Everyone tries to take care of their health. During the growth of colds, many people carry out air disinfection in their homes, apartments, offices with the help of special devices. These are ultraviolet irradiators — bactericidal recirculators closed type. There is an erroneous opinion that such devices are harmful and do not bring any benefit. In fact, they are completely harmless. They make staying in any room comfortable and safe.

The benefits of an ultraviolet air irradiator

Advantages of closed-type UV irradiators Destroys dangerous microorganisms

For 1.5 hours of work, 99% of all kinds of viruses, fungi and harmful bacteria die. It is excellent for use in hospitals, as well as in office and commercial buildings, residential buildings, children’s institutions and catering establishments. In the context of the spread of COVID19, installing it is the best precaution.

Purifies the air

Often in a polluted environment there are mold spores, pathogens of intestinal infections and many allergens. Constant exposure to such conditions can lead to an exacerbation of asthma and lung diseases, as well as a decrease in immunity. With the help of a recirculator, the air is cleaned of harmful impurities.
Prevents viruses from spreading.

The irradiator affects the DNA of the infection and deprives it of the ability to reproduce. Even if there is a sick person in a room with a working device, the likelihood of infection is minimal.

Does not emit ultraviolet radiation outside the case

The bactericidal recirculator of the closed type provides protection against the release of radiation from uvio lamps into the environment. All sides of the camera are glued with special reflectors made of high quality materials. Therefore, the operation of the device is safe even in the presence of people.

Myths about the dangers of a disinfectant

Cons of air recirculators1. Harm of ultraviolet radiation.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays on the skin negatively affects the condition of the cells, and their contact with the retina of the eye can completely deprive a person of vision.

This danger exists only when using quartz lamps. The closed housing and labyrinth reflective screens at the air inlet and outlet to the bactericidal irradiator completely exclude such situations.

2. Evaporation of mercury.

The lamps use a small amount of mercury for high-efficiency irradiation. In quality air purifiers, its content is minimized. The metal is contained in a solid chilled state inside a strong capsule, the destruction of which is possible only with a very strong impact.

3. Ozone release.

This gas is produced by high power UV lamps. In large quantities, it is very harmful to humans, its effects cause eye irritation, coughing, breathing difficulties, dry mouth and shortness of breath. A long stay in an environment with a high ozone content provokes serious diseases of the respiratory system.

But this problem is inherent only to quartz lamps. In bactericidal recirculators, only ozone-free ultraviolet lamps are used, the use of which does not harm the body in any way.

How to use the recirculatorHow to protect yourself from the influence of the irradiator

  1. When buying, it is important to choose only high-quality devices from well-known manufacturers.
  2. It is worth paying attention to the material from which the lamps and the body are made, also pay attention to the power level.
  3. It is recommended to operate the disinfector in the temperature range from +10 to +35С. It is better not to use it in a poorly heated room.
  4. It is advisable to place the device in an area inaccessible to children and pets. This is ideal for wall mounting.
  5. In the event of a malfunction or deformation of the case, you should immediately contact the repair specialists for this type of equipment.

Subject to compliance with all rules of use, you can buy bactericidal recirculator for home, school, apartment, hairdresser, office, cafe and any other premises and be completely sure of its safety and harmlessness. It will help keep the air around you and your loved ones clean and protect against airborne diseases.