Heavy duty thermal curtainTo ensure reliable thermal protection in large rooms, high-performance equipment is needed. For these purposes, heavy-duty thermal water curtains are most often used. The use of devices powered by electricity is possible only at those facilities where there are appropriate capacities for this. Inefficient equipment will not be able to provide the required temperature conditions and will cause very significant costs for heat loss compensation.

When operating doors for oversized transport, the correct installation of the thermal curtain and the calculation of characteristics plays a very important role. Usually in such places loading and unloading operations are carried out and the gates remain open for quite a long time. To create a dense air wall, special attention must be paid to the following parameters: air capacity, power and curtain length.

Scope of heavy duty air curtains

The main task of air-thermal curtains of increased power is the protection of doorways in which there is a stop of road or rail transport or there is a high activity of people moving. The objects where the installation of such equipment is economically justified are the gates:

  • large production shops;
  • transport hangars and depots;
  • warehouse and logistics complexes;
  • Service stations, car washes and workshops;
  • exhibition centers and stadiums.

Heavy Duty Warehouse CurtainHeavy-duty non-heated air curtains can be used in butcher shops of meat and fish industries, in large refrigeration units and in shops with hazardous production (to prevent combustion products and chemicals from entering the production area).

What is Heavy Duty Air Curtain

Such barriers are complex engineering systems that are used not only for protection from the cold, but also for additional heating. They can become indispensable in rooms with high requirements for the quality of the air environment and maintain the specified parameters of cleanliness, temperature and humidity. With proper organization, the installation of a high-power thermal curtain allows you to increase the level of heat saving up to 80%.

In general, their design includes the same elements as standard air curtains: powerful fan turbines, heating elements or water heat exchangers, slot nozzles with guide plates for air distribution, modern curtain automation equipment. An important detail is the specially designed air ducts, which allow you to significantly expand the air jet supply area.

Heavy-duty air currents can be created using various energy sources — water or electricity. In relatively small openings from 4 to 8 meters, electric curtains are used for supermarkets, mobile exhibition halls, and sports complexes. More economical water curtains for production and storage facilities will allow you to get real savings in resources and costs for heating industrial enterprises.

Features of heavy duty air curtains

Installation of heavy-duty thermal curtainsSuch equipment is used to cover openings with a height of 4 to 30 meters and its productivity can reach more than 10,000 m3/hour. Most air curtains for this purpose have a thermal power exceeding 6 kW, which requires connection to a three-phase electrical network. Depending on the opening, the effective length of the air jet is calculated; this indicator determines the maximum value of the air barrier that a horizontal or vertical curtain can create.

Bottom-supply designs are the most efficient, but the slotted opening often becomes clogged under production conditions. Therefore, the most common type are vertical installation structures located on both sides of the gate. In most cases, shutter-type curtains are used to prevent the ingress of cold from the outside. Mixing devices for large openings are inefficient, because. they spend a lot of energy to constantly heat the outside air.

There are not many high power models on the market. Basically, you can buy a curtain of this type only by order for a specific object. Correct calculations and selection of the necessary characteristics will allow you to get the highest quality and reliable equipment for work in any, even the most difficult, operating conditions.