The rapidly changing world of technology is increasingly entering the life of a modern person. The emergence of new gadgets and progressive vehicles does not seem like something supernatural. On the contrary, they are taken for granted, capable of simplifying almost any area of ​​human activity and making habitual leisure time more exciting not only for adults, but also for the younger generation. One of the most convenient and advantageous inventions of the 21st century is considered to be a hoverboard for children, which overshadows the usual scooters or roller skates in popularity. Such a device is attractive because it instills a love for active entertainment in young couch potatoes and causes a lot of positive emotions. Maneuverability, mobility, unusual design made it a truly fantastic vehicle.

Features and Benefits

The compact and stylish hoverboard is an improved modification of the segway, which is distinguished by the presence of steering, rather large size and heavier weight. However, the second vehicle did not become popular among the general public due to the rather high cost and its massiveness. A good gyro scooter, compared to its predecessor, has incorporated excellent characteristics both in terms of technical solution and in terms of safety.

In fact, a hoverboard for a child consists of a platform on which you can stand with your feet, and two wheels. Gyro sensors are installed on both sides of the product, thanks to which the device can change the direction of movement. Such a complete set of the device, thought out to the smallest detail, insures while driving, and also affects the quality of control. In addition to the automatic balancing system, electric motors are built into the body, which are driven by batteries.

Since the hoverboard is driven by the movement of body mass, the torso should be tilted in the appropriate directions. In 15 minutes of training, the child will learn to stand firmly on the platform and confidently control the equipment.

If we compare a children’s gyro scooter with other types of motor transport, we can identify a lot of advantages:

  • compactness and light weight allow you to carry the device in your hands, put it in a special case or sports bag, take it with you on vacation;
  • a positive effect on the child’s body as a whole, the development of motor activity, attentiveness, dexterity;
  • ease of management and safety exclude the possibility of getting abrasions or bruises;
  • environmental friendliness is ensured by an electric motor that does not emit harmful exhaust gases;
  • a large selection of hoverboards provides an opportunity to purchase models for children, equipped with backlight, speakers for listening to music, information display;
  • remote control on many models expands the ability of parents to control the movement of babies, whose age is not more than 7 years.

Despite the large number of advantages, the hoverboard for young children has a number of disadvantages. Opponents of modern technology believe that replacing walking with riding leads to muscle atrophy and an increase in the number of cardiovascular diseases. If the roads are of poor quality or the child is distracted by something while riding, injuries may occur. If you know about the possible dangers in advance, then the harm from a two-wheeled electric board can be avoided. The most important thing is that it is necessary to follow the operating rules, constantly monitor the speed limit, especially when the hoverboard is still new for kids.

No. 10 — Navigator Т58692 White

Price: 11,500 rubles

Bright and cute device that will be a great gift for any child. First of all, it is worth noting the compactness and modest weight of the device — such a hoverboard is easy to take out of the house to the street. Solid power — 150 W on each of the wheels, guarantees a long and rich activity.

The vehicle is made of high-quality and safe materials, so you do not have to worry about a structure that has suddenly collapsed, which can endanger the health of your baby. The price is quite adequate for a high-quality hoverboard in 2018-2019. An affordable option for those who are taking their first steps in the world of electric transport.

Classification of models according to the age of the child

To determine at what age you can start riding a hoverboard, the main characteristics of this device will help. When choosing a model, parents should consider the following information:

  1. For kids under 7 years old, it is worth taking devices with a weight of 4-6 kg, developing a speed of no more than 5 km / h.
  2. Schoolchildren 8-9 years old are recommended models weighing 5-6 kg and accelerating up to 10 km / h.
  3. For children 10.11 years old, hoverboards weighing up to 9 and up to 12 kg, respectively, are suitable. They reach speeds of up to 10-16 km / h.
  4. Teenagers 12 years and older should choose options that weigh 12 kg and accelerate to 16 km / h.

In order not to get confused in a huge variety of models, it is important to remember that the device is selected not only according to the age criterion. A hoverboard for a child is also chosen taking into account the design features of the device. Electric vehicles with automatic balancing are divided into four groups according to the diameter of the wheels:

  1. With a size of 4.5 inches. A small segway is capable of speeds up to 7 km per hour. At the same time, its weight does not exceed 5 kg. This scooter is perfect for kids ages 5 and up. Here, the weight of novice drivers is of great importance, since the minimum allowable load is usually 15 kg. Designed for smooth roads.
  2. With a size of 6.5 inches. This model has a weight limit of 100 kg. The speed can reach up to 10 km per hour, charging is usually enough for 20 km. You can ride such a hoverboard from the age of 7. For safe walks on it, it is better to choose places where platforms and paths do not have subsidence, potholes and other damage.
  3. With a size of 8 inches. They can withstand a rider up to 130 kg, the battery charge is designed for 20 km. The best gyroscooter for a child of 10 years old, on which you can continuously drive about 2 hours. At the same time, the vehicle overcomes distances both on perfectly flat surfaces and on roads with small grooves.
  4. With a size of 10 inches. The speed on them reaches 15 km per hour. This hoverboard is worth choosing for teenagers and the older generation. The improved depreciation and excellent passability of this model do not limit skiing only on specialized tracks.

4.5 inches

6.5 inches

8 inches

10 inches

#8 — Asixbot Classic 6.5

Price: 7500 rubles

Very stylish and modern device stuffed to the eyeballs with excellent electronics. The device is well controlled and provides quite a dynamic ride. The model is able to be useful for adults, the load capacity is 120 kg, but small wheels still make it primarily aimed at children. The maximum climb angle is 15 degrees, which will be enough to climb even a fairly steep hill.

The power is completely adult — 350 W on each of the wheels, so for the youngest children it is unlikely to be the best choice, but teenagers who have already learned how to drive such an electric vehicle will be delighted with its speed qualities. Using the TaoTao mobile application, parents can always diagnose the condition of the device and identify defects that inevitably appear during operation, thereby preventing potential troubles.

Our article will help you decide on the right model — How to choose a hoverboard for a child.

Asixbot Classic 6.5

Selection Tips

Of course, understanding at what age the hoverboard will be an appropriate purchase plays an important role when choosing a device. However, there are a few more valuable tips to consider when purchasing children’s electric vehicles:

  1. Pay attention to the availability of documents proving the quality of the goods and the warranty period of service. It must be a certificate, patent, license, warranty card.
  2. Do not forget about the load. If a small driver weighs less than 18 kg, then electric vehicles simply will not go. Of course, models for children 3-4 years old are produced, but it can be very difficult to find them.
  3. It is necessary to make the right choice of a hoverboard for a child, taking into account the power of the engines. For a beginner, a model with a power of 500 watts is suitable, for teenagers, 700 watts will be the best indicator.
  4. It should be remembered that the distance that the device will cover without recharging will depend on the quality of the battery. It is worth buying a hoverboard for children from well-known manufacturers, as the brand name speaks of the reliability and durability of the equipment itself.
  5. Since polystyrene material (PS) is used for the manufacture of cheaper models, the structures are fragile and often break down. For this reason, it is better to give preference to products made of polystyrene (HIPS), which provides high resistance to wear and chipping.
  6. You should also be interested in the electronic filling of the device. Usually 3 boards are placed in the hoverboard, of which two are responsible for the wheels, and one for control. If there are only two boards in the electric board, then such vehicles will often act up and slow down when turned on.

Additional accessories include a display, backlighting of the case and keys, and a bluetooth connection. A small hoverboard with such elements will be much more expensive, but its owner will obviously get more joy and positive from such a newfangled gift.

The presence of documents indicates the quality of the goods and the warranty period of service

For schoolchildren, a 500 W model is suitable

The capacity of the battery determines how much the hoverboard can travel without recharging.

General information

The gyro scooter is small and environmentally friendly. Outwardly, it is a bar with a pair of wheels and an electric motor. The mini Segway makes it easy to navigate busy streets. The gyroboard can be carried in a bag or placed in a car. Such electric transport will not take up much space when moving in public transport.

The movement of the hoverboard is carried out by means of dynamic balancing. The rider leans forward and the device moves in the desired direction. Mini Segway consists of several elements:

  • support platforms;
  • wheels;
  • corps;
  • 2 electric motors;
  • battery.

The described design is typical for budget models of gyroboards. More expensive versions are additionally equipped with speakers built into the body near the wheels. Sometimes there are devices with a Bluetooth port, lights and headlights.

hoverboard from the inside

Popular manufacturers

In order not to throw money away by purchasing a device made in artisanal conditions, you should consider in more detail the rating of the best manufacturers that produce a hoverboard for children. In fact, there are many models that are perfect for almost any age. It is recommended to choose branded products from companies with European certification:

  1. wmotion. The Chinese manufacturer first appeared on the Russian market in 2014. The devices manufactured by this company, with very good running and operational characteristics, belong to the options of the middle price category. The company is engaged in the production of gyroscooters, unicycles, electric scooters, electric boards and other types of electric transport.
  2. crossway. Manufacturer of goods for sports and recreation. The company has gained high popularity in the market due to the manufacture of innovative electric vehicles. It was this brand that managed to combine mobility, comfort and affordability. A gyroscope from this company can be ridden by anyone who needs a convenient means of transportation.
  3. smart balance. The brand is well known in many countries of the world. It is chosen for the high quality of its products, a wide selection of colors. The relatively low cost, unlike many competitors, makes the gyro scooter of this company attractive. For the company, the production of mini-segways is the main activity.
  4. Novelty Electronics. The main focus of the company is on the production of models for children and the elderly, as well as utilitarian mini-segways. The brand has firmly established itself in its own market niche, offering consumers a quality product service. Interacts with large Chinese companies for the supply of components. All models are fully Russified and have a wide selection of branded spare parts.
  5. hoverbot. The Chinese company has been on the hoverboard market since 2014. From the first steps, it was a serious competitor to several well-known large brands. In just one year, this brand has released 20 innovative models, some of which took the first lines of the ratings. Hoverbot scooters can be purchased in 40 countries around the world.
  6. air wheel. The corporation began its activity in 2004, therefore it is rightfully considered a veteran in the global hoverboard market. Today, the company boasts its own R&D and manufacturing facilities in Beijing and Changzhou, as well as a major shopping center in the Chinese capital.

The hoverboard has been in demand for many years in 35 major countries, including the USA, Brazil and Canada.


smart balance

novelty electronics




№2 — Polaris PBS 0601

Price: 12,500 rubles

The second place in our ranking of hoverboards goes to the cult model from a domestic manufacturer. The device is assembled in China, but under the strict guidance of Russian engineers and subject to all necessary licenses, which guarantees the high quality and reliability of the final product. This gyroboard feels great both on city roads and on country paths, and an impressive maximum speed of 15 km / h allows you to bypass the flow of people as if standing still.

High-quality and safe plastic allows you not to worry about the consequences of small collisions with obstacles, and the handling of the Polaris PBS 0601 is regularly called one of the best among all models on the market. If you want to buy a hoverboard for years to come, choose this particular device.

Polaris PBS 0601

Nuances of operation

You can ride a hoverboard if you follow a number of rules:

  • thoroughly study the operating instructions for the device;
  • purchase protective equipment, especially in the first days of training;
  • do not exceed the allowable weight (for example, an adult will not be able to ride a children’s model without negative consequences);
  • use shoes that are responsible for the correct position of the foot;
  • ride in specially designated places where there are no large crowds of people and the roadway;
  • do not be distracted by talking on the phone while driving;
  • choose good weather for driving.

Before riding, it is necessary to explain to the child that even the simplest hoverboard reacts to smooth changes in body position. If you want to turn, then you should lightly press on the left or right side of the platform. To accelerate, you need to press your feet forward. If you want to rest, then for a safe stop you need to slow down by resting your heels on the platform. Then confidently remove first one, then the other leg so that the device is in front of the child.

Having found out for yourself how old you can ride a hoverboard, it is important to remember that children’s safety is the responsibility of adults. When making such a gift to your baby, it is important to evaluate which option is more suitable, it is also necessary to understand whether the child is ready to learn and apply new skills. It is worth choosing a product from a trusted manufacturer.

Put on protective equipment

Ride in designated areas

Do not exceed the allowed weight

№7 — iScooter A2

Price: 10 500 rubles

Popular in our country model of a hoverboard for a child from six years old. A number of technical indicators of this device are at a premium level, for example, the maximum climb angle is an incredible 30 degrees! On such a handsome man, you can easily climb even an unpaved steep climb, which will appeal to those who like to ride a gyroboard after leaving the city. IP54 water resistance allows you to use the device even in heavy rain, but you should not abuse this opportunity.

Such a miracle already weighs a lot — 12 kilograms, so if a child suddenly puts the battery away from home, problems will arise. The power reserve of the device is 20 km, it’s not worth trying to drive around the whole city on it, but to take it to school or to grandparents — why not? If you can’t decide on a choice — feel free to buy iScooter A2, there are practically no other gyroboards with such a number of good reviews.