We will not be doing a historical background on smartwatches, early models and their transition to a smartphone satellite device this time — for it you can refer to our past guide to the world of smartwatches, which came out — it’s scary to even write this — in 2014. Today, the theme of the emergence of smart watches is more relevant — the market for wearable devices has stabilized and occupied its niches for quite a long time — but the topic of defining smart watches as such and separating them from smart bracelets.

Everything was simple before. The bracelet is a compact and very long-lasting pedometer that can report notifications, and sometimes even count the pulse and check how you sleep. The watch, in addition to the basic sensors, also has GPS (which allows you to use them separately from your smartphone and record, for example, jogging tracks), the ability to control music from your smartphone, and sometimes even answer calls thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone. The watch also includes built-in training programs and is already optional — depending on: from measuring blood saturation to measuring stress levels.

Today, the differences between bracelets and watches have blurred in places — some bracelets offer training cycles for themselves, sometimes they have GPS, they can measure the level of oxygen in the blood and offer an NFC module to pay with a bracelet at the checkout. Yes, you still won’t find bracelets that allow you to answer calls, but the fundamental difference, in fact, remains the same — the screen size. A bracelet is if the screen is less than an inch; watch is over an inch.

Apple Watch first generation

However, everything written above is related only, let’s say, to the mainstream. In fact, there are a huge number of varieties of smart watches. In this article, we will try to walk through the main ones, identifying several important models for each of the sections.

Nokia Steel Black

A smartwatch with an analog dial that tracks physical activity and sleep quality throughout the day. The case is made of stainless steel and can withstand short-term immersion in water up to 50 meters, which allows you to use them while swimming. On the hand, the gadget is fixed with a silicone strap with a secure lock.

Nokia Steel is synchronized with smartphones on Android (version 5.0 and up) and iOS (version 8.0 and up) via Bluetooth using a special program.

The mobile app for the watch allows you to analyze your exercise data, as well as activate the smart alarm mode to collect information about the quality of your sleep. They will wake you up with a light vibration at the most appropriate time.

They do not need to be charged: Nokia Steel runs on a CR2032 battery for about eight months.

Price: 8 490 rubles.


User interaction

The image shows the Fossil Q Crewmaster. They are chosen as an example because the design is similar to a regular Fossil watch with communication features added. You see the analog dial, traditional watch style, slim case.

The word «smart» is applicable here, since there is support for the Bluetooth communication standard, through which you can connect the watch to your smartphone through the application. This app is available on both Android and iOS platforms, so chances are your phone will be able to work with them. This watch compares favorably with the Apple Watch, which can only be connected to iPhone devices.

MyKronoz ZeSport

A smartwatch with physical minute and hour hands mounted on top of a touchscreen display. They line up horizontally when you read or reply to a message.

The rugged housing is protected from moisture or dust penetration, as well as falls from a small height. This watch has a pedometer, heart rate monitor, altimeter, barometer and calorie counter. In addition, the device has a built-in microphone for telephone conversations: you can not get your smartphone out of your pocket.

MyKronoz ZeSport allows you to control your smartphone camera during solo photo shoots. If the connection between the watch and the phone is interrupted, the gadget notifies you with a signal so that you do not lose your smartphone.

The watch needs to be recharged, a full charge of the battery is enough for about three days of active use.

Price: 6 990 rubles.


Top 20 best budget smartwatches in 2021

Place Name Price
TOP 3 best budget smartwatches by price/quality for 2021
one Amazfit GTS Ask for a price
2 HUAWEI Watch Fit Ask for a price
3 HONOR Watch ES Ask for a price
TOP 3 best budget smartwatches for Android
one Amazfit Bip Ask for a price
2 Haylou Solar LS05 Ask for a price
3 HUAWEI Watch GT Active Ask for a price
TOP 3 best budget smart watches with NFC
one Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Ask for a price
2 FOSSIL Gen 4 Smartwatch Venture HR (silicone) Ask for a price
3 Samsung Galaxy Watch (46mm) Ask for a price
TOP 3 best budget waterproof smartwatches
one Amazfit Bip U Ask for a price
2 HUAWEI Watch GT 2e Ask for a price
3 Garmin Forerunner 35 Ask for a price
TOP 3 best budget smart watches with GPS
one Amazfit GTR 47 mm stainless steel case, leather strap Ask for a price
2 Amazfit Bip S Ask for a price
3 HONOR Watch Magic (stainless steel, silicone strap) Ask for a price
TOP 3 best budget smart watches with a heart rate monitor
one Amazfit Neo Ask for a price
2 Herz Band Rose III Ask for a price
3 Amazfit Verge Ask for a price
TOP 2 best budget smart watches with pressure measurement
one Samsung Galaxy Watch3 41 mm Ask for a price
2 Apple Watch Series 5 GPS 40 mm Aluminum Case with Nike Sport Band Ask for a price

Garmin Vivomove HR

Hybrid watch with analog dial and touch screen in stainless steel case. Protected from water and dust, adjustable strap is made of silicone.

This watch allows you to receive SMS and phone call alerts. Built-in sensors will help you monitor your health and monitor your physical activity.

The device can count the number of steps taken, measure heart rate, collect data on the quality of sleep and general physical activity in the Garmin Connect Mobile app.

Battery life up to 14 days in watch mode and about 5 days in smart mode, charge via USB in 3-4 hours.

Price: 14,090 rubles.



Jet Kid Smart Black

The watch is a phone in one device, with accelerometer functions, a built-in GPS module (you can track the child’s movement through a special application installed on a smartphone or tablet), and support for a SIM card. Of the features — the ability to make calls (parents add a list of contacts), send text messages. Plus a soft adjustable strap, decent autonomy (up to 50 hours in active mode) and a soft, size-adjustable strap.

Price — 3000 rubles.

Jet Kid Smart Black


  • has all the necessary functions;
  • built-in SOS button for calls in case of emergency;
  • Only parents can set the clock.


Aimoto Start 2

Bright, with a large display, support for incoming and outgoing calls, a built-in camera (only 0.3 megapixels) and a button for emergency calls. A clear and simple application that takes a maximum of 5 minutes to set up. Reviews are mostly good. Parents appreciated the ability to create and control geofences in the application, as well as the device search function.

Price — 3000 rubles.

Aimoto Start 2


  • good assembly;
  • large display;
  • impact-resistant case;
  • indicators of protection against dust and moisture IP68;
  • soft comfortable strap;
  • support for almost all mobile operators;
  • pedometer.


  • a 0.3 megapixel camera is, of course, a misunderstanding, but the cost of the device increases.

Smart Baby Watch GW400E

With support for modern communication standards, a large bright display and a full range of necessary options and a removal sensor. The shock-resistant case easily withstands falling, strong blows, and is not afraid of water. There are no distracting games here, so the model is great for first-graders. Geolocation errors are within the normal range. And, yes, it is better not to use a free application — the device may not work correctly, and there may be problems with the settings. Otherwise, it is a good option for a child of 7-9 years old.

Price — 2500 rubles.

Smart Baby Watch GW400E


  • build quality;
  • design;
  • durable case;
  • just the options you want.


  • native free application works through time.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch

Smart watches from Xiaomi are made of stainless steel and tempered glass. Detachable strap made of genuine leather. The watch case is protected from the rain, but you can’t swim in them.

The device has two dials to display the current time and the number of steps taken per day. Supports Android (version 4.4 and above) and iOS (version 7.0 and above) operating systems. You can control the watch with a single button on the case or through the MiHome application.

In addition to counting the number of steps, this watch can notify you of incoming important calls and messages. They also allow you to set a timer or interval reminders, which are useful for sports training.

Xiaomi Mijia Quartz Watch runs on a CR2430 battery for about six months.

Price: from 2,562 rubles.


⇡ #Traditional smart watch

The main values ​​of smart watches in their initial understanding were quite simple — it is the ability to view notifications and other signals from the phone without taking out this very phone. The original plan was to separate the companion watch from the sports watch, but as you delve into the feature lists, all good modern smartwatches have complex virtues. Yes, there may be some leaning towards sensors for tracking physical parameters or attractive features for hiking, but it will not ignore basic things like displaying notifications or the ability to receive calls.

It turns out that we can talk about a single category of «smart watches», in which the differences are more likely in price and quality parameters. There is also a division by design — some and «men’s» versions of the watch: by the color of the case, the materials of the strap, and so on. In our selection, we will not touch on them, the choice here is solely a matter of consumer taste.

Tag Heuer Connected is an example of an original watch company entering the smartwatch market

Key features to look out for if you’re looking for a companion watch:

  • the presence of NFC (so as not to get a smartphone when you pay at the checkout),
  • built-in microphone for the ability to answer calls,
  • large and comfortable screen (preferably with an OLED matrix in order to see the image well in bright sunlight),
  • the presence of an adequate application for a better relationship between the smartphone and the watch.

If you plan to actively go in for sports, then it would seem that you need to pay attention to the built-in heart rate sensor that can work continuously, the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, which allow you to count steps and distinguish running from walking. “It would seem” — because in fact, almost any watch of a relatively serious level is equipped with these sensors today. There are additional sensors and functions — a pulse oximeter capable of measuring blood oxygen saturation, an altimeter, an ECG sensor. They are less common. The built-in GPS module is also useful for sports watches — you can go for a run without a smartphone with it, the watch will record the track on its own. Well, the degree of protection: for watches, it’s not the IP standards familiar to smartphones that are relevant — it’s clear that any watch must endure splashes or rain, but the pressure that their case can withstand when it gets under water. Usually, serious smartwatches have a case that can withstand pressure from five to ten atmospheres, which allows you to safely swim without removing your gadget in a pool or open water and even dive to a depth of several meters.

Apple Watch Series 6

  • operating system support: iOS version 14 and above;
  • screen: OLED, 368 × 448, 1.57 or 1.78 inches;
  • water resistance class: 5 atm;
  • interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC;
  • monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen levels, ECG;
  • built-in memory: 32 GB;
  • price: from 30 to 70 thousand rubles.

Of course, it is worth starting with those very watches — the key to the still high popularity of gadgets of this type. In fact, the Apple Watch is a kind of reference point from which both the average smartwatch buyer and their manufacturers start. Moreover, the Apple Watch 6 can no longer be called a purely traditional smartwatch in the sense indicated above — it boasts very serious sports functionality: there is constant heart rate monitoring, and measurement of blood oxygen saturation, and even ECG reading (not available in Russia), built-in training modes (and the best app in this regard with immersive gamification), GPS, NFC, metal and tempered glass case that can withstand pressure of 5 atmospheres. They fit perfectly into the Apple ecosystem, which is why brand adherents usually do not consider other watch models. The disadvantages, however, are as bright as the advantages — the Apple Watch still cannot work with other smartphones, except for the iPhone, they are very expensive, and they do not shine with autonomy.

Apple Watch SE

Those who want to save money and are looking for a watch with an iPhone without pronounced sports functions can pay attention to the Apple Watch SE — they removed the ECG sensor and pulse oximeter (measuring the level of oxygen in the blood) and installed a processor of the past generation, which does not affect them. work. Still not cheap — about 24 thousand rubles, but it is 12-14 thousand rubles cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 6.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3

  • operating system support: iOS, Android;
  • screen: Super AMOLED, 1.18 or 1.34 inches;
  • waterproof class: 5 atm
  • interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC;
  • monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen levels, ECG, pressure;
  • built-in memory: 8 GB;
  • price: from 22 to 45 thousand rubles.

Samsung Galaxy Watch3 in titanium case

Koreans traditionally occupy the niche of «Apple Watch for Android». And not only Android, of course — Galaxy Watch can be used with iPhone. At the same time, the set of virtues for the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch is approximately the same: the necessary set of wireless modules, the ability to answer calls and pay at the checkout, good sports functionality (pulse, pulse oximeter, training modes; there is an ECG sensor, and even a blood pressure monitor — both functions are in Russia are not active), withstands the same pressure of five atmospheres. The screen is also Super AMOLED (of course, it’s Samsung!), smaller in diagonal than the Apple Watch, but round. Autonomy is higher, although you still have to charge the watch every couple of days — but at least not every evening. The price is high, but still lower than that of watches from Cupertino. The disadvantages are slightly weaker software and no Siri (and Bixby’s proprietary voice assistant is not available in Russian).

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

It is also worth mentioning the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 — in fact, it is just a more compact version of the Galaxy Watch3, without ECG and pressure measurement functions, which still do not work in Russia today. And at a more affordable price. Kind of like the Apple Watch SE, but with fewer compromises.

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro

  • operating system support: iOS, Android;
  • screen: AMOLED, 454 × 454, 1.2 or 1.39 inches;
  • waterproof class: 5 atm
  • interfaces: Bluetooth, GPS;
  • monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen levels;
  • built-in memory: 4 GB;
  • price: from 11 to 18 thousand rubles.

Conceptually, Huawei Watch GT2 Pro (like the simpler version, GT2) follows the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch — a large (1.39-inch) AMOLED display, built-in memory where you can download music, GPS, heart rate sensor, blood oxygen measurement , training modes, a metal and glass body that can withstand pressure in the same five atmospheres, full support for notifications. All this — with much better autonomy than competitors (without using GPS — up to two weeks), excellent sleep monitoring and support for both operating systems for smartphones. Well, they cost noticeably less — at the moment, about 19 thousand rubles. But there is an even weaker application (Huawei Health) with no support for third-party programs, no ability to work with voice assistants, less memory (4 GB versus 32 GB for Apple and 8 GB for Samsung) and there is no NFC, which makes it very difficult to perceive this watch as a complete companion gadget.

Huawei now has a whole fleet of smartwatches, including the almost indistinguishable Watch Fit and several variations of the Watch GT. It’s also worth mentioning Honor smartwatches here — despite the separation of the company from Huawei, smartwatches and bracelets of this brand, in fact, are no different. If only design and some minor details.

Amazfit GTS 2

  • operating system support: iOS version 10.0 and above, Android version 5.0 and above;
  • screen: AMOLED, 348 × 442, 1.65 inches;
  • waterproof class: 5 atm
  • interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS;
  • monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen levels;
  • built-in memory: 3 GB;
  • price: 13 thousand rubles.

Another step towards more budget devices is performed by Amazfit, a subsidiary of Xiaomi. Priced at Rs. 3 GB with player function. There is even a barometric altimeter, which will appeal to lovers of mountain hiking. They work less than Huawei Watch GT2 Pro — about a week, but in any case it is much longer than Apple and Samsung. Flaws? I think you yourself can already guess — yes, there is no NFC and support for voice assistants (although this year they promise to make friends with Alexa), and the Zepp application needs to be improved. Well, the sensors do not always work perfectly.

As befits Xiaomi (and its subsidiary brand), there are quite a lot of watches under the Amazfit brand today — from the brutal T-Rex, protected by military standards, but otherwise similar in characteristics to the GTS 2, to the ultra-budget, but curious Neo model. It has an 80s-style design and a monochrome screen, but it has all the basic functions, from displaying notifications to a heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring and counting calories.

Fitbit Versa 3

  • operating system support: iOS version 12.0 and above, Android version 7.0 and above, OS X;
  • screen: AMOLED, 336 × 336, 1.58 inches;
  • waterproof class: 3 atm
  • interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC;
  • monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen levels;
  • built-in memory: 2.5 GB;
  • price: 21 thousand rubles.

Describing Fitbit Versa 3, we can almost repeat what was written above word for word: aluminum and glass, heart rate and oxygen sensors, altimeter, there is a microphone and speaker, a 1.68-inch screen, built-in memory (2.5 GB). There’s both GPS and NFC, unlike the Chinese watches mentioned above, as well as support for Alexa and Google Assistant. But they are a little less autonomous (up to six days with moderately active use), a little more expensive — already about 23 thousand rubles — and do not support the Russian language.

Garmin Venu

  • operating system support: iOS, Android, Windows;
  • screen: AMOLED, 390 × 390, 1.2 inches;
  • waterproof class: 5 atm
  • interfaces: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Garmin Pay;
  • monitoring: sleep, calories, physical activity, blood oxygen levels;
  • built-in memory: no;
  • price: 30 thousand rubles.

Garmin Venu
Garmin has the most meticulous approach to building its family of smartwatches. You can find a huge number of «running» Forerunner watches with a lightweight plastic case; a range of hiking watches from the Instinct series with enhanced case protection (they can withstand pressures up to 10 atmospheres) and a monochrome display that consumes a minimum of energy so that they will definitely live for several weeks without recharging; elite Fenix ​​with a titanium and steel case costing from 60 to 100 thousand rubles. There are also specialized models: Delta for pilots, MARQ Athlete Performance Edition HRM for professional athletes, Descent for divers and so on. In general, if you have any specific requests, then you should go to Garmin.

Garmin Venu2

If you’re looking for a «simple» smartwatch, you can also turn to Garmin. The Venu model is made just in the style of the Apple Watch both in design and functionality, but with advanced (this is Garmin!) Features. It uses a 1.2-inch AMOLED screen instead of the more typical transflective watch of this brand — thanks to organic LEDs, the dials look more attractive, and animations for various modes are also added. Well, along with the already familiar set of functions and sensors (there is GPS, a microphone with a speaker, a pulse sensor, and an especially accurate pulse oximeter), there are additional functions: the ability to create your own workouts in addition to the preloaded ones, more detailed sleep tracking with saturation detection blood oxygen and heart rate tracking. There are a minimum of problematic moments — autonomy is not the best compared to the Amazfit and Huawei mentioned above, the lack of built-in memory (you can’t put music on your watch and listen to it while jogging), a rather high price (although lower than that of Apple Watch) and payment through the Garmin system Pay, which is not supported everywhere. It is also worth mentioning that the Garmin Venu 2 model was announced in April, which can collect more detailed information about the heart rate.

Withings Nokia Steel HR Sport Black

Clock with mechanical hands and a miniature display, which displays the information collected by the sensors. The case of the device is made of stainless steel and is protected from water: you can take a shower and swim without diving in the watch.

Withings Nokia Steel Steel HR features a heart rate monitor for 24/7 heart rate monitoring. The watch can also show exercise statistics, calories burned and distance traveled, smartphone notifications and battery level on the display.

The device can recognize the types of activity and fix the quality of sleep in different phases. Information from the watch is automatically saved in the Health Mate app.

To configure and control there is a button on the right side of the dial. On a single charge, the watch works for about 25 days, the battery is charged via a magnetic connection.

Price: 18,990 rubles.


How to choose and what to look for?

  1. Decide on a brand. Manufacturers offer both budget and expensive options for fitness bracelets. Therefore, it is better to study the model of the chosen brand, since functionality depends on it.
  2. Pay attention to screen settings. The higher the resolution, the clearer the display.
  3. per battery type. The best option is Li-lon. It provides long battery life.
  4. per waterproof class. It determines the level of moisture resistance of the device while swimming or taking a shower. A good option is the WR50.

Lenovo Watch X Sports Edition

The case of this watch is made of stainless steel and is protected from moisture and dust according to the IP68 standard: you can swim and take a shower in it. The watch has an analog dial and an OLED display, and the hands are phosphor backlit, which helps you check the time in the dark.

Lenovo Watch X has a heart rate monitor, barometer, thermometer, blood pressure sensor and gyroscope. The watch can measure heart rate and blood pressure (not the most accurate data), notify about calls and incoming messages.

They can also count the number of steps, distance traveled per day, calories burned, and also collect data on the quality and duration of sleep. In addition, this watch is able to remind you of the need for physical activity during the day.

With their help, you can control the smartphone’s camera and activate the device search mode if you can’t find it in any of the pockets. The watch beeps or vibrates when the phone is outside a 10-meter radius and the connection is lost.

Price: 2,182 rubles.


Additional features not worth paying extra for

Blood pressure measurement is the first on the list. No smart watch can replace a regular blood pressure monitor. By the way, we noticed that major brands are careful with statements, and the instructions for devices contain a direct indication that smart watches are not a medical device. This is a kind of insurance against lawsuits — the user may well make claims against the manufacturer if, for example, trusting the readings of the watch, he does not go to the doctor in time. Chinese nonames are less responsible in this regard and promise that their devices are in no way inferior to professional medical equipment in terms of functions.

The second is measuring SpO2, or blood oxygen levels. According to the principle of operation, such sensors are similar to medical equipment, only the latter measure continuously, and smart watch sensors — one-time, with a frequency of several tens of seconds. The indicators taken by the device will help you choose the right load when playing sports.

Noerden Life 2+

With a minimalistic design, this hybrid watch monitors your physical activity and transmits the collected data to your smartphone. The dial of the watch is protected by a sapphire crystal with a very high scratch resistance. The robust stainless steel housing will not let water in in the pool or shower.

Noerden Life 2+ can serve as a remote control for a music player on a smartphone (switching songs) and are able to notify you of new messages and calls by vibration. The watch’s activity tracker counts calories burned, distance traveled, and steps taken while walking and running.

The Noerden Life app organizes the data collected by the watch, and also allows you to set personal goals for the number of steps and hours of sleep for each day. The device can also sync this information with the Apple Health app.

The watch is able to store information for up to 30 days without synchronization with a smartphone. Noerden Life 2+ has a battery life of six months with all features enabled.

Price: 7 490 rubles.


Withings Move

You can shower and swim in this watch, and it will track all your physical activity — both on land and in water. All data is stored in the Health Mate app when synced with a smartphone.

The watch is compatible with iOS 10 (and later) and Android 6 (and later) devices. In the app, tracking results can be viewed using handy charts.

Withings Move can analyze the phases and quality of sleep, as well as wake up at the most appropriate moment for maximum vigor. Pressing the side button activates training mode, which includes a chronograph and a GPS module to build a run map and determine the pace of movement.

The watch can operate on battery power for about a year without recharging.

Price: 5 790 rubles.


Guess Connect Jax

Classic design watch with quartz movement, leather strap, steel case and mineral glass. They are not afraid of rain, you can wash your hands in them, but you should not swim. Alarm and timer functions are available to the user, which must be configured through the mobile application.

Guess Connect can measure the duration of sleep and work as a fitness tracker: they count the number of steps, distance traveled during the day and calorie consumption.

When changing the time zone, the time and date are automatically synchronized with the smartphone. Do not require recharging and work on batteries for about a year.

Price: 13 250 rubles.


MyKronoz ZeTime Petite Elite

Smart watch with physical hands powered by a quartz movement and a touch screen. The arrows, if necessary, line up in a horizontal line, without interfering with reading and interacting with the display.

On the screen, you can view notifications from instant messengers, the names of callers, read messages and reply to them, control music playback on your smartphone, and monitor physical activity indicators.

This watch has a pedometer, heart rate monitor and other sensors to collect data on sports training, overall activity during the day and sleep quality. The device is compatible with Android (version 6.0 and above) and iOS (version 8.0 and above) operating systems.

In the application, you can set goals to complete during training. MyKronoz ZeTime Petite Elite allows you to set a timer, search for a lost phone and control the device’s camera remotely.

The battery capacity is enough for about three days of active use or 30 days in normal watch mode.

Price: 14 990 rubles.


Which firm is better?

Top smartwatch manufacturers in 2021:

  • Apple — the popularity of Apple models is due not only to the whole «religion» built around the brand, but also to the high quality of products. The company presented its first smart watch in a simple design in 2015. Periodically, new items appear, but the model range is not very wide. There are some peculiarities, for example, the manufacture of a ceramic case.
  • Samsung is a world famous Korean brand. They produce devices, the distinguishing feature of which is the presence of their own operating system. Almost the entire range is equipped with a high-quality OLED screen and a sealed waterproof case;
  • Huawei — produces models popular with buyers, despite a rather narrow lineup. The company focuses on ensuring that smartwatches still look like a chronometer familiar to everyone. Based on this, most of the manufactured devices look expensive and stylish.
  • LG is another South Korean brand that produces «smart» gadgets for both women and men, keeping the classic watch look at its core.
  • Garmin is a manufacturer that is known for its navigation technology, the company released the first smartwatch model almost twenty years ago. Almost all manufactured devices are impenetrable and have all the functions necessary for a modern person.
  • My Kronoz is a Swiss firm that has been focusing on portable devices ever since its inception. At the moment, one of the “highlights” of My Kronoz is a hybrid “smart” watch equipped with a touch screen combined with mechanical hands.
  • TomTom is a company that produces budget gadgets that have everything you need. The design of the product is simple and discreet, and therefore universal.

Casio G-Shock GBA-800-1A

Quartz watch with an analog-digital dial with customizable LED backlight. The shock-resistant case has a high level of protection against water: you can dive in them with scuba diving without consequences for the device.

Synchronized with a smartphone using Bluetooth, keeping activity tracker data. Tracks steps taken, calories burned, and overall physical activity.

This watch from Casio has a stopwatch, a timer with multiple countdown modes, an alarm clock, and an automatic calendar up to 2099. Battery life is about two years.

Price: 11,440 rubles.


Caterpillar B1.145.21.127

Watches in a steel case with a silicone strap are reliably protected from water and will withstand even scuba diving. They can track the number of steps and calories burned, collect information about physical activity and sleep quality.

Notify of incoming calls, new messages, letters and notifications from social networks or calendar. Compatible with Android (version 4.3 and up) and iOS (version 8.0 and up).

Powered by a built-in battery, the capacity of which is enough for five days of active work.

Price: 11,540 rubles.


Where could I buy

Ideally, it is better in a digital technology store — there will be an opportunity to check both the image quality on the display and ease of operation. Yes, and build quality, design is better to evaluate live.

If you are going to place an order on the Internet, pay attention to:

  • user reviews about the watch itself and the work of the seller (it happens that the store sends either a used or obviously faulty thing);
  • prices — it is better to compare the cost of the same model on different sites, including online stores of large retail chains such as Eldorado, DNS (it happens that on marketplaces, taking into account a discount of 50-60%, it still turns out to be more expensive);
  • return conditions — it is better to ask the seller immediately this question.

As for Aliexpress, here it is worth checking the reputation of the seller. The more positive detailed reviews, the better.

Noerden Mate 2

A hybrid watch that collects data on physical activity, sleep quality, and notifies you of calls and messages. You can wash your hands in them, take a shower, they will even withstand a fall into the water, but swimming is not recommended.

Equipped with an activity tracker with sensors that count steps taken and calories burned. Different types of physical activity are determined: walking, running, cycling. Support high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Signal the beginning and end of each approach.

Noerden Mate 2 has an alarm clock, music and smartphone camera controls, and the ability to find your phone. They automatically adjust to changing time zones while traveling.

One battery is enough for about six months of work.

Price: 8,991 rubles.


Zeblaze Vibe 4

Digital watch with mechanical hands counts steps, calories burned, average speed, walking time and distance covered. Stores physical activity data for the last 15 days. When synchronizing with a smartphone, they will notify you of incoming calls and messages.

The Zeblaze Vibe 4 will withstand short periods of immersion in water, but is not recommended for swimming.

To communicate with your phone, the watch uses the Sports+ app, where you can set an alarm and view all the information collected by the sensors.

Using the physical buttons of the watch, you can control the camera of your smartphone and send an SOS alarm message to a specific phone number in case of danger.

The Zeblaze Vibe 4 is powered by a CR2450 battery that lasts for a year of active use or 18 months with more moderate use.

Price: 1,649 rubles.