Introduction to modern brands

Multicooker manufacturer Polaris has over 260 models. They are made in Israel, Russia, Italy, in the vastness of China.

multicooker polaris black
Among the special advantages of the brand are:

  • Russian-language display;
  • economical mode of operation;
  • small dimensions and weight;
  • long service life;
  • simple application and maintenance of equipment;
  • ergonomic design;
  • high build quality;
  • acceptable cost.

According to the reviews of Polaris owners, they are practical and multifunctional, but sometimes there are malfunctions in the touch control. The cost of multicookers of this manufacturer ranges from 3000-17000 rubles.

The Redmond trademark is represented by an American company, but it has branches in Russia, as well as Poland and China.

redmont gray multicooker
It stands out among the leaders among the manufacturers of modern kitchen appliances. Her multicookers have the following advantages:

  • Russian-language display;
  • long service life;
  • reliable and high-quality assembly;
  • wide functionality that allows you to cook different dishes in a short time.

Some consumers claim that at the beginning of the operation of devices of this brand, an unpleasant smell of rubber is felt. Over time, it disappears, but at first it gives an unpleasant aroma to dishes. The cost of Redmond multicookers ranges from 3,000 to 14,000 rubles.


Polaris produces more than 250 models of multicookers, which are different in design, functionality and other indicators. But this manufacturer of kitchen appliances differs from all in its main advantages:

  • practicality of operation and maintenance of the device;
  • stylish appearance;
  • quality assembly;
  • relatively low prices, given the cost of competitors’ devices;
  • long period of use;
  • lightness in weight;
  • savings in electricity consumption;
  • display in Russian.

Comparison of multicookers Redmond and Polaris

Each brand has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as features of operation. It’s better to just compare a few specific brands, such as Polaris PMC 0511AD and Redmond RMC-M22.

multicooker polaris gray

Both models have a ceramic bowl, a shiny metal body and a volume of 5 liters. Power Redmond 850 kW, Polaris — 650 kW. General cooking programs — frying, steaming, cooking pilaf, cereals, cereals, stewing vegetables.

redmont gray multicooker with a girl
With the help of Redmond, you can pasteurize and make yogurt. Both brands have the same additional features:

  • timer for the day;
  • heat support;
  • delay start of cooking;
  • multisteamer.

The package includes a container for steaming, cooking, measuring cup, 2 spoons, recipe book.

We choose our assistant in the kitchen: an overview of multicookers

Choosing the right multicooker from the variety of models on the market is a difficult task. Are expensive appliances reliable, according to what characteristics are household appliances selected, and what is the difference between devices from different manufacturers? About everything in order.

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A variety of models allows you to choose a multicooker with your favorite design and set of functions.

This electrical appliance is the «daughter» of the rice cooker, which was so appreciated by the inhabitants of the East, who use this cereal. But progress does not stand still, so today a relative of the rice cooker — a slow cooker is able not only to cook cereals from cereals, but also to stew, fry, boil and even bake.

Kitchen gadgets are different from each other:

  • Design. Popular manufacturers are not particularly zealous in creating a “make-up” of an electrical appliance. If you review multicookers by design, it is difficult to single out any model that is especially attractive to the eye. However, this is not the main selection criterion.
  • Power. As you know, the speed of the cooking process depends on it.
  • Accessories. Spatulas, measuring containers, a steamer dish and a recipe book are a standard set for a multicooker, but the material from which they are made.

On the shelves of stores you can see multicookers from such Polaris, Philips, Mulineks, Vitek and Panasonic.

Comparison of models is best done in the table. The reviews of the buyers themselves speak of the pros and cons.

Inexpensive multicooker options:

Indicators Redmond RMC-M4503 Panasonic SR-TMH102NTW Polaris PMC 0511 AD Vitek VT-4200
Power 900 W 490 W 650 W 800 W
bowl volume 5 l 2.5 l 5 l 5 l
A plus Affordable price
Can be taken on a trip, lightweight, does not take up much space bowl with comfortable


A large number of programs, comfortable handle
Minus A porous bowl in which food burns «Coddled» bowl, quickly becoming unusable Lid sticks intermittently small display

Everyone chooses his technique to taste. Some multicookers have a baking function, others are great at making yogurt.

Appearance and capacity

Both brands are made of high-strength metal, so their body is quite comfortable and durable. According to the external initial parameters, both multicookers are identical. The display of the Polaris is quite large.

On it you can determine the temperature and time. There are 7 buttons there. Below are the tools with which to manually adjust the temperature and time. The bowl has comfortable handles. The lid and bottom are black on the outside, while the body is silver.

polaris multicooker with display on

The Redmond multicooker has a slightly smaller display and 8 adjustment buttons. Below it is a manual adjustment of the temperature and time. A light is lit near the window of the selected program. Such a device can have a white or black plastic case, and the metal part is always silver.

redmont multicooker with display on

Equipment features

Which is better multicooker — «Redmond» or «Polaris» (photo of the latest model is given below), let’s try to find out, based on the configuration of the units. It is almost the same for both options. A noticeable difference is observed in the number of recipes given in special books. Redmond has 20 more of them. Given the availability of the Internet, it is difficult to call this moment a significant advantage.

Based on these indicators, it is not as easy to reliably find out which multicooker is better — Redmond or Polaris — as it seems at first glance. Maybe a comparison of the top five versions from each manufacturer and user reviews can help.

Power and programs

An excellent Polaris multicooker has a power of 650 watts. It is somewhat inferior to the American brand. This means that it will take a little longer to use it. Both assistants have a multivar function.

That is, the device itself regulates the temperature regime depending on the selected cooking program. This greatly facilitates the work of a housewife.

multicooker with vegetables

By the number of functions, the Redmond multicooker wins. It has the function of making homemade yogurt and pasteurizing.

These features are not always needed. The models under consideration have standard functions, like other budget units — heating food, maintaining heat, delaying the start of cooking.


Based on all the above characteristics, we can conclude that it is not so easy to compare Redmond and Polaris multicookers. The models are approximately in the same price category, the functionality is decent, but there is still a difference. Outwardly, they are very similar, in terms of build quality and reliability, manufacturers are approximately equal. It turns out that the number of functions and positive reviews of the Redmond multicooker wins. But before you buy it, you need to think in any case and be based on your preferences and the availability of the necessary functions, and not on the brand.

Instead of output

Comparing the Redmond and Polaris brands is a pointless exercise. It is necessary to compare specific models, not manufacturers in general. Each of them has advantages and disadvantages, but it is impossible to single out the best from the two giants. Both Polaris and Redmond offer really high-quality and functional multicookers that deserve the highest ratings.

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Selection Tips

  1. To decide which company’s multicooker is better, you should listen to your consumer requirements, because Redmond and Polaris do not have significant differences in many technical parameters.
  2. If we take into account the capacity of the bowl, then the displacement range of the Redmond technique is larger, the minimum parameters are 2 liters, and the maximum 6 liters, while the competing brand has from 3 to 5 liters. For a large family, it is better to purchase a volumetric bowl, and for a small family, a capacity of 2-3 liters will be the best solution.
  3. An American brand is developing more powerful devices, while another manufacturer is distinguished by its economical consumption of electricity. The power ranges are quite different, but you should not choose a device with huge power, because for home conditions, performance from 700 to 900 watts is enough.
  4. When choosing a unit according to programs, you need to remember that the Redmond trademark has a good “bread” option, with which you get a tasty and airy muffin. The rest of the functions are absolutely identical to each other.
  5. Polaris completes its equipment with additional elements — yoghurt makers, due to which you can enjoy healthy yoghurts. Competitors include a deep fryer, which will become indispensable for french fries lovers.
  6. Based on the appearance, we can say that most of the models of both companies produce their devices in classic restrained designs, but Polaris excelled here too. In its model range, you can find original multicookers with floral patterns.
  7. Among the additional features in Redmond models, one can single out the option “turn off auto-heating”. Maintaining the temperature regime, the warm-up function and the delayed start are in both competing firms.
  8. Non-stick coating is an integral part of modern devices, due to which ready-made dishes will not deteriorate, and the surface of the container will remain in perfect condition throughout the entire period of use.
  9. The most significant disadvantage of the American brand is the unpleasant smell of burnt rubber during the initial preparation, which is quite difficult to remove.
  10. Based on the price category, Polaris produces functional multicookers at an affordable cost, while Redmond produces more expensive devices with the same functionality.

User reviews from the Internet

Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

a M.Site — Yandex.Market

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Among the entire Remond line, I liked this one the most. I do not regret the purchase, cooking with it is easy and pleasant. To start the program, you don’t even have to go into the kitchen. We got a lot of all sorts of dishes along with the slow cooker, homemade cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, salads with seafood.

Ilfant NatalyaSite — Ozon.ru

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I had to immediately buy an additional pan))). And it is better that it is immediately offered upon purchase)). Since I cook in it every day (porridge for the morning, all cereals, pastries, etc.), one pan is not enough …

Maya K.Site — beru.ru

Read more

After a couple of years, the wrapper rusts a little (but this is probably not a minus, but a matter of time). There is also a remote control function, I have never used it. If it is in the house, the signal cannot be caught, and sitting in the room is stupid to turn it off via the phone! But despite this, the multicooker copes with its duties! I really like!



Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

katena1401Site — dns-shop.ru

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A multicooker is such an indispensable thing in the house that it seems to me it doesn’t even make sense to talk about it. I want to note that it is quite easy to use, it has instructions in Russian, it also has all the designations, again in Russian, and this was important for me. Volumetric bowl, you can cook at once and more. Nothing stinks anywhere, which is also important.

Kristina A.Site — Yandex.Market

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Very happy with my new multicooker. Cooking in it is a pleasure, it turns out delicious. There are many programs, there are such necessary functions as a delayed start and heating.

INNOKENTY PRO Website — youtube.com

Read more

I groped her in the store. The bowl is actually the thickest and heaviest I have ever seen. Like a cauldron. It was repulsed by the fact that there is no wi-fi control (this allows you to remotely control the cooking process). And also the fact that the rice / pilaf program is not automatic. As a result, I didn’t buy it, although the bowl is really the most powerful. I think that she will cook in quality like a cauldron



Operating experience, conclusions In operation, both multicookers proved to be worthy. But the undoubted and indisputable advantage of the REDMOND SkyCooker M800S multicooker is the ability to control it from a smartphone. This option is hard to resist. And modes and recipes can always be adjusted during use. Getting used to the device, any housewife will quickly determine the amount of food and the time required for cooking.

Polaris PMC 0489IHElite Plus GC9670

Here, the control panel also has all the main multicooker options — warming up and canceling it, delayed start, buttons for setting the time and cooking temperature. The «Menu» button allows you to select one of the cooking programs.

The control is quite standard, the device also comes with instructions that will help you figure it out. In general, for a person who has already used multicookers before, this will not be difficult. But if you are encountering such a device for the first time, difficulties may arise at first. Management is not always intuitive, and the instructions for some programs give rather general instructions without recommendations on choosing the amount of ingredients or timing.

Functionality, conclusions Both multicookers have a standardized control panel, while REDMOND has an additional panel lock button. There are times when it really comes in handy. It is also worth noting that the REDMOND SkyCooker M800S has more detailed instructions, in which you can find specific recommendations for working with some programs. For Polaris PMC 0489IH, the instruction is limited to general provisions.

Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

The main feature of REDMOND SkyCooker M800S is the ability to control equipment from a smartphone. Thanks to the Ready for Sky mobile application, the multicooker can be fully used remotely. In the application, you can start and stop programs, change the time and temperature directly during cooking, as well as calculate the calorie content of dishes and save recipes.

Another feature of the device is 3D heating to create a golden crust on pastries.

Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

The multicooker Polaris PMC 0489IH has Smart IH induction heating technology. Thanks to this option, optimal heat convection is created throughout the entire volume of the bowl. This is realized thanks to a special spherical bowl with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm. The walls are made of 6 layers of material. As a result, when cooking in such a bowl, the effect of a Russian stove is created.

There are also convenient handles on the bowl, for which it can be pulled out of the case. This is not often found in multicookers.

Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

For the experiment, it was decided to cook rice milk porridge. And use the Ready for Sky application for this. The app can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. The interface of the application is clear, you can understand it intuitively. Having connected via Bluetooth to the multicooker, we selected the desired mode.

REDMOND SkyCooker M800S has a default time of 35 minutes in Milk Porridge mode. For the purity of the experiment, this time was left. We loaded products for two servings into the multicooker and started the process from a smartphone. In the application, it was possible to monitor the process, stop it, or change some parameters. We have to admit that this option is very convenient. It is possible that not everyone will like cooking a dish while being away from home, because sometimes it is necessary to visually control what is happening. But the ability to follow the cooking from the neighboring one is unlikely to have any disadvantages.

After 35 minutes, the application reported that the porridge was ready.

Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

This is not to say that the cereal was undercooked, but it felt like I would have given it a little more time or perhaps left the porridge on the heating mode. In general, if you carefully select the recipe and calculate the cooking time, you can achieve the desired result. In the end, you can start the slow cooker, go to another room or even leave the house, read recipes on the Internet or consult with someone, and then remotely change the cooking settings.

Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

In this model, it was also decided to cook milk porridge. This time we used the delayed start function. We postponed the start for 8 hours, considering that this is exactly what people do when they set a program for the multicooker in the evening so that it prepares a fresh breakfast. The instructions understand and describe in detail how to enable the delayed start.

There was also a help section for the Milk Porridge program in the instructions, but it contained only general recommendations. Therefore, we selected all the ingredients based on personal experience. Added products for two servings. There were no recommendations on what cooking time is better to indicate, therefore, for the purity of the experiment, we set it, as it was provided by the default program, for 1 hour.

The delayed start worked correctly, the porridge was ready by the time we planned it.

Multicooker redmond or polaris which is better

I must admit that the porridge for the time set by us boiled well. Those. the default time is probably just right for two servings. But there is no exact information about this anywhere, so every time you use a new recipe, you will have to deal with this empirically.

The groats were evenly boiled, and even an association with porridge from the oven arose, as the manufacturer claims in the description of the bowl design.