The organization of storage of products, equipment, non-food, pharmaceutical goods and materials requires the maintenance of certain parameters of the air environment. For such premises, the question of how to get rid of high humidity in the warehouse, which can cause damage to products, the impossibility of its further sale or use, and, as a result, serious financial losses, is especially relevant. The only solution to this issue is the use of special equipment.

Why you need to dehumidify the air in the warehouse

Dealing with high humidity in a warehouseExposure to excessive moisture causes a number of problems that warehouse owners have to face:

  • condensation accumulates on surfaces;
  • decay processes are accelerated, mold and fungus appear;
  • the risk of a short circuit increases;
  • the product absorbs moisture, becomes damp, deformed;
  • metal products and equipment rust;
  • electronic devices become unusable;
  • bulk products and materials get wet and crumple;
  • the chemical composition of the substances stored in the warehouse changes;
  • useful properties are lost, the taste of products changes, etc.

But the greatest danger of non-compliance with storage conditions is in the presence of food and medicinal substances in the warehouse, the deterioration of which can cause serious harm to human health.

Humidity normalization options

Indicators of optimal humidity and temperature differ significantly depending on the purpose of the warehouse: storage of flour, sugar, vegetables, fruits, potatoes, packaged food products, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, clothing, footwear, industrial and household appliances, medicines, building materials, fuels and lubricants, furniture , paper, books, as well as other goods and materials.

The table below shows what humidity and temperature should be in the warehouses of some types of products:

Conditions for storing goods in a warehouse

Features of the selection of dehumidifiers for a warehouseThe main ways to reduce the level of humidity in the warehouse:

  • ventilation (only suitable for small short-term storage warehouses, for example, a warehouse in a store);
  • electric fans that remove moist air outside the room (they consume a lot of electricity, there may be a short circuit);
  • space heating or supply air heating (does not allow to achieve the desired balance of temperature and humidity);
  • condensing and adsorption dehumidifiers (suitable for rooms of any size, provide control and maintenance of the set parameters);
  • complex systems for dehumidification and ventilation of warehouses (require expensive equipment, are costly in operation and therefore justify themselves only at large warehouse facilities).

The most rational solution for the proper storage of goods in a warehouse in many cases is the selection of dehumidifiers, which must be carried out taking into account all the SNiP and GOST standards for storing a particular type of product.

Advantages of dehumidifiers

According to the principle of operation, dehumidifiers for a warehouse are of two types: condensing and adsorption.

In the first case, the process of drying the air occurs due to the condensation of water vapor and their removal through the drainage system. This is the most common option, especially effective if the air temperature does not fall below +10°C.

In the second, excess moisture absorbs a hygroscopic adsorbent. Such dehumidifiers can operate at negative temperatures, are great for unheated rooms, but have a much higher cost.

Ways to reduce high humidityCompared to large dehumidification systems and ventilation units, they have a number of advantages:

  • the widest possible scope;
  • compact overall dimensions;
  • high efficiency of moisture removal;
  • affordable price and inexpensive service;
  • much lower power consumption;
  • Possibility of local dehumidification of certain storage areas.

The mobile, wall-mounted, floor-standing, channel models presented on the market today allow you to create flexible dehumidification systems for warehouses for specific conditions and types of products with minimal financial investment.

Which dehumidifier to choose

In order to get rid of high humidity in the warehouse, we recommend using models of world famous brands, in particular DanVex DEH-1600i, Sabiel DB150, Neoclima ND 240. They are distinguished by high quality and reliability, low cost, adaptation to Russian operating conditions, compliance with international safety and energy efficiency standards.

Comparative characteristics of models

Dryer model

Room volume, m3

Dehumidification, l/day

Power consumption, kW

Air exchange, m3/hour

Dimensions, mm

Weight, kg

Noise level, dB (A)

Brand Country

DanVex DEH-1600i









Sabiel DB150









Neoclima ND240









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