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The guarantee of health and well-being is fresh and clean air. Unfortunately, the state of the environment, especially in large cities, is rapidly deteriorating and people are forced to resort to the help of climate technology. Perhaps its most striking representative is the ionizer. The article will focus on the ranking of the best ionizers in 2021, intended for domestic use.

  1. Pros and cons of air ionizers
  2. What to look for before buying an ionizer?
  3. Rating of the best ionizers of 2021

Advantages and disadvantages of air ionizers

What is an ionizer?

An air ionizer is a device that improves the air in a room by enriching it with ions. Why is this needed? The content of ions in enclosed spaces is negligible compared to the air in mountain and seaside resorts. Air ionization helps to correct this situation.

Let’s give some terminology. An ion is an electrically charged particle. There are positively charged — cations, and negatively charged particles — anions.

Ionization is possible for both gases and liquids. The product of liquid ionization are water ions, and air — air ions.

An air ion is an ion of the atmosphere, that is, a negatively or positively charged air molecule. This term was introduced by the Soviet biophysicist A. L. Chizhevsky. He also called the process of air ionization air ionification.

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How does an air ionizer work?

The principle of operation of the ionizer is to produce ions and release them into the surrounding space. The most common are corona discharge devices. The main elements of such devices are pointed electrodes, to which high voltage is applied. The coronal charge that occurs at the tip of the electrodes promotes the formation of ions.

The air ionized in this way is distributed in the room by means of a blower. Blowers are external and built-in.

Ionizers of various types operate on both AC and DC. In the latter case, electric current rectifiers are installed in the device.

Also, ionizers are equipped with high voltage sources and protective devices (responsible for automatic shutdown).

Ionizers are both separate and built into other devices (air conditioners, printers, copiers). In such devices, they are responsible for reducing static electricity.

The atmospheric air ionizer should not be confused with the ozonizer. An ozonator is a device for producing ozone, while an indoor air ionizer is a device that transfers one or another charge to oxygen molecules.

Benefit and harm

The positive effect of the use of the ionizer is mainly due to an increase in gas exchange in the human lungs. The beneficial effect is manifested in:

  • strengthening immunity;
  • acceleration of metabolism;
  • reducing the manifestations of allergic reactions (nasal congestion, sneezing);
  • reducing the risk of ARVI and other diseases transmitted by airborne droplets;
  • accelerated cell regeneration — small wounds heal faster when using the device;
  • improving the quality of sleep;
  • a general positive effect on the body (the work of the cardiovascular system improves, the condition of the skin and hair normalizes);
  • neutralization of radiation from household appliances.

The ionizer will harm if you use it:

  • in unventilated rooms — in the process of ion release, ozone can also be released along the way, in high concentrations adversely affecting human health;
  • violating the rules of operation (for example, non-observance of the minimum distance from the device to a person);
  • in heavily dusty rooms — ionization of polluted air is undesirable, because charged dust particles actively settle on all surfaces of the room, their concentration in the air space also increases;
  • in case of individual intolerance to air ions;
  • in oncological diseases (due to the acceleration of metabolism, cancer cells can become more active);
  • with a disease of the respiratory system in the acute stage;
  • children under 1 year old.

Which is better — an ionizer or a humidifier?

You should figure out why you need and what a humidifier is, and what they are.

A humidifier is a device that maintains normal humidity in a room. Dry air is dangerous to health. Life-giving moisture is lost by the skin, hair, mucous membranes and it is more difficult for the body to resist bacteria and viruses floating in the atmosphere. In addition, skin diseases require longer treatment.

Humidifiers are:

  1. Traditional. The principle of operation of such devices is based on natural evaporation: a fan blows air onto a filter (cartridge, disk) moistened with water. Quite weakly moisten the surrounding space, but consume little electricity.
  2. Steam. Humidification of the air environment occurs by evaporation of a hot liquid. They perform their function well, but they are quite energy-intensive;
  3. Ultrasonic. Ultrasound turns water into fine particles that are ejected into the room as a vapor mist. Humidify the air most effectively, the humidity level can be adjusted.


Let’s summarize. The ionizer is responsible for saturating the space with negative ions, making the air «useful». Humidifier — for providing the necessary humidity regime. These devices have completely different functions, and it makes no sense to choose between them. To ensure the ideal microclimate, both gadgets are needed.

This problem can be solved by a device that combines both options — a humidifier with an ionization function. In addition, using one device is more convenient than controlling the on / off of two.

However, some experts do not recommend combining a humidifier with an ionizer — exposure to moisture causes corrosion of the electrodes and premature failure of the device. However, it is up to you to decide how much the convenience of two-in-one prevails over the possible reduction in the life of the device.

How to choose a decent model?

All household appliances should accurately reflect the needs of households. Otherwise, you risk getting a mountain of unnecessary and unused electrical appliances.


Of the main parameters of the effective operation of ionizers, one can note:

  • productivity — the concentration of produced ions per cubic unit of volume. The optimal range for prophylactic use is 10,000–20,000 ions/cm3, for therapeutic use — more than 50,000 ions/cm3;
  • emitter voltage. Must be within 20-30 kV for consistent ion production;
  • duration of continuous operation. To saturate the entire room with air ions, the device must operate for several hours;
  • maximum allowable ionization area. The discrepancy between the passport characteristics and the realities of a large space will lead to the uselessness of the device.

Varieties of devices

Here are the categories by which devices are classified.

  1. By appointment:
  2. For personal use, a device with a small serviced area is suitable, and large industrial premises require the use of a professional unit. These models will differ in performance, power, volume of processed premises, as well as dimensions.

  3. By the charge of the produced ions:
  4. A bipolar air ionizer is better, since SanPiN operating in Russia establish the same content of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere of residential premises.

  5. According to the principle of ion propagation:
      active (with built-in fan);
  6. passive (the device emits ions, but is not responsible for their delivery to the far corners of the room).
  7. By the presence or absence of control over the production of ions:
      adjustable (have the function of changing the voltage on the electrodes);
  8. unregulated (the rate of formation of new ions is not controlled).
  9. By filter type (if any):
      reticulate. Designed for primary rough cleaning of wool, sand, etc.;
  10. carbonic. Eliminates unpleasant odors, but is not able to capture light compounds;
  11. HEPA filter. It retains the allergen and fine suspension well, but requires periodic replacement;
  12. photocatalytic — the most effective and expensive type of filter, cleaning is carried out by exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  13. By device type:
      natural salt ionizers. The design is a small incandescent lamp installed in a natural salt crystal. When heated, salt produces negatively charged ions. They have poor performance, low power, work from the network. Presented in various designs: salt lamps, spherical and raw salt stones;
  14. ionizer-purifier. These models are equipped with an air filter;
  15. humidifier ionizer. The air ionization function is built into the air humidifier. Enabled by default or additionally by pressing a button;
  16. air washer. It is an ionizer, purifier and humidifier in one device. Air, as a rule, is purified through water filters — the slightest pollution will not be able to get into your lungs.

air ionizer

Customer Reviews

I work in the office all day at the computer, and I often sit at home on weekends. I know it’s bad, but somehow I didn’t think about it. Then one article caught my eye about the dangers of modern gadgets, I decided to talk with my son about this topic. I hardly convinced my son of anything, but I myself decided to correct my situation: the next day I went to pick up a suitable air ionizer for my computer desk.

There are many different devices, it’s just that your eyes run wide. Of all the models offered to me, I liked L onex, made in Slovenia, the most. Small size, versatile design, no special setup required. I have been using it for more than a month, there are results: my eyes no longer get tired and redden, some fresh aroma is invisibly present in the air. I advise everyone to think about their health.

Zinaida, 31 years old.

I got to know ionizers closely at one of the exhibitions of household appliances, while on a business trip. I noticed one interesting model Vitek VT-1772, I decided to please my wife. I read information about the benefits of ionized air, got acquainted with the design, the next day I went to buy. Tried it at the hotel. Nothing like that, and the design fits our living room. Came home, boasted of the purchase. I liked the backlight, even the musical accompaniment is built-in. When the device is connected to the network, the balls glow in different colors, constantly changing in shades.

Andrey, 28 years old.

Many have been on the sea or in the mountains and experienced the effect of fresh air. One day, after returning from another trip in nature, we decided to purchase an air ionizer. We have had a car air ionizer for a long time. Outwardly, these devices are different: in the form of candles, a flower bouquet, an old castle. We chose the SAU-B «Teremok» for the interior of the living room.

Its body is ceramic, safe for health. For 4 years we managed to feel its usefulness. Sleep has improved, we complain less about headaches. Maintenance of the device is minimal, the lamp in the backlight has never been changed. The instruction informs about the ten-year term of its work. The cost is only 2,000 rubles. Recommend to friends

The principle of operation of ionizers

According to the mechanism of production of air ions, two groups of devices can be distinguished:

  • for household purposes (electrofluvial ionizer (Chizhevsky’s chandelier), corona discharge ionizer);
  • for industrial purposes (plasma, thermal, hydroionizer, ionizer on radioactive and ultraviolet radiation).

The former are safe for humans: they do not emit ozone and harmful radioactive particles. The latter cannot boast of this, and therefore they are mainly used for the production of building and other materials (resin curing, etc.).

Forewarned is forearmed. You are now familiar with the selection criteria, and our list of various models will help you navigate the large assortment of products on the market.

Operating tips

To choose the location of the device, keep in mind that dust will adhere to surfaces near the device. Walls and ceilings are harder to clean than a table or nightstand. The best option is next to the bed, the workplace.

Place the ionizer at a distance of 2-4 meters from the respiratory organs. For the first time, 5-10 minutes of work is enough, it is recommended to increase the time gradually

Every year it is necessary to disassemble the ionizer and clean all parts. It is best to entrust this work to the specialists of the service center so as not to damage the mechanisms.

Rating of air ionizers

Thanks to the arrangement of devices in order of increasing cost and a set of options, it will not be difficult for you to choose an air ionizer for your apartment among them.

Polaris PUH 7040Di

This is an ultrasonic humidifier with a built-in ionizer. The cost is from 2500 rubles. Dimensions (hereinafter WxDxH) 260x260x330 mm Power 25 W, 1 year warranty. The capacity of the water tank is 3.5 liters. Served area 40 sq.m. Manufacturer — USA.

The device is equipped with a timer that allows you to set the operating time of the device (up to 12 hours). The electronic hygrometer will measure the humidity in the room and the display will show the low water level. The housewives will be pleased with the simple cleaning and reusable use of the ceramic filter — washing the device is no longer troublesome.

The device will not cause a fire due to automatic shutdown in the absence of water.

The possibility of using aroma oils is a good reason to arrange a romantic dinner!

Night mode is especially important for good sleep — the electronic display does not shine so brightly at night. Ideal for an apartment with a small child.

Equipped with modern touch controls. Installed on the floor.

Presented in blue, green, lilac, pink colors.


Cost from 3330 rubles, dimensions 340x190x260 mm. Power 38 W. The capacity of the water tank is 4 liters. Recommended for rooms up to 30 sq.m. Manufacturer — China.

In this ultrasonic humidifier, ionization can be turned on and off at the request of the user.

Evenly distributes moisture with a double-sided atomizer.

The remote control will appeal to lazy people — you can control the device without getting up from the couch once again. Push-button control directly on the instrument is also possible.

A timer and automatic shutdown in case of insufficient water will take care of the timely shutdown of the device.

The cute design of the gadget will allow you to fit it organically even into the work environment of a strict office — outwardly, the device looks like a small TV monitor.

Ecology-Plus Super-Plus-Turbo (2009)

Desktop air purifier, it is also an ionizer. The cost is from 3380 thousand rubles, dimensions are 275x145x195 mm. Power 10 W, 3 year warranty. Cope with premises of 100 sq.m. Country of manufacture — Russia.

Room dust, allergens and other pollutants are sucked into the appliance along with the air and deposited inside the filter.

There is an indication of filter contamination, which will have to be cleaned manually. The good news is that you don’t have to buy replacement filters.

With the help of a purifier, you can aromatize the air — aroma oil is even included in the kit.

The manufacturer guarantees a cleaning efficiency of up to 96%, which is confirmed by tests of the device in domestic hospital wards. All information is available on the official website of the manufacturer EcoDom LLC.

Air ionization in an apartment has never been so energy-saving — the power of the device is only 10 W! Simple push-button control will not make you deal with the operation of the device for a long time.

Users note the rather primitive design of the device, but also the excellent performance of the promised functions, as well as silent operation.

Ballu AP-155

Ionic air purifier. Cost from 7750 rubles, dimensions 320x200x495 mm. Power 37 W, 12 months warranty. Served area 20 sq.m. Made in China.

Thanks to high-quality cleaning, even the smallest particles of pollen are removed. First, coarse dust settles on the pre-filter, then the HEPA filter traps fine contaminants, and finally, the carbon filter eliminates unpleasant odors. The 3-step cleaning is excellent, making this cleaner a godsend for allergy sufferers.

There is a timer and an indicator of the level of air purity. The ionization mode can be turned off if necessary.

Floor installation.

Modern pleasant design goes well with touch controls.

TOP 5 best deals on the market

The rating includes the best in terms of price and quality devices from Russian and foreign brands. The cost of devices varies from 1.7 to 10 thousand rubles. and depends on the set of functions, the country of manufacture.

Place #1 — Milldom M900 Premium

The device is designed and manufactured in Russia, but from Japanese components. This ozonizer-ionizer is the most productive analogue on the market.

The device is able to serve large areas, which is beneficial for owners of large residential and commercial premises. Milldom M900 Premium can also be used as an ozonizer for water, food, interior items.


  1. Power (W) — 10.
  2. Overall dimensions (mm) — 268x188x69.5.
  3. Served volume (m2) — 160.
  4. Weight (kg) — 0.94.
  5. Power is a network.

The device is equipped with a timer for 5-30 minutes, the time until shutdown is displayed on the front panel. You can give commands to the ionizer through sensors.

The compact device does not take up much space and is convenient for transportation while traveling. The resource of the ionizer is designed for 17 years of service.

Place #2 — Yantar-5M

This needle ionizer is manufactured at Yantar Research and Production Company, which is located in Kazan. Since 1996, the company has been engaged in the production of devices, deliveries to Europe, the USA, fulfills government orders from Russian enterprises.

The device can operate in three modes, configured individually. The control unit is an ATMEL microprocessor, which ensures stability and accuracy of work.


  1. Power (W) — 3.
  2. Overall dimensions (mm) — 170x100x125.
  3. Served volume (m2) — up to 20.
  4. Weight (kg) — 1.2.
  5. Power is a network.

The device is made in an interesting design from environmentally friendly materials — aluminum and solid pine. The case does not emit harmful substances, is not electrified.

If a bipolar ionizer is used in a home office, it must be installed at a distance of 2-3 m from the workplace. One device compensates for air ion deficiency on an area of ​​15-20 square meters. m.

Seat #3 — AIC XJ-2100

The device is manufactured by the Italian company AIC, which has several design and engineering laboratories. The brand’s products pass a 4-step level of control, therefore, they receive good reviews from consumers for their reliability.

The ionizer is equipped with a fan. The device can be installed in a car, the necessary batteries and adhesive strips are supplied.


  1. Power (W) — 8.
  2. Overall dimensions (mm) — 350x220x126.
  3. Served volume (m2) — 25.
  4. Weight (kg) — 1.4.
  5. Power supply — from the network and the cigarette lighter.

Model AIC XJ-2100 can work in two modes. At a high power level, it ionizes the air continuously, at a low power level, it turns on for a minute and takes a break for 3 minutes.

The device is equipped with a removable unit with metal plates that are easy to care for. They need to be periodically wiped from the accumulated dust.

Seat #4 — AirTec XJ-110

The device is made in Taiwan. The climatic equipment of the brand belongs to the budget class and is multifunctional.

The vertical body of the miniature device has only one removable element — the battery compartment. You can determine the status of the device by the LED indicator on the front panel.


  1. Power (W) — 1.2.
  2. Overall dimensions (mm) — 132x73x140.
  3. Served volume (m2) — 15.
  4. Weight (kg) — 0.28.
  5. Power — 6 (type «D», 4 pcs.).

The device can be used in residential, office premises, it is permissible to install it in cabinets, refrigerators, car interiors. Works almost silently, consumes little energy.

In addition to air ionization, AirTec XJ-110 is able to attract dust, destroy unpleasant odors, and kill microbes and bacteria.

Periodically it should be wiped with a soft damp cloth. Increased noise during operation indicates the need for such maintenance.

Seat #5 — iBaby Air A1

The product was created by the American company iBaby Labs. The brand is known for its unique developments in the field of high-tech «parental» gadgets.

The device is able to analyze the air around it and independently turn on the ionization option, if necessary. Connects to Wi-Fi, the climate in the nursery is controlled via the application.


  1. Power (W) — up to 3.
  2. Overall dimensions (mm) — 127x152x152.
  3. Served volume (m2) — 5.
  4. Weight (kg) — 0.9.
  5. Power supply — from the network.

This ionizer is equipped with a two-way baby monitoring audio system, temperature and humidity sensors, and can work as a night light with a choice of lighting color.

The iBaby Air A1 gives advice to parents on how to improve the air in the room, provides a graph of changes in indicators over a certain period, and an unlimited number of users can be involved in monitoring the state of the climate.

In addition to the products considered, devices similar in parameters and classic Chizhevsky lamps are on sale, but the latter are unipolar and do not meet the requirements SanPiN According to the regulations, the device must produce ions of both polarities.