The features of the harsh Russian climate encourage us to look for optimal solutions for additional heating of the home. This is especially true for houses of the old layout, where the heating system is not able to fully warm up the premises.

Residents of modern houses are more fortunate. However, they cannot do without thermal devices during seasonal breaks with heating.

Therefore, the climate technology market is rapidly developing and offers consumers a variety of heating devices.

Heat guns are becoming more and more popular. Choosing tips and ranking of the best electric heat guns of 2021 will help you make the right choice.

Rating of the TOP 15 best heat guns for a garage and a summer residence for 2021

TOP 4 best heat guns by price/quality for 2021
one Resanta TEPC-3000K Ask for a price
2 Ballu BHP-P-3 Ask for a price
3 PATRIOT PT-R 3S Ask for a price
four Ballu BHP-ME-5 Ask for a price
TOP 4 best electric heat guns for 220v
one Ballu BKX-3 Ask for a price
2 PECAHTA TEPC-2000K Ask for a price
3 Ballu BHP-P2-5 Ask for a price
four ZUBR ZPT-M1-3000 Ask for a price
TOP 4 best gas heat guns
one RESANTA TGP-10000 Ask for a price
2 Ballu BHG-20M Ask for a price
3 Master BLP 17M Ask for a price
four Quattro Elementi QE-15G Ask for a price
TOP 3 best diesel heat guns
one RESANTA TDP-30000 Ask for a price
2 Ballu BHDN-30 Ask for a price
3 RESANTA TDP-20000 Ask for a price

What are heat guns?

  • Electric heat guns by design, the simplest of all — therefore, they provide a good ratio of price to heating power, there is nothing special to break in them. But, what is much more important in small enclosed spaces, there is no combustion in electric heat guns — they do not consume oxygen and do not pollute the air with combustion products. Thus, it is enough to bring a heat gun with an electric heater into an unprepared room and turn it on — ventilation is not needed, the fire hazard is minimal, but you will also have to pay decently for electricity.
  • Gas heat guns are a little more complicated: instead of an electric heater, they have a burner, which is supplied with fuel from a pressurized cylinder. Maximum heat for minimum money — this is just right here. It is enough to have a reliable protective mechanism that shuts off the gas when the flame goes out — and now we are already warm and quite safe. But on the other hand, ventilation will already be required, otherwise there will quickly become nothing to breathe, the balloon will take up additional space.
  • Guns on diesel fuel are spared from this: they can be filled from any container. But on the other hand, they are structurally more complicated, the burner itself requires more frequent maintenance due to inevitable pollution, and a strong smell is added to the oxygen consumption. But such guns are no longer transportable: they are installed permanently, in a pre-equipped place with a gas outlet. They get rid of the smell and release of carbon monoxide into the room, but they consume oxygen anyway. In addition, such guns are more expensive and have lower efficiency.

Is it possible to connect a powerful consumer of electricity? Then a simple, affordable and reliable electric gun will be just right.

Do you need more power, but you don’t want to burn electricity with kilowatts? A heat gun running on natural gas or diesel fuel will help save money.

TOP 15 best heat guns: 2021 rating for price / quality and which model to choose for a garage and a summer residence

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What is the most efficient heating element in electric heat guns?

How to choose a heat gun for a summer residence according to the type of heating element? There are three types of heating elements, each with its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Spiral.
  • TEN.
  • Ceramic plate.

Heat guns with spiral

Heat guns with a spiral heating element have an open metal coil, which is heated by the passage of an electric current. This is the simplest heater option. The spiral heats up quite quickly and gives off heat well to the air passing through it. Also, devices with a spiral element are the cheapest of all on the market. However, the life of the coil is relatively short, and its high heat and open format creates additional difficulties in meeting safety requirements. In addition, the spiral burns dust, due to which an unpleasant odor appears.

TEN is a spiral

The heating element is a spiral element installed inside the tube. In fact, this is the same spiral, only not of an open, but of a closed type. Unlike a conventional spiral, it does not burn dust and dries the air less. We can say that devices with heating elements are the golden mean in terms of heating quality and price. The vast majority of devices that are on the market are equipped with heaters.

Ceramic plates

Ceramic plates allow you to achieve the highest efficiency at a relatively low operating temperature. They do not burn dust and do not dry the air. At the same time, ceramics itself is quite strong and durable. The only disadvantage of devices with a ceramic heater is the high cost (much depends on the manufacturer).

Device with which of the three heaters to buy? If the budget is limited, but you need a good gun, take it with a heating element — it does not burn dust and heats well. For example, you can buy ZUBR ZTP-M1-3000 power of 3 kW. If the issue of price is not so acute, pay attention to models with a ceramic heater — the best efficiency without side effects. We do not recommend taking with an open spiral.

What to look for when buying

Guns differ in the way they are used (domestic and industrial), in the fuel consumed, in the method of heating the air, in power and productivity.

In order to choose the right device, you need to clearly understand for what purposes it will be used. Gas guns are used for industrial buildings. Diesel engines are bought for heating production facilities with good ventilation.

Electric heat guns are always a priority for home use.

There are many facts to support this:

  • electric heat guns do not take up much space, are mobile and versatile;
  • safe, as they do not use an open flame;
  • practically no noise;
  • do not need fuel, do not create an unpleasant smell;
  • excellent ratio of efficiency and cost of the product.

The range of thermal power of electric guns is very wide. Distinguish household and technical guns. The power of technical guns is from 1 to 5 kW. Industrial — anything more.

What power to take a gun?

How to choose the right heat gun for your home in terms of power? Power affects the size of the room the device can heat and for how long. There are average power calculations for the heated area. Usually, for rooms with a ceiling height of 2.5 m, the following ratio of power and area is taken: 100 W of thermal power is needed per 1 m2. For example, if you need to heat a garage with an area of ​​15 m2, you need to choose a heat gun with a power of at least 1.5 kW.

If you need to warm up a box with high ceilings, then it is better to calculate the power based on the volume / power ratio: 2.5 m3 = 100 watts. For example, you need to heat a box with an area of ​​30 m2 with a ceiling height of 4 m. Then you will need a device with a capacity of: 4 * 30 * 100 / 2.5 = 4.8 kW. Yes, you can take the unit Resanta TEPC-5000K with a power of 5 kW. You should not take the power «for the future», because the higher it is, the more expensive the device.

And what heat gun to choose for stretch ceilings? In order for the film to clearly lie on the ceiling without sagging or stretching, it is necessary to evenly warm it up to 60 ° C. For a living room, bathroom or bedroom, a device of 3 — 5 kW is suitable. For unheated new buildings, it is better to take a gun up to 10 kW.

Customer Reviews

Yuri D.

Resanta TEPC-3000K

Experience of use: less than a month Advantages: The air drives hot, but not critical, the hand endures. Outwardly looks decent. Disadvantages: When initially turned on, it was very noisy, quickly overheated and turned off. I thought about returning it, but decided to take a chance and find out for myself what the reason was. As it turned out, the fan blades were installed incorrectly during assembly. After I turned it over, the rattle disappeared and it began to work normally. A full inspection will begin at the cottage. Comment: Received the order the next day. The packaging is good.

Timur G.


Experience of use: less than a month Advantages: Beautiful appearance, build quality and most importantly everything works, convenient control, everything is thought out. It is clear even without instructions, and this is very important for a Russian person, since we usually read the instructions after turning on the device in the network. Cons: Didn’t notice while everything works and even heats up. Advantages: Convenient, compact, easy to use, the flow of warm air is enough to heat the apartment, office.

Yuri Lakur

Ballu BHP-P-3

Usage experience: less than a month Advantages: In an old village house, it heats well for several hours, but not without the help of a Russian stove. It works quietly. Cons: takes a long time to warm up, heats up the room for a long time. Comment: For 4190 rubles, an excellent option for heating air paired with something else, very easy to operate, you can drive for days, fireproof, made with high quality. For those who need to heat a room of about 30 square meters in cold weather, take more powerful if the wiring allows , this gun is not quite suitable.

Andrey Sazhin

Ballu BKX-3

Experience of use: several months Advantages: Well warms. Due to the small size, there is a flow of hot air. I try to keep it away from plastic and fusible objects. Cons: Strong smell when working. It might disappear over time. The flow is hot air. I would like a little more fan speed. Comment: Bought to warm up the interior of the car in the cold. Small, handy, takes up little space. Perhaps over time, the specific smell will disappear. While I’m afraid to leave for a long time unattended, the first impression is positive. When choosing, the main thing was functionality, not build quality or appearance. The build quality is 4-, the appearance is 4-out of 5. It copes with the tasks set.

Timur G.

Resanta TEPC-3000K

Experience: over a year Advantages: Standard 220V connection, suitable design for installation at heights with small surfaces. Cons: None. Comment: Guns are used for drying products (warehouse), it creates useful ventilation heat between the racks, it is convenient to use locally in certain areas. There is a thermostat that keeps the desired temperature in the room, compatible with the main heating — practical for loading. We take it for traveling trade, it heats well in a ventilated tent.

Egor K.

Ballu BHP-ME-5

Experience of use: several months Advantages: stainless steel heating elements. There is a thermostat to maintain the temperature. Housing with anti-corrosion treatment. Multiple power levels. Ventilation mode without heating. Disadvantages: to move it, you need to screw the handle. Comment: I took a cannon to heat the workshop. It is light and compact and does not take up much space. The room is warm and heats up quickly. Thanks to the heat shield, the case does not get very hot. It works not loudly, without vibration. It’s good that there is a thermostat, she is not afraid of overheating.

Dima N.

Ballu BKX-3

Usage experience: more than a year Pros: Small size 2 modes of operation at 1.5 and 3kW Looks like a quality assembly, the materials feel nice Price The product meets my expectations Disadvantages: Efficiency drops to almost 0 at -15 and below. Commentary: To be honest, there has never been a heat gun. So I decided to try to buy. I have been using it for 2 years in the country. The average size of the rooms is 15 m. If the temperature outside is around zero, then it’s just a great option — turned it on, left for 2 hours, came already +18 in the room. The bath is generally gorgeous, 1-2 hours and a warm room. Humidity reaches 100% and the device works. If you need something in the garage, I put it in 2m from the hands and work 2 times more comfortable. I noticed that the effectiveness of the gun is highly dependent on air temperature. If, for example, it is -15 and below on the street, there is practically no point in a cannon: it drives air perfectly, but it will take 7 hours or even more to warm up even a small room. There is only paired with a stove. When the temperature rises a little, then it’s 1-2 hours. However, one should not expect anything else from such a little one. There are no vibrations, no crackles, clicks, squeaks. It stands in the corner, it is not heard, it is not visible, only the warm air blows. I did not expect this at all, after reading reviews about the Ballu technique in general, they say it falls apart and falls off before our eyes. On the contrary, it works for wear and tear, works all day long. Once the gun worked for 3 days in the 3 kW mode. Then she turned off. Well, I thought, the expected end has come … but it wasn’t there! The device stood for 40 minutes and turned on again. Until now, the gun looks like new — the radiator is clean, there is no dust anywhere, the paint shines like on the counter, even the front grille, which heats up that you can’t touch it. suitable at relatively low temperatures, in small rooms up to 25m) Therefore, carefully choose according to your needs. Otherwise, it fulfills 100%. The price is just great. After 2 years of constant operation, it has completely retained its presentation. No defects showed up. It doesn’t suit me well for a garage, apparently I’ll have to buy a full-fledged gas gun so that I can work in heat

Ivan P.

Ballu BHP-P-3

Usage experience: several months Advantages: two heating modes, compact and convenient, carrying handle, stainless steel heater, can work 24/7, double wall of the case does not allow much heat, economical, the ability to change the angle of inclination, protection against overheating and damage electricity, thermostat. Cons: didn’t find any. Comment: I bought during the repair in a private house, two of these guns helped to heat the rooms and speed up the process of drying the walls. After repair, I use it to heat the garage and warehouse.

Oleg Petrov


Usage experience: several months Advantages: low noise level, as well as electricity consumption, quickly heats up the room Disadvantages: noticeably dries the air Comment: I bought it in a double garage, a total area of ​​​​about 48 sq.m, a ceiling of 2.4 meters. Such a room heats up to sub-zero temperatures quickly enough. Of course, I would like it to be even faster, but if you send it to the working area, then it is quite comfortable. I think if the manufacturer makes the place where the air is blown narrower, then the gun will probably warm up faster. Otherwise, a good and inexpensive heat gun.

Kolya P.

Ballu BHP-ME-5

Experience of use: more than a year Advantages: Increased resource of stainless steel heating elements. Durable anti-corrosion coating. Compact and lightweight. The temperature difference at the inlet and outlet is 34 C. Disadvantages: Structurally, the angle of inclination does not change. Commentary: Heats a 40 m drainage pump room during pump maintenance and engine replacements. The room is damp, there is no other heating. In the shield, a three-pole socket is brought out through the machine (at 25 A), and the plug is on the gun cable. They came, stuck, smoked — you can work without outerwear. Surprisingly, in three years the paint has not even peeled off.

Ilya K.

ZUBR ZPT-M1-3000

Usage experience: less than a month Advantages: Assembly and materials Two modes of operation (full and half) Ability to aim the gun at the desired point Comfortable handle Disadvantages: The fan is rather weak for full mode, for 1/2 — normal. A jet of hot air is felt only at a distance of 1m, then the heat simply rises up, there is no more flow. The effect of the gun is weak — At full power, the temperature gradient is quite strong, after 15 minutes — it is very hot at 1m from the gun, at 7m — it got a couple of degrees warmer. In general, the power of the gun is suitable for quickly warming an apartment of 60m2 when it is +6 outside the window and heating has not yet been given, or a room in a private house and in the country at positive temperatures outside the window and good thermal insulation. In winter, it will puff too long. Comment: In other reviews, they wrote that the wire is heated even at half power — this is not entirely true, the gun worked for 1/2 for several hours in a row and the wire was at room temperature. But at full power, the wire is really warm along the entire length, it’s annoying. The wire is thick enough, but perhaps they saved on the material, on the Internet you can buy a normal 16A cord with a Euro plug and ground for 300r, the device itself is disassembled as simply as possible. Sockets, wiring and machine must be at least 16A. At half power, the current is 6.9A (1500W), at full power 12.9A (2800W). The voltage in the network is 217 volts.

Andrey Karpovich


Experience of use: several months Advantages: — Small, takes up little space. — Pretty nice appearance — Lightweight — Although the cable is short (about 1 meter), it is enough for my needs — The case does not heat up — Easy to operate — 3 modes Disadvantages: — There is not enough timer — Weak flow Comment: At the time of writing I have been using the review for 5 days, I am satisfied with everything. I bought it for heating a loggia (4kv / m) as it is not insulated. It heats such an area to a comfortable / room temperature in 15-20 minutes, taking into account that the approximate temperature in the room is +4 — +5. Pay attention, if you need to heat a room where the temperature is minus or close to zero, then this mini-gun is unlikely to cope with this task, I advise you to take a more powerful model. Initially, I did not expect much from a budget model, but in the end, this model is quite enough for my modest needs.