Using a dehumidifier in a saunaThe organization of a comfortable and healthy microclimate in the sauna is the basis of a high-quality and useful hygienic procedure and good rest. Ventilation and dehumidifiers play an important role in this. They help maintain the desired level of humidity and temperature, eliminate the occurrence of drafts and mold, make the air environment clean and free of bacteria. The use of such equipment helps to preserve the finish of walls and ceilings, prevents the destruction of building structures from the action of water vapor, and keeps electrical appliances and household appliances in working order in the rest room.

Features of the microclimate in the sauna

Exposure to high temperatures very quickly makes the air unsuitable for breathing, which immediately affects the well-being of people. A quality ventilation system is essential, which will remove used and polluted air and provide fresh air from the street.

Features of the microclimate in the saunaThe features of the sauna include several important points that must always be considered when designing and building a room:

  1. Forced ventilation cannot be installed in the steam room. It will create the movement of air masses heated to 100-120 ° C, which can lead to serious burns.
  2. Initially, such a room is built with good thermal insulation, so the supply of fresh air through walls or cracks is excluded.
  3. Ventilation grilles are used for air supply and exhaust, which are not brought into the next room, but directly to the street.
  4. The steam room contains dry steam with a moisture content of only 10-15%, and installing a dehumidifier in it is pointless. Humidity reduction is achieved as a result of air exchange with the street.
  5. At a humidity of less than 40 g/kg, an unpleasant smell of an overdried room appears, with an increase of more than 70 g/kg, the air will be too humid and uncomfortable for breathing.
  6. Maximum comfort and absence of drafts is achieved:
    — pressure equalization inside and outside the steam room;
    — balance between the inflow and outflow of air masses (if the inflow of outdoor air is greater, the temperature will decrease and the humidity will increase).

Using a dehumidifier in a sauna

Sauna dryerWater procedures are an integral part of visiting the sauna, so it always has a room with a pool or shower. It is here that dehumidifiers are installed, which will remove moisture generated from the evaporation of water and the penetration of hot air from the steam room when the doors are opened. Main features of the operation of dehumidifiers for swimming pools in the sauna — these are large volumes of moisture condensation, the need for high-quality supply and exhaust ventilation and the possibility of heating water in the pool bowl.

The selection of a dehumidifier mainly rests on the question: what type of equipment will be better — wall or channel? The choice depends on the characteristics of the premises, the number of visitors and the required dehumidification power. The wall-mounted unit is more often used in small saunas, especially where it is not possible to install equipment in a separate room. If the sauna has a large area and is visited by a large number of people, it makes sense to choose a duct and connect it to the existing ventilation system of the building.

There is a large selection of equipment for various types of steam rooms, pools and relaxation rooms. The main thing is that before you buy a dehumidifier for a sauna, you need to carefully calculate the necessary parameters, determine the size of the equipment and the functions that the dehumidification system should perform. Only with competent calculations, the operation of the equipment will be reliable and economical.