Water determines the very possibility of the existence of all living things on our planet. Due to the presence of water, biochemical reactions in our body proceed at high speeds. The work of the body’s defenses, the speed of reactions of the body and brain to external stimuli, the ability to survive in extreme situations, and generally survive, depend on this.

The rapid development of industry over the past two centuries has caused massive environmental pollution with industrial waste, and rivers and lakes with waste water from industrial enterprises. The water became dirty and unusable. Centralized water supply, equipped with water treatment facilities, is not able to purify water to acceptable standards. The purchase of individual water purification devices will help to correct the situation. The editors of the YaNashla website bring to your attention the best main water filters for 2021, a review based on customer reviews and expert recommendations.


The main purpose of such products is to purify drinking water from impurities of sand, dirt and hazardous chemicals. Additionally, main filters can disinfect the liquid, improve the taste of the incoming water. This becomes possible due to the trapping of unpleasant odors and extra tastes from metals and salts by the filter.

Also, the water passing through the system becomes much softer and safer for equipment. Filtration avoids mechanical damage to the body by the device with solid fractions, clogging of hoses with dirt and sand, lime is removed.

High-quality main filters can improve the degree of purification even of artesian water. At the same time, the system is simply mounted and does not require specific maintenance.

How to choose

When buying such a system, several indicators should be considered at once. Focusing on them, it will be possible to choose a filter at the best price and with the necessary qualities.

Cleaning degree

All main filters are divided into several types according to this indicator.
Each of them affects the quality of the outgoing water:

  • one stage of cleaning, allowing to remove suspensions of sand, dirt and rust;
  • two degrees of purification, in addition to standard fractions, particles of chlorine and some other harmful metals and chemicals are also removed;
  • three degrees of purification, additionally soften the water and remove iron from it. In fact, in this case, four stages are obtained, since often filters for softening and eliminating iron are installed in one chain.

Since the water in city apartments is not particularly clean, it is better not to save money and install all stages of filtration.

Some filters also have built-in silver ion cartridges. They disinfect water and improve its drinking qualities several times.

Availability of pressure gauge and drain cock

It is especially relevant for models with a metal or opaque plastic case. Since in such products it is impossible to monitor the wear of the cartridge, the pressure gauge will allow you to understand when the system needs to be updated. This will be seen when deviations from the normal pressure indicator appear. The drain valve allows you to bring down unnecessary pressure at the time of replacing internal parts, while you do not need to remove it from the common line if only one cartridge needs to be replaced.

Filter dimensions

Buyers who are forced to install the system in small kitchens pay special attention to them. To understand exactly what filter size is suitable, you should measure the free space in the room where the system will be installed and buy the necessary installations taking into account this indicator. If you plan to install several cleaning systems, all filters should be taken from the same manufacturer. They will be the same size and fit perfectly in the allotted space.

Cleaning cartridge type

Each cartridge is designed to eliminate a specific type of fraction. You can not buy one product that will remove all suspensions and at the same time soften the water. Their purpose is written on the package. The common point of all filters is their ability to remove sand and dirt. All other options depend on the type of cartridge purchased.

  • Polypropylene cartridge

    perfectly retains turbidity, sand, and rust. There are models that consist of an additional layer of ion-exchange resin to soften hard water and silver ions that disinfect the liquid. Polypropylene cartridges cannot remove impurities of chlorine and other chemicals. With combined installation, such a cleaner is placed on the first stage.

  • carbon cartridge designed to eliminate chlorine impurities and unpleasant odors. With combined installation, it should be placed on the second stage.
  • Cartridges to eliminate excess gland impuritiesa. Such cleaners will allow you to forget about yellow stains on plumbing and tiles. They are made from special threads impregnated with ion-exchange resin. Such cartridges are placed on the third stage.
  • Water softener cartridges. They are also placed in the third step, often in conjunction with an iron cleaner. Softening can be obtained due to the presence of a container filled with ion exchange resin.
  • Reverse osmosis filters. Such systems completely remove all salts from the water, so they are most often used in production. It is not recommended to put them in apartments.

Expert opinion

Koklyaev Vladimir Stepanovich

Experienced plumber with 12 years of experience

Be sure to also pay attention to the throughput of the product. On average, it is able to pass from 15 to 50 l / min. When choosing a cartridge for this indicator, one should take into account how much equipment uses clean water and how often, as well as how many people live in a particular apartment.

Pressure after filtration

It should be borne in mind that during the passage of water through the filters, the pressure in the pipes drops by an average of 0.5 bar. The exact figure is usually prescribed in the documents. If the inhabitants of the lower floors, this characteristic is not so important, but the upper floors must pay close attention to the indicator.

With each floor, the pressure in the pipes drops by itself, so an additional decrease can lead to the fact that some of the equipment simply cannot start or will work for wear. Therefore, when choosing a filter, it is desirable to take a product that causes a minimal decrease in the hydraulic properties of the line.

Housing material

It can be made from plastic or metal. This directly affects the purpose of the filter, in particular, whether it can be used with cold or hot water. Be sure to pay attention when buying plastic flasks so that they have additional reinforcement. It is better to take models from transparent materials, so it will be clearly visible when the filter has completely used up its resource.

Since not all types of housing can withstand high temperatures, you should read the filter data sheet before buying. It will accurately determine the type of plastic or metal, as well as what temperature it can withstand.

What are custom filters?

Filter pitcher

The jug filter is considered the cheapest and most affordable. This simplest device is a small plastic container, divided into two parts: the lower one for filling with purified water, and the upper one, equipped with a cassette filled with activated carbon. Granular ion-exchange resin added to the coal aggregate softens hard water, large suspensions are retained by a fine mesh. Some manufacturers add silver to the contents, which kills pathogens and bacteria.

Water is poured into the upper part of the jug, undergoes complex processing and accumulates in the lower part of the device. The method is simple and effective. At the exit, the owner receives clean water suitable for drinking and cooking. Some models are equipped with an electronic indication that informs the user about the status of the cassette, and more specifically about when it should be replaced. Such devices have their drawbacks:

  1. remaining dry, the element loses its functionality;
  2. an expired cassette saturated with harmful impurities becomes a source of pollution, so it has to be changed at least once a month;
  3. the performance of such devices is extremely low and does not exceed 400 ml/min.

Important! The cost of a jug filter is not great. If you do not know how much a cartridge costs and how often it needs to be changed, it may seem that this is the most budget option. However, given the monthly replacement of cassettes, this type of device becomes very expensive.

The jug is ideal for giving, where the user visits on weekends. In this case, two cassettes per season is enough. You can read about the best pitcher filters here.

Filter — nozzle

A simple device is a cartridge that is put on the gander of the mixer or faucet. The device has small dimensions and can be useful in the country or when traveling. It can be put on the crane in the train, hotel and take care of your health even in the «field conditions». It is worth considering that the nozzle will work effectively if the water has already been pre-treated. The nozzle will not cope with serious pollution. In addition, the traveler will have to take care of the availability of a container where you can store purified water. The productivity of the nozzle is also low. The devices are inexpensive. The average cost ranges from 130 to 3500 rubles.


A simple device for removing suspended solids, scale and rust. It is a metal case (preferably brass) with three holes: inlet, outlet, slot for installing a mesh cylinder. They are manufactured in various diameters, with coupling and flange connections. The cleaning element is a cylinder — a mesh with cells of different sizes. The permeability of the grids varies from 50 to 500 microns. The smaller the cells, the more dirt the device will hold. From time to time the grid needs to be cleaned. For this, a simple, mechanical method is used:

  • shut off the water;
  • unscrew the cover of the sump;
  • remove and clean the grid;
  • Assembly is done in reverse order.

If you do the operation regularly, just rinse the mesh with water and install it in place.

Housings are made in two versions: with a direct sump

and a slanting mud trap.

Excellent device for rough water treatment. There are options that combine a sump with a ball valve in one housing.

Washable filters

The most common type of flow devices with replaceable cartridges. A set of cleaning cassettes (usually three) assembled in a single unit is mounted under the kitchen sink. They are connected to the water supply with a flexible hose. The outlet is connected to a separate faucet mounted on the sink next to the mixer. The block includes cartridges for various purposes:

  • propylene, performs mechanical cleaning of sand, rust and other dirt present in the pipeline;
  • the ion exchange resin of the second flask reduces the concentration of hardness salts, i.e. softens hard water, protecting the walls of the kettle, pots, heating elements of washing machines and dishwashers from scale formation;
  • filling with activated carbon in the third cassette purifies water from free chlorine, organic impurities, heavy metals, eliminates unpleasant odors.

The performance of the models ranges from 2 to 3 l / min. Depending on how dirty the water is, the cassettes can effectively handle between 4,000 and 10,000 liters. Compared with the jug version, the cost of consumables is less, the cleaning is finer and the device’s performance is greater. The best filters for washing have proven themselves as devices for fine purification of drinking water.

Main filters

A modern home is inconceivable without household appliances that consume water in quantities that significantly exceed the performance of models such as «under the sink» and, especially, jugs. A washing machine, dishwasher or ice maker with a water connection also needs clean water. Otherwise, the owners will face serious costs for their permanent repairs. The same applies to modern plumbing. A normal person needs to take a shower or a bath. Rusty and dirty water is hardly suitable for daily hygiene procedures. The presence of free chlorine in it will do harm no less than good. After all, chlorine is a poison. Taking a hot shower, the user simultaneously arranges inhalation with chlorine vapor, and this is already the cause for many diseases. Main filters are designed to eliminate these problems.


List of top models

Most of the leading brands have been familiar to consumers for more than one year. They perfectly purify water, making it pleasant to the taste and at the same time protecting equipment from rapid wear.

Barrier BM 1/2

A fairly popular filter at an affordable cost.


  • Cartridge porosity 1 µm;
  • Affordable cost;
  • Good performance.


  • Holes for mounting may not match the size of the dowel included in the kit.

Geyser 4H

Produced in a stainless steel case.


  • Equipped with a drain tap;
  • There is a differential pressure gauge for monitoring pressure changes;
  • The strong case which is not afraid of mechanical pressure;
  • Silver ions disinfect and purify water several times better.


  • Difficulties with the purchase of new components.

New water A 082

Domestic filter for universal use.


  • Eliminates rust and sand impurities;
  • Significantly improves the taste of drinking water;
  • Suitable for hot and cold water.


  • A very inconvenient key for installation, it is easy to break the flask during self-installation.

Honeywell F 76S 3/4”AA

An excellent system, produced in a transparent case.


  • The presence of a flushing valve;
  • Rugged housing;
  • Long cartridge life.


  • High price;
  • Convenient key for installation.

Fibos Fibos 3

Powerful multi-purpose filter.


  • Additionally purifies water from viruses and bacteria;
  • High performance, capable of passing 50 liters of water per minute;
  • Possibility of water supply up to +95 degrees;
  • Small size.


  • High price;
  • Convenient key for installation.

If the budget does not allow you to purchase the highest quality backbone system, it is better to stay in the mid-price segment. Cheap filters of unknown brands will not be able to provide the proper quality of drinking water.


It is quite possible to install such a purification system yourself. It is enough to carefully read the instructions and take the necessary tools for installation.

Filters designed to purify hot water belong to the universal category. If necessary, they can be installed in the cold water supply system.

If systems for cold and hot water are purchased, each of them should be installed strictly in its own line. This is important for high-quality cleaning and a long service life of the entire device.

  1. Before installation, it is required to turn off the water and remove pressure from the pipes. To do this, just open one of the taps where the pipeline is planned to be installed.

  2. On the wall where the filter will be installed, markings are required to mark the place where the flask mount will be fixed. All dowels always come with the system. Therefore, the drill should be selected taking into account the size of the fastener.
  3. Having drilled holes, a dowel is driven into them. After that, you need to take the filter and put it on the dowel, tightening the screws from the kit with a screwdriver or screwdriver. Holes for fixing to the dowel are located at the top of the flask.
  4. On both sides of the filter there are special tubes for connecting to the main water supply. To connect them, the water pipe is cut with special tongs on the left and right sides. After that, the clamps included in the kit are inserted into them, which connect the filter and the pipe. These parts must be reinforced with a clamping nut. For reliability, they can be wrapped with FUM tape, which guarantees complete sealing of the system.
  5. If several steps are installed at once, they should be connected in the same way as with a pipe — clamping nut. Be sure to seal all joints.
  6. After connecting, you need to check the line for a leak. To do this, open the water and check the entire system. If there is no leak, the tap is left open for 5-7 minutes. This is required to flush the cartridge and exit the accumulated air from the pipes.

Expert opinion

Koklyaev Vladimir Stepanovich

Experienced plumber with 12 years of experience

To minimize the unpleasant consequences in the event of a leak, it is better to put a sufficient amount of rags under the line. In the event of leaks, she will be able to collect water and prevent flooding of her neighbor’s and her apartments.

Cartridge replacement

After successful installation, you need to immediately mark when you started using the cartridge. It has a certain service life, after which the internal part of the system must be replaced. The service life of cleaning elements varies from 1 to 6 months.

Once this time is up, you should start replacing the inside of the filter. To do this, carefully unscrew the bottom cover of the flask and drain the water from it. It is best to do this in a bucket or other volumetric container, since a rag simply may not absorb so much liquid.

It is most convenient to unscrew the flask with a special key that comes with the kit. Therefore, it is important not to lose it. If other tools are used, there is a chance of damaging the filter housing. Having unscrewed the threaded cover, we simply take out the used cartridge, and put a new one in its place.

It is advisable to rinse the flask inside well before installing a new part, as there will be a lot of plaque on it. After that, with a special key from the kit, put the cover in place and tightly twist. Be sure to check the line for leaks.

Most often, a weak water pressure becomes a signal to replace the cartridge. As soon as this problem appears, you should immediately update the system.

Purchasing Main Purifiers at Santexworld

The online store has a huge selection of replacement parts from different manufacturers. For a convenient search, there are specialized sections by city, for example, a catalog for Moscow. There is a price and detailed information about the purchase.

However, before you buy such a device, find out the diameter of the pipe on which the installation will be made. Next, call the Santexworld manager and he will advise you in detail about the selection, delivery and installation of the module. Call during business hours for any questions.

Questions and answers

hhHow many cleaning levels should I choose when scale builds up?

In this case, it is better to take filters with three cleaning systems.

How can I find out the cartridge life?

It is always written on the package to him. In most cases, it is 6-12 weeks, but there are parts that can filter water with high quality for up to six months.

If the system began to work poorly, and the life of the cartridge did not come out, what could be the matter?

The cartridge can quickly become clogged if it is installed incorrectly or if very dirty water needs to be filtered. This greatly reduces the life of the filter.

Does it make sense to install a main filter if the water comes from a well?

There is, since there are still impurities in the water that cannot be removed under urban filtration conditions. In addition, over time, all these substances begin to settle in the water pipes.

Why are reverse osmosis cartridges installed in apartments?

You can’t drink such water, but it can be used for cooking or in household appliances.

When buying main water filters for an apartment, pay attention to its filtering agent, manufacturer and degree of purification. These indicators guarantee a high quality of cleansing, which will have a beneficial effect not only on health, but also on the family budget.

Why does rust form in hot water?

The cause of the problems is the oxidation reaction that occurs when the metal comes into contact with water and air. The process is accelerated by salt impurities by activation of electrochemical processes. A decrease in pH slows down the reaction.

According to the current sanitary standards, a city apartment must be protected from harmful impurities. The supplying organization is obliged to maintain the concentration of iron no more than 0.3 mg / l. However, the area of ​​responsibility of such enterprises is limited to main communications. The operational state of common house networks is controlled by the management company. In case of claims, the homeowner has the right to apply to the court.

Rust in hot water

In the country, the water from the well can be transparent. In 10-15 minutes after contact with air, a characteristic brown suspension is formed. These signs indicate the presence of ferrous iron. Oxidation converts impurities into a trivalent insoluble form. Solid particles are removed from the liquid stream by mechanical filtration.

In the fluid coming from a great depth from an artesian well, there is calcium contamination. In urban highways, the concentration of calcium and magnesium compounds is up to 7 mg-eq / l. When heated, hardness salts are converted into scale. The standard hot water rust filter will not retain dissolved impurities. Therefore, the set of equipment is supplemented with specialized softening devices.