Rating of the TOP 10 best oil heaters for 2021

TOP 5 best oil heaters by price/quality for 2021
one Electrolux EOH/M-6157 Ask for a price
2 Timberk TOR 21.2211 SLX Ask for a price
3 RESANTA OM-12NV Ask for a price
four Ballu Level BOH/LV-11 2200 Ask for a price
5 Zanussi ZOH/ES-09WN Ask for a price
TOP 5 best inexpensive oil heaters
one Ballu Classic BOH/CL-07 Ask for a price
2 NeoClima NC-9307 Ask for a price
3 Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC/BCL Ask for a price
four General Climate NY17LF Ask for a price
5 Ballu Classic BOH/CL-11 Ask for a price

What is an oil cooler?

An oil cooler is a heating device, the basis of which is a steel sealed case filled with special oil.

The thermoelement is an electric heater (TEH) connected to a 220 V alternating current network.

The principle of operation of such a device is to heat the oil with an electric coil, which in turn transfers heat to the metal case.

The degree of heat transfer of the device depends on the intensity of this interaction.

Types of devices

Depending on the external design and installation method, there are two main types of heaters.

Otherwise, they are also called sectional. The most popular and available devices. In appearance, they resemble old cast-iron heating radiators or modern bimetallic specimens.

Such a structure provides maximum heat transfer. However, the design itself is rather bulky and heavy, therefore, as a rule, it involves floor installation. For small spaces, this option is not always suitable.

Another name is panel. On sale are quite rare. They are two solid plates welded together. There are grooves in the housing for the heating element and liquid.

The performance of such samples is lower. But they also require less electricity, so they are in some cases called energy-saving. They are also distinguished by their lower weight, so the device can be mounted to the wall. Although we also allow installation on the floor, on supports.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing such a device, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of important factors.:

  • Power. It should be assumed that 1 kW of power can more or less effectively heat 10 m2 of area. To warm up a large area, it is recommended to use several devices.
  • Number of sections. There are household devices with the number of sections from 5 to 15 pieces. It is believed that the more of these elements in the heater, the more efficient the device. The best option for an average dwelling is a device with 6-8 sections.
  • Auxiliary components. These are a temperature regulator, overheating protection, an operating mode switch (without them, the device will not function normally) and a light indicator, a built-in fan, a timer, an air humidifier (often not so necessary components). The presence of additional functions greatly affects the price of the device.

Tips for selection and operation

  1. First you need to decide on the number and size of sections of an oil heating radiator with an electric thermostat. For heating a room of 20 sq. m. 7-8 sections of the radiator will be required. Manufacturers usually indicate such information on the packaging in order to make it easier for the buyer to make a choice.
  2. If you need the air in the room not to dry out, then you should buy a heater with a humidifier function. As a rule, this is a special container of a small size, into which distilled water is poured. It can be removed if necessary.
  3. If you need a heater for a nursery, then it is important to buy one that has a protective plastic grill so that the child does not accidentally burn himself. At the same time, you must understand that such protection greatly reduces the natural circulation of air.
  4. Never install an oil cooler in a humid environment, such an environment may not only cause damage to the device, but also provoke an electric shock. Therefore, not only you, but also your family members can suffer.

Before connecting the appliance to the mains, make sure that it is on a level and stable surface.

Which company oil cooler to choose

  • Electrolux. One of the leading manufacturers, annually earning tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars in every country where its equipment is presented.
  • Timberk. An international holding with branches in Finland, Israel, China, Sweden and Russia. Timberk pays special attention to product testing and reliability.
  • General Climate. Another manufacturer of heating equipment with a vast geography of presence, which includes our country. The company offers reliable and inexpensive heaters.
  • UNIT. An Austrian company that has been present on the CIS market since 1993. The units of this brand combine attractive design and good efficiency.
  • scarlett. Russian-Chinese brand that produces small-sized equipment. The brand’s manufacturing facilities are located in China and the UK.

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Where could I buy

In order not to run into a fake, buy equipment only in reliable stores. Among the Internet sites, these are:

  • AllTools — the largest selection;
  • MirCli — 154 options for all kinds of heaters;
  • Polaris is the official online store of the company;
  • Citylink — a decent assortment and constant discounts;
  • Eldorado — 75 devices at different prices;
  • Leroy Merlin — budget devices are on sale;
  • Refrigerator — 80 electrical appliances;

Customer Reviews

Vsevolod Z.


Reliable mechanical control of heating modes. There are wheels for ease of movement. Radiator overheat protection is provided. Built-in heater. Such an oil cooler quickly and evenly heats the room. The device does not emit any smell of burning during operation. Oxygen is not burned out, so it is comfortable to be in the room. It’s convenient that they came up with a thing with a fan heater, heat is distributed faster and more evenly over the entire area.


Ballu Classic BOH/CL-07

The main thing to consider is a small heater! Approximately 60-70% of the usual heaters. Therefore, the real power of 1.5 kW is realized conditionally. Since the area of ​​heat radiation is less than that of the «standard» heater heaters, then at the maximum mode it works not according to the thermostat, but according to the overheating sensor. In a room with a temperature above 15 ° C, it makes no sense to turn on the 3rd mode. In the first mode, the far sections from the thermostat almost do not heat up. In general, the heater is normal, compact. The most optimal mode is 2nd, the thermostat works as intended and warms up completely and evenly.


Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC/BCL

The autumn season at the dacha withstood it properly, it will also warm in the spring)) Nothing staggers, does not creak, it is very compact, the oil cooler is actually good and comfortable (not heavy, and there are no difficulties in transportation). No noise is heard during operation and no unpleasant smell of oil, which is very important. I was pleased that it can heat a room of 16 squares + a convenient adjustment system. You can sharply add and decrease power, but also smoothly adjust as needed. In general, everything is fine! I also want to note the high-quality assembly (the details are all adjusted) and also painted with high quality)) I was pleased that everything was fine with the paint for 3 months. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Andrew N.


Excellent heater. It always saves us as soon as the heating is turned off. We live in an apartment. Therefore, these periods of transitions from central heating cause discomfort. There is a child in the house. The Resant heater is our lifesaver!!!! The price was a pleasant surprise. Therefore, they bought it. Yes, and the seller in the store advised us exactly him, saying that they are long-servers. We hope it lives up to our expectations. Not noisy. Light. Mobile. All in all, a great heater.

Nikolai Sushilin

General Climate NY17LF

Design. Reliability. Heating speed. Existence of the fan for fast heating. Silent work. No odours. Small energy consumption. This device has several ways to use and customize for yourself. Read the instructions. Everything is easy there. And when turned on, it emits soft clicks for three to five minutes. This does not indicate a malfunction. This heats up the element. Then all sounds disappear. And it works silently.

Natalia Lyapunova

Ballu Classic BOH/CL-11

I turn it on at medium power and for a long time. room 25 sq.m. warms up in 1.5-2 hours, room 18 sq.m. for 1-1.5 hours. absolutely silent. Another 3 months went by and it just stopped working. The power light doesn’t come on, and the shift levers don’t turn. Did not work around the clock, did not fall, did not understand. But it stopped working. I don’t want to bother with the return and the service center, and I won’t, because taking the goods to the SC and then picking it up, it’s possible to pay for diagnostics and repairs is expensive and I don’t see the appropriateness. All this is for what — I will no longer buy such goods in any marketplaces. It is better to take it in the store to bring the faulty one there.


Timberk TOR 21.1507 BC/BCL

Relatively small heatsink. Heats up quickly, cools down quickly. Temperature control is convenient and clear. Of the pluses — normal portability, you can warm up one room and carefully rearrange it to another, there is a handle and wheels. In principle, enough for a comfortable stay even on a balcony with open windows on half of this very balcony.

Valeria K.

Ballu Classic BOH/CL-07

I like the radiator outwardly, it has 7 sections, it is white. This heater fits well into the interior of a room or apartment / office. The radiator is very neat in appearance, it is on wheels — it is convenient to move it. For the cord there is a special compartment where it is wrapped. From the point of view of the interior, such a radiator is suitable for almost any apartment, in my opinion. The Ballu BOH/CL-07WRN 1500 oil cooler works silently. The power consumption of this radiator is 1500 W, it can heat a room up to 20 square meters. The Ballu BOH / CL-07WRN 1500 heater has 3 modes and even at its maximum it does not always perfectly cope with heating a large room. The Ballu BOH/CL-07WRN 1500 radiator has mechanical control. It states that you can not put anything on it, because there may be a fire.

Sergei Kozlov

Ballu Trend BOH/TR-09 2000

The combination of simplicity of design and low cost, together with favorable reviews from colleagues, became the reason for buying this particular model for the office. The choice was justified, now we work in the heat all year round. The warm-up time is usual for such radiators, it gives a lot of heat and, most importantly, it works fully automatically, without requiring attention. Quite safe, when overheated, it really turns off immediately.

Petr Belousov


Of the shortcomings of the heater, I would name only its dimensions. Such a large device for seven sections, you need to find a permanent place in the apartment. The rest is good. Not overloaded control panel. There is a fan built into the case, which increases the warm-up rate, dispersing the heat throughout the room. The thermostat itself monitors the maintenance of the set temperature, turns off the device when it sees fit or puts it into maintenance mode. Stores are overflowing with a wide variety of heaters, my eyes run wide, but I remain true to myself and oil heaters in matters of heating. Never let me down in my entire life of use. It looks like most similar heaters, quite neutral, but heavy due to the metal body and oil. The temperature is adjustable. Special indicators function when turned on or when malfunctions occur. Equipped with a fan, this is generally a godsend, heat is distributed faster around the room. Separately, an attachment for drying clothes was purchased and adapted for him, so that it is involved not only for heating the room.