Everyone knows that in nature the air is cleaner and therefore we breathe so comfortably and easily. But in the city, the air contains many impurities that are harmful to our health, as well as large particles of dust, wool, pollen, and so on. But modern technologies allow us to improve comfort in the house and make breathing easier due to special equipment.

More recently, a hybrid purifier and humidifier has appeared on the market, which performs several functions at once. It is convenient and good for our health. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rating of popular and best models of humidifiers / air purifiers, where you will learn about their pros and cons, the quality of work and read customer reviews. And also I will tell you how such devices work and what to look for when buying them.

Features of the Humidifier-Air Purifier

Most recently, we bought various devices for cleaning and humidifying the air. But today, manufacturers offer multifunctional models in which all these options are present.

As you know, there are invisible particles in our air, which, when inhaled, enter our body and can cause not only allergies, but also more serious diseases. Therefore, regular cleaning of the air in the house from dust, germs, bacteria, wool and other allergens is so important. It is also necessary to maintain moisture in order for our immune system to work properly and without failure. Humidifiers are responsible for this. But complex devices perform all these functions simultaneously.

Rating TOP 9 best humidifiers-purifiers: quality of purification, which is better, price, pros and cons

The principle of operation of the humidifier-purifier is as follows: the fan forcibly drives the air through the air filtration system, and then through the water. Thus, the already purified and moistened air flow that we breathe enters the external environment.

There are two types of filtration: water and dry. In the first case, the air flow passes through the water and dust particles settle in it. And in the second, they first pass through dry filters of various degrees of purification. There are the following types:

  1. HEPA has different degrees of purification from antibacterial to the smallest particles and chemical compounds, which is very important for allergy sufferers. Refers to interchangeable and must be replaced, as indicated in the passport.
  2. Coal (carbon) removes odors.
  3. Pre-cleaner retains large particles of dust and wool, thereby protecting the HEPA filter from premature clogging.
  4. Photocatalytic removes unpleasant odors due to UV radiation falling on the surface with titanium dioxide.
  5. Silver disinfects and promotes the retention of the smallest particles and allergens.

The function of steam is also different, and each type has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  1. Traditional or “cold evaporation” takes place without heating water, does not leave residue on furniture, but requires the use of purified distilled water. If you pour water from the tap into the tank, a plaque forms in the container.
  2. Hot steam due to the heating element. It quickly saturates oxygen with water vapor, but is unsafe, so you need to think about its location. Especially in homes with small children.
  3. Ultrasonic produces a finely dispersed water suspension that easily rises in the air. Therefore, they are more efficient. Such devices are almost silent and consume little electricity, but leave a white coating on the furniture.

Comparison of the best humidifier cleaners

You have read the rating of popular models of air purifiers and humidifiers and learned about their positive and negative qualities. Before moving on to the best models, I propose to compare all the main characteristics in a single table:

Model Area (sq. m.) Power consumption W Tank volume (l) Peculiarities price, rub.
Xiaomi CJXJSQ02ZM 36 eight four smartphone control 6650-10144
SENDO Air 90 fifty fifty 2 silver filter 20400-25890
Sharp KC-D51RW 38 25 2.5 ionization 27770-31788
Kitfort KT-2811 thirty 105 5.3 aromatization, hygrometer 6389-6490
Cuchen Airwash 40 44 5 timer 23900
AIC XJ-297 28 28 4.5 ionization, UV 6990-10900
Stadler Form Oskar big Limited O-040LM/O-041LM 100 32 6 humidity 40-55% 27990
Electrolux EHU-5010D / EHU-5015D thirty thirty four aromatization 5230-6230
Panasonic F-VXR50R 40 45 2.3 purity control 36740-37180

Lists of the best

Speaking about the best, it is worth considering not only their quality of work, but also the affordability of the price. Not always expensive equipment has the best performance, because sometimes we overpay for the brand. Therefore, I propose the following nominations:

  • in terms of price and quality;
  • for a medium sized apartment.

The best air purifier-humidifier for price and quality

In urban apartments, it is necessary to improve the microclimate and it is not always possible to buy expensive equipment. Among the budget options there are worthy ones that can qualitatively purify the air from pollution and moisten it in a short time. These include Sharp KC-D51RW.

Sharp KC-D51RW air purifier and humidifier with open side tank

This model is designed for rooms up to 38 sq.m., that is, it is perfect for studios and or one-room apartments. Or you can alternately turn it on in different rooms and, when the desired level of cleaning and moisture is reached, move it to others. For ease of transportation, there are wheels, since the weight of the device is 9.2 kg.

The climate complex is able to clean the volume up to 306 cubic meters per hour. while spending no more than 600 ml of water. The 2.5-liter tank is designed to work 3-4 hours at maximum mode and about 10 hours at minimum.

Built-in filters: pre-filter, HEPA and charcoal. Such a system allows you to trap large particles, like wool, as well as small ones: dust, pollen, microbes and also unpleasant odors.

Touchpad example in Russian

Russified touch control on the top panel. It is possible to adjust the intensity of humidification and set a timer. The display has indicators for humidity, filter contamination, low water level and power on. In addition, there is ionization. After turning on the ion rain, it is necessary to carry out wet cleaning, as dust settles on the floor, furniture and walls. This technology also removes static electricity and reduces the number of bacteria.

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During ionization, it is not recommended to smoke indoors, as this procedure enhances the penetration of harmful substances into the body. And also for the same reason, it cannot be carried out if there are patients in the room.


from 27770 to 31788 rubles.

Sharp KC-D51RW

The best air purifier/humidifier for a mid-sized apartment

The main problem of urban air is its pollution, and only then in moisture. We all want to breathe pure oxygen and have good health. That is why I propose to pay attention to the Panasonic F-VXR50R model.

Panasonic F-VXR50R with open side air purification filter

It’s more of a purifier than a humidifier. That is why the water tank is small at only 2.3 liters and barely enough for the whole day. But with the main function of the device copes perfectly. Some buyers noted that after the purchase they had to add water to the tank more often until the room had reached the desired percentage of moisture.

It has a built-in HEPA filter that traps small particles of dust and pollen. And also cleansing takes place thanks to the carbon barrier that keeps unpleasant odors. Unlike competitors, consumables do not need to be changed frequently (every 10 years) and are available in stores. During operation, there is practically no noise.

Top view of the humidifier control panel

Electronic control panel in Russian. It is possible to set the timer, the intensity of purification and evaporation. You can set the type of pollution and the device will automatically turn on to clean the air. The catcher is located on the side. As soon as it works, the front panel opens. At the end of the cleaning procedure, it closes automatically. There is a child lock to prevent accidental activation. When the light is turned off, the indicator is activated and the device switches to night mode. You can turn on the cleaning and humidifying functions separately.

If you have lost the instructions, the back cover details how to care for the equipment and clean it.

Cultivated area 40 sq. m.

Productivity is 306 cubic meters/hour with a consumption of 500 ml of water at the maximum mode.


from 36,740 to 37,180 rubles.

Panasonic F-VXR50R

TOP-4 air purifiers in terms of price-quality ratio

In the ranking of the best air purifiers with an optimal price / quality ratio, models with high cleaning efficiency can be distinguished: Ballu AP-110, AIC CF8005, Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S, Boneco P500. The presented devices will please with good performance, service area.

AIC CF8005


Rating The air purifier is made of high-quality plastic, designed for operation in rooms with an area of ​​up to 21 m2, while it is significantly inferior in performance to the other nominees of the top. Buyers are attracted by modern design, light weight, touch control, ease of filter replacement. The design is equipped with a UV lamp, an air ionizer. The presence of a timer allows you to program the operating time for 2, 4, 8 hours.

An inexpensive model has a power of 60 watts. That allows her to quickly clean the air of the room from dust, allergens, bacteria, dirt. The applied filters (4 types) trap not only large particles, but also microscopic pollutants like plant pollen.


  • handle for ease of movement;
  • pollution level indicator;
  • clear management;
  • light;
  • quality of materials;
  • low price of replacement filters.


  • noisy;
  • no child protection.

Ballu AP-110


Rating The floor standing unit improves air quality with a system consisting of carbon, photocatalytic, HEPA filter and pre-cleaner. The design provides support for ionization, a UV lamp that provides disinfection of the interior space of the premises. The power of the model (50 W) is designed for use in rooms up to 20 m2. The amount of hazardous substances is scanned by a fine particle sensor, and a color indication informs about the degree of air pollution.

The developer guarantees high-quality cleaning from dirt, dust, allergens. Ease of operation of the unit is due to the presence of a sensor that reports the need to replace the filter, timer, speed controller (3 modes). When the panel is removed, the appliance switches off automatically, which guarantees protection from children.


  • compact dimensions;
  • light weight;
  • build quality;
  • 4 degrees of purification;
  • comfortable LED lighting;
  • high performance;
  • Ease of controls.


  • programming for a specific period of work is not provided;
  • noise level.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S


Rating The model is designed to purify indoor air from fine dust, bacteria, unpleasant odors, therefore it is equipped with a filter for trapping large particles, hepa, and an absorbent layer. The power of the device is 31 W, and the service area is from 21 to 40 m2, which is almost 2 times higher than the previous nominees. The unit is distinguished by the possibility of being integrated into the Smart Home system via a Wi-Fi network. You can also control it from your smartphone through the Mi Home app.

The increased size of the filter, which occupies almost half of the internal structure, provides a high capacity of 310 m3/h. A distinctive feature of the model is the operation of the filter system at 3600, which allows you to capture air masses from all sides. For ease of use, an OLED screen is located on the front panel, which displays temperature, humidity, PM index, and the mode of operation.


  • 3 operating modes;
  • quiet work;
  • automatically adjustable brightness of the glow;
  • efficiency;
  • high-precision laser sensors that control the level of air pollution;
  • handy application.


  • price of replacement filters;
  • Difficulties with pairing a mobile phone.

Boneco P500


rating The device effectively eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens, smoke, a wide range of odors, harmful volatile compounds. Thanks to replaceable filters (pre-filters, Allergy, carbon), the air in the room will always be clean. The model is suitable for medium-sized rooms with an area of ​​up to 28 m2. Productivity is 300 m3/hour.

The comfort of operation is ensured by the presence of a remote control in the kit, a timer, the maximum setting period of which reaches 19 hours, automatic adjustment of the display brightness, taking into account the intensity of illumination. The design includes a container for aromatic oils. The outlet of the purified air is carried upwards, so you don’t have to worry about what will blow next to the child playing.


  • build quality;
  • stylish design;
  • low power consumption;
  • low noise level;
  • instrument cleaning indicator;
  • the kit includes baby, smog-filter;
  • 5 power levels.


  • there is no ozonation, ionization;
  • Wi-Fi control is not provided.

What to look for when choosing a humidifier-purifier?

Rating TOP 9 best humidifiers-purifiers: quality of purification, which is better, price, pros and cons

When choosing a climate complex, you need to focus not only on customer reviews and the brand. Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the device, as in the passport you will find the exact data and will be able to determine whether you need a thing or not. So, what to pay attention to first of all:

  1. Served area. Remember that no matter what the device is and no matter what the manufacturer says about it, it works most efficiently only in one room, since walls interfere with air circulation. Therefore, we take into account the area of ​​u200bu200bthe largest room if we intend to move the humidifier-air purifier as needed.
  2. humidification type. I described them in detail at the beginning of this review and talked about the pros and cons of each.
  3. Water filling option. The most convenient top, but less noisy in the tank. This is individual preference.
  4. Purification is most effective in the presence of several stages, provided by different degrees of air filtration. I also spoke about their types at the beginning of the review.
  5. Additional functions. It is convenient if the air cleaner has a hygrometer and a hygrostat. The first determines the degree of air humidity, and the second monitors the set humidity level. There are also models with aromatization, a timer, sensors for dirty filters and running out of water.

Humidification of the air in the house: a necessity or an element of luxury

A cold stream in the winter cold actively freezes out moisture particles from oxygen. With the onset of summer, it is dried by hot streams. The moisture problem is exacerbated when it comes to residential areas. Heaters practically “burn out” particles of moisture from oxygen, drying it out. In hot summers, the concentration of water is minimized due to constantly running air conditioners.

How to choose a humidifier air purifier for your home

As a result, the humidity level is set at around 30-32%. The room becomes stuffy, the state of health worsens, and the efficiency disappears. For normal life, the human body requires a moisture concentration of 40-60%. In summer, even more — from 50 to 65%. Obviously, an apartment cannot do without a purifier and humidifier. But which of these devices is better?