Possibilities of ceiling IR heatersModern conditions dictate new requirements for heating devices. Unlike fan heaters, convectors and central heating radiators, ceiling infrared heaters are an innovative solution for organizing heating systems. They warm the room with soft heat, similar to the sun, heating not the air, but the surfaces of objects and people that fall into the zone of their radiation.

Unlike traditional heaters, infrared devices:

  • they direct heat precisely to the area where people are located, and heated air does not accumulate under the ceiling;
  • transfer thermal energy without intermediate intermediaries directly;
  • allow you to create the most easy-to-use and durable systems of primary, secondary and local heating.

instant heating

Heating system with ceiling IR heatersSuch a heating device gives heat, which is felt immediately after switching on. There is no need to wait for the ambient air to warm up. A person will feel comfortable even if the temperature of the space around is 5-7 degrees below the generally accepted norm. All other appliances work on the principle of convection and require a certain amount of time for the temperature in the room to become more comfortable. To significantly speed up the heating process, just install an infrared heater.

High efficiency

All the energy that the IR heater produces is spent for its intended purpose (for heating the room). Such devices have high efficiency (90-95%). They do not create strong temperature fluctuations that cause significant heat loss, do not heat up unnecessary space at the top and do not cause air masses to move. The main advantage that the installation of ceiling IR heaters provides is a significant reduction in heating costs.

Local heating

Local infrared heatingInfrared heating devices are the most convenient for creating comfort in certain areas of the premises. They create the necessary microclimate in those areas to which their radiation extends. This is very economical, because. allows you to use electricity to heat workplaces, for example, in an office or at a production site, rather than heat a fairly large area. With proper placement of professional power calculations, you can set different temperature indicators in each individual zone.

Wide range of uses

Ceiling devices are suitable for any premises, regardless of their area and purpose. They successfully heat apartments and houses, offices, dachas, garages, administrative buildings, greenhouses, poultry farms, huge warehouses and industrial premises. Such equipment is one of the few ways to heat semi-open areas of cafes, exhibition pavilions, gazebos, terraces and balconies. In an open space, such as a street or garden, outdoor gas heaters are most effective, which are simply installed on the ground and resemble a lantern or a large mushroom in their appearance.

Benefit for health

Infrared heaters in medicineScientists have long proven the positive effect of long-wave infrared radiation on the human body. It stimulates metabolic processes, improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. With the help of infrared lamps, joints, colds are treated, and toxins are cleansed. The antibacterial effect of infrared rays is used in operating rooms and in recovery therapy wards. With their help, wound healing is much faster and more efficient.

Safe operation

All infrared heating devices from well-known manufacturers have international certificates that indicate their absolute safety, both fire and environmental. They are produced from high-quality non-flammable and non-toxic materials and do not cause any harm if the operating rules are followed. Quite often, such devices are installed in children’s institutions — ceiling installation allows you to evenly distribute heat without drafts, create the effect of a warm floor and makes the heater inaccessible to the child, which completely eliminates injuries and burns.

Everyone has the opportunity to install such a heating device. Mounting infrared heaters on the ceiling comes down to hanging it on special brackets or chains and absolutely anyone can do it if desired. In the future, such a heating system can last 20-25 years, and alternative energy sources can be used instead of electricity.