You need to choose sunglasses taking into account several factors — the color / shape of the lenses, the size of the frame, the material used to make the accessory. If you successfully choose a product according to the type of face, then you will be able to hide its flaws, for example: a triangular face will be visually corrected with narrow glasses, and a round one with rectangular or square ones.

For drivers, manufacturers have developed individual sunglasses — with a polarized coating and photochromic, which ensure the absence of glare even when driving at night and in rainy weather. No less popular are corrective and «Antifara».

When choosing sunglasses, experts recommend paying attention to their cost: accessories for 200-300 rubles cannot guarantee reliable protection from ultraviolet, infrared rays and light. Really high-quality ones can cost from 2 thousand rubles to several tens.

How to choose sunglasses by understanding the characteristics

Based on the characteristics of sunglasses, then you should choose them according to certain parameters:

  • frame and lens materials;
  • the level of protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (solar) rays;
  • lens shape.

Since sunglasses have long been a fashion accessory, they come in different shapes and sizes, with lenses of different shades. And this parameter should also be taken into account when choosing.​

Lens color Characteristics When to wear Examples
Chameleons, the second name is photochromic Depending on the brightness of the lighting, they can change the level of darkness In any weather, at any time of the year and even indoors

Green, gray Protect from harmful sunlight without distorting images and colors in the visible picture In the sun, in cloudy weather, you can not shoot indoors

Mirrored They reflect light as much as possible, so they provide 100% protection. Recommended for wearing in winter in the presence of a lot of snow and sun, as well as in the mountains

Golden, yellow Can only block blue color In sunny weather, they are not worn at all, but they perfectly help to solve the problem of ultraviolet «irradiation» in cloudy weather.

Graduated, they are also called «mask» Lenses are only half dark Worn in any weather, at any time of the year. Suitable for driving vehicles

Polarized Prevents very bright light from reaching the eyeball It is worth putting them on the sea coast, in the mountains

Types and shapes of lenses

The right shape, type of lenses will help transform the whole appearance of a person, and in order not to make a mistake, you should know what types of lenses are generally on the market:

  • corrective glass — are able, if necessary, to correct visual acuity and at the same time protect from the bright light of sunlight;
  • graduated — the difference lies in the gradual transition from a dark shade of the coating to a lighter one, which is observed from top to bottom;
  • organic — they only stain the outer surface of the lens;
  • polarizing — prevent glare from any reflective surfaces such as sand, snow, water, and so on;
  • photochromic — can change the depth of dimming depending on the weather and the brightness of the light, the second name (folk) is «chameleons».

The shape of the lenses can, in principle, be very different, and the choice must be made on an individual basis.

There are general recommendations of experts:

  • square, rectangular lenses categorically do not fit the face with pronounced details;
  • round (a la cat Basilio) will look great only on narrow faces when an elongated shape is noted;
  • the famous «cat’s eye» should not be worn by owners of round faces;
  • «Aviators» are suitable only for strong-willed faces, on which cheekbones and chin clearly protrude.

Lens material

Separately, it is worth considering the material from which the lenses are made:

  • Glass. This material does not transmit ultraviolet rays, reflects them, therefore it is often used for the manufacture of mirrored glasses. The disadvantage of glass lenses is their heavy weight and simultaneous fragility, and this can lead to injury to the eyes. Glass lenses will be extremely inconvenient for those people who lead an active lifestyle — they can fall at any time, break and injure their face.

The modern industry has begun to produce special tempered glass, which increases the safety of glasses with such lenses. But even their experts do not recommend buying children.

  • Plastic. The advantages of the polymer material are lightness in weight, minimal injury risk, high level of protection against ultraviolet rays. This material is quite «soft», so lenses of any shape can be made from it.
  • Disadvantages: plastic is very easily scratched, rubbed and transmits a large amount of ultraviolet light. Therefore, glasses are not suitable for visiting the sea coast — a false eclipse effect is created for the pupil and it simply does not narrow.

If the choice is given in favor of glasses with plastic lenses, then you will need to pay attention to the presence of a special protective coating.

What are the frame material

Frames are also different, and first of all you need to decide on the choice of material:

  • Plastic — a universal option, used for the manufacture of sunglasses of various types. This material is lightweight, the ability to absorb paint, so the range of accessory choices is expanding. Polymer plastic is durable, does not crack even under the aggressive influence of external factors such as sea water, direct sunlight, rain and frost.
  • Metal — can only be painted in golden color, is considered more durable than plastic. A metal frame is a classic of accessory design, so it is appropriate to wear it both at a young age and at an older one, regardless of the social status of a person in society.

The only caveat: when examining sunglasses, you need to pay attention to the places where the temples are attached: if the screws are tightened too tightly, then after a short period of operation, small cracks form on the lenses.

Exclusive, original models of sunglasses are made with wooden frames. — only natural hardwood is used, treated with a special compound to extend the life of the accessory. Glasses with such a frame are heavy, bulky, uncomfortable to wear, and crack quite quickly.

Degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation, marking of categories of light transmission

The degree of protection from ultraviolet radiation for all glasses is different, so you need to know the marking of the categories of light transmission, to understand this criteria during accessory selection:

  • UV — this is, in fact, the international designation of ultraviolet and such marking should be in the passport for any sunglasses;
  • A and B — this is the type of ultraviolet radiation from which a particular accessory protects, it is better to have 2 letters present at once, but only the first is more common.

Separately, the categories of sun protection lines that meet European standards are indicated:

  • «zero» — the lenses do not have a darkening at all, they pass 100% of ultraviolet rays, the eyes remain practically unprotected;
  • «first» — glasses are special, glasses are worn only when the sun is inactive, they pass about 80-85% of ultraviolet rays, and experts consider them only a fashion accessory, and not protection from bright light;
  • «second» — transmits an average of 40% of ultraviolet rays, glasses with such lenses are great for wearing in sunny weather in central Russia;
  • «third» — lenses let in only 10% of sunlight (average), have a high level of eye protection, glasses can be worn with them both in tropical countries and in the Far North;
  • «fourth» — the bandwidth varies within 5%, glasses with such lenses can also be used in the highlands, but an accessory of such a high level of protection is prohibited for motorists to wear.

It is believed that any tinted lenses provide protection to the eyes from ultraviolet rays. But experts warn that some glasses can transmit a large amount of ultraviolet light, which will lead to spontaneous expansion of the pupil, and the result will be the penetration of a large amount of light into the eyes.

It is recommended for daily wear to purchase sunglasses with an average level of protection — category 2 and 3, because too dark lenses will tire the eyes quickly.

What color is better: bright, brown, black

It is better to choose lenses by color, taking into account the fact that such a coating complements the characteristics of sunglasses — for example, brown can relax the eyes, and orange, on the contrary, constantly keep them in suspense.

What nuances you need to remember when choosing the color of the lenses:

  • yellow — make it possible to more accurately determine the distance to the desired object, relax the eyes, increase the brightness / contrast of the visible “image”;
  • gray with a dark sheen – the perception of the surrounding world, colors as close as possible to the natural;
  • blue, blue and other «cold» shades — completely violate the perception of the color gamut of the surrounding world, therefore it is forbidden to wear while driving a car;
  • brown — relax the eyes, increase the contrast of the external environment;
  • pink — do not distort color perception, but minimally protect from the active sun;
  • orange — protect from ultraviolet radiation, help to increase the clarity of the visible image, but do not let through part of the blue rays, which leads to incorrect perception of color shades;
  • green — remove the usual tension from the eyes, have a calming effect on the central nervous system, can be worn daily.

Seeing the world through colored lenses

For many, sunglasses are a fashion accessory. But first of all, they are designed to protect the eyes of a person at any time of the year. The choice should be approached responsibly, because poor-quality, instead of good, they will harm health. In this matter, an important role is played by the attitude of a person to wearing solar eyepieces, how much he is determined to protect his eyesight.

The benefit of high-quality sunscreen products is that they protect the visual organs from solar, ultraviolet radiation. When buying a product, it is important to consider the season in which you are going to wear it. The higher the solar activity, the greater should be the protection factor of the filter.

How to put on a fashion accessory

Trying on a fashion accessory correctly means following these recommendations:

  • do the fitting in front of a flat mirror that does not distort the image;
  • sunlight at this moment should fall directly on the face — this way you can determine the comfort of darkening the lenses;
  • the temples should fit snugly to the head, but not press;
  • putting on glasses, it is worth turning your head to the sides, tilting it and throwing it back — the accessory should remain in the “initial position”;
  • pay attention to getting an image with glasses — objects should not be distorted;
  • the darkening of the lenses should be uniform, with a light bottom, discomfort may occur when worn.

If a branded product is purchased, then you need to study its passport, check for the presence of markings for the degrees of protection from the sun and a branded brand on the shackle (inner side, on glass).


New fashion for sunglasses 2021-2022: the main trends of the season
Not at all afraid of experiments in appearance and ready for everything new? You will definitely love the futuristic shapes of the new fashionable sunglasses for women, which are radically different from the usual classic models.
Such glasses can be of an unusual shape, elongated, with large glasses, as well as in bright color variations. If you want to make a statement about yourself, then be sure to choose for yourself similar trendy models of glasses in the style of «futurism».

Which sunglasses to choose: photochromic, polarized

Photochromic and polarized — these are the sunglasses that are often recommended in optics stores, but they also need to be able to, for this it is important to know:

  • the lenses are coated with a special coating that prevents glare and reflections;
  • such an accessory can be worn even in the brightest light, aggressive sun in tropical, equatorial countries;
  • Polarized glasses will help protect your eyes from the blinding light at ski resorts.

Glasses with a polarized coating can be checked for quality directly during the selection process:

  • ask the seller for a sheet of paper with any hologram that will be visible only with glasses;
  • turn on the smartphone at full screen brightness and make the latter with a white background, then bring the gadget to your eyes and slowly turn the screen to the side — as soon as the light from the screen hits your eyes at an angle of 90 degrees, the lenses will darken to almost complete opacity;
  • put on one polarized glasses on the face, bring the second ones with the same coating to the eyes at a distance of 10-15 cm and start turning them — the lenses of those that are worn should darken.

Photochromic glasses are «chameleons» that provide a variable degree of light transmission to the lenses. If, for example, direct rays of light/sun do not fall on the glasses, then their lenses remain transparent. As soon as the rays are directed at them, they gradually darken, which makes the protection as high as possible.

Photochromic glasses

cat eyes

New fashion for sunglasses 2021-2022: the main trends of the season
But the title of the most feminine and playful sunglasses was won by models in the form of «Cat Eye», «cat» or «pussy», as they are also called. This frame has elongated and raised outer corners, which makes the image flirtatious and cute.
At will, you can choose frames both in retro design and newfangled solutions in different shades, with prints or different variations of lenses. In any decision, the «cats» will be out of competition.

Which sunglasses are better to buy for a motorist

It is believed that the best sunglasses for drivers are those with polarized lenses. And, indeed, they protect the eyes 100% from ultraviolet rays and glare — the latter are present on the track at any time of the day: at night, the headlights of oncoming cars glare, and in the daytime, wet asphalt, and snow on the side of the road, and the reflection of the sun from the dividing / protective devices.

But there are 3 more types of sunglasses that are great for drivers to wear:

  • photochromic — give the desired dimming, depending on the time of day and the intensity of the incoming daylight, artificial lighting;
  • corrective — useful for drivers with reduced visual acuity, they are coated with a special coating from ultraviolet rays;
  • «anti-headlights» — ideal for driving in fog, rain and snow, reduce eye fatigue, because they have red or yellow lenses.

Glasses «Antifara»
The cheapest sunglasses for drivers are «Antifara», corrective ones do not have a fixed price — they are selected strictly on an individual basis, but photochromic and polarized (from well-known brands and of the highest quality) can cost from 3,000 to 50,000 rubles.

Ray Ban

A classic in the ranks of stylish sunglasses, Ray-Ban is tried and true. The brand has four main collections of polarized sunglasses, from which you can choose from aviator, wayfarer, clubmaster, and round. But other styles are also available.

Pair them with plenty of customization options and you have a seemingly endless array of styles that make it hard to just pick one or two. Sunglasses eliminate glare, improve image clarity, reduce eye strain, and enhance contrast — pluses that make your glasses look even more chic.

How to choose sunglasses for a woman

A woman should choose sunglasses not only by the color of the frame and lenses, but also by their quality characteristics. If this accessory looks harmoniously on the face, then it will be possible to hide its flaws and correct them.

For a round face

Round type — these are convex cheeks and the same, with slight deviations, the width and height of the face. The task of sunglasses is to visually lengthen the contour of the face, so accessories with rectangular, square lenses will be the best choice. They should have rounded corners, and it is better to choose a frame with bright, extraordinary colors.

It is important not to wear glasses with a massive frame, because even if the other recommendations are followed, such an accessory will only worsen the appearance of a woman.

For square shape

An angular jaw, a pronounced forehead, “hidden” cheekbones are signs of a square face type, such geometry can be successfully hidden with well-chosen sunglasses. They should be with rounded lines (at the top) and in no case straight. The frame can be massive, but not critical, because in this case it will only emphasize the massiveness of the face.

A bright frame can only be if it is thin. But experts recommend giving preference when choosing pastel, nude shades.

If triangle

A triangular face is characterized by a narrow lower part and a wide low part — this imbalance needs to be corrected. The most successful with this task will cope with sunglasses with cat-eye lenses. You can also choose an accessory with oval lenses, which are slightly narrowed down.

It is strongly not recommended to choose round glasses, because they will make the upper part of the face more massive. Yes, and square, rectangular will be superfluous — they will bring even greater disharmony to the whole appearance.

If an oblong face

An oblong face does not have pronounced cheekbones and cheeks, so you can wear large-sized models with a rounded frame. It is recommended to avoid glasses that are too narrow and those whose frames are characterized by clear straight lines.

It will be good to choose a frame that has a more pronounced, bright color in the upper part.

Features of the material and color of the lenses of sunglasses

High-quality glasses a priori mean high-quality lenses. They can be made of glass or be organic. The first option is more resistant to scratches and other mechanical damage, but UV in such lenses is blocked selectively. The second option in this regard is more reliable and prevents UVA and UVB rays from entering the eyes. And yet, they weigh little, and you do not have to always feel annoying heaviness on the bridge of your nose. And it is much more difficult to break them — which means they are less traumatic, which is especially important for children’s or sports models.

To save from glare, polarized sunglasses are very good. Such a coating reflects them as much as possible, saving the eyes in the bright resort sun on the sea or in the snow-capped mountains.

As for the color, it is important to remember that the dark shade of glasses — black, brown, dark gray — is not at all a guarantee of maximum protection from the sun. The color of the lenses can be green, and gray, and brown — it all depends on your preferences. By the way, mirror lenses reflect the sun’s rays very well. But yellow, pink and blue-blue shades do not cope with them at all — yes, they do not have such a task, so you can wear them only in non-sunny weather as a stylish accessory.

As you can see, choosing high-quality sunglasses is quite simple — if you know what to look for;)

How to wear sunglasses

You need to wear sunglasses not only in sunny weather, but also in cloudy weather — this rule applies to the summer period of the year. The fact is that ultraviolet rays easily penetrate clouds and clouds and exert their harmful effects on the eyes with no less intensity. It is not recommended to put glasses on your head (raise them by your hair), because this will damage the coating on the lenses. The most important thing is proper care of the accessory.

Care rules

If you follow the rules for caring for sunglasses, you can count on their long-term operation without loss of quality characteristics:

  • the accessory is stored in a case or a special bag — this will protect the lenses from scratches, scuffs and prevent dust from accumulating in the corners of the frame, in the places where it is attached to the lenses;
  • it is forbidden to put glasses on the table with the lenses down — even their high quality will not stop the appearance of roughness, scuffs;
  • you can only wipe sunglasses with a special microfiber cloth, because both a handkerchief and the edge of the clothes will leave a lot of lint and small scratches on the surface;
  • glasses can and should be washed with warm water and soap, you can use special sprays for such a complete cleaning, but you need to control the absence of aggressive components such as acetone, solvent, abrasive particles in their composition.

You only need to wipe your sunglasses with a special cloth.
The frame is more resistant to external factors, you just need to protect the glasses from falling and any mechanical influences.

Glass color and tint

Not all sunglasses are perfectly dark. A barrier to sunlight is by no means an intense coloration of the lenses. Even, on the contrary, the most darkened lenses without a protective filter against ultraviolet harm the eyes even more than translucent «chameleon» glasses. The fact is that behind dark lenses, the pupil involuntarily expands and literally absorbs harmful rays.

How sunglasses work

Sunglasses work by blocking ultraviolet rays. Moreover, they protect a person not only from the sun, but also from aggressive light exposure, and it is constantly present in urban conditions, because the sun’s rays are reflected from mirror, glass, polished surfaces.

Also, sunglasses protect the eyes from infrared rays, and their effect on the retina is felt immediately — the eyes burn, they are “poured sand”, itchy. The damage from ultraviolet and infrared rays to the eyes increases many times if a person is near water or reflective surfaces.

What are the dangers of unprotected sunglasses

Choosing cheap glasses with a dark coating without protective filters, we at least provide discomfort to the eyes and a headache. And as a maximum we can get a whole bunch of eye diseases.

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation on the retina without adequate protection causes the development of such serious eye diseases as:

• cataract — clouding of the lens; • macular degeneration of the retina; • pterygium (growth of conjunctival tissue on the cornea); • clouding of the outer shell of the visual organ (climatic drip keratopathy); • blindness.

Popular Models

The most popular sunglasses are:

Name Description A photo
Wayfarers Plastic frame, one-piece frame, trapezoidal lenses. The corners of the frame can be rounded, smoothed, and also clearly defined.

The glasses are quite massive, so they are optimally suited for an oval face type. Categorically not suitable for owners of a triangular and square face.

Browliners The combined frame of the frame has a semi-rim, the line is present only in the upper part of the accessory.

Such models are suitable for those whose faces have a pear-shaped, trapezoidal shape. They can be worn on oval faces, but only if their proportions are correct.

tishady They are considered the most popular, they are distinguished by a round shape and are popularly called “a la Harry Potter”. They have a metal or plastic frame, the frame is one-piece.

Categorically not suitable for a triangular face, but it will help to correct the oval type.

«Cat’s eye» The frame is always wide, made only of polymer plastic, the corners sharply «go» up to the temples.

This model belongs to the universal, because it is suitable for any type of face. These sunglasses are only worn by women.

Aviators The frame is metal, thin and solid, the lenses are slightly narrowed towards the bottom. Suitable for almost all types of faces, but they should not be worn by those whose contour repeats a pear, a trapezoid with an extension to the chin.

Dragonfly The frame is almost always made of polymer plastic, they are considered the largest of all models offered.

These sunglasses are ideal for correcting triangular, diamond-shaped faces. The frame is often bright, extraordinary, which makes it possible to visually hide an oversized nose from others.

Mask The lens is one-piece (only a place for the bridge of the nose is cut out in it), they fit the face perfectly, there are no even minor gaps.

The size range of such a model is large, they are not suitable only for owners of a triangular face type.

The sports model of sunglasses is also considered popular, but it is not purchased as an accessory only. The model may have different colors of lenses and frames, but the latter is always made of plastic, and the former are often removable. The main disadvantage of such sunglasses is that they can only be worn with a sporty style of clothing.


New fashion for sunglasses 2021-2022: the main trends of the season
Popular and familiar to everyone, the form of aviator glasses will appeal to those who are not ready for risk and experimentation. Classic aviators are insanely versatile and will be a great addition to many looks. We recommend taking a closer look at slightly updated frames with geometry, colored lenses and decorated models of aviators.

How to choose sunglasses, what to look for when buying

It will be easy to choose sunglasses if you reduce all the important points of the process to a single list:

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the degree of protection against ultraviolet and infrared radiation. If you intend to wear an accessory in an urban environment or rarely in nature, then you can opt for small indicators. Living, being in places with an active sun require the purchase of lenses with a high degree of protection.
  • The level of light transmission is also important. Even if glasses protect your eyes from the sun as much as possible, this does not mean that they do not let light through. But the less it passes to the eyes, the more comfortable a person feels. It must be remembered that for trips in a car, for the city, you can buy glasses with light lenses, in all other cases with pronounced dark ones.
  • A plastic frame is suitable only for freestyle, and if a person is often forced to attend negotiations, meet with investors and partners, prefers business style in clothes, then you should pay attention to products in a metal frame.

Watch the video on how to choose sunglasses:

As for the shape of the lenses and frames, these are individual parameters and there simply cannot be general recommendations. The main thing is to know your type of face and take this as a basis when making a choice.

Types of sunglasses frames

What textures are trending right now? Yes, the most diverse, because time does not stand still and the leading fashion houses are constantly coming up with something new and original.

Plastic models made of cellulose acetate and optyl are very popular today. They take any conceived form, which means that even the most dizzying fantasy of a designer can be easily brought to life. Plus, these goggles are strong and durable.

Metal frames are also at the height of fashion — they look very sophisticated and expensive due to the elegant lines cast from aluminum, titanium, monel.

There are a lot of beautiful models around, and so you want everything at once and for each image separately;)


New fashion for sunglasses 2021-2022: the main trends of the season
Sophistication is fully revealed in fashionable oval-shaped glasses, which amaze with their diversity. Some models are very feminine and romantic, while others are very progressive and futuristic, while others are completely retro motifs.
The trend is oval narrow glasses, elongated, in a metal or printed plastic frame, complemented by pearl threads as a decor — the choice is incredibly huge, and in any case, a fashionable oval frame will give your look a special conciseness and sophistication.

History and role of goggles

The first devices that protect the eyes from solar aggression were invented not by the southerners, as you might think, but by the inhabitants of the Far North. But, of course, these were not glasses, but strips of leather and bark with slits for the eyes.

Sunglasses - before

However, both in ancient Rome and in China, the rich wore something similar to modern glasses — polished thin plates of quartz or even emerald.

Today, solar optics are capable of performing several functions at once:

  • it protects the eyes from visible and invisible radiation, which, according to experts, is a factor in the development of many eye diseases.
  • Its lenses reduce glare from smooth, mirror-like surfaces, which increases clarity and sharpness of vision.
  • Such glasses (especially when the lenses are mirrored) add confidence by helping to hide the eyes and hide emotions.
  • Sun glasses supplemented with diopters improve and correct vision.
  • Glasses in a skillfully selected frame can correct the shape of the face, hide minor flaws (for example, «crow’s feet»), become part of a stylish look.


New fashion for sunglasses 2021-2022: the main trends of the season
The geometric trend in points of the 2021-2022 season is the favorite. Regardless of whether oversized or narrow, bright or monochrome — any option with a geometric frame will be relevant and out of competition.
There are oval, round, square, hexagonal and even triangular sunglasses that are sure to make your look trendy. But the color can be very different, both restrained and calm, and colorful — it all depends on your mood and preferences.

The influence of color on the functional properties of lenses

Finally, goggles differ in shades of glasses.

Sunglasses lens color

Radically dark lenses do not mean they are stronger. For example, amber lenses block more potentially dangerous «blue light» than dark purple ones.

What should be remembered when choosing protective optics?

  • Gray, smoky and gray-green glasses equally absorb all the rays of the spectrum, do not distort natural colors, are good for any weather and are considered universal.
  • Green lenses let through the brightest spectral colors, accentuate objects located on a green background, and therefore are suitable for sports games on the grass and picnics in nature.
  • Blue glasses block the most intense rays, increase contrast and do not distort colors.
  • Brown and orange glasses increase contrast, ideal for variable weather but distort natural colors.
  • Yellow enhances the feeling of depth, clarity of vision on a cloudy day, but changes colors somewhat and does not protect well from direct rays.
  • Red lenses improve the visibility of objects against the background of the sky and vegetation, making them sharper in gloomy, cloudy weather.

Doctors say that glasses with filters of «hot» color (red, yellow, orange) raise intraocular pressure, and green glasses normalize it.

  • Rose-colored glasses sharpen contrast and elevate mood.
  • Violet, as well as blue, according to ophthalmologists, do not protect the lens and are used purely for aesthetic purposes.

Stylish summer 2019. Sun protection trends

Darkened lenses in a wooden rim literally burst into fashion, as well as pretentious oversized glasses in a thick, futuristic frame, with large and noticeable fittings.

Woman with oversized glasses

However, cat eyes, chanterelles, and butterflies in a neon-colored frame, with a “crocodile-like”, “python-like” pattern, with original decor made of crystals, beads, and spikes, do not lose their relevance.

Remember, there are no bad models. What suits your face and style is fashionable. And sunglasses are the magic key, turning which turns a boring everyday look into an impeccable outfit.


How to choose the right sunglasses