Fancoil office air conditioningModern technologies make it possible to create efficient and economical microclimate systems for buildings for various purposes. One of the important types of such systems is the air conditioning and heating of offices with the help of chillers and fan coil units. To date, these devices are considered the most suitable for such premises, because. their installation allows you to immediately get a multifunctional system that can provide all the necessary climatic parameters.

Features of the microclimate in offices

A person spends most of his time at work. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on the conditions of his stay in the room. At the workplaces of personnel, high-quality ventilation should be organized, a cooling, humidification and air heating system should be installed. But most importantly, you need the possibility of flexible temperature control in each individual room or work area.

Fancollies in the officeThe use of air conditioners that cool only the internal air does not make it possible to organize effective air exchange. Fan coil units connected to the supply unit provide up to 60% fresh air from the street and create much more comfortable conditions. Another feature of the offices is a rather large concentration of people and equipment in the same rooms where the work process takes place, and a small concentration in administrative offices and reception rooms, where sometimes there can be one person and one computer. Accordingly, such rooms have different requirements for temperature conditions.

For example, in winter, due to the work of bright lighting, a large number of switched on equipment and many employees, the temperature in the room can reach +28°C, which can adversely affect the operation of equipment and the well-being of people. In office assignments, there is often a need for year-round air conditioning. Four-pipe fan coil units successfully cope with this, simultaneously cooling the air in some rooms and heating it in others.

Benefits of using fan coil units in the office

Fancoil in the working area of ​​the officeRecently, a lot of Class A office buildings have been built, in which the installation of fan coil units is envisaged at the design stage. Such engineering solutions are caused by the serious advantages of such equipment, which provide significant cost savings for its installation and operation:

  • the possibility of flexible control of all elements of the system;
  • independent temperature control in each separate room;
  • precise maintenance of the set parameters;
  • lack of freon routes and many outdoor units (an unlimited number of fan coil units are connected to one chiller);
  • simultaneous performance of cooling, heating and ventilation functions;
  • the presence of a large range of models (wall, cassette, channel, floor) allows you to choose the best option in terms of appearance, power and installation method.
  • professional installation of fan coil units instead of the already familiar split systems and outdated heating radiators will increase the prestige of the company in the eyes of visitors and business partners.

Fan coil air conditioning schemes

In buildings of office centers and small offices, different schemes for using fan coil units can be used:

  • separately from ventilation — devices that operate like an air conditioner only in the internal air (for small offices);
  • with the installation of a cooling section in the ventilation duct, to which a chiller, KKB or central air conditioner is connected;
  • combined circuit with integration into the ventilation system (the most expensive, but creating the greatest degree of comfort and more economical in operation).

For the rational use of the space of a large office and the comfortable stay of staff inside the premises, it is better to install cassette or duct fan coil units, which are conveniently installed in a false ceiling, and the air is supplied either along the ceiling in several directions or through air ducts. For small spaces, you can choose a wall or floor version with an original design, which will give the office a stylish and modern look.