New technologies in electric heating boilersA variety of types of energy carriers that can be used in heating systems provide the buyer with ample opportunities to select the appropriate equipment. Very simple and comfortable electric boilers traditionally considered quite expensive to operate. If earlier they were rarely used as the main units, today modern technologies make it possible to use them to create the most efficient and very economical heating system for electrified facilities for any purpose.

The issue of economical use of electricity during heating must be addressed in a complex. Even if you buy an electric boiler with the best technical characteristics, you may be faced with the fact that it will not have the desired efficiency. Heating with electricity will be beneficial for small areas with minimal heat loss. And this means that walls and floors should be well insulated in it, high-quality windows and doors should be installed.

Energy saving in electric boilers

Energy-saving heating electric boilerIn order for the heating system based on an electric boiler to be inexpensive and in constant demand, manufacturers use different methods of converting electrical energy into thermal energy. Savings are achieved due to many factors:

  • use of new technologies for heat generation (ion, induction);
  • a significant reduction in the time of heating the coolant;
  • automatic control of temperature parameters;
  • simple design to avoid frequent breakdowns and costly repairs;
  • the simplest installation of electric boilers, which does not require serious costs;
  • soft start and step power control functions;
  • modern heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials;
  • electronic control that allows you to choose the most optimal mode of operation and reduce electricity consumption;

The use of circulation pumps, expansion tanks, pipes of reduced diameter allows the coolant to heat up faster and maintain the desired temperature longer.

Which electric boiler is more economical

Heating boilers can hardly be called economical. They work on the same principle as an electric kettle and consume a lot of energy. Savings in this case are achieved due to their low cost, the possibility of using any type of coolant and power adjustment by stepwise operation of several heating elements.

Electrode heating boilerElectrode boilers (ionic, ion-exchange) is a more advanced technology based on obtaining heat due to the movement of ions in the coolant when current is passed through it. An essential feature is that the liquid is heated immediately, and not through a heat exchanger or heating element. In this regard, such boilers are much (more than 2 times) more efficient than heating elements and can heat a much larger area. In them, the coolant heats up faster, installation of additional equipment is not required, so they spend much less electricity.

Induction boilers have in their design a coil hermetically isolated from the coolant. Heating comes from the core (secondary winding), which first heats up itself, and then heats the liquid circulating in the system. Such a boiler unit can operate even at low power, which other heating boilers cannot. It also does not form scale and over time its performance does not decrease.

When using modern technologies in the field of electronics, new types of coolants, ceramic electrodes, effective scale removers and other ways to increase efficiency, installing an electric boiler will save at least 20-30% of electricity. The possibility of such savings makes it possible to use electric heating not as an additional, but as the main way of heating residential, public and industrial premises.