Fan coil selection

The simplest and most common way to install a fan coil unit is to mount it on the wall, similar to conventional air conditioners. But in some rooms this may not be possible. In the line of all manufacturers there are excellent options for solving this issue — cassette or duct fan coil units. They perform almost the same functions, but have certain differences in design and operation methods, which is an important factor when choosing one or another type.



Main selection criteria

Types of fan coil units

  • compact dimensions, making it possible to place it anywhere;
  • low height of the case, which plays a role if the fan coil unit is installed in a false ceiling;
  • high performance in terms of cold and heat, allowing efficient air conditioning / heating of large areas;
  • design features (case and frameless models);
  • the ability to connect to the ventilation system;
  • ease of operation and maintenance.

The choice of a particular type of equipment depends only on the purpose of its use and the characteristics of the premises.

Features of cassette fan coil units

Installation of fan coil units in a suspended ceilingIn most cases, such devices are effective in small and medium building structures with a ceiling height of at least 3 meters. They are installed in armstrong ceilings and can supply air in 1-4 directions, depending on the design. Single-flow cassette fan coil units are often used in apartments, private houses, small cafes or hotels. Four-stream — intended for large offices, shopping and sports centers, cinemas or exhibition halls.

Usually, installation is carried out in the center of the room, sometimes near walls or corners (with one direction of air supply), and communications are laid in the overhead space. Due to the stylish design and the standard size of the housing, corresponding to the cells of the suspended ceiling 600×600 or 1200×600, the fan coil looks very modern and impressive.

Such equipment provides zonal air conditioning and cannot serve several rooms at the same time. It does not provide the possibility of particularly precise compliance with temperature parameters, therefore it is not suitable for those places where it is necessary (grocery warehouses, laboratories, technological areas in production). Most often, cassette-type devices are mounted separately from the ventilation system. therefore they do not supply fresh air, but serve only for cooling/heating.

Features of duct fan coil units

Installation of a channel fan coilThe main difference between channel-type fan coil units is the possibility of their installation not only under the ceiling, but also in an adjacent room. Therefore, they become an excellent outlet in rooms with low ceilings or complex configurations. In addition, duct fan coil units are more powerful than cassette or wall mounted units, which is why they are often used for air conditioning large areas. In residential areas, their power may be excessive, with the exception of large houses or multi-level apartments.

Such devices are rarely used for closed circuits and are most often built into ventilation ducts. One fan coil can serve several rooms at the same time, which other types of similar equipment cannot do. Air is supplied through a duct system and the number of rooms will depend only on the performance of the closer, unlike cassette devices that have only one distribution point.

The growing popularity of air conditioning systems «chiller-fan coil» is due to their high efficiency and environmental safety. Equipment manufacturers provide ample opportunities to buy a fan coil unit that best suits all tasks and create an optimal microclimate system with minimal operating costs.