Quartzization is the simplest and most affordable way of air disinfection, disinfection of premises, household items, children’s clothing, and toys at home. During the epidemic, the use of quartz lamps helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases and protect family members from infection. Particularly acute is the need to protect against seasonal outbreaks of influenza and acute respiratory infections in families with small children.

A quartz lamp is a flask made of special glass that transmits ultraviolet radiation.

At the moment there are two types of emitters:

  • Ozone.
    The flasks of such lamps are made of quartz glass. During their operation, ozone is formed, which in high doses is dangerous to humans. When using this type of device, people, animals and plants should not be in the room.
  • Ozone-free.
    This is the most modern development. Bulbs of lamps in such devices are made of uviol glass. It filters out ultraviolet radiation and does not pass the spectrum that forms ozone.

By design, irradiators are divided into two types:

  • Open.
    Such devices spread UV rays in all directions of space. Not only air is disinfected, but also any surfaces, objects that fall under the action of radiation.
  • Closed.
    In this embodiment, the emitter is isolated by the body, and ultraviolet radiation does not fall outside of it. This type is also called recirculators. Air flows in the forced circulation mode enter the device, where they are disinfected by lamps. Only air is sterilized. This type of device can be used in the presence of people.

According to the installation method, the lamp can be divided into three main categories:

  • Desktop.
    They take up little space and are light in weight.
  • Wall.
    They have special holes or lugs on the case for wall mounting, thus, they do not require a separate storage place.
  • Mobile / floor.
    In a set for such devices, stands on wheels are most often supplied. As a rule, these are the most powerful devices. Convenience lies in their mobility, but they are not suitable for small apartments, as they take up a lot of space.

What else you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • Dimensions.
    Open-type irradiators are usually compact in size, but most recirculators require much more free space.
  • lamp resource.
    Different lamps have different life spans. Most often they range from 6000 hours to 9000 hours. The longer the resource, the less often you have to replace the lamp.
  • Presence of timer.
    If the device has such a timer, it will automatically tell you when to replace the lamp, otherwise you need to independently monitor the amount of time worked.

Introducing the rating of quartz lamps for the home 2021. The top 11 models, which were selected by our experts based on user reviews and ratings.

There are contraindications, be sure to consult your doctor!

Rating (2020) Prices, ₽ Country
1. Dezar-4 from 10000₽ Russia
2. Seabest-45S from 12000₽ Russia
3. Megidez MSK-909 from 6700₽ Russia
4. Doctor Ultraviolet ECO LIH from 4000₽ Germany
5. Armed СH111-130 from 4000₽ China
6. Crystal BNB 01-11-001 from 1700₽ Russia
7. Sun OUFB-04 from 2300₽ Russia
8. Elid OBN-75 «Azov» from 2700₽ Russia
9. Photon OB-01 from 1900₽ Russia
10. Quartz DKBU-9 from 1850₽ Russia
11. Line of Health OUFK-01 Family from 2000₽ Russia

Which quartz lamp for home is better to choose

Manufacturers provide a wide range of irradiators of various operating principles. When choosing this device for home use, first of all, it is necessary to determine the range of tasks that it must solve:

  • If you need to constantly disinfect the air in the rooms, then you should choose a recirculator that can be operated in the presence of people, for example, SIBEST-45S or Dezar-4. They are absolutely safe for people and animals, have a high bactericidal effect and will help protect family members from dangerous viruses as much as possible.
  • For those who, in addition to fighting harmful microorganisms in the room, need to carry out medical procedures, a device with the possibility of local irradiation is suitable, for example, Health Line OUFK-01 Family or Sun OUFB-04. They will save you and your children from visits to the physiotherapy room in the hospital.
  • Many are faced with such a problem as the appearance of mold in the apartment. In the fight against it, an open-type quartz lamp, such as Quartz DKBU-9, can become an effective assistant.
  • Also, when buying an irradiator, it is worth considering the allowable dimensions, installation location, whether you need a mobile device, or a stationary one is suitable.

Considering all the requirements, you can choose a high-quality and efficient quartz lamp from our review.

Good health and happy shopping!
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Recirculator performance

Which quartz lamp is best for

What is the best quartz lamp for the home in terms of performance? A bactericidal recirculator is able to purify a certain volume of air per unit of time. The higher this indicator, the faster it will purify the air in the room. Suppose we need to disinfect a room with an area of ​​10 m2 with a ceiling height of 2.8 m. Then we need a device that can serve 10 * 2.8 = 28 m3.

Please note that the performance indicator is indicated in m3 / h. That is, if we take a device that pumps only 28 m3 / h, then we have to wait a whole hour for the air to completely clear. This is quite a long time, so it is better to take a device with more performance.

In some models, instead of the fan capacity, the serviced area may be indicated. Everything is simpler here — we choose the device that corresponds to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe largest room in your apartment.

How long should work according to the instruction manual?

The exact time depends on the volume of the room and is calculated according to the instructions for the device, but according to the general rule:

  • Chambers of tuberculosis patients and women in labor, operating rooms — from 30 to 70 minutes;
  • Blood transfusion stations, laboratories, intensive care units, dressing rooms, pharmaceutical workshops — from 25 to 60 minutes;
  • Rooms and wards in hospitals (polyclinics) — from 20 to 45 minutes;
  • Shops, beauty salons, school rooms, children’s rooms — from 10 to 20 minutes;
  • Stairs, smoking areas, public toilets — up to 20 minutes.

How and what to process?

They have not yet come up with self-cleaning lamps, but they have compiled a set of rules that must be followed. The processing guide is an act approved by the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Russian Federation. The procedure is as follows:

  • The lamp is unplugged.
  • The room is ventilated.
  • All bulbs are wiped first with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and any detergent (diluted with water), then with a swab dipped in 96% ethyl alcohol.
  • The structure is removed or covered with a cover.

According to SANPIN standards, treatment is carried out regularly in institutions, but there are no such requirements for the home, but it is best to do this at least once a week, since the dust that has settled on the device reduces its effectiveness by 50%.

Combustion accounting

In production, a combustion log is necessarily kept. What is it for? Every lamp has a lifespan. When buying, each lamp comes with a passport indicating the technical characteristics, as well as the burning time standard.

Many in journals or accounting sheets indicate only the burning time of the lamp, for example, from 7-15 to 8-15, the burning time will be 60 minutes. But accounting must be kept from the final burning. The package says 40,000 hours. It is from this denomination that it is necessary to start the combustion countdown.

After reaching the zero mark, the lamp must be changed. The useful life has expired and there will be no effective fight against bacteria. Enterprises strictly monitor this.

What kills quartzing

There are many harmful microbes in the air that enter the body through airborne droplets. Ultraviolet lamps will help against bacteria. UV rays damage the DNA of bacteria, which prevents them from multiplying and leads to death. Quartzization of premises helps to cleanse them of infectious diseases.

quartz lamp

Quartz is used against throat diseases, skin diseases, joint pains. Destroying microbes with ultraviolet light, the quartz apparatus promotes better skin regeneration and, together with the immune system, helps the body fight infections.

Quartz at home: advantages and disadvantages

Quartz rooms are used by parents who want to protect their children from infectious diseases. The emitter can disinfect toys and clothes. It is important to follow the rules for using an ultraviolet lamp and not turn it on if a person has a fever.

First you need to check the skin for allergic reactions. If the decision to purchase a quartz instrument has been made, then its quality and cost should be taken into account.

The benefits of quartzing

Due to disinfection with quartz lamps, the air is purified and harmful bacteria are destroyed, this is necessary during an outbreak of infectious diseases. Regular decontamination will not hurt if one of the family members falls ill.

Room disinfection

This will prevent bacteria from multiplying and prevent the spread of disease:

  • in diseases of the upper respiratory tract, disinfection will eliminate viruses;
  • in the treatment of skin diseases;
  • positively affects the healing of damaged joints;
  • UV radiation is useful for children in the prevention of rickets.

Disadvantages of quartzization

UV lamps have many advantages, but there is also a negative effect, especially if used incorrectly, without following safety rules:

  • Due to ultraviolet radiation, an allergic reaction may begin, then the dose of radiation should be gradually increased, but if a headache, allergy or runny nose appears, then quartzing should be stopped immediately.
  • It is believed that quartzing causes cancer, so if one of the family members has a predisposition to them, disinfection of the room should be abandoned.
  • With high blood pressure, it is also impossible to carry out disinfection.

Quartz room

For pregnant women and children, ultraviolet irradiation is safe, but this should be done under the supervision of a specialist. You can use such a lamp only after consultation and permission of the doctor.

Benefit or harm

Sanitary doctors note the good work of germicidal lamps and insist on installation in all branches of the food industry, as well as medical institutions. Doctors conduct examinations before decontamination and after lamps burn out, take air samples for sterility, as well as swabs from surfaces.

Despite the obvious benefits, improper operation can be very harmful to a person. Even if you stay with the lamp turned on for a short time, you can get burned.

Comparison table of characteristics

The characteristics of the models are presented in the summary table.

Model Power, W Dimensions, cm
Crystal fifteen 8x8x65
Sun OUFK — 01 ten 26x14x13
OBN-450P 3×30 120 54x54x112
QUARTZ 1101 13 60x14x14
CH211-115 thirty 72x18x13
Ecoquartz twenty 41x11x10
OBN-150 60 95x70x13.5

Top recirculators 2021


This is a closed-type irradiator, so it is completely safe for both adults and children. Quite compact and lightweight, so it does not take up much space in the apartment. The power of the device is only 36 W, so its power consumption is minimal. The performance of the recirculator fan is 60 m3/h, which is sufficient for operation in a room with an area of ​​no more than 20 m2.

The recirculator is equipped with two UV lamps with protective uvio glass. They are able to kill up to 95% of bacteria and viruses flying in the air. Air ionization is not provided here. Also, this device has an older brother — Crystal-3. It performs all the same functions, but is already designed for 30 — 40 m2 of area.


A good expensive recirculator, which, in addition to disinfection, purifies the air of dust, pollen and allergens. The circulated air passes through seven levels of purification: pre-filter, electrostatic, carbon, HEPA, photocatalytic, UV lamp and ionizer. Thanks to this, the air is purified from 99.9% of bacteria. This device can be used indoors with people. The device is equipped with a timer that allows you to set a certain time for cleaning a specific room.

The productivity of the device is 300 m3/h, which corresponds to approximately 110 m2 of area. In fact, this unit can completely clean the air in one hour in a medium-sized house. Fan performance can be increased or decreased depending on the needs. There are also built-in dust and smoke detectors. For example, if someone smokes in the room, the device will automatically turn on and begin to ventilate the air.

How else can you protect yourself from viruses:

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  • Can a medical mask be used multiple times?

Application area.

Sanitary treatment.

  1. In medicine, antibacterial devices are used to disinfect rooms from pathogenic microbes. Turning on the device for just 30 minutes ensures sterility in the rooms for up to 12 hours. The devices are also used for sterilization of medical instruments, in operating rooms, etc. For maximum efficiency, open-type devices are used.
  2. In the food industry, catering establishments. Including in the canteens of children’s educational institutions.
  3. In children’s educational institutions, daily use of antibacterial devices helps to reduce diseases among children.
  4. For disinfection of the house, apartment. Ultraviolet successfully defeats microbes, viruses, larvae of linen mites. Thanks to UV treatment, the number of potential allergens is reduced.
  5. Water disinfection. Ozone, which is released during the operation of a quartz lamp, effectively disinfects the water. The treatment 100% destroys microorganisms and unpleasant odors during the preparation of drinking water and the treatment of wastewater.
  6. In laboratories to create sterility in experiments.
  7. In cosmetology: artificial tanning and manicure. Manicurists use ultraviolet devices to dry the coating. UV lamps for nails dry almost any coating. Especially often used ultraviolet when applying gel polish. Drying takes 2 to 4 minutes.
  8. Sanitation in public places.


Germicidal lamps must be used strictly according to the annotations in the technical data sheets. Modern irradiators of different designs and power, and it makes no sense to turn on everything in a row for 8-12 hours. For many, 15-20 minutes is enough to disinfect the room.

When turning on and off the device, you must wear glasses, this is necessary to prevent burns to the eyes. The best option would be to make a switch outside the room in which disinfection is performed.

While the device is in operation, it is prohibited:

  • look at the operating installation, touch it with your hands;
  • sunbathe;
  • turn on the lamp if there are seriously ill people in the room;
  • connect the device to faulty sockets.

After turning off the bactericide, the room must be ventilated. During operation, many irradiators emit a specific smell, by which they learn about the included device.