Electric boiler for apartment heatingMany residents of urban apartments today are increasingly refusing central heating services due to its poor quality and high prices for providing the service. In residential premises of a small area, an autonomous heating system is very effective, the main element of which is electric boiler. The use of electricity to create a comfortable microclimate is gradually becoming a priority due to the rise in price and the increasing shortage of natural gas and oil products.

Advantages of electric boilers in heating apartments

Modern energy saving electric heating boilers These are high-tech devices with the highest level of security. Unlike other types of boiler equipment, they can be installed in almost any apartment where the condition of the electrical wiring and the allocated energy consumption limits allow the use of high-power household appliances. Although experts do not recommend the use of such boilers for heating an area exceeding 100 m2 due to the high consumption of electricity.

Compact electric heating boilerTo heating a private house with an electric boilerand especially its use in a high-rise building, created maximum comfort and was economical in operation, such a heating unit must meet certain conditions:

  • Compact dimensions and attractive design, allowing you not to allocate a separate room.
  • The possibilities of electronic control allow you to achieve the most economical use of electricity, which can save up to 60% on utility bills.
  • The operation of the electric heating unit is impeccable from an environmental point of view. It does not emit any products of combustion and does not have a harmful effect on the air environment of the apartment.

Operation features

The electric heating boiler is very easy to install and manage. Its connection can be performed by a non-professional who strictly observes all the requirements and safety regulations. But it should be remembered that high-quality work of equipment independent of a person will take place only on condition that the installation of electric boilers produced by qualified specialists.

  • The features of such equipment allow you to connect to any existing heating system without creating additional communications: chimneys, hoods, laying gas pipes.
  • With the help of remote thermostats, you can set an individual thermal regime in each room, reduce or increase the heating power according to a specific schedule using a timer.Features of connecting an electric boiler in an apartment
  • A very significant means of reducing costs is the use of a nightly rate. Therefore, you should choose a design adapted to different modes or install a two-tariff meter in the apartment.
  • In many cases, the installation of an electric boiler is carried out in the hallway, in the kitchen or even in the room. It is necessary to choose an installation site that is protected from moisture on the electrical appliance. For example, it should not be placed where the roof leaks or condensation forms on the walls.
  • In apartments, wall-mounted devices are most often used, which allow economical use of usable space. The low power allowed for such premises is 3-3.5 kW. This allows you to do without creating a three-phase electrical connection line.

A wide range of models offered by manufacturers allows you to purchase electric boiler with the necessary performance characteristics, which embodies modern energy-saving technologies. Due to its simplicity, reliability and safety, electric autonomous heating is becoming more and more popular and in demand every day as a way to provide comfort, coziness and warmth.