The children’s chaise lounge is created for comfort which is deserved by each kid. Now on the market there are many options for sun loungers for children. But how not to make a mistake with the choice? And does a child really need such a device?

In addition to the fact that a deck chair is a comfortable and cozy place for a baby, it also gives free minutes to parents and rest to tired hands. Therefore, such a gift will be an indispensable tool for a family with a newborn baby.
1 Best classic lounge chairs for newborns

2 Best sun loungers with automatic motion sickness

3 Best budget lounge chairs for newborns

The main criteria for choosing

Not all parents, especially new parents, know how to choose a good deck chair, so let’s figure it out.

Things to consider:

  1. Safety always in 1st place. The design simply must be reliable and stand firmly on the surface. The set must include seat belts (3 or 5-point) and an insert for the smallest children, taking into account their characteristics. Important: young children need constant supervision, they should not be left unattended in a chair for a long time.
  2. frame must be made of high-quality strong materials — steel or aluminum tubes. For upholstery, natural hypoallergenic fabrics that are easy to clean are ideal. It is good if you can remove the fabric upholstery for washing.
  3. Compact, foldable and lightweight — there should be a deck chair with all its reliability of the body.
  4. Spacious sleeping area. It is most practical to give preference to a child seat with a spacious bed, because such a product will last longer, and babies grow very quickly. However, the age range should not be too large. After all, the height and weight of a newborn child is very different from the parameters of a 3-year-old child. Therefore, even when choosing such a product, you need to rely on the age of the child.
  5. The ability to adjust the position of the back, couch or footrest — many mothers immediately clarify whether these functions are available. Then parents can easily choose a comfortable position for the child, depending on his physique and needs. But such a function is more common in swings; in many sun loungers, the position changes depending on the weight of the child.
  6. Additional entertainment featuresfeatures such as auto swing capability, music, rattle arc, vibration and light make life much easier for parents, and children love them very much.

After reading this article, you can easily choose the right option at an affordable price.

Types of sun loungers for babies

First of all, such products are divided depending on the age of the child:

  • for newborns — the emphasis is on an anatomically correct seat design that will support and ensure proper muscle development;
  • for growing children — they can also contain various toys that develop components, even a music panel; there are models with vibration.

In terms of mobility and functionality, there are also the following groups:

  • motionless — suitable if the child does not need to be soothed by motion sickness or is sensitive to rocking and vibration;
  • with the function of motion sickness — they soothe and lull well, while there is no need to move the chair manually; there are models with a remote control that will allow you to adjust the intensity of the swing;
  • portable — suitable for walks and trips, visiting guests, while you do not have to disturb the baby during transportation.

Which manufacturers are better to give preference to?

Many buyers, in addition to the main indicators, focus on stylish colors, at what age they can be used, thoughtful design and, of course, price.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to “try on” and understand whether the child will be comfortable in a particular deck chair. Therefore, often moms are guided by photos or read reviews from other buyers on the Internet to choose the best deck chair for newborns.

A lot of positive reviews are found on the chairs for newborns of the following brands:

  • BabyBjorn (Sweden);
  • 4moms and Bright Stars (USA);
  • Nuovita and Chicco (Italy);
  • Tiny Love (Israel);
  • Beaba (France);
  • Caretero (Poland);
  • Happy Baby, Jetem, Fischer-Price (China).

Check the manufacturer’s country by barcode:

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Among the listed brands, you can choose a deck chair or electric swing at an affordable and higher price. Below will be presented the best sun loungers from the rating of sun loungers for newborns.

The best wooden sun loungers

A deck chair made of wood organically fits into any design of the territory. It can have any shape, the ability to adjust the position of the backrest and be either folding or not. Only one nominee is included in our rating.

InterLink Miami

«Miami» — a deck chair made of wood in a classic style. The model from InterLink is perfect for a stylish design of a relaxation area in the garden or near the pool. The sunbed is delivered unassembled with instructions and tools necessary for assembly. The process is described as detailed as possible, so difficulties, as a rule, do not arise.

In the manufacture of the model, the manufacturer used high-quality pine wood. The boards have a perfectly polished surface. The thickness of each is 28 mm, which is quite enough to support the weight of a fairly well-fed person. Structural strength is ensured by studded and adhesive joints of assembly units and galvanized fittings.

InterLink Miami


  • Environmental friendliness;
  • Long service life while providing wood protection;
  • Ease of care;
  • Possibility of using additional accessories;
  • Attractive appearance.


  • The need to use protective impregnation;
  • Relatively high cost with a simple design.

If desired, a soft mattress can be fixed on the surface of the lounger and doze right on it.

Rating of the best sun loungers for children — TOP-21

Category Place Product Rating Price, ₽
Classic sun loungers one Nuna Leaf Curv 9.9/10 21 500
2 BabyBjorn Balance Soft 9.8/10 20 210
3 BEABA Up&Down 9.8/10 11 400
four Stokke Steps 9.6/10 15 990
5 BabyBjorn Bliss 3D Jersey 9.5/10 24 800
Chaise lounges with vibration one 4moms MamaRoo 4.0 9.9/10 25 900
2 Nuovita Pulito 9.9/10 6 800
3 Nuovita Cullare 9.8/10 5 200
four Graco Move With Me 9.7/10 16 900
5 Nuovita Petalo 9.5/10 8 900
6 Tommy SW 202 9.5/10 5 990
7 Pituso Carino TY-028P 9.2/10 9 200
eight Kinderkraft Felio 9.1/10 5 160
Budget sun loungers one Fisher-Price GNR00 9.9/10 3400
2 Geburt BR62-K03 9.8/10 3 500
3 Lionelo Pascal 9.7/10 6 100
four Pituso Osito BR145-002 9.6/10 3 100
5 Nuovita Migliore 9.5/10 8 500
6 Tiny Love Traveler 9.4/10 2500
7 Bright Starts Good dreams 9.2/10 2990
eight Lorelli Top Relax 9.2/10 2500

Lists of the best

According to the given comparative table of characteristics, 3 best models of sun loungers for newborns can be distinguished according to different parameters:

  • best baby lounger for the price;
  • the best deck chair for newborns in terms of functionality;
  • the best chaise longue for newborns in terms of compactness.

Chaise lounge Nuovita Cullare – functional and inexpensive

Nuovita Cullare sun lounger with motion sickness timer

Great sun lounger for a very reasonable price. It will give the baby a sense of security, gently lull and allow you to spend your free time from sleep with benefit. Mom will also be happy with the purchase, because she will be able to do business without leaving the crumbs alone.

Unlike other more expensive models presented in the rating, this deck chair is equipped with an automatic motion sickness option and a timer. If you are looking for an auto rocking chair at an affordable price, then this option is perfect.

Chaise lounge 4moms MamaRoo 4.0 — stylish and innovative

Unusual armchair 4moms MamaRoo 4.0

This deck chair will appeal to those who are used to keeping up with the times. It differs not only in its original design, but also in its wide functionality — imitation of manual motion sickness, remote control, mp3 player, the track list of which can be replenished with your favorite musical compositions or songs from cartoons.

An unusual deck chair will help to vary the rate of motion sickness depending on the temperament and mood of the child. This is the only model that has 5 modes and the same number of speeds.

Baby Bjorn Bliss chaise longue (cotton) — lightweight and compact

Mechanical chaise longue Baby Bjorn Bliss

This chaise lounge is an invaluable find for parents leading an active lifestyle. It folds with one hand movement, weighs only 2 kg and easily fits into the trunk of even an ultra-compact car. The natural cotton fabric cover easily conforms to the shape of the child’s body, evenly distributing the weight.

Trying to rock himself on his own, without the help of adults, the baby not only receives a lot of positive emotions, but also develops the vestibular apparatus. The rocking chair, made in a minimalist design, can be used up to 2 years — as a light, but at the same time very stable chair.

The best classic lounge chairs for newborns

Nuna Leaf Curv

This product attracts customers not only with its charming design and asymmetric shape. The chair sways silently, slowly and smoothly, so the baby is comfortable and calm, like a mother on the handles. Self-rocking from one push lasts for 2 minutes. The deck chair can withstand weight up to 60 kg.

The best fabric sun loungers

A fabric chaise lounge, in fact, is a folding chair. The basis is a frame with a fabric stretched over it. The material can be different — metal, PVC pipes, wood. Such models in assembled form take up a minimum of space. We offer the TOP 3 best products according to consumer reviews.

Nika K3

Model Nika «K3» is a transforming chair. It is suitable for sitting and reclining both indoors and outdoors — in the garden, on the terrace of the house or near the pool. The product does not take up much space, as it has fairly compact dimensions — 780 x 580 x 1160 mm. Permissible maximum load — no more than 100 kg.

Nika «K3» is equipped with a footrest that can change its initial position while lowering the backrest — the manufacturer has provided 8 possible positions. The chair has comfortable ergonomic armrests and a removable adjustable headrest cushion. The fabric of the cover is resistant to water and sunlight, does not fade and dries quickly. To clean it, you can use any detergent without aggressive components.


  • Light weight — only 6.4 kg;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • budget cost;
  • Ease of maintenance and operation;
  • Withstands a lot of weight.


  • Low strength of the seat material in comparison with others.

Thanks to the backrest height of 1160 mm, the spine is supported during rest.

Mebek «Standard»

Model Mebek «Standard» is a classic version of a deck chair. The folding design used by the manufacturer has been tested for many decades. The basis of the chair is a strong metal frame with a durable fabric stretched between it. This is the perfect beach chair. It folds easily and takes up minimal space when stored or transported. You can take it with you, for example, to the sea or for outdoor recreation.

Mebek «Standard» has an adjustable back. The manufacturer has provided the ability to choose one of 3 positions. In the manufacture of the model, Oxford 600 fabric is used. It is completely waterproof, dense, durable and resistant to wear. The material repels dirt well, but if necessary, it can be cleaned with any detergent. Thanks to a durable metal frame and strong textiles, the design can withstand weights up to 110 kg.



  • Budget price;
  • Light weight (4.9 kg);
  • Compact dimensions when unfolded and folded;
  • Proven design;
  • Ease of maintenance.


  • Not suitable for tall people.

garden star

The «Garden Star» lounger belongs to multi-position models. The manufacturer offers the possibility of adjusting the desired angle of the backrest, which allows a person to choose the most comfortable position during rest. Thanks to steel pipes at the base, the model can withstand weights up to 110 kg.

As a seat, he uses a special fabric «2 in 1». It is a mesh of polyester impregnated with vinyl. The material does not absorb moisture, but it is breathable and dries quickly. It is not susceptible to aggressive ultraviolet radiation, sunscreens. Textile is easy to care for — it can be cleaned with ordinary soapy water.


  • Strength;
  • Beautiful appearance;
  • Affordable price;
  • Ease of care;
  • Comfortable rest.


  • Not detected.

Lying on a sun lounger is comfortable and convenient. The material is textile, despite the high strength, follows the contours of the body.

The best sun loungers with automatic motion sickness

4moms MamaRoo 4.0

This vibrating chair is equipped with many useful features, because it was developed in collaboration with pediatricians, psychologists, designers and experienced mothers. Therefore, the device rocks the child in 5 modes, has 4 modes for playing sounds of nature and the ability to connect to a smartphone. The gadgets have a built-in display. Toys are ideal for developing the vision of the baby.


  • multifunctionality;
  • there is a remote control for adjusting the swing and volume of melodies;
  • several modes of motion sickness speeds;
  • ergonomic shape of the bed;
  • various means of entertainment for the baby.


  • not every buyer will be comfortable with its price;
  • design of toys and the sun lounger itself «for an amateur»;
  • the seat belts are short and allow you to fasten the baby only through the legs; there are no soft rollers on the belts.


Nuovita Pulito

Stylish appearance designed by Italian designers. Electronic swings are equipped with comfortable belts, taking into account the child’s anatomy. That allows you to quickly and safely seat the child in the seat. The swing can be controlled remotely using the buttons on the panel, remote control or smartphone.


  • suitable for children from birth to six months;
  • adjustable backrest (lying and sitting);
  • 5 rocking speeds and a timer for 8, 15, 30 minutes;
  • an electric motion sensor that restarts the swing when the child actively moves;
  • comes with an arc with soft toys and 12 melodies;
  • removable cover.


  • The cover cannot be washed in a washing machine.


Nuovita Cullare

With this electric swing, mom will have free time while the chaise longue cradles the baby. In addition to vibration motion sickness, melodies with relaxing sounds of wildlife are built into the device. There is a timer that can be set for 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Designed for babies from birth to 6 months.


  • arc with soft toys and there is an insert under the head;
  • volume of melodies are regulated;
  • two speeds of motion sickness and vibration motion;
  • timer and motion sensor;
  • lightweight and compact.


  • assembly takes a long time.


Graco Move With Me

The electric swing has a vibration mode, the ability to connect to the player and 10 built-in melodies with 5 sounds of nature.


  • there is a carrying handle;
  • the liner is removable for washing in the machine;
  • two seating positions;
  • two modes of vibration;
  • 5 swing speeds;
  • silently works from a network or from batteries;
  • The set includes toys, a pillow and a soft insert.


  • Batteries are not included and must be purchased separately.


Nuovita Petalo

Spacious cradle for stationary use with additional functions. Comes with a hood and soft lining. The possibility of longitudinal and transverse swing differs (turns 180 degrees). And also the deck chair is equipped with music and vibration massage, a noise sensor, 12 standard melodies and the ability to download any music via Bluetooth.


  • many functions;
  • high-quality sound unit with volume control;
  • the presence of an automatic control unit;
  • the presence of a noise sensor that starts the vibration mode;
  • stylish design.


  • the design is bulky, weight — 7 kg .;
  • Not all parts are removable and washable.


Tommy SW 202

These electronic swings have several swing speeds from side to side, many modes and 9 melodies. There is the possibility of electronic control and connection to a smartphone and Bluetooth.


  • price;
  • the design is light and small-sized;
  • safe swing angle;
  • equipped with a seat belt.


  • you can’t do yours, a large backrest tilt and it cannot be adjusted.


Pituso Carino TY-028P

Electronic swings are equipped with the most modern solutions for comfortable child care. The manufacturer guarantees high quality and reliability of the case. The device is designed for weight up to 12 kg.


  • there is a remote control;
  • shakes silently, 8 modes;
  • two positions of the backrest and seat body made of plastic;
  • music block with built-in music: 12 melodies and 2 sounds of nature (birdsong and water murmur);
  • Removable cover and liner are machine washable
  • built-in music mobile with 3 modes.


  • you can find cheaper analogues.


Kinderkraft Felio

This chaise lounge is light and reliable, it can be used right from the birth of the child. It is stable on a flat surface, but if you remove the latches, the chair sways smoothly from the movements of the baby himself. The chaise longue folds to a flat position, so it is easy to carry and can be taken outdoors. Moreover, the kit includes a mosquito net, an envelope-blanket and an arc with three removable toys. Also, the deck chair is equipped with an electronic unit with music.


  • neutral colors;
  • light weight 3.1 kg and compact;
  • removable cover;
  • can be used up to 18 months.


  • the most common melodies; toys hanging too low; no carrying handles.


The best premium baby loungers

Among these models you will find automatic motion sickness functions, thanks to which the usually difficult process of putting the child to sleep will take place virtually without your participation.

These devices are all easy to use, but thanks to modern technology and years of research, they are able to produce rocking motions similar to a mother’s natural movements. Many of these models are not limited to the function of a sun lounger, thanks to the height adjustment, reinforced bases and durable materials, they can be used longer than others.

The design of these lounge chairs is amazing, they will fit perfectly into any interior.

5 Nuna Leaf

In 5th place is a deck chair, the design of which was prompted by a leaf floating in the sky by the Nuna brand.
Its unique design can support up to 59kg with its aluminum base frame and durable fabric, so it can be used as a gaming chair for a long time.

Comes with a removable cover and a soft insert for newborns. The seat belts in this model are three-point, fixed with Velcro, which securely holds the child and at the same time does not cause discomfort.

The deck chair swings manually from side to side, but it is possible to purchase an additional device for automatic motion sickness. The manufacturer also offers to buy a visor with a mosquito net for walking on the street and an arc with toys.


  • Stylish design.
  • Sturdy construction, can be used as a play chair for a long time.
  • Ergonomically shaped chair.
  • Straps fasten quickly thanks to Velcro.
  • Removable cover.


  • The high cost of additional accessories.
  • Uncomfortable to carry.

Sun lounger Nuna Leaf

4 Baby Bjorn Bliss

In 4th place in this category is the brand Baby Bjorn, which represents a comfortable and safe chair for the baby.
The seat in this device has an anatomical shape, which provides reliable support for the back and neck of the baby. The soft cover creates a cosiness and helps to distribute weight of the child correctly, without creating burdens. It is made of durable, stretchy and lightweight fabric that allows air to circulate and retains moisture. It can be easily removed and machine washed at 40°C.

The chair is established in three provisions: a dream, rest, games. The child himself can swing this chaise longue with his movements, natural swaying quickly calms the baby. In the new collection, these chaise lounges are presented in muted pastel colors, which additionally envelop the atmosphere of calm and serenity.

When used as a lounge chair for sleeping and relaxing, the maximum weight of the child is 9 kg, and if the child is already sitting down and you use the device as a chair for games, then the weight of the child is allowed up to 13 kg.


  • Build quality and safety.
  • Durable chair material.
  • Lung.
  • Can be used for feeding.
  • The ergonomic seat is comfortable for the child.
  • Easily and smoothly swings from movements.
  • Folds up quickly and doesn’t take up much space.


  • No arc with toys included.
  • High price.

Chaise longue Baby Bjorn Bliss

3 Beaba Up&Down

In third place is a deck chair that will allow the baby to always be next to you, the French brand Beaba.
Its feature is the adjustable height of the seat and three levels of backrest, which will allow the child to take an active part in family life. By lowering to a minimum height, you will ensure safety, and by raising it higher and raising the backrest, you will have the opportunity to attach this deck chair as an armchair to a common table. It can be used from birth up to 9 kg.

The base of the chaise lounge allows you to manually rock the baby, and when a static position is needed, special clamps rise. The chair has a soft padding, a removable cover and a head fixer, which makes washing much easier.

This chaise lounge weighs only 4.6 kg, making it easy to carry around the house. Equipped with a five-point harness for maximum safety of the baby.


  • The ability to adjust the height, so the child will not be closer to the floor, as in most sun loungers, but in a position that is convenient for you.
  • The quality of materials.
  • Sustainable and safe.
  • Can be used as a chair for feeding.


  • No arc with toys included.

Chaise longue Beaba Up&Down

24moms MamaRoo 4.0

In second place is the most expensive deck chair rating of the American brand 4moms.
This electronic rocking chair has 5 optimal driving modes: car, kangaroo, swing, dance, wave. In each mode, motion sickness directions are selected: natural motion sickness, from side to side, forward-backward, up-down. The device moves smoothly, and the design of the chair creates comfort almost the same as in the arms of my mother. With the help of five speeds of movement, you will select the most optimal amplitude. You can control the modes and select melodies for playing from your smartphone.

For the rocking chair to work and play melodies, you need to connect the sun lounger to the network. The music block has built-in sounds of nature, its volume is adjustable. Three-point seat belts are provided to secure the child.

The kit comes with a swivel arc with toys that have a mirror, rustling elements and a rattle for the development of the baby. This model involves its use for a child from birth to six months.

The chaise lounge has several positions from almost horizontal to semi-sitting, but for newborns it is necessary to use an additional liner to support the back.


  • Stylish modern design and quality workmanship.
  • Several modes of motion sickness.
  • Quiet work.
  • The cover is easy to wash.
  • Clear management.
  • Rapid motion sickness of the child.
  • The backrest is adjustable.


  • When changing the program / type of motion sickness, the rocking chair makes a sharp movement, which can disturb the child.
  • Not suitable for long stays, as a completely flat surface is required for sleeping, and here the chair is shaped like a hammock.
  • Three-point seat belt.
  • There is not enough mobile instead of an arc.

Deckchair 4moms MamaRoo 4.0

1 4moms RockaRoo

In the first place is the favorite of the stars and bloggers of the 4moms brand.
This deck chair has the function of an electric swing, consists of a base with an electronic control mechanism, the chair itself and an arc with toys. Swinging in this swing occurs very smoothly, without stops, movements are made not just from side to side, but describe an arc. The amplitude of movements is adjustable, there are 5 divisions. Electric swings work from a network. Speakers are built into the base that play melodies or sounds from an external device.

The chair is made like a hammock, the child will be comfortable in such a nest. But for a child under 1 month old, it is better to refrain from using this deck chair, as there is not enough support for the back, or purchase an additional insert.

For safety, there are belts and a special pad that prevents the child from sliding down. Toys are located on a swivel arc, which, if necessary, can be taken to the side.


  • Comfortable anatomic chair.
  • The covers are easy to remove and clean.
  • Stable foundation.
  • Compact, easy to carry around the house.
  • Work from the network.
  • The swing amplitude is adjustable.


  • The back is not adjustable.
  • Not suitable for long stays as a completely flat surface is required for sleeping.
  • For newborns, an additional tab is required.
  • Swing in only one trajectory.

4moms RockaRoo

The best budget lounge chairs for newborns

Fisher-Price GNR00

This is a cheaper version of the babybjorn sun lounger. The seat gently sways with the child’s independent movements and vibrates soothingly at the touch of a button to make the baby even more comfortable. There are 3 animal toys on the hanging panel. Bright colors are pleasing to the eyes of the child.


  • gently sways;
  • there is a vibration
  • bright hanging toys;
  • safety feet and adjustable strap;
  • the seat is easy to wash.


  • no auto wiggle.


Geburt BR62-K03

The chaise lounge is equipped with a rigid adjustable back (three convenient provisions). There are straps for carrying. And for safety, there is a three-point harness and a swing limiter for the legs. This option includes all the necessary qualities of a safe lounger, while its price is very pleasant.


  • two modes of fixing the base of the sun lounger;
  • carrying straps;
  • price.


  • the seat belt buckle can rest against the child’s lower back.


Lionelo Pascal

Very stylish, thoughtful and child-friendly chaise longue. Four positions of the back allow you to adjust the chaise longue to the needs of the baby. The device is equipped with soothing music, pleasant vibration and an interactive arc with toys. When folded, the device does not take up much space.


  • designed for a child from birth up to 9 kg;
  • beautiful case design, the case can be fixed;
  • strong construction;
  • five built-in melodies with volume control;
  • easy assembly without the use of tools;
  • removable covers.



Pituso Osito BR145-002

The bright electronic chaise lounge allows the kid to feel conveniently and in safety.


  • runs on batteries;
  • there is a play arc with three toys;
  • removable pillow;
  • 2 backrests;
  • removable cover;
  • bright colors;
  • compact.


  • not everyone likes the design.


Nuovita Migliore

An electronic swing is like a cozy nest. The baby feels comfortable like in a rocking chair, because it is made of soft materials and equipped with a cape on the legs. Nice design. The base is made taking into account the anatomical features of the child.


  • reliable mechanism;
  • 3 positions;
  • 3 swing speeds;
  • timer for 10, 20 and 30 minutes;
  • Comfortable soft fabric lining
  • built-in mobile with different toys can be removed;
  • Runs on batteries and mains power.



Tiny Love Traveler

Portable bouncer allows you to feel comfortable anywhere. It does not need to be assembled and is easily folded for transport. The child loves to observe everything that happens around him with special interest due to the reclining position.


  • easy to carry and transport in a car;
  • comfortable position, taking into account the anatomy of the child’s body.


  • there is no pillow to support the head.


Bright Starts Good dreams

The sleeper is designed for children from birth up to 9 kg, until the child begins to rise independently, relying on hands and knees.


  • breathable materials;
  • easily erased;
  • compact and lightweight.


  • only mechanical swing.


Lorelli Top Relax

This is a children’s lounge chair with an affordable price. At the same time, it has all the main functions: mechanical swing by hand, 3 positions at the back and locking skids. Additionally, there is a removable interactive arc with three entertaining toys. Large assortment of colors.


  • value for money;
  • easy to clean;
  • equipped with carrying handles;
  • light (3 kg);
  • nice bright colors.


  • the design is simple.


From what age can you use a sun lounger

The baby chaise lounge allows you to comfortably take the baby to where there are no special places for him. A portable chair can be placed anywhere during a trip, travel or just a walk. Such a device ensures the safety of the child and at the same time frees hands at the right time.

Most sun loungers are designed for children from birth to 6 months. Such products really provide a comfortable and physiologically correct position, which is important for a fragile spine.

Pediatricians still advise not to use deck chairs until the neck gets stronger and ceases to be a weak point.

There are models that are designed for children after 6 months. But usually by that time the baby already begins to control the body and sit down. Therefore, it may not be interesting for him to remain in a lying position.

What is a sun lounger

Translated from French, a chaise lounge is a long reclining chair.

In stores there are several variations of the names of the children’s deck chair: child seat; children’s rocking chair; chaise longue for babies; sun lounger for kids; children’s swing-chaise lounge and so on.

The main meaning of this gadget: you can put a child in it, calm it down, distract it or take it in looking at toys. The baby will be comfortable, and the mother will be able to do her own thing. Usually sun loungers are aimed at children from the first days to six months, but there are also designed for children up to 3 years of age. Most often, the period of operation is indicated depending on the weight, and not the age of the child. Therefore, if at 7 months the baby does not exceed the norm and he is comfortable in the couch, you can safely continue to use the deck chair.

The child in this device takes a sitting or lying position, the child is in a half-sitting, reclining position, and only in some sun loungers there is a fully recumbent position. In such an unnatural position, the children’s spine receives an additional load.

It is important to understand that such a device is designed for a long stay in it for a baby, so in no case does it replace a crib. Being in it, the child takes a pose or half-sitting, or reclining.


There are several types of sun loungers for children on the children’s goods market:

  • standard sun lounger on stable legs;
  • rocking chair. It is distinguished by the presence of runners for swinging, which, if necessary, can be fixed. Swings are additionally equipped with canopies from sunlight and a mandatory seat belt. In some models, in addition to manual swing, there is an automatic swing function;
  • bouncer. It sways with the movements of the child thanks to the springy design.

Chaise lounges come with a fixed, stable design and motion sickness. The first option is suitable for calm children and children sensitive to vibration and rocking. Swaying species are able to lull and calm the baby. Helpful notes:

  1. You can choose a stationary chair or a mobile one. The mobile has wheels that allow you not to carry, but to transport the child from one place to another, and, of course, there are clamps that secure the wheels and prevent the sun lounger from moving off on its own.
  2. Many mothers prefer models with additional features. But there are also simple models without any additional accessories.
  3. Management can be stationary (panel with buttons) or at a distance (using a remote control or a smartphone).
  4. There are also different chairs: one-piece and with a removable cradle, such chairs can be easily carried.
  5. Models with a fixed and changing position of the back. The number of possible backrests also differs.
  6. Electric sun loungers are valued for being able to operate from the mains without having to change batteries. However, many mothers avoid such swings because of the danger of electric shock.
  7. Also in the assortment there are special sun loungers for bathing newborns. This is an indispensable assistant for bathing a baby at first, when it is difficult for him to hold his head on his own.
  8. Swing chairs are divided into suspended (to the ceiling or in the doorway) and floor. Now people prefer floor chaise lounges, as hanging ones are considered unsafe.
  9. Outdoor sun loungers are in the form of P, resembling the letter L with an oval support or with an oval base without side racks.
  10. Vibrating lounge chairs are popular with little ones as they are gently soothing. According to the type of vibration, there are deck chairs with rocker or bouncer vibration (it is a new type).

Selection Tips

There are a few points worth paying attention to:

  1. Well, if the back is adjustable. You need to understand that the child will not always lie quietly and motionless. For a newborn baby, it is best to fully lower the backrest to a horizontal position. But in six months, he will want to not only lie down, but also sit, so different back positions are needed.
  2. Stability and security.
  3. Ease of maintenance. To maintain a beautiful appearance, you need to periodically wash the deck chair. It is much more convenient and faster to wash the frame without small parts, and the fabric cover should be removable and suitable for washing in a washing machine. Mom’s time is very valuable.
  4. Preference is given to covers made of natural eco-friendly materials that are safe for the skin of the child.
  5. The presence of additional functions in the form of automatic control, sounds and toys also adds to the attractiveness of the product.

Terms of use

There are rules for using a sun lounger. They are simple but must be followed.


  1. Never leave a baby in a sun lounger unattended for a long time. The baby is fastened with a three or five-point seat belt.
  2. The sun lounger must not be moved when a child is inside. The same applies to changing the inclination of the back. The device is not used in the form of a carry cot (although there are sun loungers with such a function, but this does not apply to everyone) and, moreover, it does not have the function of a car seat.
  3. The sun lounger should only be on the floor to avoid the risk of falling from a height.
  4. Do not use the chair if the weight of the baby exceeds the maximum established norm.
  5. It is necessary to accustom the child to the device gradually. Starting from 3 minutes and gradually increasing the time spent.

Criteria for choosing the best model

When buying, first of all, pay attention to the age and characteristics of the children for whom the deck chair is intended. For a child who is already sitting down, you will need an option with adjustable position. Also, the stool should be light enough for the mother to be able to carry it.

Choose environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. Check that there are no problems with cleaning them, because. sun loungers often get dirty. It is better if the product can be washed in a washing machine. In terms of materials, sun loungers are divided into two groups:

  • plastic — easy to care for, lightweight, durable, they usually have more functions;
  • wooden — are more expensive, but it is an environmentally friendly and reliable material; Often these deck chairs have comfortable skids that turn the deck chair into a swing.

A few more points will help with the purchase.

  1. Seat belts are especially important for tilt-adjustable models. Also needed if you will be transporting a child in a car. The safest and most comfortable are three-point.
  2. Stability — it will provide a wide base. The chair will not roll over due to the activity of the baby.
  3. Additional play features — an interesting option would be a model with a play arc from which toys hang.
  4. Tent — needed if you often take your baby outside.

Why a sun lounger for mom

Moms have many tasks and needs, so they need helpers who can make her life easier.

A baby lounger performs many functions from the very first month. It is in the first month that the adaptation of parents and the child takes place. Mom’s life is completely changing and there is not even time for simple things: wash, cook dinner, wipe the dust, and so on. In a sun lounger, a newborn child is not only awake, but also sleeping. Therefore, mom can rest, which is also very important.

Due to its low weight and special handles, the chaise longue can be easily moved from one room to another, so the mother can do her own business and look after the baby at the same time. Moreover, it is easy to transport by car. Therefore, a mother can take a sun lounger with her if she needs to go with her child to visit, to the country house or on business.

Well-chosen sun lounger:

  • Gives mom the opportunity to do household chores without letting the child out of sight. And the baby watches her with pleasure without fear of being left alone;
  • It is possible to rock the child, and sometimes in different directions (back and forth, from side to side like a hammock), which develops the vestibular apparatus and the general physical condition of the child;
  • The child explores the environment with the transfer of a deck chair to different places, meets objects that are still unfamiliar and interesting to him;
  • Many models come with interactive toys, rattles, carousels, mobiles and even music blocks. This not only entertains the child, but also introduces an element of the game;
  • The kid looks at bright toys with curiosity, which has a positive effect on the development of eye muscles. He also touches toys made of various materials with his fingers, thereby developing motor skills and sensory sensations;
  • There are models with a removable table that mothers use to feed their baby. Therefore, a deck chair is used as a high chair for baby feeding;
  • Ensures the safety of the baby, as the chaise longue has soft fixing straps, and the security system has 3 fixation points, which does not allow the child to fall or get out of it;
  • Creates comfort: the design of the seat is made of soft materials, taking into account the anatomical shape of the body, which protects children’s spinal muscles from deformation. The seats can be installed in several different positions, allowing the child to take a different position — sitting, reclining, lying down;
  • This gadget can be taken with you for a walk.

Selection Tips

Be guided by the following rules:

  1. Pay attention to age restrictions. Information can be found in the technical description of the model. When the child grows up, do not let him play on the deckchair. Otherwise it will break.
  2. Options. It is good if the design is adjustable in height and angle, equipped with modern features, has comfortable textiles and intuitive controls. Even better, when the model provides for a mobile and musical accompaniment.
  3. Price. Examine the characteristics of a sun lounger, compare the cost in other stores. It happens that for a simple design without any options, the seller asks for an unrealistic amount of money.
  4. Power type. Stick to personal preference. Many consider batteries convenient, and some parents prefer sun loungers with an electrical connection.
  5. Reviews. Read the comments for the model. They will help you make the right choice.


The modern market offers parents a lot of children’s products that are positioned as mandatory purchases. One of them is a deck chair for newborns.

The debate about the need for this item does not subside, however, the emergence of more and more new models from different brands indicates that the product is in steady demand. The reason for the growing popularity is due to the wide functionality of bouncers.

In sun loungers, one of two ways of motion sickness is implemented — manual or automatic. In the first case, you will need to rock the cradle with your hand or foot, in the second, you just need to press a certain button.

Almost all models are equipped with a vibration mechanism, and the most “advanced” models are equipped with an auto-rocking and remote control system, a timer, and Bluetooth.

The back is established in positions «lying», «half-sitting» and «sitting». It is possible to fix the chair motionless. Safety is provided by three- or five-point harnesses.

There are models that transform into a full-fledged cradle-bed with rising sides and a fabric visor.

Usually, lounge chairs for newborns are complemented by a special headrest and orthopedic mattress, designed to create a feeling of comfort and contribute to the correct formation of the spine.

Toys or a mobile will entertain the baby while awake, as will the built-in mp3 player with nature sounds and lullabies. An arc with soft animals and rattles is not always included in the package, but if desired, it can be bought separately (the manufacturer often does not matter).

Baby loungers are designed for babies from 0 to 6 months. The maximum allowable weight is usually 9 kg.