An action camera is a special equipment designed for digital video recording of outdoor activities and outdoor sports. Its main function is to capture the brightest moments of life. Such a camera weighs little, has small overall dimensions, is reliably protected from moisture and pollution, and has several ways of attaching to various surfaces. This allows you to install it almost anywhere and get a beautiful interesting picture. When buying an action camera, special attention is paid to the following details:

  • The lens is responsible for the amount of light falling on the matrix per unit of time, is characterized by the number of lenses and their arrangement relative to each other, provides a comfortable focal length and a certain viewing angle;
  • The matrix has a direct impact on the quality of the footage. It is determined by physical dimensions, the presence of a noise reduction system, which will be very important in low light conditions or bad weather, resolution and frame rate per second;
  • The processor is one of the key elements, it processes the signal coming from the matrix, is responsible for the image quality, and so on.

When compiling the ranking of the top 10 best action cameras of 2021, we have collected only the highest quality models that have a good price-quality ratio. We also took into account user reviews and hope that it will help you in choosing such a difficult device as an action camera.

Rating of the best GoPro cameras

Nomination place Name of product price
Best GoPro Cameras: Full HD Recording one GoPro HD HERO3 White Edition
2 GoPro HERO4 Session 12 999 ₽
Best GoPro Cameras: UHD 4K Recording one GoPro HERO4 Black 18 790 ₽
2 GoPro HERO5 Black 14 300 ₽
3 GoPro HERO6 Black 27 990 ₽

GoPro Hero4: Black or Silver?

GoPro Hero4 Black is an action camera for professionals that promises the best photo and video quality up to Ultra HD resolution. The model has several recording formats and many individual settings. But you will also have to pay a lot for the Hero4 Black Edition — about 16,000 rubles. The model is criticized only for the relatively short battery life and the lack of a remote control, which was included with previous GoPro Black.

Our review of the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition

Unlike previous generations, the Hero4 Silver Edition is not much different from the higher-end models. On the contrary, those who prefer convenient Live-View viewing and a touch screen will like this model even more. The Silver Edition does not have an Ultra HD mode, but for most users, Full HD at 60 frames per second will probably be enough, especially if there is no corresponding device for playing videos in high quality. The model costs about 12,000 rubles.

Our review of the GoPro Hero4 Silver Edition

GoPro Hero4: comparing Black and Silver

Model GoPro Hero4 Black Edition Silver Edition
Video 4k/30fps, 2.7k/50fps, 1.44k/80fps, 1080p/120fps, FOV: 170 degrees 4k/15fps, 2.7k/30fps, 1.44k/48fps, 1.080p 60fps, FOV: 170 degrees
Video: bitrate Max. 60 Mbps Max. 45 Mbps
A photo 12 megapixels 12 megapixels
white balance Auto/Manual Auto/Manual
WiFi Yes Yes
Touch screen Not Yes (1.5 inches)
Connectors Micro-HDMI, Micro-USB Micro-HDMI, Micro-USB
Memory card Micro SDHC Card Micro SDHC Card
Additional accessories Waterproof case (40 m), 2 adhesive platforms, clip Waterproof case (40 m), 2 adhesive platforms, clip

Comparison table of characteristics

The parameters of the above models are shown in the table.

Model Quality Speed,
HERO 3 Session Full HD thirty 1920×1080
HERO 4 (CHDHB-401) Full HD 60 1920×1080
HERO 5 (CHDHX-502) Ultra HD thirty 3840×2160
HERO 6 (CHDHX-601) 4K 60 4048×3040
HERO 7(CHDHC-701) 4K 240 4048×3040

Fusion Series Action Camera

The uniqueness of this camera lies in the transformation of standard photos into a spherical panorama, as well as the ability to shoot video with a circular view (360 degrees). Thus, simultaneous shooting can be carried out in different directions.

GoPro Fusion Action Camera

There are several models of cameras in this series, the difference between which is the dimensions of the product and the resolution of video and photography. We are talking about the leader of the action camera Fusion name CHDHZ-103.


For optimal gluing of frames, this model is equipped with 2 lenses that are slightly offset relative to each other. Video recording is smooth. The seams, while watching the video, are not noticeable at all. An exception is shooting at depth (the model is waterproof with immersion up to 5 m).

The camera is suitable for any class of user. It can be taken on any trip; perform parachute jumps by attaching the camera to the helmet and much more.

Action camera GoPro Fusion in action.

You can control the camera from a distance with your voice: start and stop recording, change modes, as well as settings.

When working with the gadget, two SD cards are used. They work in pairs, and if one of them changes, then the other should also be replaced. The need to change memory cards is indicated by an inscription on the screen that appears at the right time.

The presence of the OverCapture mode allows you to transform a spherical video into a classic flat type. The Angel View program removes the monopod from the frame. The following programs help to make a video special:

  1. Stereographic projection, the effect of which creates «Little Planet»;
  2. Smooth panorama effect with «Pano Flow»;
  3. Stopping video recording at the right time, with further rotation, the “TimeShift” command helps;
  4. Shooting slowdown is carried out by the “Slow Mo” command.

Model configuration

  • USB cable;
  • Camera storage case;
  • Various mounts.


Name Description
Camera dimensions width 7.6 cm; height 8.9 cm; depth 2.5 cm; weight — 227 g.
Camera Angle 190 degrees
Shooting available 360 degrees
Max number of shots per second 60 pcs. at 3K; 5.2K at 30 frames
Video compression MPEG-4
Memory card support microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
Max image resolution 5760×2880 pixels
Matrix type CMOS
Matrix 18 MP
Number of matrices 1 PC.
Camera screen size 0.5 inch
Camera aperture F2
Photo resolution 5228×2624
Min lens focal length 3 mm
digital zoom No
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery capacity 2620 mAh
Battery removable
Working hours 120 min
Camera Screen LCD screen
Additional information GPS; built-in speakers; time-lapse mode; night shooting; interfaces (USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth); there is a compass; the presence of an accelerometer and a gyroscope.
Price varies from 4800 r to 7150 r (depending on the place of purchase)

GoPro CHDHZ-103


  • Spherical shooting;
  • Large viewing angle;
  • Night mode;
  • Support for two memory cards;
  • The presence in the matrix of the number of pixels;
  • High resolution photography and video recording;
  • Menu in Russian;
  • Remote control;
  • Waterproof;
  • Image stabilization;
  • Temporary mode of operation;
  • Inexpensive;
  • High capacity battery (removable);
  • Camera size.


  • Lack of digital zoom;
  • The weight;
  • Not intended for deep diving;
  • You need a special box for shooting in water.

Lists of the best

In a separate selection, we will consider the leading devices that did not fall into the general TOP.

  • Best price – HERO+ (CHDHC-101).
  • Best Features – Fusion (CHDHZ-103).
  • 4K resolution – HERO 7 Silver Edition (CHDHC-601).

Details below.

Best value — HERO+ (CHDHC-101)

GoPro Hero+ is an entry-level device. It has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, the ability to remotely control the camera, as well as a 1.8-inch touch screen on the rear panel.

Quality 1920×1440 (Full HD)
Speed 60 fps
Stabilizer digital
Waterproof IPX8 (up to 10m)
The weight 227

The approximate cost of goods is from 6000 to 9000 rubles.


Top Features — Fusion (CHDHZ-103)

A camera that allows you to create 360˚ panoramic videos. The device has two lenses shifted relative to each other for optimal gluing of frames. The camera is water resistant up to 5 meters. To work, you need to use two SD-cards up to 128 GB. Video recording is possible in 5.2K at 30 frames per second (fps) or 3K at 60 fps.

Quality 5760×2880 (5K)
Speed 30 fps
Stabilizer digital
Waterproof IPX8 (up to 10m)
The weight 227 g

The cost ranges from 49,000 to 55,000 rubles.

Fusion (CHDHZ-103)

4K Resolution — HERO 7+ Silver Edition (CHDHC-711)

This model is waterproof. She does not have an information screen on the front of the camera, everything you need can be viewed without any problems on a standard screen from the back. There is a Russian voice control.

Quality 3840×2160 (Ultra HD 4K)
Speed 60 fps
Stabilizer digital
Waterproof IPX8 (up to 10m)
The weight 74 g

The cost is from 21,000 to 24,000 rubles.

HERO 7+ Silver Edition (CHDHC-711)

Go Pro analogues — what the market can offer

The first thing that comes to mind among similar devices is an action camera. Xiaomi Yi. Like all products of the Chinese industry, the product is in a rather low price range — you can buy a camera for about 5,500 rubles. At the same time, she can shoot video at a resolution of 1920 × 1080, writes all content to an SD card and has a Time-Lapse function. If we compare how much a mid-range GoPro costs, then this camera is noticeably ahead in the price range.

Another good copy — SJCAM SJ5000x Elite. Video recording resolution is 2560×1440. There are all necessary interfaces: HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi. Recording is done on an SD card. For diving under water there is a special waterproof box. All this pleasure will cost about 6,700 rubles. This model is almost a complete copy of the Go Pro 4. The price, of course, varies markedly. From features it is possible to note a rich complete set from the most various accessories.

Well, the third competitor is Amkov AMK5000S. Its price usually does not exceed 4,500 rubles. For that kind of money, the user gets not the worst features — shooting with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 at 30 fps, a 20-megapixel photo matrix, Time Lapse function and recording to an SD card. Perhaps this option will be the most interesting for those who want to get acquainted with the basics of video shooting.

What is GoPro: characteristics, features and scope

GoPro cameras gained their popularity for the then-unique ability to mount on almost everything: helmets, surfboards, bicycles and skateboards. This is where its possibilities are revealed. Athletes and fans of extreme sports began to massively record videos with a first-person view. Thus, the product began to advertise itself. Over time, the company has developed, creating more and more advanced models. Today, GoPro is the most common camera model for vloggers, people leading an active lifestyle, and athletes.

Bloggers don’t part with GoPro cameras, broadcasting every step of their lives


An interesting fact: in 2015, the film «Hardcore» was released in the action genre. All the action of the picture takes place in the first person of the protagonist. This movie was shot with a GoPro Hero 3 camera.

The entire range of GoPro cameras is characterized by ease of use, a large set of functions and reliability. In addition to the cameras themselves, the company produces various accessories, mounts, stabilizers and special software. In 2021, the company released a series of quadrocopters, but already in 2018 it was announced that the division for their production was closed.

GoPro drone looks like a mechanical bug

Top 10+ of the best action cameras

10+. SJCAM SJ5000X Elite

Almost got to the top ten action cameras. This design is equipped with the latest Novatek NTK96660 processor and Sony Exmor R IMX078 universal back-illuminated sensor, it has a resolution of 12 megapixels, which allows you to get the highest quality picture. It can shoot in 4K mode, if necessary, changes the viewing angle. The maximum frame rate in this mode is 60 per second. When using the Full HD format, you can choose the frame rate — 30, 60 or 120 per second. The menu is fully Russified, which makes it even more convenient to use the equipment.

There is the possibility of cyclic recording — videos for 3, 5 or 10 minutes. The viewing angle also changes — 70, 110, 140 or 170 degrees. The camera has several gyro sensors to help stabilize the image. The device is equipped with a motion sensor, a good microphone. Video recording format .mp4 or .mov, there is a photo function. The design has a Wi-Fi module, a wire for connecting a computer or charging the battery. The mass is about 100 grams.


  • Low cost;
  • The presence of a stabilizer;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Ability to use in underwater mode — at a depth of up to 30 meters;
  • Small overall dimensions;
  • Several shooting formats.


  • The charger connector is not very conveniently located;
  • In offline mode, it functions for only about 45 minutes.


It has a high resolution of the touch element — 12 MPix, it can be controlled by voice, the device can withstand depths of up to 10 meters, a Wi-Fi module is provided, support for 4K formats, the frame rate in Full HD mode can reach 240 frames per second. When photographing, files are saved in .hdr, .jpeg, .raw format.

The assembly is excellent, it is of excellent quality, the case does not allow moisture to pass through it, there is a 2-inch touch screen on the back panel. It is additionally covered with a special protective glass. There are only two traditional buttons on the case — one of them releases the shutter, the second is responsible for turning the device on and off, as well as switching modes. On the bottom side there is a cover, behind which there is a slot for a memory card and a battery, under a separate plug there is a connector for connecting a charging cable. The model is equipped with a voice control system.