Stretch ceiling installation stepsStretch ceilings are one of the stylish and modern design elements of residential and office premises. As the main tool for their installation, gas heat guns are most often used. Such a fan heater is necessary if PVC sheets are used, for stretching and installation of which, unlike fabric ceilings, a certain temperature regime in the room is required. Thanks to the use of gas guns, the installation process is fast, safe and high quality, resulting in a perfectly flat surface of the selected color.


Installation of stretch ceilings

The very technology of installing a PVC ceiling is a certain complexity, but it has been worked out by specialists to the smallest detail. To carry out the work, you need to perform several steps:

  • Accurate measurements of the room and drawing up a sketch of the pattern of the panel.
  • Installation of a frame (baguette) on which the ceiling will be stretched.
  • Warming up the room and PVC film to 50-65°C, involving the installation of a heat gun. This is the most crucial stage, because. the final quality of the whole work will depend on the correct warming up. If the heating temperature is insufficient, the canvas will not stretch well, if more than necessary, it will not hold in the fasteners and may lose its luster.
  • Refueling of the heated web in the profile.

After cooling, the film returns to its original dimensions and the ceiling is completely flat. The use of equipment such as gas guns in repair and construction works greatly facilitate their implementation.

Why do you need a gas gun

Heat gun for installation of stretch ceilingsIn order to create the necessary temperature conditions and dry the surfaces, the assembly teams use the installation of a thermal gas gun. The air temperature in the room must be at least 45°C, and the film must be heated to 65°C. After heating, it becomes soft and elastic, which allows you to make perfect tension and fix the ends of the fabric on the baguette.

When cutting, the canvas is made somewhat smaller than the ceiling itself, so that after stretching and cooling, their dimensions coincide with maximum accuracy. It is best to choose modern tools that will allow you to set the desired parameters and maintain them automatically for the right time. It is better and safer to choose gas-fired fan heaters or use features of the gas infrared gunin the design of which there is no blowing fan that creates the movement of powerful air currents.


Operation features

The use of a gas gun for a stretch ceilingBefore starting work, close all doors and windows, take out objects that can be deformed under the influence of temperature. Then the gun is turned on for 3-5 minutes and the room is warmed up, directing a stream of heated air so that it does not fall directly on the canvas and is not turned towards the gas cylinder. The minimum distance to the jet must be at least 3 m. The gas hose must be factory-made, its self-extending more than the standard 1.5-2 m is unacceptable.

Gas cylinders are considered the most vulnerable part of such equipment. Explosive situations are possible if they are handled incorrectly or filled incorrectly. Usually, when installing stretch ceilings, cylinders of 12 liters are used. According to the rules, they must be filled to 85% of the volume, and the condensate formed in them must be drained before each new refueling. To ensure safe operation, manufacturers are constantly implementing new technologies in gas guns for automatic control and protection, thanks to which, in the event of leaks, drops or overheating, the gas supply is stopped.

Recently, in many specialized construction and installation organizations, containers made of a polymer-composite thread filled with epoxy resin have begun to be used, which are much safer and do not explode. Such cylinders are often used where there is heating with gas guns in agriculture, at industrial facilities or in places of permanent location of people. Modern models of these thermal units are simple and reliable in operation. They can work for a long time, their design is reliably protected from unforeseen situations. In any case, the decision to purchase heat gunoperating on gas will be one of the best options to achieve your goals.