Indoor flowers are our friends.

You rarely meet a hostess who does not have green pets at home. Flowers delight the eye, create positive energy, heal. The best gift for a loved one is a flower, a symbol of love and location.

All sorts of flowers grow in living quarters. Many of them were bought in a store, donated by a friend, or planted with a shoot. Choose according to the original appearance or flowering. There are many colors for the apartment. But our friends are different and have certain characteristics and preferences in growing.

Useful properties of house plants

The benefits of indoor plants have been scientifically proven. During photosynthesis, plants release oxygen and break down carbon dioxide. It is easy to breathe in a room with plants.

Some indoor flowers filter the air. The most useful plants:

  • Chlorophytum: Absorbs formaldehyde, phenol, benzene. For a day destroys up to 80% of impurities in the air.
  • Epipremnum: Absorbs benzene, destroys microbes.
  • Crassula: Destroys bacteria and fungi.
  • Spathiphyllum: Absorbs carbon monoxide, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, acetone and alcohol vapors. Destroys bacteria and fungi.
  • Asparagus: Kills germs and absorbs heavy metals.

Expert advice
Natalia Green

Home flowers saturate the air in the house with phytoncides. They destroy bacteria, strengthen the immune system, improve the condition of the lungs. Flowering plants create home comfort. In a beautiful environment, people feel calm. Caring for flowering plants eliminates stress, the smell of flowers improves mood.

Akalifa or red cattail, aka foxtail

It is worth getting an akalifu at home for the sake of luxurious and fluffy bright red flowers that look like earrings. In addition, in India, this plant is highly valued for its anti-aging properties, infusions are used as a healing, expectorant and anthelmintic in folk medicine.

Growing akalifa at home does not present any problems at all — it grows quickly, blooms for a long time.


Photo: pixabay.com.

In summer, the pot can be taken out into the street, in autumn it can be brought inside again. In winter, the plant astically goes dormant, so do not feed it until new growth appears in the spring. The tips of the stems are cut back during the growing season to encourage branching.

The only condition is that growth requires high humidity, that is, regular spraying from a spray bottle.

Warning! Cats love akalifa root just as much as valerian, and even more so. In hot countries, where akalifa grows like a weed, it is called «cat’s madness». If you are an inveterate cat owner, instead of Akalifa, it is better to choose other options so that it is not excruciatingly painful for a broken pot and a ruined flower.

The most popular indoor plants for home and apartment

We have prepared a list of popular indoor plants in 2021 with photos and names. These home plants have become in demand due to their beneficial properties, beautiful flowers or unpretentiousness.


The list of popular houseplants includes geraniums. This unpretentious plant blooms all year round and repels mosquitoes.


Houseplant with pointed variegated leaves. Well cleans the air of toxic substances and bacteria, withstands rare watering.


An ornamental plant with variegated leaves. In hybrid species, the color of the leaves is red-pink.


In the people, the flower is called «women’s happiness.» Spathiphyllum gives snow-white flowers with a large stalk.


Indoor plant for dark rooms. You can start chlorophytum in the back room of the office and forget to water. Chlorophytum will survive despite drought and lack of light.


Aloe is a hardy houseplant. Withstands occasional watering and shading. The juice from the leaves heals wounds.


Asparagus has thin shoots with needle-like leaves that curl beautifully. You can grow it for beauty and culinary purposes.


Delicious-smelling mint can be grown in the kitchen and added to dishes.


Unpretentious plants belong to the genus of ficuses. They withstand a long lack of watering.


Myrtle tree loves diffused light and abundant watering.


Some types of anthurium are small, the height of their shoots is 35-40 cm. Other varieties grow up to 90 and even 100 cm.


Camellias bloom well in diffused light and abundant watering.

Camellia bonsai Camellia standard Read more