Place Name Characteristic in the rating
The best brands of decorative cosmetics in the mass market category
one L’Oreal Paris Most Popular Brand
2 Lumene Cosmetics based on plants of the North
3 Maybelline The best mascara manufacturer
four Faberlic Optimal combination of price and quality
Top luxury make-up brands
one Chanel The best selection of classics and current novelties
2 Christian Dior Luxury make-up with a varied color palette
3 Armani Universal cosmetics for amateurs and professionals
four Estee Lauder A revolutionary approach to product promotion
The best brands of professional color cosmetics
one Kryolan The number one brand for professional makeup
2 NYX Professional The best prof. cosmetics for home use
3 Inglot The best range of goods
four MAC Canadian brand recognized worldwide

The history of decorative cosmetics dates back to ancient Egypt. The well-known Queen Cleopatra is considered to be the progenitor of modern make-up. The women of Rus’ also did not miss the opportunity to emphasize their natural attractiveness, using berry or beetroot juice as a blush, flour to whiten their face, or onion peel to give their hair shine and a golden hue.

How to choose the best decorative cosmetics

Today’s market of cosmetic products offers a huge variety of all kinds of drugs, and the vast majority of them, in addition to the aesthetic function, also performs care — it maintains the good condition of our hair, nails and skin, filling them with nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Since make-up is an indispensable attribute of the life of a modern woman, it is very important to choose the cosmetics that, when used, will not cause allergic reactions, will not “float” during the day and will not cause rapid fading of one’s own beauty and youth. A good, high-quality beauty product, which is designed to favorably set off a female personality, must meet several mandatory requirements.


does not contain toxic substances that can cause irritation of the dermis and mucous membranes.


persists for the time specified by the manufacturer.


pleasant and not too bright, since perfumes and fragrances are one of the main causes of allergies.


tight, without chips and cracks, which is easy to open and close.

Best before date

and the date of manufacture are clearly legible.


Dior - all brand products in the online store of perfumes and cosmetics with delivery

The Dior brand sells luxury cosmetics and accessories for women. Carefully calibrated formulas with caring ingredients give a weightless and long-lasting coverage. Cushion foundation is easy to apply even on the go, masking redness and excess shine. The product refreshes the complexion, highlighting from within. The SPF 50 filter protects the skin from the sun’s rays throughout the day.

Long-wearing Dior Professional Eyeshadows are applied with fingertips for a subtle shimmer or with an applicator for a rich shade. The base under the shadow will prepare the skin of the eyelids for the application of cosmetics and fix the makeup. Define your eyes with a fine brow pencil and black volumizing mascara. On the product page, the brand’s stylists provide application tips to make use even easier.

Tint Dior will change the daily makeup routine for women. The pigment penetrates the lips after a few seconds of application and does not wear off for 10 hours. The BACKSTAGE brush set helps girls intuitively apply premium makeup in one stroke for professional results.

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The best brands of decorative cosmetics in the mass market category

Available in every sense, cosmetics from the mass market is the leader in the sale of decorative products. The packaging of such products is more modest, and you will not find particularly rare ingredients in the composition. Despite this, among mass production it is quite possible to find reliable brands that will delight customers with an optimal price-quality ratio. Basically, these are large concerns that have their own factory facilities, whose products are constantly checked for compliance with all international standards.


Lancome - cosmetics and perfumery, official website and online store

Lancome offers a complete collection of skin, beauty, hair and body care products made from organic ingredients. The luxury brand of cosmetics guarantees the absence of synthetic components in the products. Professional cosmetologists and ordinary buyers speak positively about Lancome brand moisturizing lipstick.

The cosmetics catalog contains waterproof eyeliners, liquid liners, lip lacquers, mascara and corrective tonal fluid. The latter reduces wrinkles, tightens pores and is available in 6 different shades. During the sale, online stores sell a popular brand of cosmetics with a discount of up to 40%.

Despite the high price, you can save money by registering on the site and earn points for purchases through the loyalty program. Each buyer of good Lancome cosmetics receives free samples (samples) from new collections. In the ranking of TOP-8 popular brands in Russia, they occupy the 7th line.

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Top luxury make-up brands

Luxury category cosmetics pleases customers with both their quality content and external perfection. Pleasant to the eye jars and tubes in elegant packages adorn the best showcases of fashionable boutiques and shops. In the production of elite beauty products, exclusive formulas and in-house developments are used, and for its promotion, marketers use world-class stars of the first magnitude. All this forms a certain halo of luxurious life, which every woman wants to touch. We have selected some of the most popular premium beauty brands that most of us can afford.

Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder - all brand products in the online store of perfumes and cosmetics with delivery

Estee Lauder is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of quality skin care, makeup, fragrance and hair care products. The company offers premium cosmetics at reasonable prices with delivery in Moscow and the regions. All products are made from natural ingredients and do not cause allergies.

The official store sells lip liner, BB/CC cream, powder, blush and bronzing products under the Estee Lauder brand. The new concealer with primer has more than 10 shades to choose from and costs about 3,000 rubles. It moisturizes the skin of the face, masks imperfections and lasts for 24 hours. Order good Estee Lauder decorative cosmetics for aging skin according to cosmetologists.

The cosmetic brand embraces new trends in the development of personal care for men and evening make-up for women. Go for a classic cat-eye look with double-ended eyeliner, or apply a sculpting lipstick to define your lips.

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The best brands of professional color cosmetics

Professional cosmetics are the most effective products that make-up artists and stylists use in their work to create unique images of models, film actresses and famous television personalities. You can’t buy salon products in ordinary stores; they can only be purchased from cosmetologists themselves. It is often not recommended to use such products due to their high activity, however, if you need to look stunning, prof. means — an excellent choice to quickly and effectively transform your appearance.


Maybelline - cosmetics in the online store with delivery

For Maybelline waterproof cosmetics (mascara, pencil, mascara, brow gel), high humidity or rain will not be a problem. Lipstick for eyebrows will provide the perfect shape and rich color of the hairs within 24 hours. With a double-ended brush included, you can apply the first time. For the most natural look, use brow mascara to set the shape and give a subtle tint.

Maybelline decorative cosmetics has a lot of positive reviews and a high position in the ranking. Mascara LASH SENSATIONAL is a bestseller on the market. The brush with two types of bristles makes it easy to apply mascara, separating the eyelashes, and the innovative formula does not stick together and gives expressive volume.

If you’re looking for an alternative to solid eyeshadow, check out the double-ended stick eyeliner. Matte shadows are designed for the lash line, and metallic is applied to the center of the moving eyelid. Lightweight formula blends easily for long lasting wear. In the «New» section, you can see the trendy cosmetics brand Maybelline for fashionable girls.

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American dream face

Probably the fastest growing custom cosmetics industry in the world is in the US. A huge assortment that is constantly being modified and replenished, an impeccably bright design and the use of original developments determine the characteristic features of overseas brands. They have won every right to be in the list of the best professional companies.

Clinique. The American brand produces products that best meet the individual needs of all types of epidermis. The highlights of the assortment are the absence of fragrances and the testing of each composition for allergies.

Clinique cosmetics care is based on three main points: cleansing, exfoliation and nutrition.

beauty style. The company is engaged in the production of both hardware substances and those suitable for independent use. Natural ingredients, high quality, sought-after products — everything justifies the success of the brand. So, alginate express masks can return a radiant fresh look in 15 minutes.

Products for salons must have a high variety. This quality is associated with an individual approach to specific problems. In contrast, pharmacy or mass-market examples are more universal.

patchology. Products are focused on only one category of goods — patches. This is a special cosmetic patch for the eyes, nose, lips or the entire face. Pasted on the epidermis, the agent promotes deep penetration of active compounds. So, energizing eye patches relieve swelling and dark circles under the eyes, promote rejuvenation and eliminate dryness. Impeccable appearance regardless of the weather — why the corners of the lips crack.


User Choice

MAC - official online store of cosmetics and perfumes

With the popular brand Mac face primer in the form of a spray, it’s easy to refresh, moisturize the skin and set the make-up. The product smells good and relieves the feeling of tightness. With it, women’s makeup looks smoother and lasts longer. Use after primer as a multifunctional foundation as foundation or corrector. The waterproof formula blends perfectly for a satiny finish.

Most Mac products (lipsticks, glosses, mascara, pigments) are presented in a mini format so that girls can try the product they like or take it with them on a trip. The online cosmetics store gives a 10% discount on the first order and free shipping on purchases over 4000 rubles. Delivery in Moscow is carried out within 1-2 working days.

Mac provides a choice of 58 brushes for professional and home use. Filtering will allow you to select the scope, purpose and texture with which you plan to work. Mac is the top make-up brand for girls who choose individuality and professional quality.

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Sculptors and bronzers

Sculptors and bronzers are contouring products that have brown undertones. However, they differ significantly in color, structure and application.

The sculptor has a deep cool brown, brown gray or brown olive shade, close to the color of the natural shade on the face, depending on your color type. Bronzer, as a rule, imitates a tan. It has both warm brown and peach brown undertones. That is why it must be selected and used especially carefully. If you have a slight tan, choose cooler or translucent bronzers, or vice versa, a warmer, not highly pigmented sculptor.

The sculptor must be applied under the zygomatic bone, this is where the shadow passes. In this part, it is very important not to overdo it, so as not to create a thick layer of dirt. Also, do not forget to work out the sides of the forehead, giving a little volume to the face. Dry sculptor is applied only on a powdered face, but cream can be applied after a tonal foundation.

Bronzer is applied to the protruding parts of the face, in the area between the cheekbones and the cheek, giving a translucent tan shade. Both the sculptor and the bronzer need to be applied very lightly so as not to overdo it, thus creating a natural shadow or tan.

Sculptors and bronzers


This item is most often paid close attention when buying. And yet, first of all, decorative cosmetics are products for beauty, but not always for care. Of course, it’s great if the product contains caring components, but creating, for example, mascara exclusively from natural ingredients will not work. But still, it is worth giving preference to products with the safest composition. For those with sensitive skin, it is better to choose hypoallergenic products, although we advise all customers to carry out a sensitivity test before applying cosmetics to avoid allergies.

Also, before buying, it is worth evaluating the condition of the packaging: it must be airtight, without flaws and smudges. It will also not be superfluous to check the expiration date, because expired cosmetics will not only not give the expected result, but can also cause an unpredictable reaction on the face.

A bit of history

It is hard to believe, but decorative cosmetics have been present in human life for more than 5 thousand years.

The country where decorative cosmetics appeared is considered to be Egypt. It was there that women figured out how to protect their skin from the scorching sun. White was used. They also began to use black paint based on antimony for eyeliner. And to give the skin a greater blush, crushed flowers were great.

After cosmetics began to appear in Greece, Italy.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The first prototype of modern mascara was created by a 19-year-old student who offered the product to his sister to try out. The latter was delighted, despite the fact that the composition of the carcass was a mixture of petroleum jelly and soot.
  2. The first lipstick, or rather its prototype, appeared in ancient Mesopotamia about 4000 years ago. Then women came up with the idea of ​​decorating their lips with dust from precious minerals.
  3. The word «cosmetics» was coined by the Greeks, it comes from «cosmos», which is interpreted as «decorate» or «arrange»

Mechanism of action

Professional-level decorative cosmetics are created taking into account many factors:

Professional products are slightly different in effect from conventional decorative products. Before use, you should learn more about how to apply it.


NYX - official online store of Professional Makeup cosmetics with delivery in Moscow and Russia

The NYX website presents decorative cosmetics for women, with which you can make makeup from nude to the brightest. Use the online store if you are looking for matte lipstick pencil, eye liner, radiant pressed face blush, sculpting palette, finishing powder. Look in the special section which products from the brand have been chosen by professional makeup artists.

A bronzing powder for face and body that adds a warm glow and a satin finish to skin. Choose from six shades of light tan to suit your skin type. If you want to save money, subscribe to the NYX newsletter and be the first to know about promotions and sales. Purchase a certificate in the online store in the amount of 1000 rubles. Such a gift will please a girl, send an electronic certificate immediately or at a selected time.

It’s easy to get ready for the party with the brand — a large selection of products with glitter will allow you to create a disco look, and long-lasting formulas will not let you down through the night. NYX will deliver free orders over 2000 rubles. Return of goods is possible within 7 days after receipt.

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Chanel - buy cheap in the online store, new items, prices, reviews

You can buy a set of luxury cosmetics for makeup (foundation, highlighter, mascara, lip gloss) in the online store of the Chanel brand. The assortment is divided into five main groups: cosmetics for eye makeup, lips, face tone, nail manicure and brushes. Separately highlighted skin care and women’s perfumes.

Chanel’s SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL tanning foundation is made in the consistency of a soft cream gel. Apply it in small strokes from the center of the face to the temples and the skin will shine from the inside without being greasy. The product can be used alone or paired with a foundation, for example VITALUMIÈRE AQUA fluid revitalizes the complexion and does not dry the skin.

For a perfect lip look, prep with Chanel’s Moisturizing Repair Balm, then contour with a crisp long-lasting lip liner and apply a final coat of ROUGE ALLURE INK Matte Liquid Lipstick. Its texture instantly merges with the lips, leaving an intangible coating. Good branded Chanel cosmetics are sold with free delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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