Frequent interruptions, shutdowns of hot water for the prevention and repair of centralized networks have become the norm today. If we add to this the seasonal increase in utility prices for hot water, it becomes quite reasonable to install water heating equipment in a private house or apartment.

In this block, we will talk about a gas water heater: which one is better for an apartment, and which one is better for a private house, we will consider the types of water heaters and the principle of its operation.

How to choose a geyser

How to choose a geyser

Flowing gas water heaters are most often small in size, they are an ideal choice for a small apartment. The device is connected directly to the cold water supply system, it works on both natural and liquefied gas.

The principle of operation of the column is very simple: water enters the heat exchanger, where it is heated by the combustible gas, and is immediately fed into the mixer.

A storage gas water heater can hold a large amount of liquid, so it requires a lot of space. The heater heats a certain amount of water in the tank and keeps the temperature for a long time.

If the water cools down, the column automatically heats it up to the desired temperature. The water tank is well insulated, so the water stays hot longer.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a gas water heater with a liquid tank of 50 liters or more.

Main selection options:

  • Power. Depending on how much liquid is heated, the geyser can have a power of 6 to 30 kW.
  • Type of ignition — can be automatic and semi-automatic. The automatic type of ignition works when the water supply is turned on or when the water in the tank has cooled down.

The semi-automatic type of speakers works only if the piezo ignition button is pressed. Such a device increases the gas consumption, since the igniter flame must always burn.

  • Burner type — can be with constant and modulated power. Devices with a constant power are less convenient in places where the water pressure and, accordingly, the heating temperature often change.

The burner with modulating power automatically adjusts to the pressure of the water and maintains the initially set temperature.

  • Type of removal of combustion products. The chimney column is equipped if the corrugated sleeve can be brought into an existing chimney.

Turbocharged units are less popular as there is a risk of bleed lines freezing at low temperatures. In this case, it is often necessary to drain the collected water so that the heat exchanger does not explode.

  • Safety — the geyser is a dangerous device, so you need to pay attention to the presence of protective sensors and relays.

Secondary Options

Secondary options:

  1. Dimensions — if this item does not matter, you can choose a column, taking into account only the main characteristics and requirements. If the room does not allow you to install a large storage column, you can choose the most compact flow column.
  2. Shape — if you will hide the device in a kitchen set, it is better to choose a square shape of the required size.


To choose a safe geyser for an apartment or house, you need to deal with the appropriate type of equipment.

With open chamber

Another name for such models is atmospheric. The essence of the operation of such a gas water heater is that air is taken from the room to burn gas. This happens naturally. The designs of such devices are simple from a technical point of view, and at a price these models are more profitable. But the security, unfortunately, is not the highest.

Cons of atmospheric geysers:

  • High gas consumption.
  • High technical requirements for installation and installation site.
  • Low efficiency.
  • Be sure to have a chimney of the appropriate configuration, length, size.
  • The need to organize a high-quality ventilation system.
  • Fire hazard.
  • Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning due to system failure or self-extinguishing of the burner.

Closed camera

These models are also called turbocharged.

The principle of their operation is somewhat different:

  • The combustion chamber is sealed.
  • Air intake is carried out not from the room, but from the street.
  • The design has one or more fans that pump air for burning gas and contribute to a faster removal of waste products of combustion.

Advantages of turbocharged models:

  • Economical gas consumption and better, complete combustion. When installing a water heater with a closed combustion chamber, gas consumption is reduced by an average of ⅓ compared to atmospheric models.
  • High efficiency.
  • A high level of safety not only in terms of the removal of combustion products, but also protection against overheating of the unit.
  • The possibility of using a coaxial chimney.
  • Fully automated process of the system that does not require frequent monitoring by the user.


  • Energy dependence. Usually such geysers are still connected to the mains.
  • There is background noise during system operation, so you need to think carefully about the placement.

When choosing between the options described above, it is definitely better to choose a gas water heater with a closed combustion chamber, especially if you plan to install it in an apartment.

With piezometric ignition

Models with piezometric ignition have long appeared on the market, displacing equipment with manual ignition, being simpler, more convenient, and safer to maintain.

Geysers of this type are equipped with a button on the front panel, pressing which activates the piezometric element. It gives a spark that ignites the igniter. Then everything functions in automatic mode — the gas supply valve opens, the column lights up, the water heats up and is supplied to the water intake point.

With electric ignition

These are the most reliable and safe gas water heaters of the latest generation. The ignition system works from a set of a pair of batteries, which provide the charge necessary to produce a spark. When choosing such a model, you do not even need to press any buttons — just open the tap with water, and ignition is carried out autonomously, as well as the burner stops burning.

The best geyser with a closed combustion chamber

Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte - the best geyser with a closed combustion chamber
Flow type gas water heater Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte can be installed in a private or multi-storey building. The device was created using modern technologies and materials.

  • The design is made in a classic style.
  • There are models with additional patterned glass on the front panel, this solution allows you to gently fit the device into any design.
  • The Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte geyser operates silently, consumes gas and water economically, and is equipped with a multi-level security system.

Pros of Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte


  • the Zanussi water heater is equipped with electronic ignition, which uses two standard batteries;
  • the presence of an LED display, which reflects the temperature of the liquid at the exit;
  • the device operates smoothly at low pressure and supplies water under even pressure;
  • the burner and heat exchanger are made of stainless steel, which will significantly extend the service life;
  • closed combustion chamber;
  • low cost.


  • you need to change the batteries in the electronic firebox frequently.

Signs of quality

In the question of which instantaneous gas water heater to choose, many details must be taken into account. One of the key selection criteria is the material from which the heat exchanger is made. It should be copper, it can be coated, but not made of thin tin or dubious alloys. Otherwise, the heat exchanger will quickly burn out, and after 3 years you will have to buy a new column. Stainless steel heat exchangers are durable, but due to poor heat transfer they have low efficiency. In addition to the material of manufacture, it is important to evaluate the inner diameter of the heat exchanger tubes. The larger it is, the better: the heat exchanger will need to be cleaned of scale and dirt less often.

The water block of a high-quality column must be metal, because. plastic models wear out faster. Inside the unit are consumables — a membrane and a strainer. When replacing them, you need to unscrew the thread, and if it is plastic, then due to frequent unscrewing it fails, and you have to completely change the water block.

The best geyser of Russian production

Ladogaz VPG 10 E - the best Russian-made geyser

Ladogaz VPG 10 E was created using innovative materials and technologies that save gas and water costs.


  • The water heater has classic parameters and is made using modern materials.
  • The column belongs to the flow type, so gas and water consumption is significantly saved.
  • The high safety of the water heater is ensured by the fact that the burner fires only when water is used.

Pluses Ladogaz HSV 10 E


  • The gas water heater works stably even at low pressure.
  • It has a special inner layer that protects against the formation of precipitation and scale.
  • The heat exchanger is made of high quality copper, which affects the heating rate and water quality.
  • The presence of several levels of security system: chimney draft sensor, overheating sensor and flame sensor.
  • Automatic ignition.


  • No display.
  • Temperature fluctuations are possible.

The best geyser with automatic water temperature control

Neva 4510-M - the best geyser with automatic water temperature control
Geyser of a domestic manufacturer Neva 4510-M has a lot of advantages, the main of which is an affordable price.

  • The device is made in a classic style and has no special frills.
  • The column has compact parameters, so it is quite possible to install it in a small apartment or in a private house.
  • The column operates quietly and evenly delivers liquid at the desired temperature, even with sudden pressure drops.


  • The water heater starts at a liquid pressure of 0.15 bar.
  • The presence of a two-stage modulation of the flame.
  • The presence of an ionization sensor, due to which the gas supply stops when the burner goes out.
  • Compact dimensions allow you to mount the column in a small bathroom or kitchen.
  • Pretty low cost.


  • The water heater is not equipped with a smooth modulation of the flame, which will not allow the use of this device for two points of water supply.
  • The column has a power of 17.9 kW, which allows you to heat only 9 liters per minute.

The best geyser for an apartment

Mora Top Vega 10 - the best geyser for an apartment
Mora Top Vega 10 is a fairly popular water heater in the Russian market.


  • The device heats up more than 10 liters per minute.
  • The geyser weighs about 2.5 kilograms.
  • The device is designed for one water intake, so it can be used separately in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Pros of Mora Top Vega 10


  • Use of high quality spare parts and materials in the manufacture.
  • An effective and multi-level security system, or rather, protection against starting without water supply and against reverse draft in the chimney, the presence of fuses against water overheating.
  • Robust and practical design of the device.
  • Attractive appearance.
  • The heat exchanger is made of copper with an efficiency of up to 93%.


  • High price.
  • Designed for one water intake.
  • This model is sometimes difficult to find in stores due to the fact that the product is instantly sold out from stores.

How to choose performance?

Performance is also necessarily indicated in the technical documentation. It is measured in l / min. The higher the indicator, the more features a particular model has and the more comfortable the user will feel when taking a shower or bath. When choosing performance, you need to consider the number of connected points. The throughput of one mixer is 6-7 l / min, therefore:

  • for the kitchen and washbasin, 10 l / min is enough;
  • shower and kitchen or kitchen and bath with shower — 13 l/min;
  • for the kitchen, shower and two baths — 15 l / min.

The internal structure of the column

The best geyser with a turbo extractor

Hyundai H-GW2 - the best geyser with a turbo extractor
Gas water heater Hyundai H-GW2 It is made of durable and high-quality materials, which has a positive effect on its operation and extends its service life. Small and compact, the appliance is easy to install in a small kitchen or bathroom.

  • The water heater has a classic appearance and weighs about 8 kilograms.
  • The device is made of durable, high-quality and resistant materials, which allows you to use it in any conditions.
  • The column has an automatic ignition system, which has a positive effect on its performance and safety.


  • The presence of an LED display allows you to control the outlet temperature, as well as recognize errors and breakdowns when they occur.
  • The device is equipped with a 4D-quard security system.

No-draft sensors in the turbo extractor shut off the gas in case of danger and also prevent backdraft. The flow sensor controls the presence and level of liquid in the water heater.

The ionization sensor cuts off the gas in the absence of a flame and in case of overheating.

  • Affordable price.


  • Cannot work from bottled gas;
  • Requires frequent battery replacement
  • Designed for one water intake.

Device and principle of operation

An idea of ​​u200bu200bhow to choose a gas water heater for a private house can be given by knowledge of the device, the principle of operation and its existing varieties. According to the principle of operation, these devices are divided into two types:

  1. Flowing.
  2. Cumulative.

The mechanism of operation of the first is to simultaneously supply water to the heat exchanger and turn on the burner. Further, in a heated form, water immediately enters the mixer. The temperature is controlled by the flow rate in the water pipe. The main feature of the flow version is the lack of capacity and, as a result, the minimum dimensions. Therefore, it is ideal for installation in cramped conditions — in a small kitchen, near equipment, etc.

Storage devices have a special heat-insulated tank. Below it is a burner. Turning on, off and the period of operation is controlled by automation, based on the performance of temperature sensors. As soon as the temperature of the water in the tank drops below the set value, the heating module is activated, and if it is exceeded, it turns off.

Gas storage column
Gas storage column Source tproekt.com

Unlike the one discussed above, the devices of this version have a supply of hot water and are large in size. Therefore, they are suitable for spacious rooms. In addition, with their help, you can get heated water for a long time even when not in use. This is especially true when the house has several sources of its consumption — kitchen, bath, sauna, bathrooms.

Useful information! Flame initiation can be done manually or automatically. The first option involves pressing the button of the piezoelectric element every time you want to use the device. This is not very convenient for frequent use. Therefore, modern gas water heaters, whose reliability and quality rating is at their best, are equipped with automatic ignition systems. They are powered by batteries, mains or hydro generator.

Gas column device
Geyser device Source teploclass.ru

The best geyser for low water pressure

Ariston Fast Evo 11C refers to instantaneous natural gas water heaters. The water heater has compact parameters, operates at a pressure of 0.10 bar.


  • The geyser is triggered by automatic ignition, which is connected to the mains.
  • This water heater can be installed in an apartment and in a country house, since its capacity is 11 liters per minute, the water heats up to 65-70 degrees.

Pros of Ariston Fast Evo 11C


  • The main advantages of this model include its power, which is 19 kW.
  • The presence of an LED display allows you to find out the exact temperature of the outgoing liquid, as well as correct a breakdown or error due to the appearance of special codes on the screen.
  • The security system includes a flame sensor, overheating protection and a draft sensor.


  • One of the disadvantages is the incorrect readings on the display, since the set temperature may not correspond to the temperature of the leaving liquid.
  • This model is designed for only one water intake.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Compactness. Even a unit with a tank does not take up much space, so it can be successfully disguised indoors.
  • Saving. Heating water with gas is cheaper than using electricity. Heating water in this way is cheaper than centralized hot water supply.
  • Multiple water points. A flowing geyser is enough to heat water for three or more points. Enough device with a power of 8 kW, which is connected.
  • Low price. Devices are cheaper than devices powered by electricity. The range of brands includes many models at a budget price, which are not inferior to more expensive devices.


  • Complicated installation. Geysers are more difficult to install than electric water heaters. Moreover, it is impossible to do without outside help. It is necessary to call specialists, as well as obtain permission to install equipment.
  • High power. The gas main must have a large capacity, so installing a column in many apartment buildings is problematic.
  • Output of combustion products. Waste generated after combustion must be disposed of somewhere. It is necessary to organize a chimney. This is easy to do if a person lives on the top floor. Others will have to build the system from the outside wall of the house or mount a turbine column, then make a special hole in the wall.
  • Danger. The risk of an emergency should be minimized by installing a column with a protective system. Most modern devices have a security system. It is also necessary to ensure a regular supply of fresh air: 10 units of oxygen per 1 unit of volume of gas burned.

The best geyser for a private house

In terms of versatility Bosch WRD 13-2G is considered one of the best due to its sufficiently high power and performance.


  • This model can be used to supply two water intakes.
  • The manufacturer offers the possibility of replacing the burner with liquefied gas.
  • Compact dimensions, classic shape and color make it possible not to hide the water heater without spoiling the overall design of the room.


  • It has a built-in hydrodynamic generator, thanks to which automatic ignition is carried out.
  • The outlet temperature corresponds to the readings on the LCD display.
  • When the water pressure changes, the water heater maintains the set temperature.
  • The copper heat exchanger prevents heat loss, and also significantly extends the service life.


  • The lowest pressure this model can work with is 0.35 bar.
  • High price.

What to look for when choosing

Power and performance. It is the main indicator on which the amount of water heated per minute depends. Knowing the power of the column, it is not difficult to calculate its efficiency. Experts recommend dividing the indicator by 2. The result is an approximate volume of water that heats up by 25 C. For example, if the power is 30 kW, then the efficiency is 15 l / min.

Draw-off points

For an average family of 3-4 people, a unit for one point with a capacity of 10 l / min will be enough. If the task is to provide several points, then you need to pay attention to devices with a capacity of 13l / min, for three points of water intake — 15-18l / min.

Type of gas used

Gas is divided into liquefied and natural. It all depends on whether the object is connected to a centralized gas supply or not.

Temperature regulation

In stores there are models with constant power and modulation. In the first case, the user will have to adjust the temperature in accordance with the pressure of the water. In the second case, this happens automatically — modulating burners at different pressures give out the specified mode.

Types of ignition

There are three types of ignition of geysers:

  1. Piezo ignition — the user starts the column by pressing a special button. It belongs to the simplest, but less economical types. Due to the constantly working igniter, gas is consumed by 20% more.
  2. Auto ignition with batteries — start automatically when you turn on the hot water tap. This type of device is more expensive, but saves gas consumption.
  3. Auto ignition with a spark — with the help of a hydraulic turbine, voltage is generated to start the electronic unit. The main condition for this type is that the pressure in the water supply system must exceed 0.45 atm.

Chimney diameter

When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the inlet and the chimney of the building itself. The diameter of the chimney of the water heater should not be larger than the previous values.


Allocate models with rotary knobs, push-button with display on a digital display.

Type of heat exchangers

All heat exchangers of gas flow columns are classified according to the material of manufacture:

  1. Steel – are characterized by reliability, low cost and corrosion resistance. Minus — they have an impressive weight.
  2. Highly purified copper — are characterized by high efficiency, corrosion resistance, high heat transfer rates.
  3. Plain copper with impurities — equipped with inexpensive models. Provide uneven heating, as a rule, have a short service life.

Security Devices

The geyser must ensure safe operation using the following control sensors:

  • flue gas temperature — interrupts the operation of the device in case of clogging of the chimney or loss of draft;
  • heat exchanger temperature — blocks the operation of the device in case of reaching critical values;
  • burning — interrupts the operation of the burner when the flame disappears.

The best geyser for bottled gas

Geyser Mora Vega 13 can supply hot water to two points.


  • The model is presented in several variations, which allows you to choose the shape and size that best fits your design and space.
  • It works on natural and bottled gas, which allows it to be used in apartments and private houses.


  • A high-quality heat exchanger supplies water without changing its temperature parameters.
  • The diameter of the outlet pipe can be brought to the chimney with minimal neck parameters.


  • Very high price.
  • It is difficult to find spare parts in case of a breakdown.

Rating TOP-5 best models

Place Name Price
TOP 5 best geysers
one Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte 7 000 ₽
2 Electrolux GWH 11 PRO Inverter 13 000 ₽
3 Bosch WR 10-2P23 12 000 ₽
four Zanussi GWH 10 Fonte Turbo 7 000 ₽
5 Ariston FAST EVO ONT C 11 NG RU 11 000 ₽

The best gas water heater with piezo ignition

Gas water heater Bosch WR 10-2P has a lot of advantages that relate to its performance and external characteristics.


  • The geyser has a classic shape and small parameters, so that it is almost invisible in the room.
  • This model is easily rebuilt from natural to liquefied gas, so it is practical both in a city apartment and in a rural house.

Advantages of Bosch WR 10-2P


  • Quiet operation and compact dimensions.
  • This model can work even with very low water pressure.
  • Automatic ignition turns on when the tap is opened and turns off when the flow is shut off.
  • Piezo ignition allows you not to purchase an infinite number of batteries that can fail at the most inopportune moment.
  • The security system includes a fire intensity regulator and a temperature sensor against overheating.


  • The disadvantages of this model include sensitivity to the quality of the liquid.
  • In the event of a breakdown, spare parts are very difficult to find, as is a specialized service center.
  • To clean the water heater, you need to completely disassemble the device.

Gas or electric water heater: which is better

Gas and electric water heaters have their own characteristics. Therefore, it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer which of the devices is better and which is worse. To compare these 2 devices, you need to consider their pros and cons.

Advantages of geysers:

  • Economical (gas bill will be less than electricity bill)
  • small size
  • Fast water heating
  • Possibility of obtaining an unlimited amount of hot water
  • Ease of operation
  • Long service life

Disadvantages of gas water heaters:

  • Difficulties with installation
  • The need for unquestioning adherence to safety rules
  • The water pressure is distributed to all open taps in the apartment

Advantages of electric water heaters:

  • Possibility of connection in houses where there is no gas supply system
  • Ease of installation
  • Safety in use
  • Maximum water pressure in all open taps

Disadvantages of electric water heaters:

  • Large consumption of electricity
  • Short service life
  • Large device size

When choosing one of the options, you should consider the possibility of connecting to an energy source and your own financial condition.

Buying a geyser is a complex undertaking that requires a thorough approach and taking into account all the little things. To make it easier for you to cope with this task, be sure to read our article. It will help you make the right choice and avoid buying a low-quality model. If this information has become useful for you, then do not forget to like and write a good comment.

The best geyser semi-automatic

Bosch Therm 2000 - the best semi-automatic geyser
Flow type gas water heater Bosch Therm 2000 has a lot of advantages, among which there is the ability to easily switch to liquefied gas. Characteristics:

  • The classic shape, small dimensions and soft shades allow the device to be used in any design.
  • Electric type of burner, which is powered by standard batteries.
  • The presence of a copper heat exchanger significantly improves the operation and performance properties.
  • To use liquefied gas, manufacturers suggest using an additional kit with a burner.
  • The device operates at a minimum fluid pressure of 0.15 bar.

Advantages of Bosch Therm 2000


  • The presence of two separate handles for adjusting the water pressure and power.
  • The water heater has a high performance and heats more than 10 liters of liquid per minute.
  • The minimum diameter of the chimney of the device is 11 cm.
  • The use of European components, which significantly affects the operational life.


  • The presence of Chinese components, which often fail.
  • Automatic ignition is too loud.
  • Expensive spare parts made in Europe.

How to choose the most suitable model

How to choose the most suitable model

A gas water heater for an apartment or a gasified house may not have the function of switching to liquefied gas. The main thing is that the security system is at the highest level.

For giving, flow models on bottled gas will be an ideal option, since the consumption of hot water is minimized.

The security system should include at least the most important items, for example, flame sensors, overheating sensors and chimney backdraft sensors.

The ignition system does not play a particularly important role. It all depends on your preferences and wishes. The same applies to size, color and other external parameters.
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Principle of operation

The essence of the operation of a gas water heater is that gas is supplied through one pipe, which is a source of energy for heating, cold water enters through the second pipe. Gas is supplied to the burners, due to the open fire, the water in the heat exchanger is heated to the specified temperature values.

Gas combustion is possible only in the presence of oxygen, and harmful gases are formed during the processing of raw materials. The ventilation system is responsible for these processes, which must comply with the requirements of SNiP and SanPin. All combustion products are eventually discharged through the chimney.