Every day a person inhales about 12 square meters. meters of air. We cannot always control its purity and safety, and the bacteria and viruses present in it can cause serious illness. Our immune system successfully fights some of them, but you should not rely only on its strength.

During the period of active spread of coronavirus infection, experts recommend paying more attention to the disinfection of the air environment. The most practical and effective solution to this problem is bactericidal recirculators for the home, which destroy up to 99.9% of harmful microorganisms. Ease of operation, high efficiency and elegant design contribute to the growing popularity of this type of equipment.

Bactericidal recirculator in the interiorDo you need an air decontaminator at home?

The main reasons to buy a bactericidal irradiator for home:

Room disinfection.

The device has built-in ultraviolet lamps that neutralize 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses transmitted by airborne droplets. If the device is operated continuously, pathogenic microbes have not the slightest chance of reproducing and penetrating the human body.

Minimum ozone emission.

A high concentration of ozone in the air (as after using a quartz lamp) threatens a person with serious intoxication. The bactericidal recirculator of the closed type does not provoke the release of ozone acid during its operation, its operation does not harm the people nearby at all.

Reliable protection against viruses.

The risk of catching a viral infection is both on the street and at home. And if in public places most people use masks, then no one wears them at home. When using a recirculator, this need disappears. Even in the presence of a sick person, regular air disinfection minimizes the possibility of infection.

High speed.

To completely clean the room, the irradiator takes no more than 1.5 hours. In smaller homes, the disinfection time may be shorter (from 30 minutes). With the help of one device, you can alternately purify the air in different rooms.

Home recirculator benefit or harmIs a bactericidal recirculator harmful?

All models presented in our online store have a closed case, the presence of which excludes the impact of ultraviolet rays on a person. Therefore, the use of a home UV disinfector is possible both in the presence of people in the room, and in their absence.

The high level of confidence in such equipment is due to:

  • built-in high-quality lamps made of uvio glass, which filters out ozone radiation;
  • a closed housing design that closes the bactericidal flow of ultraviolet lamps inside the device and does not allow it to get outside;
  • The presence of a reflective coating that blocks the output of UV rays.

Such design features make the device absolutely safe to operate even in enclosed spaces. It does not harm people, animals and plants.

How to choose an air decontaminator for your home

When buying, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

1. Mounting type.

Bactericidal irradiator-recirculator can be floor, wall and mobile. For home use, wall-mounted is most often recommended, because. it does not take up extra space and is protected from any mechanical impact. This is especially important when there are children or animals in the room.

2. Performance.

How to choose an irradiator for your homeIt is selected depending on the area or volume of the room. The more space, the higher the power level needed. If the device does not have enough power to disinfect the air, it will still fulfill its purpose with high quality, just for a longer period.

3. Housing material.

The frame can be made of metal or plastic. A metal case will be stronger and more durable, but a cheaper plastic option is fine for a living space.

4. Design.

The ultraviolet irradiator of the closed type has a stylish design that will harmoniously fit into any interior.
level of automation.

A significant plus for disinfection will be the presence of a timer and a special indicator that shows the time of continuous operation of the device.

There are a lot of factors that can influence your choice when buying. Understanding them can be difficult. All information related to disinfection and air purification is thoroughly familiarized with our employees. They will always help you choose and buy bactericidal recirculator for a house with the necessary characteristics, which is ideal for your conditions.

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