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Laundry conditioner is an additional agent that makes the laundry soft, the color is resistant, and the aroma of the washed clothes is pleasant. While conditioner for adults has become an indispensable attribute for caring for things, some mothers treat baby rinse with caution.

  • How to choose a quality fabric softener
  • TOP-6 effective rinses

What is a fabric softener

The main task of any good air conditioner is to provide softness and tenderness to the washed clothes. Fabric softeners for baby clothes should be, among other things, hypoallergenic so as not to cause skin irritation.

The best baby fabric softener has the following characteristics:

  • does not have a pungent odor (newborns react sharply to specific odors);
  • the antistatic effect of the children’s conditioner ensures easy ironing and prevents unpleasant crackling during the change of clothes;
  • a special gentle formula guarantees an increase in softness even after repeated washing;
  • all components of the baby laundry detergent are easily rinsed without remaining on the surface of the laundry in the form of a sticky coating;
  • retains the shape of baby clothes, does not distort colors.

general information

Fabric softener is a product that provides softness and freshness to washed clothes. Additional features of the tool include:

  • preservation of the characteristics of the fabric, its quality;
  • preservation of the natural shade of things;
  • simplification of the ironing process;
  • repulsion of dirt;
  • giving the linen a delicate aroma.

All of the above features are achieved thanks to cationic substances in the composition of air conditioners. Once on the fabric, they create a protective shell that repels dirt and helps to wash off stubborn stains. Thanks to silicones in the composition of rinses, things become soft, pellets, puffs and scuffs appear less often on their surface.

Some air conditioners have an antistatic property, which prevents clothing from becoming electrified. This effect is beneficial for linen made from synthetic fibers.

Children’s laundry conditioner: how to choose a good and high-quality fabric softener

The range of products for washing baby clothes allows you to make the most correct choice. Many reviews of mothers about air conditioners indicate that the main mistake during the purchase is focusing on the price of the product. An erroneous opinion is created that the more expensive the conditioner for baby clothes, the less chemical additives it contains. In fact, any rinse consists of surfactants (surfactants), silicone, fragrances and cationic substances. The quality of the air conditioner does not depend on the amount of fragrances, but on the percentage of surfactants (5-15%). The main task is to decide on a set of individual requirements.

Interestingly, in order to determine the quality of the product right in the store, it is worth shaking the bottle: a large amount of foam is typical for low-grade rinses.

The best conditioners for machine washing

Conditioners for machine washing are designed to be used in automatic units. They do not harm the mechanisms, are well washed out when rinsing, give silky softness and pleasant freshness for a long time. The agent is poured into the compartment or directly into the drum of the machine. The exact amount per cycle is determined by the measuring cap or special marks in the rinse aid tray.

Fabric softener Frosch «Almond Milk»

Rating: 4.9

Frosch is a popular German manufacturer of ECO-labeled household products. This means that they are absolutely safe for health, do not harm the environment, they do not contain chemical hazardous substances that can cause allergic reactions.

Almond extract gives a light fragrance that lasts for several days. The laundry after using the rinse aid is soft and gentle when touched, it smells good. It irons well and stays clean for a longer time.

The concentrated consistency helps to reduce the consumption of the product per rinse and significantly increase the life of one bottle. A safe composition with plant components allows the use of air conditioner when washing children’s clothes and clothes of people prone to allergies.


  • natural composition;
  • ECO product;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • biodegradable;
  • unobtrusive aroma;
  • concentrate;
  • affordable price.


  • not detected.

Test purchase: rating of high-quality fabric softeners for children’s clothes

Daily washing is a kind of test for clothes. Plaque from detergents and powders settles on the inner layers of the fabric over time, actually attracting dust, dirt and unpleasant odors. Each new wash without using a conditioner makes children’s clothes rough to the touch, colors fade, and fabrics deform.

Using an air conditioner solves this problem. The baby rinse helps not only to soften things, but also to form an invisible protective film. Surfactants become a kind of shield from dirt and mineral salts, which are extremely difficult to rinse.

TOP 6 effective conditioners for rinsing baby clothes: which baby conditioner is better?

Application features

In order for the children’s air conditioner to work correctly, you need to know the subtleties in its use. Rinses are used for hand or machine washing. During self-washing of linen, the concentrate is added directly to the basin with water in the right dosage and lasts for about 10 minutes. Then things are rinsed and wrung out.

When machine washing, concentrated fabric softener is added to the compartment next to the powder reservoir, then the desired mode is started. For the procedure to proceed correctly, it is worth adhering to the main rules:

  • It is not recommended to pour the concentrate into the drum of the washing machine itself. In order for the product to be distributed evenly throughout the clothes, it is added to the intended compartment.
  • It is necessary to add the conditioner in exactly the indicated dosage. To get the desired effect, you must strictly follow the instructions. Lack of funds will not create a soft and protective effect. An excess will make the thing slippery and unpleasant to the body.
  • For linen made of wool and silk, you need to use special products. Things from these fabrics are capricious in washing, therefore, it is recommended to use the appropriate products for the procedure. Usually all the information is written on the package.
  • Do not wash outerwear with a concentrate. Most often, outerwear has water-repellent components, so the use of auxiliary products will not give any positive effect.

Subject to the recommendations, things after washing will always be soft and protected.

How to decide on the choice of children’s air conditioner

The best conditioner for baby clothes is a delicate and proven product that not only keeps the fabric soft, but is also safe for baby’s delicate skin. There are several main points that you should pay attention to when choosing a tool.

  1. Compliance of air conditioners with GOST.
  2. Optimal price: very cheap rinses should arouse suspicion.
  3. Medium or thick consistency.
  4. Unobtrusive aroma.
  5. Composition: components such as chloroform, terpineol, benzyl acetate should not be present.

Air conditioner NOPA Nordic A/S Meine Liebe

Photo irecommend.ru

  • Unobtrusive calm aroma.
  • Softness of linen and easy ironing.
  • Approved for washing clothes of newborns.
  • Profitability.
  • Does not contain synthetic colors and fragrances.
  • Protects baby’s clothes from loss of shape and color, eliminates unpleasant odors.
  • The volume is enough, on average, for 25 automatic washes.

TOP 5 conditioners for adults

If you don’t know what is the best fabric softener to use when washing «adult» clothes, read on carefully. We tried to compile our rating in such a way that it includes brands other than «children’s» options. For those who like to use conditioners with a pronounced aroma, one of the following options will do.


This fabric softener has at least two great fragrances:

  • Soflan — has a pronounced citrus aroma;
  • Juliette — smells of vanilla and jasmine.

The agent perfectly softens fabrics, has an antistatic effect. Trace elements penetrate deeply into the fibers of the fabric, make it softer and eliminate unpleasant odors, even very persistent ones. The composition of the conditioner is almost completely natural. After application, the number of wrinkles on clothes is significantly reduced, and ironing becomes much easier.

Among the negative qualities, consumers note a rather high cost, and Juliette also has packaging, although economical, but rather unstable. In all other respects, this wonderful Japanese fabric softener received the most positive ratings.
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Frosch «Almond Milk»

The next representative of our review comes from Germany. All products of the Frosch brand receive a lot of positive feedback from consumers and perfectly cope with various types of pollution. The Frosch conditioner is gentle on the skin of the hands and is completely safe for the environment.

The composition is completely free of phosphates, formaldehyde and other hazardous chemicals. It contains only natural fragrances, and this reduces the risk of allergic manifestations on the skin. Frosch Almond Milk Conditioner contains natural almond extract. This additive gives things a velvety structure and natural softness.

The tool can be successfully used for both white and colored linen. The only significant drawback of this brand is not too democratic cost. But good quality can’t be cheap, can it?

For those who do not like the smell of bitter almonds too much, the manufacturer has also provided another remedy with the aroma of wild rose. It can be used for conditioning cotton, synthetic, viscose fabrics. The conditioner is also suitable for woolen products, as well as fabrics such as melange. The properties are similar to the previous «almond» option, and the price is even slightly lower.
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The fabric softener from this manufacturer is very popular among Russian hostesses. The most popular fragrance is Provence Meadows. The conditioner is suitable for all types of fabrics. Its regular use makes things softer and fresher. Viksan prevents the accumulation of static electricity and helps to maintain the brightness of the color for a long time.

The conditioner contains a certain amount of silicone emulsion. This allows you to keep the structure of the fabric longer and avoid the premature appearance of pellets. The consumption of funds is quite economical, so that a liter package is enough for a long time.

When using the Viksan air conditioner, you should exercise some caution and carefully follow the instructions. The fact is that the product is concentrated, and therefore, it is highly recommended not to allow the emulsion to get directly onto the fabric.

A small complaint from users can be considered the presence of a dye in the composition. Of course, this does not mean that your laundry will get dirty, but you need to use the product with caution. For those who consider such a drawback to be critical, the use of the Viksan baby “Gentle Touch” conditioner can be advised. Its properties are almost identical to those described above, but there are no dyes. So, a manufacturer from Belarus takes care of the delicate skin of babies.
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The inexpensive Russian-made air conditioner is also very popular. In our review, it is represented by two flavors:

  • «Blue Lagoon»;
  • «Sea freshness».

Both products have an antistatic effect and simply repel dust particles from the surface of the clothing. Almost the only difference is the smell — each housewife can choose the one she liked more. By the way, this conditioner is great for those who are looking for a product that does not have a pronounced aroma, and prefers to smell like their favorite perfume, rather than fabric softener. Mistresses complain that the smell of the air conditioner quickly disappears. However, this cannot be called a disadvantage. Many users are looking for just such an option.

Otherwise, Chirton does its job well. After using it, the linen becomes much softer and more tender. The fabric is harder to wrinkle and easier to iron. The tool is suitable for any material, it is inexpensive, it is spent sparingly.
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Among all brands of fabric softeners, products from the Belgian manufacturer should be put in a leading position. Ecover is not easy to ensure the freshness and softness of washed clothes. The product does not contain bioaccumulative components at all, decomposes in nature quickly and naturally and meets all EU standards and requirements.

Components of the conditioner Ecover contains exclusively herbal ingredients, it does not contain dyes and fragrances. Thanks to its features, the air conditioner can be safely used by people with various manifestations of allergic reactions and skin diseases. There are no contraindications for using it when washing children’s clothes.

The most popular fragrances are «Among Flowers» and Zero. Thanks to the use of a Belgian conditioner, things after washing are easier to iron, wrinkle less and attract dust. Of course, with such an abundance of positive qualities, the tool cannot be cheap. The Ecover air conditioner is significantly more expensive than domestic analogues. And this is perhaps its only drawback.
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The second method is traditional, it was used by our grandmothers. Since they had a small choice of household chemicals, they used freezing: in winter, in good frosts, the products were laid out on the street at night, and in the morning they were brought into the room and defrosted. After such a procedure, wearing woolen things was much more pleasant.

Nowadays, you can both hang woolen products on the balcony in winter, or simply put them in the freezer section of the refrigerator (also at night).

If you want to use the freezer, moisten the product a little first and put it in a plastic bag.

The best conditioners for hand washing

Hand wash conditioners are designed for the final rinse of washed laundry, which is soaked in a solution of water and detergent, aged for several minutes and wrung out. They are not intended for use in automatic machines. These rinses are suitable for all types of fabric, including delicate, not intended for machine cleaning and recommended for hand washing.

Softa «Air Softness»

Rating: 4.8


The Japanese remedy has a gentle effect on all types of fabric, including wool and silk. Thanks to the natural emollients included in the composition, after use, the linen becomes airy and smooth.

The special formula penetrates deep into the fabric, removes persistent sweat and tobacco odors, creates a fresh fragrance that lasts for several days.

The conditioner relieves static stress, facilitates ironing, prevents the formation of pellets, and preserves the brightness of the color. After regular use things look like new. According to reviews, Softa «Air Softness» is the best product for delicate fabrics, which increases their wear resistance and prevents damage during washing.


  • gentle care;
  • for all types of fabric;
  • removes persistent odors;
  • preserves the brightness of the color;
  • economical consumption;
  • antistatic effect;
  • pleasant aroma.


  • not detected.

Do-it-yourself rinse aid: use 5 improvised means

Despite the availability of funds and a large selection, some housewives are looking for something to replace fabric softener with. Some want to save money, others want to protect their loved ones from the harmful effects of synthetic components. We offer five home methods to help soften and dielectric fabric with improvised means.

  1. Vinegar. A household softener known to housewives is added directly to the rinse aid compartment in the machine. 150-200 ml of vinegar is enough for one wash.
  2. Soda. Add 50 g of baking soda pre-diluted in water for automatic or hand washing. Soda softens water, bleaches clothes.
  3. Salt. Dissolve three tablespoons of salt in a glass of water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.
  4. Balm for hair. Mix 500 ml of water with 250 ml of vinegar and 150 ml of balm. Mix into a homogeneous mass. You can also grind five tablespoons of sea salt with three tablespoons of balm to make a paste.
  5. Mixture. Prepare a glass of soda and 9% vinegar each. Pour half a liter of boiling water into a deep container. Dissolve baking soda in water, add vinegar. For aroma, it is recommended to add a few drops of essential oil. Pour the mixture into a bottle. Use 50 ml when washing.

It is recommended to prepare a gel paste from soap shavings (50 g), soda ash (50 g), glycerin (three tablespoons), borax (one tablespoon) and essential oil (three drops). Soda and soap are dissolved in boiling water, glycerin is added and mixed thoroughly. When the solution has cooled, borax and oil are added.

The use of fabric softener does not cause difficulties for modern housewives. The choice of a suitable rinse aid is left to the buyers. For odor intolerance, it is better to use fragrance-free products or use self-prepared mixtures. Only with strict observance of the instructions and dosages, you can get soft clothes without conditioner residues in the fabric.

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