9.3 cm;
  • weight — 3 kg.

The rating is completed by a device with high power. One of the main advantages is the impressive heating rate. Great for heating rooms up to 15 square meters.

Convenient floor mounting does not require installation: the legs are initially attached to the heater. Powered by 220 V. The connection cable is short (1 m), so we recommend using an extension cord.


  • high power;
  • fast heating;
  • low cost;
  • there is moisture protection;
  • overheat protection system.


  • makes noise when used;
  • short cord;
  • flimsy construction.

How to choose a convector heater

Choosing a good and high-quality convector is not so difficult. Consider these options.


The most popular manufacturers:

  1. Ballu. The Chinese company produces high-quality convectors of different price categories. The range includes models for wall and floor installation.
  2. Electrolux. Well-known company for the production of electronics and heating equipment. Its products are renowned for their excellent value for money.
  3. Nobo. The brand line includes high-quality products with expensive parts. Heaters perform the main task well, while having a wide range of additional functions.
  4. thermor. A well-known brand offering heaters with a long service life. The product has wide functionality. In terms of cost, it belongs to the middle class.
  5. REDMOND. The main advantage is the low price. Product characteristics are average.

No less popular are brands such as GALAXY, Scoole, Hyundai and others.


One of the most important parameters affecting performance. If the heater has a low power, this will affect the rate of air heating. Also, low power will affect the maximum temperature level. It is preferable to choose models whose power will lie in the range from 1200–1500 V. At a power of 1200 V, the heating area is 13–20 m2, and at 1600–2000 W it is already 29 m2.

The number of supported modes also depends on this indicator. Some models have a smooth adjustment that allows you to adjust the intensity of heating. Expensive convectors support the anti-freeze function.

Safety system

Each convector heater must be equipped with a security system. It is needed so that the device turns off automatically in case of overheating and other emergency situations. Expensive models are able to turn off even when rolled over.

A convector heater can work without rest for several hours, so overheating protection is a must. Moisture protection is also desirable so that in case of liquid ingress or work in dampness, a short circuit does not occur. It is better to give preference to models with an IP67 protection level.

When buying a convector, specify to what temperature the body will heat up. It is desirable that the metal structure does not heat up over 45 degrees. Be aware that higher temperatures can cause burns.

Which heater is better: oil or convector

An oil heater is one of the simplest home heating devices. As for convector technology, it appeared on the market relatively recently. They differ not only in appearance, but also in the principles of air heating.

Heating element

The oil heater works with a tube. It is filled with oil, which has a high boiling point. When current is applied, the oil in the tube heats up and radiates heat.

The convector heater heats with the help of air circulation. The air flow gets inside, passes a hot heating element, which looks like a heated metal tube or plate, and then goes outside. Circulation ensures uniform and smooth heating of the air.

Heating rate

Since the oil in the oil heater tube tends to heat up for a long time, a large amount of electricity is needed. The average heating time of the oil appliance is 30 minutes. In convector models, the heating element heats up in a matter of seconds. This is achieved through metal gratings with high thermal conductivity. Therefore, the operation of the convector requires less energy costs. In this case, the full heating of the room occurs in 10-15 minutes.


The oil heater not only warms up slowly, but also cools down slowly, which makes it unsafe for households. Convector cool down quickly. This is due to the fact that the heating element is far from the housing. During operation, the temperature outside does not exceed 50, and more often — 40–45 degrees.

Also, convectors often have the function of automatic shutdown in case of overturning. Most models correspond to a high class of protection against dust and moisture. The oil heater cannot switch itself off. In addition, there is no protection against short circuit and fire.


Many models of convectors are equipped with two types of fastening: bracket for wall and legs for floor. Wall-mounted — the safest, because the residents will not be able to touch or burn themselves on the included heater. The structure can be hung at any height. There are even ceiling models.

The floor mount has the form of two or four plastic legs, which are often equipped with wheels. Floor heaters are heavier. However, they are not as safe as wall-mounted ones, but they are easy to move from place to place.

Design features

TEN in the convector
When choosing a convector, it is desirable to take into account the design features of the device:

  • spiral tape. The simplest yet least effective option. They are inexpensive, heat up quickly, but dry the air, burn oxygen, and are inferior to other types in terms of reliability;
  • needle. An advanced model where loops of nichrome filament are embedded in the platinum of the dielectric material. The solution provides fast heating. The reviews are positive, but users note that needle convectors dry the air;
  • TEN. The spiral is hidden in a hollow tube, the outer surface is ribbed to speed up air circulation. Such a convector is not afraid of humid air. At the same time, it has a low efficiency, crackles during operation; monolithic. Efficient design where the filament is soldered into the housing. The monolithic heater has a high efficiency, heat exchange, efficiency. Typically, devices are protected from moisture and dust ingress according to the class

Top 2021, where the best models of several segments are presented, is as follows:

Pros and cons of a convector

Convector heaters are becoming more and more popular due to their functionality. Like any type of heater, they have their pros and cons.


  1. Possibility of wall mounting. Many convectors can be wall mounted. Thanks to this, the device will not take up much space.
  2. Safety. Convectors have reliable protection against overheating. Also, their body does not heat up above 45 degrees, so they are completely safe.
  3. Profitability. Requires minimal energy consumption.
  4. Compact, light weight.

There are few shortcomings. The main one is dustiness in the room, because convectors raise a lot of dust into the air due to air circulation.

Summing up

A convector heater is a reliable device for heating rooms. This is especially true in cases where there is little or no benefit from centralized heating (in the country, for example). The convector is convenient, mobile and in most cases safe. It is able to heat the room to the desired temperature within 10-15 minutes. Another advantage is a reliable security system, thanks to which it can be left unattended.

If you want to choose a really high-quality model, do not forget to pay attention to the following parameters:

  • number of operating modes;
  • power;
  • safety system;
  • temperature indicator adjustment;
  • the presence of a thermostat;
  • contents of delivery;
  • dimensions and weight.

The brand is also important, but it does not always guarantee uninterrupted operation of the convector for many years, but it can raise the price, and sometimes significantly.

Principle of operation

Note! Stylish, usually small, lightweight, compact and mobile device for space heating — this is how an electric heating convector can be described.

The principle of construction and operation of all convectors is the same. Inside the flat metal case are an electric heating element and a thermostat, the regulator of which goes out.

The heating element inside the appliance, when connected to the mains, heats up, transferring its temperature to the air.

This process is based on the difference between the density of cold and hot air.

Cold air is denser and closer to the floor, while warm air is near the ceiling.

Cold airpenetrating through the holes in the body, sucked in, heats up on contact with the heating element, after which it becomes less dense and goes outrushing up.