An ordinary apartment, a country house or a small cottage — the choice of a gas column can be relevant for any residential facility. Such a water heater is economical and convenient, because it can quickly heat the required amount of water. Its dimensions are minimal, and in terms of energy consumption, columns are usually more profitable when paying for utilities. It should also be noted that the best flowing gas water heaters are able to provide high purity hot water, which ordinary pipelines cannot always boast of. You can connect one device to several points at once: bath and shower, kitchen sink.

Rating of the TOP 15 best gas water heaters 2020-2021

Place Name Price
TOP 3 best geysers for an apartment in price / quality ratio
one Bosch WR 10-2P23 Ask for a price
2 Electrolux GWH 14 Nano Plus 2.0 Ask for a price
3 Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte Turbo Ask for a price
TOP 3 best geysers with an open combustion chamber
one Electrolux GWH 11 PRO Inverter Ask for a price
2 Electrolux GWH 12 Nano Plus 2.0 Ask for a price
3 Zanussi GWH 12 Fonte Ask for a price
TOP 3 best geysers with a closed combustion chamber
one Ariston NEXT EVO SFT 11 NG EXP Ask for a price
2 Bosch WTD 27 AME Ask for a price
3 Bosch WT 13 AM1E Ask for a price
TOP 3 best geysers with high performance from 10 l / min
one Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte Ask for a price
2 BAXI SIG-2 11i Ask for a price
3 Zanussi GWH 12 Fonte Turbo Ask for a price
TOP 3 best geysers with flame modulation
one Electrolux GWH 10 High Performance Eco Ask for a price
2 Bosch W 10 KB Ask for a price
3 BAXI SIG-2 14i Ask for a price

How to choose a gas column?

Key criteria to consider when choosing a column:

  1. Power. The parameter determines the water capacity of the device. The higher the power, the more points you can supply hot water.
  2. Inlet pressure. Affects the ability to supply water at low pressure. Many modern models that water supply is possible at low flow.
  3. Safety. The columns are equipped with a system of protection against overheating and freezing, as well as a sensor to turn off the unit and stop the gas supply in the event of a leak.

Additional Information

When choosing the best instantaneous gas-fired water heaters for yourself, you need to take into account additional features, the presence of specific functions and options. Of great importance is the type of ignition, on which the convenience of using the heater depends. Most models use the following options:

  1. Mechanical. Piezo elements are used here. This requires constant operation of the igniter, which consumes gas. That is, it turns out an overexpenditure of gas, although insignificant.
  2. Rechargeable. Convenient elements in the form of finger batteries. Requires regular replacement or recharging.
  3. Electric. Electrical connection required. In the event of a power outage, it will not work to light the column in this way.

Most users prefer batteries as the most convenient and independent option.

An important option is the ability to set the desired temperature. In modern models, manual adjustment of the gas supply is not required. All actions are carried out automatically, through sensors and electronic control. The current value of water heating is displayed on the display located in front of the heater.

When you need to choose a gas water heater for your home, for many, the issues of safe operation come first. All modern models are protected from overheating and equipped with a gas control system. The most advanced devices have 4 levels of protection: air draft, flame presence in the burner, heat exchanger temperature and water circulation are controlled. The more such levels the device has, the safer the operation.

The best geysers for an apartment in terms of price / quality ratio

If you need to organize hot water supply in the house, it is important to choose a high-quality geyser. We have compiled a rating of 3 models based on consumer feedback, the characteristics of which justify the expectation.

Bosch WR 10-2P23

Budget equipment from a well-known German manufacturer. The thermal power of the column is 17.4 kW. Due to this, 10 liters of water per minute are supplied.

At the same time, the water is heated to +60 degrees, and the device itself operates at a pressure of 0.1012 atmospheres.

Stable water heating is provided by a copper heat exchanger. Ignition is carried out manually using the built-in pierre ignition.

The device is equipped with a constantly burning igniter.

Combustion products exit through the open chamber. A chimney with a diameter of 112.5 mm is required. To ensure safe use, the column is equipped with protective sensors.


  • productivity — 10 l/min;
  • power — 17.40 kW;
  • pressure — 0.10-12 atm.;
  • dimensions — 310x580x22 mm;
  • weight — 11 kg.


  • small price;
  • compact size;
  • maintainability;
  • simple construction.


  • 1 hose for 1/2 male thread included;
  • the bath slowly pours.

Electrolux GWH 14 Nano Plus 2.0

Inexpensive unit from one of the leaders in the production of equipment. High

efficiency — delivers up to 14 liters of water per minute.

This is an excellent indicator, given the high thermal output of 28 kW and the copper heat exchanger. This indicator is enough for 2-3 points.

The outlet pressure is 0.0-8 atmospheres.

The exhaust gas is discharged through an open chamber. To operate the column, a chimney with a diameter of 125 mm is required.

Water instantly heats up to +60 degrees.

The safety of operation is due to the presence of gas control, a sensor against overheating and turning on the equipment if there is no traction. Mechanical control of the unit. Indication of inclusion and heating is provided.


  • productivity — 14 l/min;
  • power — 28 kW;
  • pressure — 0.20-8 atm.;
  • dimensions — 400x650x196 mm;
  • weight — 11.21 kg.


  • performance of all functions;
  • enough power for 2 points;
  • turns off when overheated;
  • smart switches.


  • there is cotton when turned on;
  • makes noise.

Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte Turbo

A column in a stainless steel case from a well-known Italian brand. Column

equipped with a display.

Operation is simple with mechanical switches. Of the distinctive features, the presence of indicators, thanks to which you can track the progress of water heating.

The product is equipped with a fan and a chimney for forced removal of smoke..

Productivity is high due to the power of 20 kW. At the outlet, the minimum pressure is 0.30 atmospheres.

The column is equipped with a fan and a chimney for forced smoke removal.

Waste products are removed through a pipe with a diameter of 60 mm through the hood.


  • productivity — 10 l/min;
  • power — 20 kW;
  • pressure — 0.30-8 atm.;
  • dimensions — 330x550x190 mm;
  • weight — 10.4 kg.


  • automatic ignition;
  • flame control;
  • overheating protection system;
  • display.


  • non-standard chimney size;
  • noisy work.


Don water heaters have built-in flame modulation systems, forced ventilation, multi-level security systems. Geysers turn off automatically when:

  • insufficient traction;
  • the extinction of the flame;
  • a sharp decrease in the flow of water;
  • overheating;
  • high pressure.

The overheat sensor turns off the column if the water temperature becomes over 80 degrees. This makes the device safe to use. The minimum water pressure required to ignite the columns is only 25 kPa. The maximum pressure that the column can withstand is 800 kPa. (In general, when choosing a gas water heater, it is also necessary to study the technical characteristics as if you were choosing spare parts for combines, which you can choose if you go to the claas catalog)

Scheme of the geyser Don

To increase the service life of Don gas equipment, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  • wipe the speaker housing from dust with wet and dry wipes without the use of chemicals or abrasives;
  • every six months, clean the heat exchanger from scale with a solution of citric acid, change filters for water;
  • keep the burner clean, regularly clean the chimney;
  • carry out annual service maintenance.

Every day before using the column, it is recommended to check the flame on the burner, the connecting elements, and the presence of a gas smell in the air. It is important that there are no flammable objects near the water heater.

Spare parts for the gas column Don are inexpensive, sold in stores. The warranty period from the manufacturer is 1 year. A defective device must not be used, as it can be poisoned by gas and cause a fire.

If during switching on you smell gas, you must immediately turn off the column, shut off the supply, ventilate the room, call the gas service.

The best geysers with an open combustion chamber

Installation of a column with an open chamber is possible with a natural draft chimney. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with 3 models from well-known brands that are in great demand in 2021.

Electrolux GWH 11 PRO Inverter

Flowing geyser with natural removal of combustion products through the chimney.

Runs exclusively on natural gas.

The equipment is characterized by excellent performance, up to 11 liters per minute. Due to the power of 22 kW, water quickly heats up to 80 degrees Celsius.

The device works if the water pressure in the system is 0.15-7.89 atmospheres.

The operation of the device is comfortable due to the presence of indicators and an electronic control system with automatic ignition.

The model is complemented by a compact display with a thermometer..

The safety of use is facilitated by the presence of a heat limiter, a sensor to turn off the device in case of overheating and a self-diagnosis mode that allows timely detection of a malfunction.


  • productivity — 11 l/min;
  • power — 22 kW;
  • pressure — 0.15-7.89 atm.;
  • dimensions — 330x550x190 mm;
  • weight — 8.55 kg.


  • strength of materials;
  • compactness;
  • maintains temperature;
  • simple wall mounting;


  • long turns on.

Electrolux GWH 12 Nano Plus 2.0

Comfortable, simple and safe column to use. Presented on average

price segment.

The device has auto ignition, for which you need to install batteries.

The unit is easy to operate due to a simple panel with mechanical switches.

The column is safe to use due to multi-level protection: a gas leak sensor and the ingress of waste product into the room.

There is an indication when turning on and heating the water. The water supply is 12 l/min due to the heat output of 24 kW.

Combustion products exit by natural draft. To install the equipment, a chimney with a diameter of 110 mm is required.


  • productivity — 12 l/min;
  • power — 24 kW;
  • pressure — 0.15-8 atm.;
  • dimensions — 350x610x183 mm;
  • weight — 8.22 kg.


  • little noise during operation;
  • heats up water quickly
  • economical battery consumption;
  • digital indication of temperature.


  • alkaline batteries are not suitable;
  • weak flame when the switch is fully turned.

Zanussi GWH 12 Fonte

Reliable and safe to use equipment. Made in durable steel

case covered with enamel.

Only natural gas is suitable for operation. The column interacts with water at a pressure of 0.15 to 8 atmospheres.

Equipped with an open combustion chamber. The standard chimney diameter is 110 mm.

Water almost instantly heats up to 60 degrees due to the high thermal power of the column — 24 kW.

This makes it possible to provide a performance of 12 liters per minute.

The model is supplemented with a display with temperature indication, a gas control option and a sensor that turns off the equipment in case of overheating..

Efficiency of heating is due to the presence of a copper heat exchanger.


  • productivity — 12 l/min;
  • power — 24 kW;
  • pressure — 0.15-8 atm.;
  • dimensions — 350x610x190 mm;
  • weight — 9 kg.


  • durable case;
  • heats up water quickly
  • enough for 3 points;
  • performs its functions.


  • loud noise;
  • pressure is lower than stated.


Don gas appliances consist of:

  • housings with a temperature display, water and gas adjustment knobs;
  • copper heat exchanger;
  • burners;
  • inlets for liquid, gas;
  • sensors, safety indicators;
  • chimney, fan;
  • fasteners.

Columns work by burning natural gas. The installation of such a heater should be carried out by the gas service, it also issues a permit and a project for installation, fills out warranty cards for connection.

Don geyser device

According to the instructions for Don gas equipment, the following requirements must be observed during installation:

  • the room for placing the column should be more than 8 m³;
  • it is necessary to ensure a constant flow of air (due to the fact that oxygen is burned during the operation of the water heater);
  • walls, floor, ceiling are covered with fireproof materials (brick, concrete or ceramic tiles);
  • there should be no heat source (stove or other appliances) under the column;
  • a chimney is needed with good draft;
  • the installation height of the device is made such that the viewing window is at eye level;
  • all elements of the column should be easily accessible.

It is recommended to install filters for water and gas, so that there is no clogging from scale, fuel combustion waste. Before starting the system, it is important to check the gas connections, draft, the presence of batteries in the ignition. When first started, the burner does not ignite immediately due to the air in the duct.

The best geysers with a closed combustion chamber

For installation in apartments, columns with a closed-type combustion chamber with the removal of combustion products through a special pipe are suitable. These models are easy and safe to use. We have included the top 3 models in the rating according to buyers.


Column in a steel case in silver color. Suitable for work natural and

liquefied gas. With its help, up to 11 liters of water are supplied per minute. This is due to the presence of a copper heat exchanger and a thermal power of 19.58 kW.

Outlet pressure ranges from 1 to 8.50 atm.

The model is supplemented with electronic ignition, built-in indicators for switching on and an integrated security system: gas control, heating temperature sensor, frost protection.

There is also a self-diagnostic. The system quickly identifies the cause of the malfunction. The speaker connects to a standard outlet using a 1.5-meter mains cable.


  • productivity — 11 l/min;
  • power — 19.58 kW;
  • pressure — 1-8.5 atm.;
  • dimensions — 330x550x167 mm;
  • weight — 12 kg.


  • simple adjustment of settings;
  • heating water immediately after opening the tap;
  • simple service.


  • makes a lot of noise;
  • sometimes turns on with a pop.

Bosch WTD 27 AME

Equipment designed for use in residential and commercial environments (gyms, restaurants, etc.).

Differs in high productivity. Provides 27 liters of water per minute. A cascade connection is possible, which will increase the consumption by 10 times.

The device economically consumes resources and works even at low pressure (from 0.3 atmospheres).

Among the distinguishing features of the column are a compact size, electric ignition and a backlit panel.

You can control the device with the remote control. The column is supplemented with ionization flame control, protection against overheating, freezing and reverse thrust.


  • productivity — 27 l / min;
  • power — 47 kW;
  • pressure — 0.30-12 atm.;
  • dimensions — 452x775x259 mm;
  • weight — 34 kg.


  • silent operation;
  • enough for a large number of points;
  • smooth settings;
  • quick turn on.


  • difficulty in replacing the coarse filter.

Bosch WT 13 AM1E

Column from a reliable brand with a flow-through water heating system and a closed combustion chamber.

The spent product is removed by forced extraction. The device is provided with a thermometer for temperature control, working in conjunction with the flame modulator system.

The same system is responsible for fuel supply and water consumption, taking into account the selected temperature..

The column is connected to a standard 220 V network. It has a high performance of 13 l / min.

The power of the equipment is 22.60 kW, and the outlet pressure is from 0.30 atm..

Work both on natural, and on liquefied gas is provided. The panel displays an indication when switching on and heating.


  • productivity — 12 l/min;
  • power — 22.60 kW;
  • pressure — 0.30-12 atm.;
  • dimensions — 388x700x220 mm;
  • weight — 23 kg.


  • durable steel body;
  • simple maintenance;
  • enough for 3 mixers;
  • convenient management.


  • quickly covered with scale;
  • thin radiator.

The best geysers with high performance from 10 l / min

For a larger family, a reliable water heater is required that can supply hot water to several points at once. We have selected the best models of gas water heaters for 2021 with a capacity of 10 liters per minute.

Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte

This geyser is equipped with manual ignition.. The design is presented in the form of a handle,

with a smooth turn of which the size of the flame increases.

To the right of it is a switch that is responsible for the volume of water supplied.

The design includes a display showing the water temperature, which turns on immediately after opening the tap.

The device allows to provide a flow of 10 l/min at a thermal power of 20 kW. The smoke is removed through natural ventilation.

The chimney diameter must be 110 mm. Work only on natural gas is provided. During the heating process, the equipment practically does not make noise.


  • productivity — 10 l/min;
  • power — 20 kW;
  • pressure — 0.15-8 atm.;
  • dimensions — 330x550x189 mm;
  • weight — 8.2 kg.


  • price-quality ratio;
  • durable steel body;
  • simple installation;
  • indicators.


  • thin wall heat exchanger;
  • batteries need to be changed.

BAXI SIG-2 11i

This speaker is great for home use.. It is easy to install as well as

service. The device is equipped with various protective sensors, which eliminates damage in the absence of water and gas leakage.

Productivity is 10.9 liters per minute due to the power of 19 kW.

Combustion products exit through the open chamber.

Switching on occurs by means of automatic electronic ignition. Water almost instantly heats up to a temperature of +60 °C.

The unit is equipped with a modulating burner with smooth power control, taking into account the volume of water consumption.

Due to the built-in gearbox, it is possible to work at a pressure of 13.5 — 20.0 atmospheres.


  • productivity — 10.9 l / min;
  • power — 19 kW;
  • pressure — 0.20-10 atm.;
  • dimensions — 314x592x245 mm;
  • weight — 11.1 kg.


  • compact size;
  • water temperature display;
  • no temperature fluctuations;
  • works with low pressure.


  • lack of anti-corrosion coating on the radiator;
  • noisy work.

Zanussi GWH 12 Fonte Turbo

Convenient and safe to use equipment operating only from main gas.

Suitable for installation in rooms without a chimney, as it is equipped with a forced exhaust system for combustion products.

The efficiency of heating is due to a copper heat exchanger and a thermal power of 24 kW. 12 liters of water are supplied per minute.

To connect a closed combustion chamber there is a hole with a diameter of 60 mm.

The declared service life of the unit is at least 10 years.

This is facilitated by high-quality assembly and a set of protective sensors, including those from overheating of the equipment and to turn on the device in the event of a gas leak.


  • productivity — 12 l/min;
  • power — 24 kW;
  • pressure — 0.20-10 atm.;
  • dimensions — 350x610x190 mm;
  • weight — 10.95 kg.


  • heating power adjustment;
  • attractive design;
  • no interruptions in work;
  • maintaining a constant temperature.


  • exhaust pipe is not included;
  • no frost protection.

The best geysers with flame modulation

Devices with modulation are free from such a disadvantage as a decrease in water temperature at low pressure. We offer a rating of the 3 best geysers with flame modulation for 2021, which are in special demand.

Electrolux GWH 10 High Performance Eco

The first line of the rating was occupied by a flow gas heater from the well-known brand Electrolux.

The model is made of stainless steel and covered with silver.

Equipped with a combustion chamber with the output of combustion products through natural ventilation.

For installation of equipment, a chimney with a standard diameter of 110 mm is required.

Due to the thermal power of 20 kW, a supply of 10 liters of water per minute is provided. The column control is simple using the electronic panel.

Ignition is carried out automatically.

The display has a power and temperature indicator. The model is supplemented with gas control and a self-diagnostic system.


  • productivity — 10 l/min;
  • power — 20 kW;
  • pressure — 0.15-7.90 atm;
  • dimensions — 330x550x190 mm;
  • weight — 8.08 kg.


  • display showing water temperature;
  • stainless steel burner;
  • compact size;
  • standard chimney.


  • noise when the faucet closes abruptly.

Bosch W 10 KB

Reliable and safe to use equipment that can instantly supply water to 2-3 points.

The column is suitable for home use. Operational safety is facilitated by protective sensors against overheating and gas leakage. The body is made of stainless steel.

The heat exchanger is made of copper, which ensures rapid heating of water to the maximum temperature..

The column has a capacity of 10 liters per minute with a power of 17.40 kW. A mechanical switch is provided to adjust the temperature and power of the water flow.

The device operates at low pressure from 0.15 bar. It is possible to use both natural and liquefied fuels.

The electronic ignition system is battery operated.


  • productivity — 10 l/min;
  • power — 17.40 kW;
  • pressure — 0.15-12 atm.;
  • dimensions — 400x850x370 mm;
  • weight — 10 kg.


  • low price;
  • simple installation;
  • work at low pressure;
  • quality assembly.


  • click when ignited;
  • no automatic temperature control.

BAXI SIG-2 14i

Practical and reliable design from the Italian manufacturer. Equipped with copper

heat exchanger, due to which the water is instantly heated.

Safe to use thanks to gas control and temperature limiter.

Heats water up to 60 degrees Celsius almost instantly.

Efficiency of water heating is due to the thermal power of 23.70 kW.

The columns are enough to provide hot water supply for 2-3 points, since 13.6 liters of water are supplied per minute.

Water power flow adjustment is controlled by a mechanical switch. The equipment operates at a pressure in the system of 0.20 atmospheres.


  • productivity — 13.6 l / min;
  • power — 23.70 kW;
  • pressure — 0.20-10 atm.;
  • dimensions — 363x650x245 mm;
  • weight — 12.6 kg.


  • works with a small pressure of water;
  • practically does not make noise;
  • water temperature is maintained.


  • crackling metal when turned on.

Which is better — storage or instantaneous water heater

A storage water heater is a boiler that has a built-in heating element and a thermos tank that holds warm water. In the flow version, there is no such capacity, it becomes warm during the operation of the column.

Here is a table comparing the two types of models:

Type of pros Minuses
flowing Low prices Not the best option for large houses and apartments
Light weight When used simultaneously in different rooms, the water temperature may drop
Easy Installation Doesn’t work well with three or more water outlets
Easy Maintenance
A wide range of
Cumulative Unpretentiousness to gas pressure At the end of the water, the force of the jet becomes less
Undemanding to the mains voltage High price
Efficient operation even with minimal tap pressure Demanding for maintenance
No need to wait for water to heat up Big weight

Thus, in small families it is quite possible to use an instantaneous water heater, and in a spacious house you can no longer do without storage equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas water heaters

Of the advantages of a gas column, one can distinguish:

  • provision of hot water in unlimited quantities;
  • a large selection of equipment at budget prices;
  • undemanding to water pressure for most devices;
  • compact dimensions allow you to install equipment in a small apartment;
  • the possibility of repair in case of breakage of parts;
  • significant savings, since gas is cheaper than electricity.

The disadvantages of the gas column are less:

  • for the safe operation of the equipment, it is necessary to ensure the supply of fresh air and the organization of the removal of exhaust gas;
  • the need for regular maintenance;
  • project documentation costs for column installation.

Why is the water pressure not strong enough?

Consider the most common factors that affect the pressure of water in a flowing gas water heater.

  • The power of the device. In order to have a good water pressure in the gas column, you need to purchase a device of appropriate power. A gas column with a power of less than 8 kV can give a poor set of water. It is better to purchase a water heater, the power of which is from 8 to 10 kV.
  • The presence of blockages. Any pipes through which water flows are prone to clogging. If we are talking about a gas water heater, then the problem is most often in the mesh filter, which is clogged with particles of lime and rust. If the water passes through the filter poorly, then the pressure will be small.
  • Scale formation. Scale often appears in metal containers designed to boil water. In a geyser, the function of such a container, or tank, is performed by a heat exchanger. If tap water is too hard, over time, a layer of scale forms on the walls of the heat exchanger, which gradually makes its way into the pipes — hence the weakening of the pressure of hot water.
  • The consequences of technical work. This factor is associated with scale, which settles inside the heat exchanger. When the water is shut off in the pipes, and then its supply is resumed, the so-called “water hammer” occurs, as a result of which scale particles enter the mixer. As a result, a blockage forms in one of the parts of the mixer.
  • Preventive work. Like any other gas equipment, the column needs careful maintenance, one of the important components of which is the regular prevention of blockages and other problems. Often the cause of poor water pressure is neglected maintenance of the device.

The principle of operation of the gas column

Modern speakers have been improved, so the principle of operation is much simpler than that of outdated models. To start, you need to open the tap of the mixer.

Right after that:

  • water enters the unit, opening the gas supply valve;
  • the flame is ignited automatically;
  • hot water is sent to the mixer;
  • the waste product is discharged through a chimney or coaxial pipe;
  • after closing the tap, the supply of water and fuel is stopped.