Installing a central vacuum cleaner
More than 50 years ago, the use of new technologies led to the emergence of completely unique cleaning equipment. In 1957, the American company Beam Industries was the first to start producing central vacuum cleaners, which made it possible to remove 100% of dust from the premises. Unlike a conventional vacuum cleaner, they work reliably and silently, making the cleaning process a pleasant and uncomplicated experience. Today, the demand for these devices has grown significantly due to the popularization of the principles of a healthy environment and energy efficiency.

What is a central vacuum cleaner

The centralized dust removal system, in fact, is a stationary built-in vacuum cleaner. It consists of a power unit installed in a utility room, basement, garage or on a balcony; pipeline through which dust moves; several pneumosockets and pneumoshovels, which are mounted in the most convenient places. Devices with a separator allow you to collect larger debris, spilled water and even clean fireplaces.

Central vacuum cleaner deviceDust suction is carried out by a corrugated hose with a variety of nozzles (for furniture, floor coverings, cleaning blinds, computer equipment, car interiors and even cleaning animals). The hose is connected to a pneumatic socket and the system can be turned on by this connection, or by using the on/off button located on the handle. The optimal length of the hose is 8-12 m, which makes it easy to reach the most inaccessible places.

This equipment is very easy to use. A convenient control panel makes it possible to turn the system on and off, adjust the air pressure, turn on the local lighting of the cleaning area. The display shows all operating parameters, with its help the central vacuum cleaner itself reminds when it is necessary to empty the container with garbage or about the need to carry out preventive maintenance.

Features and Benefits

Installing a central vacuum cleaner in any room greatly facilitates the cleaning process. All that is needed is to turn on the system and walk with a hose through all the rooms. The main difference from a conventional vacuum cleaner is the ability to remove all, even the finest dust from the room, which is not captured by the filters of a simple vacuum cleaner and is thrown back into the room. An innovative invention — the pneumoexhaust system — removes all the exhaust air in full to the street.

Central vacuum cleanerIt is very important that built-in vacuum cleaners have a very high energy efficiency. Their efficiency significantly exceeds the performance of traditional cleaning devices. Maximum suction power is achieved with minimum energy consumption, and many models allow you to use several levels of power adjustment, which makes energy consumption even lower. Due to the fact that the power unit is installed in a separate room, the system operates almost silently — only the sound of the intake air is heard.

The developers have created very convenient devices for collecting dust and other contaminants — pneumo inlets and pneumopans. They allow you to get rid of debris with a flick of the wrist, you just need to run a hose or sweep debris to the nearest vacuum scoop and press the pedal. In order to correctly calculate their number, select other necessary accessories, i.e. to purchase a central vacuum cleaner and not overpay for unnecessary qualities, you need a professional approach to project development, equipment selection, as well as to all installation and commissioning work. Then the central dust removal system will effectively serve for about 15-20 years, leaving its owners time for more important and useful activities.