Probably every adult has at least once encountered the appearance of a fungus on damp surfaces. It can be difficult to get rid of it, and the fight against mold takes a lot of time and effort. Not everyone fully appreciates the harm that exposure to mold spores can cause. They spoil furniture and wallpaper, worsen the atmosphere in the house, and if ingested, they can provoke asthma, allergies, problems with the respiratory and digestive systems, or even cancer. Most often this happens in rooms with high humidity: in the kitchen, in the bathroom, sauna or swimming pool.

Causes of fungus

Fungus on the walls 1. High humidity level.

Cooling down, the air cannot hold the water vapor that it contains, and they fall on all surfaces in the form of condensate. Such conditions are the most comfortable for the life and reproduction of microorganisms. It is dampness that is the most common cause of their spread in buildings.

2. Lack of sunlight.

Ultraviolet rays are the best natural remedy for mold control, they stop its development and destroy it. Therefore, most often dark spots on wallpaper and plaster appear in those places of the house that are not exposed to daylight.

3. Malfunction of ventilation.

A non-working hood or even its absence in the kitchen and in the bathroom is the key to the development of mold. A good air circulation system reduces humidity levels, reduces harmful bacteria, and creates a pleasant and safe atmosphere.

4. Irregular cleaning.

Spores will not be able to take root where they are regularly removed. It is important to maintain cleanliness and avoid storage of spoiled products. Spots that may or are already staining can be treated with chlorine-free disinfectants.

5. Uneven room heating.

Due to the hypothermia of certain areas (windows, walls or corners) of the house, a sharp temperature drop occurs, which provokes the appearance of condensate. It is absorbed into the top layers of furniture, wall and floor coverings. On damp surfaces, microorganisms develop much faster.

Ways to eliminate moldWays to eliminate mold

— Use of fungicides.

These are special chemicals that destroy the foci of fungal infection. Most of these products are for professional use only and if handled improperly can cause serious injury or health problems. In addition, some substances adversely affect non-plastic and wooden surfaces.

— Folk remedies.

Chlorine bleach, table vinegar, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide are often used to fight mold spores. Their effect is rather weak, therefore, it can only help in the very early stages of stain formation. They eliminate only the visible «symptom» of damage to the coating, but do not affect the cause of its appearance.

— Air drying.

Installing a dehumidifier is the most effective option for combating the formation of fungus. The device improves the microclimate in the room, normalizes the level of air humidity and copes with infections in the shortest possible time, thus eradicating not only mold, but also its possible habitat. After installing this device, you can forget about asthmatic diseases and poor health.

Room dehumidifierHow to prevent the development of the fungus

Even after fixing this problem, after a while it may appear again. In order to prevent this from happening, it is important to maintain cleanliness in the house, ventilate it more often and control the level of humidity. It should not exceed 40-45%, these are the most comfortable conditions for a person and at the same time absolutely not suitable for the development and reproduction of bacteria (it needs at least 95%).

Air dryers are designed to cope with this task. They exist in different variations, differ in power and dimensions. For public institutions and large private houses, stationary appliances with a very high power level are recommended, while compact models with lower performance are better suited for apartments.

For rooms with high humidity buy dehumidifier is the most efficient and practical solution. With its help, the fight against mold becomes many times more effective. The microclimate in the room is getting better, and the spots of the fungus disappear forever from all surfaces.