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Every woman closely monitors the condition of her hair, trying to choose the highest quality hair care products. However, here the question arises, which hair shampoos are really good and at the same time inexpensive. And are there any? To buy a shampoo that is ideal for your curls, and also does not empty your wallet, you should familiarize yourself with the presented rating, compiled on the basis of recommendations from professionals and reviews from real buyers on popular review sites Otzovik and Ozone. Based on it, you can make a preliminary vision of how this or that remedy will affect the structure and appearance of the hair.


We tried to cover in our rating all possible types of hair shampoos. Therefore, everyone will be able to find the necessary category and choose the most suitable tool. But do not forget that in case of really serious problems, you should consult a doctor before buying.

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Neobio/Natural Cosmetics (rating 4.3)

Shampoo Neobio/ Natural Cosmetics

Price: 425 rubles. (volume 250 ml)

A line of shampoos with 100% natural composition:

  • for restoration and shine
  • anti-dandruff
  • for volume

This shampoo rinses well “to a squeak”, which is actually required from a shampoo, and perfectly cleanses the scalp.


  • natural composition
  • Excellent cleansing
  • Price


  • High consumption, because Shampoo is runny and doesn’t lather well
  • Coarse and dry hair after using it, but using a balm and a mask will correct the situation

fito cosmetics / Charcoal Hair Shampoo (Rating 5)

Charcoal shampoo fito cosmetics

Price: 126 rubles. (volume 100 ml)

This shampoo contains a 100% complex of active ingredients (cane activated carbon, coconut milk, avocado oil and geothermal water), which cleanse the hair and scalp, nourish the hair and provide a biolamination effect.


  • Cleans well
  • Adds shine to hair
  • low cost
  • natural composition

Londa Professional (rating 4.6)

Price: 510r. (volume 250 ml)

The Londa Professional line has a large number of shampoos:

  • for sensitive scalp
  • to moisturize hair
  • for colored hair
  • for damaged hair
  • to strengthen hair
  • for volume, etc.


  • Washes well
  • Gives hair shine and silkiness
  • A wide selection in the line
  • Small consumption


Natura Siberica (rating 4.8)

Shampoo Natura Siberica

Price: 202 rubles. (volume 500 ml) — doy pack, 280 rubles. (400 ml) — classic packaging

Now this brand is gaining popularity due to its organic composition without SLS, SLES, PEG, mineral oils, silicones and parabens. Works great as advertised on the label. The big advantage of NS is the choice between packaging. The line also includes more budgetary ones — doypack.


  • Organic composition
  • Acceptable price
  • Washes well


  • There are shampoos with already changed (not for the better) composition

Oblepikha Siberica (rating 4.4)

Shampoo Oblepikha Siberica

Price: 177 rubles. (volume 500 ml) — doypack, 239 rubles. (400 ml) — classic packaging

Shampoo of the Natura Siberica line. The composition contains natural oils and vitamins, without SLS and parabens. The shampoo has a pronounced smell of sea buckthorn. OS was awarded a gold medal as the best product. Also available in doypack.


  • Compound
  • budget price
  • Nice smell of sea buckthorn


  • Poor foam, correspondingly high consumption

Clean line (rating 4.2)

Shampoo pure line

Price: 169 rubles. (volume 400 ml)

Everyone knows a really budget brand. Does a great job of cleansing hair and scalp. But the composition is not as natural as stated on the label, in the very first positions we see SLS and cocamide DEA.


  • Low price
  • Washes well
  • A wide selection in the line


  • Not as natural as advertised

Organic shop BDIH (rating 4.3)

Shampoo Organic shop BDIH

Price: 229 rubles. (volume 280 ml)

The brand is also gaining popularity now. There are many lines of shampoos and other products. The composition contains natural ingredients, no SLS, parabens and silicones. The quality is confirmed by the German standard for natural and organic cosmetics BDIH.


  • Works well as advertised on the package
  • natural composition
  • Price
  • There is a budget package doypack


  • Smell complaints
  • Dries out hair

Best Inexpensive Hair Loss Shampoos

inexpensive shampoos

Today you can find cosmetics for every taste and budget. The most popular and effective ones are listed below.

Librederm Hyaluronic For MenThis product is designed with the male body in mind. Gentle cleansing and growth stimulation are important components.

Arginine, Baikal skullcap extract, soy and wheat germ awaken inactive bulbs and stimulate the growth of new hairs. Hyaluronic acid nourishes and creates an invisible film that keeps moisture inside. Panthenol strengthens the roots and promotes the speedy restoration of the hair shaft.

The price of a healing elixir is 600 rubles.


shampoo selencin

This is a natural healing anti-fallout shampoo, the effectiveness of which has been tested and proven by many clinical trials.

The main component in it is the eponymous selencin. It accelerates the regeneration processes and helps to increase the duration of the life cycle of the hair.

It contains caffeine, nettle and burdock extract as nutritional components. They saturate the scalp and hair shaft with nutrients, and also give a healthy glow and silkiness to your hair. Anagelin and menthol enhance their effect, activate the «sleeping» bulbs. Biotin normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands.

Buyers note that after applying Selenzin, a basal volume appears and it becomes easier to comb. The effect is achieved due to the collagen included in the composition.

Miracle shampoo is suitable for permanent use, and the cost of one bottle does not exceed 600 rubles.

Vichy Dercos

Vichy Derkos shampoo

The rating of the best professional anti-fall shampoos cannot be imagined without Vichi cosmetics of French origin. This brand has gained worldwide popularity due to the rapid achievement of results. Vichi Dercos is based on aminexil. It helps prolong the life cycle of the hair and improves blood circulation. Panthenol heals micro-wounds and strengthens the cuticle. Hair follicles receive good nutrition, which significantly reduces the intensity of baldness. The strengthening of the rod is achieved thanks to the vitamins of group B and PP. They nourish from the inside, making the hair silky and obedient. Years of testing have made it possible to create a unique formula in which collagen does not harden, but envelops each hair, making it soft and elastic.

A pleasant aroma, pleasant texture and a therapeutic effect already visible by the 3rd application — all these qualities fit in one bottle, the cost of which in a pharmacy does not exceed 700 rubles.

Fitoval (KRKA Fitoval)

Shampoo Fitoval (KRKA Fitoval)

The main active ingredient that prevents hair loss and stimulates growth is glycogen. He is also responsible for the rapid recovery of cells. Wheat peptides supplement its action. They restore the structure along the entire length, so that the curls become smooth and obedient. Rosemary and mountain arnica stimulate blood circulation and remove toxic substances, which has a beneficial effect on the stabilization of the sebaceous glands. This fast-acting budget tool is designed primarily for oily hair, but it can dry out normal or dry hair. A tube of 200 ml will cost the buyer 400 rubles.


Alerana shampoo

Cosmetics are especially popular among the female half. In its composition you will see mainly natural ingredients:

Poppy and tea tree oils saturate every hair from root to tip, preventing split ends and brittleness. Nettle and burdock extract have a healing effect and nourish the follicles. Wheat protein has a stimulating effect on the blood supply to the scalp and helps to activate the bulbs. Lecithin and Pro-Vitamin B5 combat dullness and lack of shine.

Action at the very beginning of application has the opposite effect of expectations. Many note that at first the loss becomes more active, but after some time a therapeutic effect is noticeable. The manufacturer took into account the various causes of the problem and developed different lines. In addition, masks and conditioners have been developed that enhance the effect of therapeutic shampoo and facilitate combing.


horsepower shampoo

When developing cosmetic products, the manufacturer paid special attention to its components and the proportions in which they are mixed. It includes panthenol, lanolin, propolis extract, birch tar and many other organic substances that stop baldness and stimulate growth. Collagen nourishes and envelops. This ensures that each scale fits, which improves the overall appearance of the curls.

It is better for owners of dry and thin strands to refuse Horsepower. The price ranges from 500 to 650 rubles.

Rinfoltil with caffeine

This mild, fragrance-free cleanser effectively treats temporary hair loss, including androgenetic alopecia.

It contains many natural components that have a complex therapeutic effect:

  • fruits of dwarf palm, cinchona and nasturtium have a beneficial effect on the hair shaft. They saturate it from the inside, and on the outside they create an invisible film that holds the components, making the curls shiny and soft;
  • rinfoltil promotes regeneration processes;
  • panthenol heals the scalp and strengthens the cuticle;
  • collagen and elastin make hair silky and easy to comb.

Zinc and caffeine have a warming effect, stimulate metabolic processes, remove toxins and accelerate growth.

To achieve a visible effect, it is recommended to use maxi from the same series. The result is noticeable not immediately, but only after 1.5-2 months, but it persists for a long time. The average cost is 500 rubles per bottle.

Twins Tek onion 911

onion remedy

The Russian manufacturer Twins Tech has invented a high-quality and inexpensive remedy for baldness. 911 is a real salvation for thinning hair. Immediately after the cleansing components, it contains an extract of onion, nettle, chamomile, birch, burdock. Onion improves the metabolism between cells, accelerates the growth of each hair and prolongs their life cycle. The remaining plant components contribute to the restoration of damaged strands and saturate each hair with useful substances from roots to tips. Biotin, niacin and other vitamins saturate curls with vitality and radiance. The hair becomes noticeably denser and thicker.

Do not be afraid of the name «Onion». It has a very pleasant aroma.

The result is not immediately visible, but only after a couple of months, but it persists for a long time. High-quality components and an affordable price (only 100-150 rubles) allow you to use 911 on an ongoing basis.

Agafya’s First Aid Kit

shampoo first aid kit agafya

This is an inexpensive hair strengthening shampoo. Calamus root improves blood microcirculation, has a slight wound-healing effect. Linseed oil nourishes and moisturizes curls. There is also a positive effect on the regulation of the sebaceous glands. Keratin restores the structure of the hair shaft and «calms» the scales. Thanks to this, the curls acquire a natural color and shine. Many buyers note easy combing and styling as a nice bonus. Agafya’s First Aid Kit cannot stop and prevent the fallout. It is recommended to use it in the initial stages or as a preventive measure.

The cost is 80 rubles.

Kapous professional Magic Keratin (4.5 rating)

Shampoo Kapous professional Magic Keratin

Price: 348 rubles. (volume 300 ml)

Professional shampoo without SLS and parabens, great for after Botox and Keratin treatments. Despite the popularity of the brand and the professional line, the price is quite budgetary.


  • Acceptable price
  • Compound
  • Suitable after Botox and Keratin treatments


  • Fast consumption