The summer heat forces people to look for ways to lower the air temperature in the rooms. For this, air conditioners and fans are used. Undoubtedly, air conditioners cool the air more efficiently and faster. But, there are situations when it is not possible to purchase expensive equipment. Then room fans come to the rescue.

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Lots of room fans. There are floor, wall, table and ceiling. Table fans are compact, they can be placed on any small surface — a table, a shelf, a window sill. Such models do not have high power, but they ideally cool small rooms or separate areas.

Depending on the design features, table fans are of the following types:

  • Axial.
    They are the most popular air cooling devices. Such devices work on the principle of moving a cooled air stream along its axis. Of all modern fans, they represent the simplest and most budgetary devices.
  • Centrifugal.
    The principle of operation of such devices is as follows: air enters the rotor, from where, under the action of centrifugal force, it acquires a high speed. As a rule, such models are used in industrial production, but there are also compact devices that are used in residential areas.
  • Diagonal.
    Such devices are considered the second most popular among desktop models. In their work, they combine the principle of operation of the two previous types of fans. They have high efficiency, small dimensions and silent operation.
  • Bladeless.
    These are the most modern models of fans with a turbine. They work on the principle of aerodynamics: the frame of the device increases the flow of air coming from the turbine, due to the fact that it captures air particles from the outside. Such models are expensive, but consume little electricity and look stylish, so they are often used in homes and offices.

To choose a high-quality desktop fan for your home or office, you should pay attention to the following features of these devices:

  • Fan power is the most important selection criterion. It is this that affects the volume of cooled air. For large spaces, it is worth choosing the most powerful devices.
  • The noise of the device takes second place, this is the same important selection criterion. After all, excessively noisy fans can cause discomfort to a person. It is worth choosing devices with a noise level of no more than 30 dB.
  • The high-speed mode will help to set the optimal force of the intake of cooled air. Most modern models have a speed controller for the device.
  • The ability to adjust the mechanism and the stability of the device on the surface. The fan must be easy to operate and stand firmly on the table, even when the blades are tilted.
  • Many modern fans are equipped with wireless control. They have a remote control to turn on the device, switch speeds. This greatly simplifies their operation, but increases the cost.

Introducing the desktop fan rankings 2021. The top 11 models selected by our experts based on user reviews and ratings.

Rating (2020) Prices, ₽ Country
1. Xiaomi VH2 from 2500₽ China
2. Stadler Form Tim from 4690₽ China
3.Boneco F50 from 1990₽ China
4. Soler & Palau ARTIC-305 N GR from 3800₽ Spain
5. Maxwell MW-3547 from 890₽ China
6. Scarlett SC-DF111S06 from 1190₽ China
7. Energy EN-0602 from 550₽ China
8 Polaris PUF 1012S from 560₽ Russia
9. Maxwell MW-3548 from 590₽ China
10.Rix RDF-1500USB from 390₽ China
11. Mystery MSF-2443 from 550₽ China

Which desktop fan is better to choose

Buying a desk fan for your home or office is a big decision. In order for the acquisition to be successful, to please with a set of necessary functions and high quality, it is very important not to make a mistake with the choice.

To buy the best desktop fan, you need to follow these simple guidelines:

  • Initially, you need to decide on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room where the device will be used. To ventilate small rooms (up to 15 sq.m.), fans with a low power of up to 25 watts are suitable. At the same time, it is worth remembering that the larger the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room, the higher the power of the device should be.
  • It is worth paying attention to the protection of the blades. If you have pets or children at home, you should choose table fans with a protective grille. Almost all fans from our list correspond to this condition.
  • The noise level is also very important when choosing a desktop fan. If a device with medium noise is suitable for home, then for work in the office it is worth choosing the quietest models — fans from Stadler and Soler & Palau.
  • In addition, it is worth considering the functionality of such devices. In addition to cooling, they can aromatize and ionize the air, have touch controls, a timer and a backlight. Touch control has the leader of our rating — Xiaomi VH2 portable fan and a device from Boneco.
  • The ability to tilt and rotate the body of the device is also important. These features allow faster and better cooling of the entire room. In this case, you should take a closer look at Scarlett and Stadler fans.
  • If you plan to use the fan not only at home, but also on trips, you should choose models with the ability to work from a USB cable. Our list includes many such models of various price categories.

We hope our rating will help you find the perfect desktop fan. Enjoy the shopping!
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What to look for when buying

It would seem that everything is simple, but not many people know in what parameters fans differ and according to what criteria they should be chosen.


You need to pay attention to this parameter, based on the size of the room where the fan will be used.

Noise level.

There is a common misconception that if the fan is powerful, it will make a lot of noise. In fact, this characteristic is not directly related to the power level.


Simple and inexpensive models have mechanical control, while more modern and expensive models have a touch panel. Sometimes a remote control is attached to the fan, allowing you to control the device from a long distance. In some cases, it is possible to control the device with a smartphone. This is a recent innovation, it is found only in a very small number of models. It is logical to assume that soon the situation on the market will change.


The fan must be stable and equipped with a special grill that protects against blades.

Fans are divided according to the types of working mechanism into:

  • — Axial.
    The most common type. They consist of blades attached to an axle and an engine.
  • — Radial.
    Newer technology. Such fans have a vertical housing, inside which are the blades and the motor.
  • — Bladeless.
    They work on the same principle as turbines. The air passes through the frame and creates almost no noise. The safest of all types.

Briefly about the main

For the correct choice of a home fan, it is necessary to take into account the following number of its main parameters:

  1. Features of the drive device.
  2. Installation method.
  3. performance, strength.
  4. background noise.
  5. Control type.
  6. Design features.
  7. Additional functionality.

Since there are a large number of floor silent fans for installation in a room, differing in basic parameters, a single rating will not be enough to maximize their coverage. Therefore, ratings are allocated according to the following main characteristics — budget (Scarlett SC-1370, Maxwell MW-3508, Lumme LU-105), with remote control (Tefal VF5550F0 Turbo Silence, VITEK VT-1909 CH, Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan), radial type ( AEG T-VL 5537, VITEK VT-1933), as well as desktop (BORK P510, Timberk TEF T12 TH3).

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The top floor fans continue with the model from. This is a household fan, which is primarily intended for blowing, cleaning and humidifying the air in special rooms. DELTA DL-024H is perfect for use in workshops, animal pens, conservatories, greenhouses, etc. The model is designed to create the necessary climate in a single closed room.

Humidification is carried out due to centrifugal dispersed atomization of the liquid. As evaporation occurs, the room temperature begins to drop. Also, fine water dust binds coarse dust, causing it to settle on the floor. Thus, the air in the room is cleaned, it becomes fresher.

The maximum power level is 260W. In the kit you can find the remote control. The device is equipped with a timer with a maximum off delay of up to seven hours. The model has three speeds, and two modes of operation. The mounting height of the blades is adjustable in the range from 1.7 to 2 meters. The slope of the blades is 30 degrees. The control module is equipped with a convenient backlight. You can buy this floor fan for 12654 rubles.

  • powerful;
  • reliable;
  • there is moisture;
  • control panel included;
  • convenient management;
  • strong body;
  • good stability.
  • expensive;
  • difficult to assemble;
  • makes noise.

DELTA DL-024H on Yandex Market

Electrolux EFF-1000i

On the fifth line is the Electrolux EFF-1000i model from the world’s largest brand. Classic appearance, decorated in light colors, high-quality body material and low power consumption make the model attractive.

The big advantage of this particular model is the introduction of the latest technological development of the company, which is called QuietAirflow. Thanks to this technology, the fan runs very quietly, so much so that the noise is simply not noticed by the human ear. The noise level emitted during operation does not exceed 26 dB.

Two innovative changes were made to the motor design at once, Dualball-bearing and Long-lifeWork, thanks to which the gadget is able to work up to ten years. The management and operation of this model is maximally simplified for the convenience of users. The fixing crosspiece almost completely eliminates the fall of the device. Many operating modes, a bright, well-read backlit display and a control panel greatly expand the capabilities of the device. The model has a timer, thanks to which you can program it to work during the night or day. The fan weighs only 5.7 kg. The cost of the gadget is exactly 3860 rubles.

Advice! If you need a device of average cost with an optimally balanced set of characteristics, it is better to buy this model.

  • traditional look;
  • reliable motor;
  • good build;
  • low noise model;
  • there is a remote control;
  • stable;
  • inexpensive.
  • swing bearings wear out quickly;
  • inconvenient timer step;
  • weak fastening of the protective grille.

Electrolux EFF-1000i on Yandex Market

The best models for the home

When choosing a fan for the home, most people primarily prefer silent units, although the quality, type and price of the device also play an important role.

Scarlett SC-179

The cost of this floor fan is only 400 rubles. In addition to the low price, the device has another advantage — quiet operation. The disadvantages include a short cord and the lack of a swivel function.

Scarlett SC-179


If you need a more expensive model, then you can opt for the VITEK VT-1935 fan. It costs about 5,000 rubles, but it is equipped with a 90-degree rotation function, a remote control, and a touch screen.


Scarlett SC-179

A budget model for only 500 rubles will help you escape from the heat in the summer. The advantages of this desktop fan are small size, mobility, noiselessness, and two speeds.

Scarlett SC-179

Bork P600

The column fan has small dimensions and modern design. Equipped with remote control and timer. It blows perfectly, at low speeds it works silently.

Bork P600


A ceramic fan heater can heat up a room in just 20 minutes. And thanks to quiet operation and unique design, this device is in great demand among customers. Its cost is 1000 rubles.


Scarlett SC-SF111B18

The rating of floor fans in 2021 opens with a device from Scarlett. This is a comfort class model. Customer reviews praise the fan for the high quality of the materials from which the case is made. The control panel and other elements have a pleasant tactile surface, not easily soiled, not prone to static. Power consumption is only 45 watts. There are three speed modes, but this is enough for comfortable cooling in hot weather.

Important! The mesh that protects the blades is made of durable, high-quality material that prevents injury. In addition, it is an excellent containment element for dust and other small particles flying out through the rapidly rotating blades.

The maximum lift level is 130 cm. It will not be difficult to assemble the model, since all the main elements are easily connected to each other using clips and clamps. Among the advantages, we separately highlight the quiet and inconspicuous operation. The legs of the device are very stable and are able to hold the device even in a strong draft. An excellent model that allows you to solve problems with cooling on hot summer days. The cost of a floor fan is on average 1480 rubles.

  • quiet;
  • excellent cooling;
  • consumes little electricity;
  • easy assembly;
  • there is a timer that can be adjusted manually;
  • the legs are firmly on the floor, it is not easy to overturn the device;
  • the body rotates in different planes and is fixed in height.
  • until the parts are run in, it may smell like plastic;
  • sometimes when turning, squeaks or crunches are heard;
  • inconvenient to clean the grid from dust.

Scarlett SC-SF111B18 on Yandex Market

Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter

On the seventh line is the Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter household fan. The review should begin with the intellectual capabilities of the device. The model can change the intensity of blowing in real time, simulating gusts of fresh wind. The angle of rotation of the blades is as much as 120 degrees. The device has software whose algorithms allow simulating the random behavior of air flows. All simulations are done automatically.

Due to the angle of location and sharpness of the blades, they cut through the air as efficiently as possible. At the same time, the engine operates continuously, creating effects from “light breeze” to “gusts”. The diffuser of the device has a channel design, which ensures uniform airflow to the room.

Important! The model implements control from any gadget on the Android OS, which is fully capable of replacing the remote control. This is possible due to the presence of a Wi-Fi module, through which a smartphone is connected and the software is updated.

The minimum power consumption is 18W. But the maximum noise level is only 33 dB. This roughly corresponds to the ticking of a wall clock, so this model can be safely used even at night. The body material is UV resistant.

  • popular brand;
  • reliability;
  • excellent assembly;
  • excellent blowing;
  • imitation of natural wind;
  • silent operation;
  • economical.
  • not all smartphones connect to the software;
  • small volume of the refrigerated room;
  • the price is quite high.

Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter on Yandex Market


The rating of the best fans for the home was compiled by the highest rating score, which was also influenced by customer reviews. The table provides general information that allows you to evaluate the whole picture in full.

Name Description
Popular Models floor, axial
Best, «Soler & Palau», «Dospel», «Dyson»
The most budget model «Dospel ZEFIR 100 WCH» — wall
most expensive model «Dyson AM10 Humidifier» — bladeless
The best among floor Midea FS 4043
The best among desktop Soler & Palau ARTIC-305N
The best among ceiling Soler & Palau HTB-75N
The best among wall Soler & Palau ARTIC-405 PM GR

Criteria for choosing domestic fans:

  • Power indicator;
  • Noise effect;
  • Power consumption;
  • Structural strength;
  • Capabilities;
  • Simple and convenient control;
  • Adequate cost.

Which company is better to purchase a design — the choice is up to the buyer. Most models are made of plastic, so it’s safer to choose companies that combine plastic material with something else if you want the airflow design to last you as long as possible.

Mistakes when choosing a fan model will help to avoid recommendations from experts and reviews of real buyers about the product.

Popular manufacturing companies

When the buyer knows all the necessary parameters of the devices, it is easier for him to choose a model of a domestic fan for his home, summer cottage or office.

Numerous household appliance manufacturers have household wind blowers in their product line. This is due to the simple design of the products and their high popularity among consumers.

Affordable prices, the practical absence of installation complexity provided floor-standing appliances with high popularity, despite the emergence of more and more new and complex models of climate technology.

High-quality household appliances are produced by companies:

  • ballu;
  • Maxwell;
  • Xiaomi;
  • scarlett;
  • Vitek and others.


Fans are of several types:

  • Floor — devices on a long leg, the height of which, as a rule, can be adjusted. The floor-standing appliances are equipped with large blades that provide coverage of the largest area. Such models are best chosen for large rooms. Most floor fans are equipped with a function of rotation in different directions to ventilate the entire room.
  • Desktop — as a rule, rotate in several directions, have small blades and compact dimensions. The cost of such fans, compared with floor fans, is much lower. They are used more often for the equipment of the workplace at the table.
  • Column — are cylinders that operate in a vertical or horizontal position. Equipped with a special system designed to regulate the power of the air flow. Column fans do not have blades, their principle of operation is similar to a heater.
  • Ceiling — most often used in shops, restaurants, cafes and other large areas. The units are equipped with large blades and a powerful motor.
  • Thermal — equipped with the function of heating the air in winter and ventilating the room in summer. For the manufacture of such devices, heat-resistant materials are used that prevent overheating. Thanks to special switches, you can adjust the power level.

The store has a wide variety of fans.


The second place in the ranking of the best floor fans belongs to the FIRST AUSTRIA brand. The model does not have blades: air is forced and cooled according to the radial principle. The advantage is the compact body size. The device can be placed anywhere, even in close proximity to yourself. Due to its light weight, the device can be easily carried from room to room and taken with you to the country.

In operation, the gadget is very convenient — there are several modes of operation. There is a beautiful remote control from which you can set the timer up to 7 hours delay shutdown. The case blows the room with an angle of rotation up to 65 degrees.

Important! Among the additional features, it should be noted the built-in ionizer and the possibility of aromatizing the room. For this, a special reservoir is located in the case, where you can fill in the aroma oil.

A great option for those who save space and appreciate the wide functionality of technology in all its manifestations. Lightweight, durable and unusual body will fit perfectly into any modern interior. The cost of the model is 4650 rubles.

  • takes up little space;
  • there is an ionizer;
  • there is a function of aromatization;
  • wonderful airflow of the room;
  • looks great;
  • control panel included;
  • convenient management.
  • during turns of the housing, you can sometimes hear the crunching of the bearing;
  • thin plastic body.

FIRST AUSTRIA 5560-2 on Yandex Market


On the eighth line of the ranking of the best models from. Users appreciated the design of the device and the materials from which it is assembled. The form factor of the device is very unusual: it is a vertical column. The appearance of the fan was developed by the professional design studio BERNHARD I BURKARD. The device quickly creates the necessary atmosphere in the room, cooling occurs gradually, without intense exposure.

Important! The advantage of the model is the presence of a unique «sea breeze» function that can simulate a real light breeze, under which the user’s eyes will not dry.

The ability to rotate the body improves the supply of cool air flows and their uniform distribution throughout the treated area. Management is carried out using the touch control module, or from the control panel. Due to the absence of wide blades, a columned outdoor fan takes up very little space, it can be placed in a corner, and it will blow over the entire room.

The performance of the device is also at a height, as much as 500 cubic meters / hour. In this case, the speed of air flows can reach 6.7 m/s. With such indicators, the device is able to effectively cool a room ranging in size from 40 to 100 sq.m. Power consumption is kept to a minimum, from 36 to 60 W at maximum load. You can buy a gadget at a price of 14,990 rubles.

  • excellent design, developed by professionals;
  • unusual principle of work;
  • high performance;
  • the presence of a mesh filter on the rear panel;
  • convenient touch control;
  • «sea breeze» function;
  • takes up little space.
  • the third speed is very noisy;
  • in extreme heat, it lowers the temperature in a heated room by only 2-3 degrees;
  • expensive.

StadlerFormPeter on Yandex Market

AEG VL 5606 WM

The best floor fan for the home in today’s ranking is presented. A feature of the device is not quite the usual form factor and extraordinary stability, due to the absence of a long rod, on which the blades are usually attached along with the motor. Perhaps, this model is one of the few who can partially replace the air conditioner in a small room.

Due to its high performance, the fan is really able to lower the temperature in the room by operating at high speeds. The device has four speeds. At maximum power, the device blows paper and accessories off the table. It is possible to control air flows due to the possibility of tilting the blades in different planes.

However, the main advantage of the device is a record low level of emitted noise — it is equal to 20-25 dB. You can go about your business, watch movies or listen to music, even if the gadget works right under your ear, the main thing is not to catch a cold! It should be noted and a special design, reminiscent of retro style. You can buy a fan for 2608 rubles.

  • stainless steel body;
  • large blades;
  • excellent blowing;
  • very quiet operation;
  • interesting appearance;
  • durable;
  • beautifully assembled.
  • there is vibration during operation;
  • quite heavy;
  • There are questions about balancing the blades.

AEG VL 5606 WM on Yandex Market

Ballu BFF-855

The rating of the best floor fans for the home continues with a domestic appliance.

Important! The main advantage of the Ballu BFF-855 is the most convenient remote control. Another plus is the presence of a timer for 7.5 hours with a convenient step interval.

Three modes of rotation speed allow you to choose the intensity required for the existing air temperature. The device has an indication panel. The air flow angle can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. At maximum load, the floor fan produces only 35 dB, with this level you can sleep peacefully at night, even when you are in close proximity to the device.

The cruciform legs of the device are very stable, so it is unlikely that the model will be knocked over by accident. The machine has a wide span of blades made of flexible, durable plastic that will last for years. Assembling the device is as simple as possible, for this you do not need to resort to instructions, because this is done in several movements. All electrics are isolated from moisture and dust. The plastic body is UV resistant. The long power cord eliminates the need for an additional extension cord.

  • stylish appearance;
  • the presence of a remote control;
  • simple assembly;
  • long cord;
  • quiet work;
  • stable support cross;
  • changeable angles.
  • Bearings may wear out over time.
  • the case attracts dust;
  • The signal reception level of the remote control is quite low.

Ballu BFF-855 on Yandex Market

Bimatek SF 402

The top three is opened by a floor fan from. The owners note the strict and stylish design, as well as the excellent assembly of the fan case. Despite the low power consumption of 55 W, the device serves an area of ​​up to 60 sq.m. There are three working speeds, they are regulated by a stepped scale. The device has both a timer and a control panel. All operating modes have their own backlight on the instrument panel.

Device management is intuitive and does not require additional skills. The gadget can turn itself off. The fan turns automatically or as required. Adjustment occurs both in horizontal and vertical planes. The maximum tilt angle is 90 degrees. Height adjustable by reach, manually.

Important! The advantage of the model is the presence of a child protection function: the control can be locked if necessary.

The assembly of the device does not raise questions, it comes down to a few simple steps. The fan is mounted on a fixing support made in the form of a flat pancake. The model is better to choose for a medium-sized room. You can buy a fan at a price of 3990 rubles.

  • excellent appearance;
  • the fixing support is made in the form of a circle, which additionally gives the fan stability;
  • good blowing;
  • convenient and clear control;
  • remote control;
  • low power consumption;
  • durable case, good assembly without backlash and squeaks of plastic parts.
  • rather high cost;
  • bearings in the swivel mechanism wear out quickly;
  • weak latches of the protective grille.

Bimatek SF 402 on Yandex Market