The cat helps to add comfort, warmth and tranquility to the house. It is for this reason that many animal lovers have these pets in their apartments. There are a lot of breeds today — small and large, fluffy and smooth-haired. Some of them are well suited for keeping in a confined space, while others will not feel too comfortable. If you want the animals to have all the conditions for a good life, it will not be superfluous to read specialized literature, communicate with experienced felinologists who will help you choose the best breed. To make it easier for you to choose a pet, we decided to rank cat breeds. When writing the article, we relied on the feedback from users and competent felinologists.

Main selection criteria

When making a choice, start from your capabilities and preferences. To do this, you will need to take into account the size of the living space, your lifestyle and the amount of free time, as well as preferences regarding the appearance and behavior of the future pet.

Place of residence and area

For a small apartment, a cat of medium or small size with a calm character is suitable. Large representatives with a developed hunting instinct and an awl in the pope will feel uncomfortable in it — they will be more comfortable in a private house with a fenced area.

The character of the future owner and the whole family

Lonely people in need of communication should take a closer look at talkative cats. Such pets are strongly attached to their owners and help with household chores with great enthusiasm.

The main criteria for choosing a cat

It is recommended to take into account your activity. If you like frequent walks and trips out of town, then pay attention to the playful breeds that are quickly accustomed to a harness.

Don’t forget other family members as well. If an extrovert lives with you, who loves noisy parties, then the future pet should be distinguished not only by friendliness, but also by the absence of fear of strangers. Otherwise, the constant fear of loud sounds and unusual smells will adversely affect his psyche.

Length of stay of the owners of the house

Your work schedule also plays an important role. If you often stay late at work and go on business trips, take a closer look at animals that tolerate loneliness well. Otherwise, a long-term abandoned pet may fall into a deep depression or make a mess as a sign of revenge for inattention.

Workaholics are suitable for self-sufficient cats who know what to do with themselves. They don’t need 24/7 communication and won’t bother you if you’re not in the mood. Despite their independent nature, such “whiskers” are also not indifferent to affection and love to sit on their hands.

The solution for cat lovers is to have two or more pets. Together they won’t get bored.

Which cat is better to have in an apartment

Having small children

Not all kids know how to handle animals, and some, due to their age, are not yet capable of learning. For this reason, children under 3 years old who are not able to restrain their emotions, it is better to choose a patient and friendly «whisker».

Such a cat will not only endure all the pranks, but also support any children’s fun. If your child does cross the line, then instead of hitting with a clawed paw, he will simply temporarily lose his playmate.

Having other pets

Friendly cats get along well not only with children, but also with other pets. Special care should be taken only by the owners of birds, rodents and aquarium fish. Make sure your pet has a mild hunting instinct. Otherwise, fish birds can become prey.

Gender of the pet

Having decided on the breed, it is logical to proceed to the choice of sex. Everyone has pros and cons, so analyze which ones are more important to you.

Females are more clean, docile and friendly. They only cause problems during estrus and pregnancy. In the first case, sleepless nights await you due to loud screams and periodic escape attempts, and in the second, the need to find hosts for newborn kittens. In the absence of plans for breeding, everything is easily solved with the help of sterilization.

Gender as a criterion when choosing a cat

Males are more dominant. They rarely accept affection against their will and often show aggression if something does not go according to their plan. They are also characterized by marking the territory, accompanied by a rather sharp and unpleasant odor. As with females, this problem is also solved surgically. The advantages of males include attachment to the house and quick toilet training.

Please note that gender differences are very arbitrary. There are always exceptions to the rules, so this paragraph should be considered only as an additional one. Unusually affectionate cats and extremely aggressive cats are far from uncommon, but the nuances regarding puberty are always static.

Requirements for the coat and color of the pet

The complexity of care directly depends on the length and thickness of the coat. Long-haired individuals with a thick undercoat shed very abundantly. Without regular combing, their fur becomes tangled into tangles, fraught with dermatitis.

Completely hairless cats are also not so simple. They sweat a lot and are constantly cold. Because of this, they need to be bathed frequently and dressed in warm clothing.

When choosing a coat type, start from the amount of free time and the desire to engage in grooming procedures, and when choosing a color, just focus on your ideas of beauty.

Requirements for wool as a criterion when choosing a cat

You may have heard that white colors are less allergenic, but in fact this opinion is still not confirmed by felinologists. For this reason, in the presence of allergies, it is better to take into account more reliable factors.

Can I adopt a cat from a shelter?

People who decide to take such a step believe that it was done correctly. They argue that there are many reasons why a cat from a shelter will take root well in an apartment.

Table 2. Pros and cons of a cat from a shelter.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • in the shelter they are accustomed to the tray;
  • the animal is usually already castrated;
  • the character of the future pet is known, while everything is not clear with the kitten;
  • curators provide information support to the «adoptive parent».
  • chronic diseases are likely, since such cats are usually picked up on the street;
  • it is necessary to win love and respect, since street animals do not really trust people;
  • it is necessary to maintain contact with the curator so that he can make sure of the well-being of his ward.

As for communication with curators, this is a temporary phenomenon. As soon as volunteers or shelter workers realize that their pupil is in safe hands, they stop disturbing the new owner.

Which cat is better to have in an apartment: the most calm, healthy, active and unpretentious pets

Do not be afraid to take a cat from a shelter — this has its advantages

Shelters are also found through social networks — usually such organizations have pages. If it was not possible to find an adoption center in your city, then it will definitely be found in a neighboring settlement.

For reference.ADOPTION

(from lat.
— adoption), a form of establishing artificial kinship — the inclusion of an individual or several persons in any kindred group or family. The motives for adoption could be different: providing a lonely person with a certain status in the system of social ties …

Life hack. From several institutions, the smallest are chosen, with the number of inhabitants up to 50 individuals. There cats are more well-groomed, they are better taken care of.

Which cat is better to have in an apartment: top breeds

In addition to the size and level of activity, it is recommended to pay attention to a few more points. The top cat breeds for an apartment, presented below, includes the most friendly animals, as well as those who are famous for their unpretentiousness, cleanliness and hypoallergenic properties.


The most unpretentious cats are those who are unpretentious in food and do not require complex care. These include Bengal, Burmese, Siberian and Rex.

The most difficult thing is with long-haired, hairless, flat-faced and lop-eared. The former molt profusely, the latter constantly sweat, the third suffer from increased tearing, and the fourth are vulnerable to ear diseases. If you have little free time, then it is better to immediately refuse to buy cats with the listed features.


Cleanliness is characteristic of all cats. This is their advantage over dogs. Falling asleep in a tray, defecation in the wrong place and negligence in personal care are not breed characteristics at all, but the result of mistakes in education or a consequence of health problems.

Which cat is better to have in an apartment: top breeds


It is important to understand that hypoallergenic cats also cause allergies, but much less often — or with milder symptoms. Contrary to popular belief, the source of the negative reaction is not the animal’s fur at all, but a protein foreign to humans called uteroglobin, or Fel D1. It is found in all bodily fluids, including saliva. For this reason, when licked, the protein spreads through the coat, and when it falls out, it spreads throughout the house.

When choosing a hypoallergenic pet, focus on the following factors:

  1. Low concentration of uteroglobin in the body. The lowest protein index was recorded in Siberians, Neva Masquerade and Balinese.
  2. Bald skin. Such animals just need to be washed more often to remove all dangerous secretions. Hairless include sphinxes, elf and Ukrainian Levkoy.
  3. Lack of undercoat. The less hair, the weaker the shedding, so the allergen is much more difficult to spread. Rex, Lykoi, Siamese, Napoleons, Javanese, Ocicats, Burmese and Bengals have this feature.

Please note that hypoallergenicity does not preclude preventive measures. These are: frequent washing, combing, periodic change of cat litter and hand washing.

Calm and friendly

“British” and “Persians” are distinguished by angelic calmness and laziness. Both those and others are friendly, but do not accept annoying. For this reason, they are not suitable for kids, but they get along well with teenagers and some elementary school students who understand the boundaries of what is permitted.

Which cat is better to have at home

Good with children and other animals

Such pets include ragdolls, «exotics», Neva Masquerade, «Thai», Burmillas and «Burmese». They not only take part in joint games with pleasure, but also never enter into open conflicts. For this reason, make sure that children and other pets do not harm your peaceful mustache.

For kids

Choosing the right breed for a child is not easy. On the one hand, the animal must be loyal to games, and on the other hand, be patient and forgive children’s pranks.

Cats that equally possess these qualities include:

  • the Kurilian Bobtail (a playful «cat-dog» who will gladly share the child’s enthusiasm);
  • manx (a very smart and energetic cat, he prefers intellectual games);
  • Turkish van (suitable for an older child who can follow him and become a full-fledged owner for the pet);
  • ragdoll (a calmer cat for children, which will easily endure careless prank);
  • a Burmese cat (contact and affectionate Birmans will be happy for the attention of their little owners).

What breed of cats is better to choose for the house

If you are the owner of a private house, then the size of the animal plays a secondary role. Living outside the city means unlimited access to yard walks and occasional rodent infestations. In this case, it is recommended to pay attention to the most active breeds and mousecatchers. Good health will also come in handy.

Ability to catch mice

The appearance of rodents on the site is a rather serious problem that the mouse cat will easily solve. The most capable representatives include the following:

  • Siamese;
  • Russian blue;
  • cymric;
  • British;
  • European Shorthair;
  • Maine Coon;
  • Kurilian Bobtail;
  • Siberian;
  • Manx.

Please note that the hunting instinct is best developed in females. This is due to the need to protect and feed offspring.

What breed of cats is better to choose for the house

Desire to go outside often

Most mustachioed pets are typical homebodies, but there are exceptions. The following representatives are referred to as revelers:

  • american shorthair;
  • savannah;
  • oriental;
  • Abyssinian;
  • Bengal;
  • Siamese.

All of these animals are distinguished by increased activity, intelligence and curiosity. For this reason, while living in an apartment, it is recommended to walk them on a leash, like dogs.

Such cats quickly get used to the harness and with great enthusiasm keep company with their owners in the nearest park or ordinary yard. It is even easier in a private house, as it has a very convenient free-range option.

What breed of cat is best to take home

Good health

Life expectancy is affected not only by the conditions of detention, but also by the health received from nature. The following representatives have the strongest immunity:

  • Siberian;
  • Russian blue;
  • Norwegian Forest;
  • Bengal;
  • Maine Coon;
  • Siamese;
  • american shorthair.

On average, they live about 15 years, but with proper care, this figure increases to 20 years.

The nature

The breed of a cat does not guarantee that the pet will have the desired character traits. However, cases of «undesirable» nature in purebred cats are an exception to the rule.

Sociable and talkative

Communicating with your cat is a pleasant experience that talkative pets will happily share with the owner. If you want to discuss the weather with your cat every day, the following breeds are suitable:

Burmese cat

Purr who is interesting to communicate with

Donskoy sphinx

Kitchen talk lover

canadian sphynx

Warm and smooth bluegrass

oriental cat

Philosophical connoisseur

Siamese cat

Accompanies his «meow» every action

Thai cat

Likes to talk even to herself
Sociable breeds of cats do not have a soul in philosophical conversations with the owner. Do not choose this breed if you value silence in your home.

silent cats

Meowing can also irritate the owner of the cat. If you prefer not to hear extra sounds, choose from these breeds:

american shorthair

Cat too lazy to meow

Cornish Rex

Able to communicate with the owner without sounds

norwegian forest

Northern wisdom and silence

Siberian cat

Doesn’t meow while being fed

Turkish angora

The Snow Queen

exotic cat

Doesn’t waste energy talking
Silent cats do not bother, and you keep the peace of your home. Representatives of these breeds will meow only on an important occasion.

Active and energetic

It is interesting to watch active cats: today the pet wanted to explore the closet, and tomorrow he will become an astronaut! These are the cats that love to be active:

Abyssinian cat

Astronaut cat with fiery color

bengal cat

Inquisitive Entertainer

Egyptian mau

Energetic and smart

Kurilian bobtail

Jumper with a short tail


Thinks of problems and solves them

turkish van

Lover of games and swimming
Owners of energetic cat breeds will have to constantly think about what to do with their pet. But it’s worth it! They will happily solve your puzzles and look forward to the next ones.

Lazy Cats

There are cats who do not like to run around the master’s shelves. You can eat well and then sleep well! The following breeds are true sloths:

British cat

Likes to eat and sleep


A cat who is interested in lying with the owner

Persian cat

real pillow cat

Russian blue

Always resting to be ready to hunt

Siberian cat

Moves only to find a comfortable position

exotic cat

Sloth cat with a cute face
Lazy cat breeds are a good choice for phlegmatic people. Couch potato cats are so inconspicuous that only a regularly empty bowl hints at the existence of a cat in the house.

Affectionate and kind

People get cats to pet and love! Affectionate breeds themselves come to hug and kiss, so they are suitable for loving owners:

Burmese cat

They follow their master like a tail

Donskoy sphinx

The cat that will live on your shoulder


Ball with love to caress

Neva Masquerade

Will gladly come to pet


Always remain affectionate kittens


A tame cat with a submissive character
Such breeds are reluctant to get off the owner: they do not like to part with their beloved friend! Choose an affectionate cat breed if you’re willing to give it enough attention.

Smart Cat Breeds

It is interesting to communicate with intellectual pets: they understand speech, easily learn commands and become a true friend. Smart cat breeds include:

american bobtail

Easily learns commands and rules

american curl

trainable and intelligent cat


High intelligence and out-of-the-box thinking

oriental cat

Lively mind and good learning ability

Siamese cat

A cat that behaves like a dog

Turkish angora

Know the wisdom of human life
Such cats can be trained: they learn to fetch a ball, perform actions, dance and walk on a leash. Cats with high intelligence are the choice of people who do not want to get a dog.

Some more unusual cat breeds

If we ignore the size of the living space, then we can distinguish a few more unusual options. In this section we will talk about cats with an original appearance and canine devotion.

Several unusual cat breeds for the home

Beautiful color

First of all, originality gives a beautiful color. The most effective include the following:

  1. Purple. The combination of pink and purple is typical for the «British» and «Oriental». Violet is present even on the nose and paw pads.
  2. Turtle marble. Both colors are known for their rarity, but their combination breaks all records. This coloring appears only in females (American Bobtail, Munchkin, Maine Coon, Rex, Scottish).
  3. Cinnamon. This color is reminiscent of ground cinnamon. The intensity varies from light red to dark brown. With a lighter color, the paw pads are always pinkish-brown, and with a darker color — the color of the coat. Found in the «British».
  4. Spotted or tabby. A very attractive color, characteristic of wild cats, is inherent in the Egyptian Mau and Bengals.

The listed colors greatly affect the price. Due to the rarity and difficulty of breeding, an animal with these colors will be much more expensive than their standard counterparts.

Unusual sizes

Among cat lovers, dwarf breeds are very popular. These include:

  • bambino;
  • munchkin;
  • dwelf;
  • minskin;
  • Napoleon;
  • lambkin;
  • skookum;
  • Singaporean;
  • kinkalow;
  • skiff tai don.

The last representative is the smallest. Its minimum weight is only 900 g, so it is easy to confuse an adult cat with a kitten.

How to choose the right cat breed for an apartment

On the contrary, the largest representatives include Maine Coons, Savannahs and Chausies. Savannahs and Chausies of the F1 generation (that is, the closest to wild relatives) can reach a weight of 15-20 kilograms and have the size of an average dog.

original appearance

In addition to color and size, it is recommended to pay attention to other features of appearance. Among the most original breeds are the following:

  • orientals — mustachioed aliens with big ears;
  • Bombay — a pet resembling a wild panther;
  • the American Curl is a very fluffy and unusually kind cat with curled ears;
  • dwelf — another rex-like alien with curl-like ears;
  • rexes are unique owners of a curly coat;
  • savanna generation F1-F3 — a reduced copy of the wild serval.

Note that in the latter case it is very important to avoid being closely related to the wild ancestor. It is best to take kittens from the second generation, or F2. Their blood contains only 25% of the serval, which eliminates innate aggression.

Playfulness and dog loyalty

Both traits are immediately characteristic of «Abyssinians», «Orientals» and Kuril Bobtails. All of them are famous for their hyperactivity and selfless love for the owner. For this reason, they have great difficulty enduring even temporary separations and a change of ownership.

What breeds of cats are best for home

At the time of departure, it is better to leave them with friends. This recommendation should be followed not only on vacation, but also in the case of 2-3 overnight stays with friends.


This unusual tailless cat is a model of true devotion and love. These cats are very playful and intelligent, so you can often hear comparisons of this breed with dogs.

Some skilled owners manage to teach their Manx some commands. These cats are very sociable and mobile, so they will suit both active adults and children.

Choosing a Kitten

After drawing up a portrait of a future pet, you can proceed to direct acquisition. Here, too, there are nuances.

Optimal age

Never take newborns. A decent breeder will not even offer you such an option, so consider this to identify scammers.

The difficulty in caring for a baby is not the worst thing. Early separation from the mother is fraught with mental disorder and weak immunity. For this reason, the most optimal age is 3 months. By this time, the kittens are switching to self-feeding and receive all mandatory vaccinations.

In a nursery or a private owner

Another important point is the choice of the seller. You can contact a nursery or a private trader. In both cases, the kitten must be accompanied by 3 mandatory documents:

  • veterinary passport;
  • metric or pedigree;
  • contract of sale.

The advantage of the cattery is that it must be registered in the system of professional cat clubs. Private traders often work unofficially, which increases the likelihood of deceiving the relativity of the pedigree and health of animals.

How to choose a kitten for home

How to look at character

Here it is better to build on the breed characteristics and behavior of the baby’s parents. The closedness of a kitten at the first meeting can be deceptive. Despite this, many choose a pet for themselves on the principle of contact. If the baby climbed into your arms without fear, then at least he liked you.

Health and Activity

You can find out about the state of health from the veterinary passport. It also makes sense to check the documents and certificates of parents to make sure that there are no hereditary diseases.

His activity can also tell about the well-being of the baby. If he behaves apathetically and aloofly, and his appearance causes serious concern (eyes fester or close with the third eyelid, the tummy is very swollen, there are bald spots), then it is better to refuse the purchase. Otherwise, the disease that the kitten has can be transmitted to other pets after they meet.

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These beautiful short-haired felines have a wonderful temperament.

They are smart, playful, agile and loyal to displays of affection. They are perfect for an active family or a family with children.

american shorthair

Americans are considered one of the most unpretentious and easy-to-care members of the cat family.

These cats have a light character, they are affectionate, affectionate, playful. They get along well with other animals and have good health.

Housing problem

Active Bengal, Abyssinian and Siamese cats, nimble Kuril and Japanese Bobtail, representative Maine Coons and Chausie will not be able to live in small-sized housing. These cats require space and lots of movement.
A small apartment will not confuse representatives of such breeds as:

  • British Shorthair.
  • Scottish (straight and fold).
  • Sphinx (Don, Canadian and St. Petersburg).
  • Persian and Neva Masquerade.
  • Exotic Shorthair.
  • Russian Blue and Siberian.
  • Sacred Burmese and Turkish angora.

After intensive knowledge of the world in childhood and adolescence, these cats acquire sedateness and wisdom, sufficient to not bother the owners.

Waking up from sleep, they monitor the household, making active body movements as needed: as a rule, in the morning, before going to the toilet, and in the evening, to remind who is the real boss in the house.

Burma cheerful and contact

Representatives of this breed will always find something to entertain themselves. But even more they love to amuse all family members, which is why they usually play so that their owners can see them.

Burmese are very sociable. Even if they sleep, they will always respond to touch. They are not like other cats, fiercely guard and protect their personal space.

And you can also “talk” with the Burmese. They meow in response when they are told something.

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