This article will help you figure out what a floor air conditioner without an air duct is for a home: features of devices, internal structure and principle of operation, advantages and disadvantages. The text reveals all the subtleties of the selection of designs: the main criteria according to which the selection is made, the rating of the best brands and models, including the prices of floor-standing air conditioners for the home and the general installation prices.

Floor air conditioners are easy to use and allow you to create a favorable microclimate in the apartment

Device and principle of operation

The design of a floor air conditioner without an air duct is completely different from a split system and other types of similar stationary climate control equipment. In mobile evaporative models, there is no compressor and components necessary for the circulation of the refrigerant (freon). The composition of the floor airless air conditioner includes the following elements:

  • sponge water filter;
  • pump;
  • air filter;
  • fan;
  • water container.

Mobile air conditioner device without air duct
The device of a mobile air conditioner without an air channel Source stroy-podskazka.ru
Airless equipment is produced in the form of a rectangular plastic or metal monoblock equipped with 4 wheels. Manufacturers produce models equipped with handles located on the sides or top of the device.

In front of the case in the upper part of the monoblock there are holes designed to supply air masses into the room. Often, manufacturers equip such exits with movable shutters, which are used to change the direction of cooled and humidified air. Adjustment is carried out manually. Some models have the function of changing the direction of flow on the remote control. Air is taken in through a grille on the back of the case.

Before buying a unit, you need to understand how a mobile air conditioner works. This will allow you to make a meaningful purchase and not regret the money spent in the future.

The principle of operation of a mobile air conditioner
The principle of operation of a mobile air conditioner without an air channel

In a portable device, the working substance is cold liquid or frozen water. This medium, evaporating into free space, is a neutral refrigerant when considering the principle of operation of an open air conditioning system. The effect after turning on the equipment is the same as the feeling of coolness when a person comes ashore from a pond on a hot day. At this point, the moisture evaporates. The process is accompanied by a sharp absorption of heat. It is on this property of the aquatic environment that the operation of an airless portable air conditioner is based.

Ice is prepared in advance in a separate container. Some manufacturers produce models equipped with helium pads for freezing water.

In floor modifications of air conditioners without air channels, the water medium evaporates, which allows air to be cooled. The process is a phase transition accompanied by the absorption of heat due to the transformation of a liquid into a gaseous substance.

Cooling air with water in a mobile air conditioner
Air cooling with water in a mobile air conditioner Source klimat-vdome.ru

Cooling in the device is accompanied by a minimum release of thermal energy. Therefore, the air conditioner on the water is made without a corrugated hose used in other similar devices for ejecting hot air to the street. Another distinguishing feature of the floor evaporative device is the absence of condensate accumulation, because it moves along with the air mass. This principle of operation of the equipment allows you to humidify the air processed in the space where the climate unit is located.

Cooling in a portable device is carried out as follows:

  • using a pump, the liquid from the water tank is directed to a porous hydraulic filter;
  • portable air conditioner for home without air duct sucks in and passes air through the air filter to clean the environment from dust and other solid suspension;
  • after soaking the sponge filter with water, evaporation occurs — the liquid takes heat from the air mass;
  • the cooled air from the appliance is returned to the room.

Air mass cooling cycle in a portable device
Air mass cooling cycle in a portable device Source babypro.ua
The portable unit without corrugated air outlet is ideal for rooms where you need to humidify the atmosphere and reduce the temperature by 5 to 7 °C. The portable device is suitable for objects with small heat inflows from household appliances, people, building structures, including windows, roofs and walls.

Room ventilation and floor air conditioners

Floor air conditioner

There is an opinion that floor air conditioners can also play the role of a forced ventilation system in an apartment. However, even if the device is equipped with many modern features, heavy-duty fans and filters, only the air temperature will change, and stuffiness will remain.

Ventilation in the apartment

— this is the exchange of air masses: the supply of fresh outdoor air and the removal of exhausted room air with a high content of carbon dioxide.


— cooling or heating of air indoors without inflow of fresh air.

In order to always have clean, fresh air at a comfortable temperature in the house, you can use a compact supply ventilation device, a breather, together with a floor air conditioner.

Breezer is able to purify the air from dust and allergens, this applies to both supply and room air. The supply ventilation device and the floor air conditioner complement each other, because their functions are completely different. One ventilates the room, getting rid of the stuffiness with the windows closed and purifying the air from pollution. The second one cools or heats the fresh, clean air that the breather brings into the room.

Breather in the interior

Advantages and disadvantages of outdoor portable air conditioners without duct

When mobile floor air conditioners without an air duct are selected, the pros and cons of the equipment must be taken into account. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the advantages and disadvantages of climatic humidifiers with the effect of cooling the air.

Hardware Benefits

There is a wide range of devices on the market. The owner of suburban real estate can purchase equipment with embedded software, a thermostat and a timer. Manufacturers produce climatic devices without an external unit, operating in automatic and customizable modes, each of which allows you to set the desired temperature in the room.

Modern mobile air conditioner floor type without air duct
Modern mobile floor-standing air conditioner without air duct Source nugi.dasirobym.ru.net

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Other advantages of the device include the following features:

  1. It is possible to work simultaneously in the mode of cooling and humidification.
  2. Light weight, which for models in a plastic case does not exceed 6 kg. This allows the water conditioner to be easily moved around the house and transported even over long distances. Moreover, the models are equipped with small wheels.
  3. It is possible to turn on only the ventilation mode at different speeds or heating.
  4. Good economy due to the operation of only one fan.
  5. Blinds at the air outlet allow you to adjust the direction of the flow.
  6. In cooling mode, power consumption is maximum 85W.
  7. The decrease in temperature occurs smoothly, so there are no drafts in the room.
  8. Compact dimensions, which are 100-120 mm in width, depth and height less than the dimensions of models equipped with air flexible channels. This allows you to install climate control equipment anywhere in the room.

Ergonomically Designed Floor Type Portable Air Conditioner without Air Duct
Ergonomic design of floor-standing portable air conditioner without air duct
There are a number of other advantages of a portable air conditioning device:

  1. High reliability due to simple design.
  2. There is no need to lay inter-unit communications due to the absence of an outdoor unit. There is also no need to install a drain hose.
  3. Low noise level, not exceeding 45 dB. According to this parameter, an air conditioner without an air duct outperforms equipment with an air duct, since the latter has a noise level of 50-56 dB.
  4. Simple installation, because there is no need to take the corrugated duct outside.

The water portable climatic device is controlled by a remote control or by means of a mechanical or touch panel on the body. Here are the buttons for selecting modes, temperature, additional functions and turning the device on and off. The panel may also have an indicator showing the level of water in the pan. The technique is characterized by increased safety due to the absence of freon, which is used in stationary devices for heat transfer.

Mobile floor standing air conditioner control panel
Mobile floor air conditioner control panel Source stroy-podskazka.ru

Hardware deficiencies

Air conditioners without output to the street have a number of design flaws that cannot be ignored. The main disadvantages of the equipment include the following disadvantages:

  • low efficiency in large rooms;
  • the need for constant monitoring of the presence of water in the tank;
  • to increase the efficiency of the evaporator unit, it is required to provide a stable supply of a small amount of air from the street in a private house so that excess moisture can be removed from the dwelling, but heat will begin to flow into the building along with the fresh environment;
  • inertia — a mobile air conditioner without an air duct slowly cools the air, because the water used as a working substance is not a volatile liquid;
  • during the operation of the unit at the facility, a strong increase in the level of humidity occurs, which significantly affects the decrease in the rate of the evaporation process;
  • when using ice, it is required to freeze water in advance in the refrigerator, which is a source of heat;
  • the average area of ​​a serviced room is 24 m².

Outdoor equipment in a mobile version and without an air duct cannot fully replace a split system
Outdoor equipment in a mobile version and without an air duct cannot fully replace a split system. Source bk-group.by
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Despite the popularity of portable airless climate technology, users note that the units only cool indoor air to 23°C. A slight decrease in temperature occurs exclusively locally — in the place where the air mass leaves the device. However, at other points in the room it will increase. After all, the nodes during the operation of the device constantly emit heat.

Important criteria when choosing a floor air conditioner

Floor air conditioner

Air conditioning is important not only during the period of hot spring days and summer heat. During the cold months, it gets very hot in some apartments and if it is not possible to install a thermostat on the battery to regulate the heat supply, you can use the air conditioner. Also, some of the modern models have the option of heating the room.

When choosing an air conditioner, you should pay attention to the following criteria for the device and their need for a home or office:

  1. Operating modes.

    Mobile floor air conditioners have, as we have already noted above, at least three modes. Let’s look at what each mode is responsible for and what other options floor air conditioners have:

  • air cooling.
    The main mode, for which such a refrigeration unit was invented;
  • air heating.
    This mode is relevant for the winter months and off-season when the central heating is turned off;
  • dehumidification.
    This mode will help reduce the humidity in the apartment. A useful feature for those who often experience high humidity in the house;
  • ventilation mode.
    Helps to evenly distribute the air temperature in the room, as usually warm air rises to the ceiling;
  • auto mode.
    Setting this mode allows you to save and maintain the set temperature and humidity. When the conditions and air condition change, the device itself will turn on the mode suitable for the situation, the fan speed, etc.;
  • ionization mode.
    Charges room air with negative ions. However, it is not recommended to use this function constantly and especially in the presence of people in the room: there is no direct evidence of the effectiveness and positive effect of ionizers on humans;
  • silent/night mode.
    The device operates at minimum speed without disturbing sleep. In most models, night mode turns off automatically after the end of the program.
  • The power of the device.

    The capacity of the air conditioner depends on its performance. The principle here is simple: the higher the power of the device, the higher its performance, and hence the larger the serviced area (1 kW covers 10 m2).

    When studying the general characteristics of the appliance, one should always pay attention to the area to be serviced in order to correlate it with the dimensions of the room in which the appliance is planned to be installed.

  • The presence of a timer.
    The device will work for a certain time, cool the room and turn itself off or turn on when necessary, for example, before you return home from work.
  • Remote Control.
    Convenient for remote control of the device, especially when you do not want to get up anywhere before going to bed or in the morning after waking up.
  • Way to travel.
    If you plan to use the device in all rooms, then choose a model with wheels, preferably rubberized. This will protect the floor from scratches.
  • Filters.

    Almost all air conditioners are equipped with coarse filters from wool and coarse dust. Modern models of floor air conditioners may be equipped with other filters:

  • coal — removes unpleasant odors;
  • plasma — against dust, allergens and unpleasant odors;

  • electrostatic — against fine dust and smoke;
  • ultraviolet — against bacteria and viruses;
  • with silver ions — against the spread of microbes.
  • Weight and dimensions.
    If you plan to use the floor air conditioner not only at home, but also transport it to the country, then you need to choose the model that you can easily carry to the car or roll on your own (there are models with retractable handles).
  • Features of installation and operation of a portable cooler without freon

    Together with portable climate control equipment, an instruction is supplied, which contains information on how to install a floor air conditioner that works without emitting hot air to the street. One of the features is the simple placement of the unit. To do this, you do not need to invite a specialist whose help is required when installing stationary models. The placement of the device indoors is carried out without obtaining an installation permit, unlike split systems, the external units of which are prohibited from hanging on the facades of some buildings of historical value.

    Easy installation of a portable ductless air conditioning unit
    Easy installation of a portable ductless air conditioning unit Source pinterest.com

    To enjoy the full benefits of a portable open air conditioning system, you do not need to perform the following steps:

    • drilling the wall structure of the house;
    • fix the outdoor unit;
    • lay a flexible channel outside to remove hot air;
    • connect a condensate drain hose.

    Installing a floor air conditioner without a corrugated ventilation duct means simply plugging the unit into an electrical outlet. The device is placed on the floor, bedside table or shelf in the part of the room in which it is necessary to reduce the temperature.

    In the instructions for climate technology, it is noted that it is important to follow safety rules. After all, a person uses an electrical device. Although portable equipment has a high level of protection against electric shock. An electric kettle poses a greater danger compared to an outdoor climate unit.

    Floor mobile air conditioner is enough to plug into the socket
    Outdoor mobile air conditioner is enough to plug into the outlet Source myroq.gixekut.ru.net

    It is also necessary to comply with sanitary standards, because the device has a water tank. The tank is in contact with the air. Therefore, bacteria, dust, fungi and other unicellular microorganisms get into the container. They must be disposed of after each operation of the cooling unit, using disinfectants. The names of disinfectants are indicated on all packages of climate units. Manufacturers recommend that tanks in open systems be flushed twice with clean water and only then used for filling with working fluid.

    Types of floor air conditioners

    Floor air conditioner

    Floor monoblock air conditioners are found mainly in two types:

    • mobile air conditioner with air duct;
    • mobile air conditioner without air duct.

    There are also mobile split systems, which differ from stationary ones only in that they can be located in a convenient place for the user. Otherwise, they also have an outdoor unit that is exposed or hung out on the street. The cooling unit itself can be installed on the floor in the room.

    Monoblock floor air conditioner is installed in the room where the air needs to be cooled. At the same time, a corrugated flexible hose (corrugated hose) is attached to the device. Through it, hot domestic air is discharged to the outside.

    Floor air conditioner

    A floor air conditioner without an air duct (that very corrugated sleeve) cools the air with a sponge, damp filter. This principle of operation resembles the operation of an evaporator.

    Floor air conditioner

    Selection criteria for mobile air conditioner without air pipe

    Proper selection of a portable air conditioning unit without a vent pipe will allow the device to work properly in specific conditions and meet the needs of the user.

    It is important to choose the right floor mobile device without an air duct!
    It is important to choose the right floor mobile device without an air duct! Source www.vse-o-novosti.ru

    Why you need to carefully read reviews of mobile air conditioners without an air duct

    No official information on the manufacturer’s website will help you like real reviews. Floor standing air conditioners for the home have more than just the benefits reported by vendors. Each of them differs in management and small nuances in operation, only users who have encountered the device in practice can tell about this. Pay attention to what they write about the noise level of the air conditioner. Some models in official sources declare a small amount of decibels, but in practice, ill-fitting parts of the device add rattling to the overall noise and sometimes it is simply unbearable.

    Another important aspect in the reviews is the opinion about the power of the device. Here, too, it is easy to make a mistake without the advice of «experienced». Other important details: the length of the cord in the kit, features for cleaning filters, important information about fixing the duct and power consumption.

    All this information will give you a three-dimensional idea of ​​the features of a particular model and help decide whether it is worth buying.

    Manufacturers and models of mobile air conditioning units without corrugated channels

    Portable air conditioners without an air outlet duct differ in functionality, appearance, and dimensions. Equipment manufacturers are trying to attract customers by introducing new options into devices.

    Today, Electrolux devices are in demand on the market — one of the most popular cooling and evaporative devices. Among all the models produced, the leading position is held by the EACM-14DR/N3 air conditioner. The unit is capable of cooling and dehumidifying the air. A convenient device is sold together with a remote control for 25,000 rubles. The equipment is equipped with a timer and allows for flexible settings.

    Mobile channelless air conditioner Electrolux EACM-9 CG/N3
    Mobile channelless air conditioner Electrolux EACM-9 CG / N3 Source tehnikaportal.ru

    Ballu devices, which are the second most popular evaporative-cooling devices. The BPHS 09H mobile air conditioning system attracts homeowners with its four-position control. This allows you to start the equipment in one of the modes: heating, cooling, ventilation or dehumidification. On the market, air conditioning is sold for about 19,000 rubles. along with the PDU.

    Model Ballu BPHS 09H
    Model Ballu BPHS 09H Source www.termokit.ru

    Bork devices, which are one of the most balanced models. The Y501 is designed to work in a room up to 35 m2. The unit is characterized by high performance, which forces the use of more water compared to other similar devices. Beautiful equipment can be purchased for 20,000 rubles. This will allow you to become the owner of a product that can operate in four modes.

    Air conditioner Bork Y501
    Air conditioner Bork Y501

    Penguin is a compact model that allows you to cool the air on an area of ​​20 m2. The device has a function of ionization and aromatization of the air. The device has a laconic stylish design and decent build quality. The equipment harmoniously looks in different interiors.

    Kibor 24 is a compact portable climate control system weighing no more than 8 kg. The small device is designed to work in a room of 24 m2. The cooling-evaporative unit has a timer, adjustable dampers, a water level sensor. Liquid containers are removable.

    If you don’t want to read, you can watch the videos. They will clearly help to understand the device, principle of operation, advantages, features of portable climatic equipment without an air duct.

    Choosing a manufacturer of a mobile air conditioner without an air duct

    After you have finally decided on the device, you need to consider the model range and decide on the manufacturer. Which companies have earned a good reputation in our market? Let’s take a look at the top ten:

    • TOSHIBA. This brand is already 120 years old, but it is confidently kept in the top three. The engineers of this company invented and introduced many new technologies, including in the production of air conditioners. By the way, they own the authorship of the first split system in the world. The products of this company are distinguished by reliability and durability, and the prices occupy the average range available to most buyers.

    • PANASONIC. Products of this company are close to premium models in their quality. This company has been producing air conditioning equipment for half a century, the range of its products is very large. You can choose a device by price and power, a set of functions. It is best to purchase Malaysian-assembled appliances, they are considered to be of higher quality and more reliable. But the Chinese factories of this company often fail their brand.

    • BALLU. Chinese products of this company are becoming one of the most popular due to their low cost and good quality. In the design of the devices there are devices for filtering and ionizing air flows. Among other things, many buyers prefer this manufacturer for the thoughtful and attractive design of devices.

    • HYNDAI. Cooling devices of this manufacturer can be considered a premium class, but at the same time their cost is in the middle price segment. All products are original design, effective filters. Users note the low noise level of such devices in comparison with models from other manufacturers.

    • LG. The South Korean manufacturer has firmly established itself in the domestic market thanks to a well-thought-out price-quality ratio. The company’s engineers are actively working on the problem of instrument noise and reducing power consumption. The design of products makes them invisible in any interior.

    • HITACHI. The Japanese quality of products is practically unrivaled. The company’s products are very easy to use, ergonomic, stylish design. The low cost of products attracts many buyers.

    • SAMSUNG. The products of this company are manufactured in South Korea. Every year, more than three million air conditioners are produced from Samsung factories. All devices have a set of necessary functions, and the design of products pleases with its simplicity and unobtrusiveness. Air conditioners and split systems of this manufacturer are the best-selling in the world.

    • ELEKTROLUX. This company began its activity in the production of vacuum cleaners, and now it has a huge range of a wide variety of household appliances. Electrolux has been producing air conditioners since 1929. The company’s developers are constantly improving their products and strive for maximum compactness, which is very popular with customers.

    • BORK. Products of this manufacturer belong to the premium class. The international concern includes production in Japan, Korea, Switzerland and Australia. More than fifty international awards confirm the high quality of this company’s products.

    • ZANUSSI. In the devices of this manufacturer, only refrigerants that are safe for humans are used. Products attract with their impeccable quality and affordable price. The developers of the concern use innovative methods of air purification in production, capable of coping even with chemical pollution.

    • BIMATEK. The German brand was bought out by a domestic company, which successfully maintains the firm’s reputation. The products are produced at the enterprises of Turkey and China and have an attractive design and full functionality.

    • BEKO. Turkish products have won many admirers through the use of innovative technologies in the design of climate technology. Now Veko confidently enters the top five largest manufacturers of household appliances in Europe.

    And now let’s look at the most rated, according to Yandex Market, models of floor air conditioners, which are represented by these companies in our market.

    Characteristics of the floor air conditioner BORK Y502

    Bork mobile air conditioners are not the cheapest devices on our market. But their quality is at a high level.

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    BORK Y502 Max. area, sq.m. – 32 Power consumption, W – 1000 Noise level, dB – 50 Weight, kg – 27 Add. characteristics: touch control, ventilation mode, automatic evaporator 31600

    Igor, 28 years old, Samara: “A very convenient device, its weight allows you to carry it around the apartment, but, in my opinion, it is very noisy. Requires hot air extraction. It is important to properly mount the pipe, otherwise the efficiency of the device is sharply reduced.

    Features of mobile air conditioner Ballu BPAC-07 CM

    Balu floor air conditioners are represented by several models. The most popular of them is BPAC-07 CM.

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    BPAC-07CM Max. area, sq.m. – 30 Power consumption, W – 785 Noise level, dB – 51 Weight, kg – 25 Add. characteristics: memorization of settings, ventilation mode 10370

    Olga, 38 years old, Vologda: “Effective device, with a very convenient air extraction function on any windows. We rarely use it, but we are very satisfied, and the price is small, everyone can afford it.”

    Information about the floor air conditioner Electrolux EACM-10HR/N3

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    EACM-10HR/N3 Max. area, sq.m. – 25 Power consumption, W – 840 Noise level, dB – 50 Weight, kg – 27 Add. features: automatic temperature control, self-cleaning 15130

    Vladimir, 36 years old, Pskov: “Before this model, I had an EACM-14 electrolux mobile air conditioner, which suited me perfectly, so I decided not to change the manufacturer. It cools perfectly, for the joy of buying it turned on to the full and caught a cold. Powerful, and I would not say very noisy.

    Best example of Zanussi floor air conditioner: ZACM-09 DV/H/A16/N1

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    ZACM-09 DV/H/A16/N1 Max. area, sq.m. – 25 Power consumption, W – 863 Noise level, dB – 47 Weight, kg – 21.5 Add. characteristics: self-diagnosis, dehumidification mode 18990

    Inga, 42 years old, Orel: “The Zanussi ZACM-09 DV/H/A16/N1 mobile air conditioner has automatic temperature maintenance, it is very convenient and it works almost like a regular split system. The device is relatively light, I can easily move it around the apartment. In winter, they turned on the heating in the children’s room. Overall very happy with the purchase.»

    Mobile air conditioner Bimatek AM401

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    Bimatek AM401 Max. area, sq.m. – 30 Power consumption, W – 1000 Noise level, dB – 48 Weight, kg – 25 Add. characteristics: dehumidification mode and self-diagnosis 27990

    Oleg, 48 years old, Bryansk: “Very happy with the purchase, so far I have not found a single flaw. Bought at the beginning of summer and used quite often. In the heat, plus 35 maintained 24 degrees in the room. After a month of work, the filter icon lit up, washed it with soap, installed it and everything works as before. Now I recommend Bimatek floor air conditioners to my friends.”

    Characteristics of the BEKO BNP-09C floor air conditioner

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    BEKO BNP-09C Max. area, sq.m. – 25 Power consumption, W – 996 Noise level, dB – 65 Weight, kg – 32 Add. features: dehumidification mode, 3 speeds, automatic temperature control 16275

    Svetlana, 28 years old, Volgograd: “We bought a Veko mobile air conditioner for our parents at the dacha, my father began to suffer badly from the heat due to heart problems. Very satisfied. They put it on the veranda and in the room for the night. The only negative is noisy, but you can get used to everything.

    An example of a DeLonghi PAC N81 floor air conditioner

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    DeLonghi PAC N81 Max. area, sq.m. – 20 Power consumption, W – 900 Noise level, dB – 54 Weight, kg – 30 Add. features: self-diagnosis, temperature maintenance, dehumidification mode 19650

    Egor, 28 years old, Stavropol: “A very powerful air conditioner, and it’s convenient that you don’t have to constantly drain the condensate. Cools immediately, without buildup. We rent an apartment, so it makes no sense to install a split. And such a device is a convenient way out of the situation. Noisy, but not much to choose from.

    Floor air conditioner Mitsubishi Electric PFFY-P20VLRM-E

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    Mitsubishi Electric PFFY-P20VLRM-E Max. area, sq.m. – 22 Power consumption, W – 1000 Noise level, dB – 40 Weight, kg –18.5 Add. characteristics: inverter control 107869

    Stanislav, 37 years old, Krasnodar: “We bought this device for the office, it so happened that a regular air conditioner cannot be installed. Despite the fact that the area of ​​​​the room is larger than it should be according to the product passport, it does a good job. Noise does not interfere with work, several mechanisms work in this room. In general, not bad, but I wouldn’t buy such a home, it’s expensive. ”

    New in Floor Air Conditioners: Alaska MAC2510C

    Model Specifications Cost, rub.
    Alaska MAC2510C Max. area, sq.m. – 26 Power consumption, W – 1000 Noise level, dB – 53 Weight, kg –25 Add. characteristics: timer, sleep mode, 3 speeds 18810

    Natalia, 40 years old, Rostov-on-Don: “The device is on wheels, it is easy to roll it from room to room, it is controlled from the remote control. Bought it on sale at a discount, did not regret it. When the wife is engaged in seaming in the kitchen, she puts it there, she is very pleased. It fully justifies its price.»

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    How to choose an air conditioner for an apartment with the necessary parameters, without overpaying, how to independently install without errors, common device problems? More in this material.


    The evaporative monoblock is the choice of people who rent houses for seasonal holidays or permanent residence. After all, such equipment can always be transported to another building. A mobile cooling device without an air channel allows you to create comfortable conditions in any small room in a suburban building. A portable device with water refrigerant is a godsend for asthmatics, because the air conditioner does not dry out the air environment, unlike stationary wall models.

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    Prices for floor air conditioners

    Fan blowing money

    Another parameter that most people rely on when choosing climate control equipment for the home is the cost of the device and the return on investment.

    Having familiarized yourself with the models of mobile air conditioners, you probably noticed that among them there are options that cost about the same as a stationary split system.

    The mobile floor air conditioner does not require further investment in the installation of the device. The only exception is the implementation of the opening for the outlet of the air duct (if the choice fell on an air conditioner of this type).

    Advantages and disadvantages

    To choose a mobile air conditioner for an apartment, it is necessary to take into account all the pros and cons of these outdoor devices, which will allow you to use all the technical characteristics to the maximum. Equipment without an air duct has the following positive qualities compared to split systems and floor stationary appliances:

    • ease of operation and maintenance;
    • the device has compact dimensions and low weight (from 6 kg);
    • ease of installation of a mobile air conditioner (due to the absence of air outlet pipes);
    • lack of an air duct, a hose for condensate, drainage tubes;
    • reliability due to the simplicity of the design;
    • efficiency (only the fan works);
    • price.

    The disadvantages of such devices include the following:

    • low efficiency (temperature decrease by no more than 6–7 °C);
    • increased noise level;
    • inertia (rather slow cooling);
    • the need to monitor the level of liquid in the pan and periodically add it.

    Video recommendations on how to install a floor air conditioner in an apartment

    Repairing floor air conditioners is not an easy task. This is not for everyone. If the product is under warranty, do not undertake repairs yourself. The service workshop will not accept the device if it has external damage or signs of inept manipulation.

    The best you can do is clean the filter. Everything else is best left to the professionals.