Air curtain in supermarketNot every room requires an air heating function to distinguish between zones with different temperatures. Where it is necessary to maintain a cooler temperature regime or simply a dense air wall to cut off outside air regardless of the weather, unheated air curtains are often used. One of the most common places to use them are shops, perishable food stores and supermarkets. Such devices are the most economical in terms of power consumption and allow you to separate different areas in the trading floor without disturbing the convenience of customers’ movement.

Tasks of air curtains without heating in a supermarket

In supermarkets, curtains without heating are used quite often. The absence of heating elements in their design allows installation of curtains of this kind to solve several very important tasks:

  • protection against the inflow of cold and polluted air from the street with constantly opening doors;
  • Air curtain without heating in supermarket

  • increase the efficiency of air conditioning / heating of the building and reduce operating costs;
  • air purification due to joint work with ventilation;
  • creation of special cooling zones in which there are foods and drinks with different storage temperatures;
  • organization of comfortable access for customers to showcases with chilled products;
  • creation of optimal conditions for the work of personnel in cutting shops;
  • protection of the trading floor and recreation areas from odors from the supermarket kitchen when cooking;
  • preventing cold air leakage from freezers.

According to the principle of operation, such devices work in the same way as electric and water thermal curtains. However, they do not heat the air, but create its intense flow, which excludes the mixing of dissimilar air masses.

Features of installation and operation

Air curtain without heating above the showcaseAccording to experts, the average time spent by a visitor in a supermarket is 20-30 minutes, and comfortable feelings during this time are the key to business prosperity. In addition to creating the best conditions for storing various products and preserving their qualities, installing an air curtain will create an acceptable temperature regime for being near an open refrigerated display case. The possibility of installation in the ceiling space facilitates its placement in the middle of the trading floor without any additional openings and doors.

On the entrance doors or openings of service premises, such a curtain will create a comfortable temperature zone and eliminate the appearance of drafts. For example, it will be very appropriate in the department for the sale of flowers, which are very sensitive to any changes in the microclimate. Horizontal and vertical curtains installed outside on the doors of freezers will prevent the formation of a snow coat, which will not require frequent defrosting of refrigeration units and will significantly increase the life of the equipment.

There are many opportunities on the market today to purchase a high quality air curtain with low energy consumption without heating. In supermarkets with a large area and a large number of doors, you can install a separate device for each specific thermal zone, and if there is a large department with chilled products, you can install a whole line of air curtains in series by connecting them to one control panel.