Women’s watches are not an easy way to keep track of time. Today, beautiful watches have become an accessory that emphasizes status and style. Expresses the inner world and mood of a person. Hours have ceased to be boring and of the same type.

Today, different shapes, colors allow a woman to choose the most fashionable wristwatch that will fit a stylish look. Every year designers come up with something new and interesting, and this year is no exception. But you should understand that the classics always remain relevant, since you can wear it every day. Let’s see what women’s watches are in fashion in 2020-2021.

You need to choose watches responsibly and you don’t need to save on this, because expensive and beautiful watches will immediately interest others, and you will be the center of attention. To make the image of a fashionista perfect, choose this accessory for your own style.

About branded women’s watches 2021. New. A photo

Of course, let’s start with the Swiss watch brand Tissot (correctly Tissot, not Tissot)

The Austrian company Swarovski, specializing in the production of loose crystals, is very popular in Russia.


As always, let’s start with the pleasant. The rating is opened by budget models of good quality, then the price goes up. The best manufacturers were selected based on customer reviews and recommendations from those who have tested their products for more than one year.

Russian Style Factory (RFS)

The Russian watch brand produces inexpensive analog chronometers powered by batteries. The body is made of stainless steel or plastic reinforced with steel inserts, depending on the style of the model. Strap material: wear-resistant artificial leather or silicone. A variety of options, from strict conservative to trendy youth, in different colors. Of interest are the Russian-imperial collection in a retrograde-refined style, and the new Skeleton collection. The peculiarity of the latter is a transparent case back, which allows you to verify the flawless operation of the movement, by the way, Swiss-made. Also in the models of the brand Japanese and German mechanisms and components are used.

watch Russian Style Factory (RFS)


  • Average price: from 2.700 to 6.000 rubles;
  • Mechanical and quartz (from batteries);
  • The brand’s products are presented in chain watch stores and on Internet sites;
  • Waterproof.


  • Not detected.


Swiss Watches. The merger of Omega, Longines, Tissot and Breguet into one Swatch brand and the expansion of the sales segment (from luxury to mid-range) helped the brands to get out of the crisis by producing precision watch movements in a stylish, unusual design and at an affordable price. At the same time, the famous Swiss quality remained unchanged — the watch is given a lifetime warranty, subject to all operating rules. Each chronometer is accompanied by a description listing these rules.

Case material: high-strength plastic, steel, silver. The bracelet can be made of stainless steel, silver, silicone or leather with a textile tapestry overlay. Original, bright, unlike anything else — this is about Swatch watches. An unimaginable choice of colors, modifications and design solutions — in any of the numerous collections, numbering at least 40 models, everyone can find «their» watches, perhaps even more than one.

The collections contain smart devices with an identification function — they can, for example, be programmed as a pass, which the owners of ski resorts successfully use. There are also models that run on solar energy or are able to replace a mobile phone, for example, on the same ski slope, on the beach or anywhere else where it would not always be convenient to drag a smartphone, wearing a watch instead, especially shockproof and waterproof.

An interesting fact: in 2010, on the spreads of glossy magazines, one could see a photo of Andrei Konchalovsky, on whose hand a watch of this particular brand flaunted.



  • Shockproof, waterproof;
  • Removable replaceable bracelets;
  • It is realistic to buy at a price of 3,000 to 15,000 rubles, depending on the materials used in the manufacture. There are luxury collections, with a price of 30-40 thousand rubles.


  • There are many fakes on the Internet, brand name stores are safer.

Pierre Lannier

The French brand, which initially specialized in the production of exclusively women’s timepieces, then expanded its range with men’s and unisex models. Style directions: fashion, classic and sport. The case is made of stainless steel, the strap is made of genuine leather or steel with abrasion-resistant PVD coating. The dial can be mother-of-pearl, carved, painted with the finest ligature. The collections include evening models adorned with semi-precious stones and crystals. The average price is from 6,000 to 20,000 rubles.

Pierre Lannier watch


  • Manifold;
  • Design.


  • Warranty period from 1 to 5 years.

Donna Karan, New York (DKNY)

New York chic, style and quality distinguish the models of this brand. There are interesting items in the line — for example, ceramic watches with sapphire glass. Ceramic is one of the strongest materials, lightweight, resistant to scratches and chips. It is almost impossible to break a bracelet or case made of this material. There are also more traditional options made of steel, leather, steel or rubber straps. Mechanisms are used Japanese, production. There are collections made in a practical style. There are also samples that can be classified as jewelry with a time indication function.

watch Donna Karan, New York (DKNY)


  • Diversity;
  • Quality;
  • Sold in chain watch stores and on Internet sites;
  • Acceptable price — from 8,000 to 35,000 rubles.


  • There is no official online store.


In addition to jewelry, the brand produces analog chronometers, which in themselves are already an adornment. They can be purchased at prices ranging from 15,000 to 30,000 rubles. The main «chips» of the collections: branded crystals, genuine leather and PVD-coated stainless steel in several colors. You can pick up «silver» or «gold» watches, «champagne» and «rose gold» are no less popular. There are trendy models in which the bezel (rim) and glass are cut from a single crystal with more than 60 facets that refract light.

Swarovski watches


  • Look expensive and elegant.


  • The warranty period is 24 months.


Russian brand specializing in the production of jewelry and watches. The Japanese quartz movement from Miyota, crystals, leather and precious metals are the main components. Glass — sapphire or mineral with sapphire coating. Mineral glass scratches easily but does not shatter on impact. The sapphire crystal is scratch resistant but can break. Stylish silver or chic gold chronometers can be bought at prices ranging from 15,000 to 120,000 rubles. This is not just an exclusive accessory, the quality and characteristics of which are comparable to samples of Swiss premium brands — it is a charismatic touch to the image, a continuation of the owner’s character, guessed in the smallest details of the design of each model.

Sokolov watch


  • Warranty period — 3 years;
  • Choice.


About fashion trends for women’s watches 2020-2021

In fact, the watch consists of two parts — the dial and the strap, if you do not touch the theme of the mechanism. A beautiful and interesting accessory, in 2020-2021, serves as a bright accent of the whole image as well as clothes and makeup. If we talk about the dial, then it can be monophonic and not necessarily white or black.

In 2020-2021, fashion will be:

  • Yellow;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Red.

Numerals can be represented as classical Arabic or Roman. But options and just straziki are not excluded. For young fashionistas, instead of numbers, different obstructive shapes and figures can be drawn.

This year’s watch selection is just off the charts.

The shape of the watch is also different, it all depends on personal taste preferences. This year, massive, miniature and watches with large and large belts, as well as pendant watches will be fashionable. Straps can be in the form of a chain, leather and so on. They can be not just plain, but polka dots, butterflies. But it is important to understand that such a clock plan will not be relevant at work in the office. Most likely, this is an option for romantic walks or a fun pastime.

Top 5 prestigious watch brands for women

Consider the most popular prestigious brands of watches for women.

Ball Ceramic Midsize DL2016B-S3CAJ-WH

Model from Ball will be appreciated by active modern girls. The watch is equipped with a certified COSC chronograph. The ceramic bezel has a luminescent backlight and rotates in one direction. The time on the watch can be read even in conditions of poor visibility thanks to 18 gas microtubes on the hands and dial. Shockproof chronometer with 5,000 Gs balance axis characteristic. The level of protection against magnetic fields is 4,800 A/m. The crown is equipped with a unique safety system. The bracelet has a folding clasp.

The watch comes with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can get another year of additional warranty if you register on the official website of the brand within 90 days after purchasing the accessory.

Ball Ceramic Midsize DL2016B-SCAJ-BK

This watch is suitable for girls who go in for water sports, as the accessory has a high level of moisture protection. The model is also equipped with a certified COSC chronograph. Like previous Balls, they feature a shock-resistant 5,000 Gs balance axis, 4,800 A/m magnetic field protection, and a ceramic bezel with fluorescent illumination. The bracelet with folding clasp can be lengthened.


The watch comes with a 4-year manufacturer’s warranty. You can get another year of additional warranty if you register on the official website of the brand within 90 days after purchasing the accessory.

Zenith Defy Classic Rainbow 32.9002.670/71.R583

Refined model for women. The titanium case is characterized by high strength and at the same time lightness. Mechanical watches are equipped with a real Swiss movement. Self-winding — the device winds up automatically when the watch is worn. The strap is made of high quality rubber. Water-resistant to 30 m — the watch is not afraid of splashes and raindrops. Skeleton — the dial has holes through which the work of the mechanism is visible.

The sapphire glass is anti-reflective and scratch resistant.

The manufacturer guarantees the accessory for two years from the date of purchase.

Parmigiani Tonda 1950 PFC267-1000300-B10002

The bezel of the Tonda 1950 Rainbow is set with 36 baguette-cut stones that replicate the full range of rainbow colors. Pink, yellow, blue and orange sapphires, three rubies, six tsavorites and six amethysts with a total weight of 3.73 carats adorn the case of the accessory.

The thickness of the watch movement is 2.6 mm. It is achieved due to the displaced center of gravity, which is built into the main platinum. The power reserve of the mechanism after automatic winding is 42 hours. The chronometer can be equipped with additional functions that will not affect the thickness of the watch case. This is a unique characteristic of the PF701 movement and its subsequent versions.

About the colors of fashionable women’s watches 2020-2021

For some reason, many people think that a watch is a brown or black strap, a maximum of white. Round dial and Arabic numerals. But this is not at all the case, especially when it comes to fashion trends in 2020. The first thing you should pay attention to is the colors.

For young and young, designers offer bright shades:

The strap can be difficult to be monochromatic. You can also find watches with a strap consisting of three or more colors that can be intertwined into a single whole. But for those who choose the classics and love a discreet, elegant style, designers offer more soothing colors: brown, beige, coffee, and so on.

If you are a bright personality, then the option where several materials are combined is perfect for you. Metal, leather, fabric and so on. Speaking about the case of the accessory, it can be either the same color as the strap or radically different. Admit a lilac strap and a gold dial. But it is worth remembering that the brighter the strap on the watch, the less jewelry should be on it.

Comparison table of characteristics

We have compiled a summary table in which the main characteristics of the devices discussed above are collected.

Model Price, rub Waterproof natural materials Rugged housing
timex 3390 — 6000 present glass, leather Yes
Q&Q 2000 — 4000 missing missing Yes
Casio 3000 — 4000 missing missing Yes
swatch 4000 — 5000 present glass, leather No
Guess 7000 — 10000 present glass, leather No
Fossil 6500 — 9000 missing missing Yes
Romanson 6000 — 13000 present glass, leather Yes
Anne Klein 7000 — 10000 present glass, metal alloy No
Tissot 2000 — 200000 missing glass, leather Yes
Cartier 4000 — 200000 present glass, leather Yes

About fashionable women’s watches with a scarf strap 2020-2021

Strap scarf, beautiful, feminine and so fashionable. In 2020-2021, designers offer large dials and a scarf belt in a bright color, maybe in a print. Such interesting accessories are relevant only in spring and summer. The advantage of such a watch is that the soft and beautiful fabric gently covers the hand and does not rub at all.

Be romantic!

If you are a romantic person, then these watch models are perfect for you. In 2021, designers have focused on fabrics with natural motifs.

It can be:

  • Flowers are bright on a plain canvas;
  • tree leaves;
  • The landscape is like a whole picture.

You can pick up a beautiful sundress to match the watch strap and be stylish and fashionable. An accessory of this kind is recommended to be worn only by young girls.

Top 4. swatch

Rating (2021): 4.52

Considered 142 reviews from resources: Otzovik, IRecommend

youth design In the Swatch collections you can find not only beautiful models for women, but also many bright watches for girls and young girls. All kinds of prints and light rubber straps are very popular with young people.

The main feature of the Swatch brand is a line of inexpensive casual watches for women with rubber straps. They include bright colors with a variety of prints and patterns, elegant options with a minimalist design, as well as ultra-thin products. The representatives of the weaker sex really like the unusual design of watches and their convenience. Thanks to the lightweight silicone straps, they are almost not felt on the hand. The only inconvenience is the loud ticking and the length of the straps. Often they have to be cut to fit your hand. But almost all users note the battery life of Swatch watches. In addition, the company provides the possibility of free replacement of batteries in service centers.

Pros and cons

  • Large selection of neat everyday models
  • Democratic prices
  • Batteries last at least 5 years
  • The ability to change the battery and polish the glass for free
  • Comfortable and practical, with nice silicone straps
  • Glass scratches quickly
  • Most models do not have backlight
  • For many users, the clock is ticking loudly
  • The pattern on the straps is quickly erased
  • Often the straps have to be cut to fit your hand

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About fashionable women’s miniature watches 2020

Small, small watch, it’s like a little black dress, everyone should have it. It will suit any outfit and fit into any image. You could say it’s a classic. This year, designers offer a miniature watch with a metal strap. This will be the trend of this year. Although it will be possible to find small watches with leather straps.

Miniature watches are always in fashion

The shape of the dial can be different, but the most popular is round. But for those who like to be stylish, you can buy rectangular or even triangular watches. Such a watch will emphasize your elegance and restraint in the image.

About fashionable women’s massive watches 2021

It is not the first year that massive watches have been in fashion. In 2021, girls will be able to please themselves with such big, rough watches. The large dial looks more like a masculine version, but the designers have worked to decorate them and make them more feminine. They managed to do this with the help of the strap itself. Beautiful multi-layer bracelets will decorate such a massive, round dial.

Massive watch will decorate your look

The massive watch speaks of the inner strength of the girl, that she is bold and risky.

In 2021, massive watches will be decorated with:

  • stones;
  • chains;
  • Rhinestones.

About classic women’s watches 2020-2021

Classic, timeless. What about clothes, what about accessories. Classic women’s watches are not an indicator of bad taste. On the contrary, they will emphasize your status, especially if you are a business girl.

Hours of such a plan have clear characteristic outlines:

  • Belt. It can be leather or metal. It is not decorated, otherwise the watch will cease to be classic;
  • Clock face. It must be strict (round, rectangular);
  • Lack of decor. In the case of such watches, the amount of decor should be reduced to zero, and it is better if it is generally absent.

Classic watches are chosen not only by adult women, young women of fashion can also wear this style of watch, even under a romantic look. Many designers have worked to create classic watches for girls of all ages.

Classic is always in fashion

Watches have long ceased to be a simple way to tell the time. Now it’s a way to express yourself. If you choose the right accessories, then they can be combined with a watch, but here you need to be careful, because the enumeration of bracelets can muffle the beauty of the watch. Designers advise wearing watches and bracelets on different hands.

A beautiful watch for a girl is one of the most important details among accessories. Some prefer to have one, but very expensive, while others collect inexpensive watches, and prefer to have a whole collection for any outfit. In any case, you need to figure out which women’s watches are in fashion now and will look not only beautiful, but also stylish.

The classic style in clothes and accessories does not have to be worn only to the office. It is appropriate for any occasion. Therefore, if you are even going on dates or gatherings with friends, wearing a suit with a business style and complementing it with a classic watch, you will definitely find yourself in the spotlight.

Classic watches — a great continuation of the classic style of clothing

Classic women’s watches can be represented by:

  • with numbers;
  • with divisions;
  • with notes for 3-6-9-12 hours;
  • minimalistic without divisions and numbers.

The main idea of ​​classic watches is that they should not draw attention to themselves. Their main task is functional. At the same time, it is possible to look stylish and fashionable.

Elite models and brands: TOP-10

The current TOP-10 of the best brands of women’s watches includes mainly manufacturers with long and glorious traditions that have developed in the past, or even the century before last. The legitimate palm of leadership is held, of course, by Swiss manufacturers. Only a select few can afford such watches, but this makes them even more desirable.

Rolex (Switzerland). Our rating is opened by a top Swiss company whose products have long been associated with power, wealth and success. Beautiful ladies are advised to pay special attention to DATEJUST 36, which is an alliance of respectability and practicality. The steel and champagne gold case is water-resistant to the highest standard, and the hour markers are set with 18-carat diamonds.

Jaeger-LeCoultre (Switzerland). The watches of this small Swiss manufactory are always worn by the Queen of Britain: as Elizabeth II was crowned in JLC Caliber 101, she remains faithful to them. By the way, the miniature mechanism of this watch was invented a century ago, but they are still being produced. Worthy of admiration is the new Rendez-Vous Moon Medium in a white gold case set with 107 diamonds.

Cartier (Switzerland). The famous Swiss brand of women’s watches fully embodies the quintessence of the concept of luxury. True, he is known more for men’s models, but the elegant Baignoire Allongée in a case of white or rose gold, decorated with constellations of hundreds of diamonds, will win the heart of the most demanding beauty. And the Révélation d’une Panthère with floating gold beads forming the head of a panther is fantastic!

Moritz Grossmann (Germany). In the century before last, Karl Moritz Grossmann was one of the most prominent German watchmakers. Over time, his business died down, and the maestro’s watches moved to private collections and museums. However, Christina Hütter (a woman — a watchmaker of the highest class, incredible!) just over a decade ago revived the legendary brand. The magnificent TEFNUT Arabian Nights Milanaise, covered with the mysteries of «1000 and 1 Nights» is a serious bid for world leadership.

Grand Seiko (Japan). The Japanese leader once again showed reverent concern for the beautiful half of humanity, revealing to the world the premium line Elegance Collection. This symphony of elegance and high style comes in five versions, ranging from premium gold watches studded with diamonds down to the crown, to less pretentious models in stainless steel cases.

Chanel (France — Switzerland). The headquarters of the legendary fashion house is located in Paris, but the production of watches is naturally transferred to Switzerland. The classic J12 has been reimagined this season in the Caliber 12.1 in traditionally winning black and white and incredibly stylish.

Bvlgari (Italy — Switzerland). And this house produces watches in Switzerland. The incredible Serpenti Seduttori nods to Bvlgari’s signature snake theme: a rose gold case bordered with diamonds is complemented by a bracelet that mimics the scales of this wise and elegant yet dangerous reptile.

Dolce & Gabbana (Italy). One of the Italian flagships of haute couture was unknown in the watch world until recently, but now it has made itself known quite loudly in this area as well. The premium women’s line Sofia, released in five color variations with rose gold cases and diamond-cut glasses, is one of the loudest discoveries of the season.

RGM Watch Company (USA). It would be unfair not to mention in the list of the best companies of women’s watches and overseas manufacturers. They are represented by the eminent American company RGM and its women’s collection Lady. Incredibly stylish Hand Painted Mother Of Pearl from this series will suit an extraordinary lady: two laconic hands count the time on the dial, which is a handmade miniature on mother-of-pearl. Plus, of course, a gold case framed with diamonds.

Nika (Russia). The age of this Russian company is less than two decades, but it has already loudly declared itself in the watch world. The brand’s find can be called elegant classic Celebrity in rose gold with cubic zirkonia.

The price list for women’s watches of the luxury segment starts from hundreds of thousands of Russian rubles — this, by the standards of the powerful of this world, is very modest. The cost of a top model of a Swiss brand like Rolex or Cartier is comparable to the price of a decent sports car.

About the colors of fashionable women’s watches 2020-2021

When choosing a color, it is important to take into account not only your own preferences, but also the style of clothing, the number and size of jewelry or other accessories, the event you are going to. All this will help you choose and buy the right watch. And if you have a lot of different clothes of various colors, shades and styles, it is better to choose a universal watch in black, white or beige.

Among the variety of colors, everyone will find a suitable one for themselves.

Among fashionable colors for watches, fashionable ones in clothes are duplicated.

It will look like the following:

  • turquoise shades;
  • light green and emerald green;
  • sunny shades of yellow and orange;
  • blue color and its interpretations;
  • classic white, black, brown, red;
  • red, burgundy, brick.

Pro women’s watch 2020-2021 wristwatch with a miniature dial

It is better to choose such hours for work in a bank, government agencies, or if you work as a teacher or lecturer. They look great on a slender hand with long fingers and emphasize the fragility of the girl. It is also a miniature watch that should be chosen by those who love jewelry made of gold or silver.

If you don’t like bulky big watches, buy a neat miniature watch.

Watches with a miniature dial can be:

  • on a long strap, which is wrapped around the arm several times;
  • on a hard strap;
  • on an elastic strap, decorated with stones around the perimeter;
  • on a thin leather belt;
  • on a gold or silver bracelet;
  • on a woven strap in gold or silver;
  • ceramic on a ceramic strap.

About minimalism and simplicity of fashionable women’s watches 2020-2021

Minimalism has long been to the taste of many fashionistas. But 2020-2021 is filled with it in all directions — from makeup and manicure to watches. This trend is due to the attraction to everything simple and understandable, not overloaded. In addition, choosing a watch in a minimalist style, you can not think about other decorations. After all, such watches are quite enough to complement a stylish bow.

Minimalist watches are the number one choice among young people

This trend is not only popular, but also practical, because schoolgirls and students who always follow fashion can look stylish without injuring teachers and parents. A feature of such watches is the presence of only arrows on the dial. Decoration with details such as stones or color accents is allowed, but it is important that everything was kept to a minimum.

Fashion brands this year

In modern society, time is not only a resource that we own and manage, but also a stylish accessory. The main representatives among fashion brands 2021 — 2021 will be:

  • Tissot — luxury models at a democratic price. Manufacturers use the same technologies in creating goods as in the manufacture of expensive Swiss watches. The average cost is $500.

  • Just Cavalli. The watch has a different color and shape of the strap. The dial is round, with the name of the manufacturer. Price — from $ 100.

  • timex. Inexpensive watch with a huge model range. The watch is equipped with an organizer, easy to manage and affordable. The average cost is 2,500 rubles.

  • swatch. New generation watches are very popular among young people. High quality model for a small price — 3,000 rubles.

  • Casio. Japanese company has released a wide line of stylish women’s watches. They are suitable for all kinds of activities, even extreme recreation. The brand is famous in many countries.

About fashionable women’s watches 2020-2021 in the style of «unisex»

In this category, you can include all those watches, looking at which it is not entirely clear whether they are men’s or women’s. These watches are suitable for the office and for informal meetings. Of course, it is preferable to choose such a watch as an iron lady with a steel character.

Stylish looking square watch in the style of «unisex»

Many girls prefer gold or silver bracelets on unisex watches. It has long been known that in fashion trends the line between feminine and masculine is blurred. Thanks to this, many things can be safely worn, even if they seem to you not at all feminine.

Top 2. Michael Kors

Rating (2021): 4.90

Considered 41 reviews from resources: Yandex.Market, Otzovik, IRecommend

The best ratio of price and quality High rating, functionality and impeccable design make this brand the best in terms of quality and price. The collection has a large selection of models with a price tag of 8000 rubles, the appearance of which is much more expensive than their cost.

  • Characteristics

    Country: USA

  • Founded: 1981
  • Website: michaelkors.global
  • Popular model: MICHAEL KORS MK5055
  • Price range: from 6000 to 45000 rubles.
  • Popularity: 7802 queries per month according to Yandex.Wordstat

The brand of the famous American designer, which produces not only women’s watches, but also branded accessories, bags and clothes. All collections of the brand are extremely elegant, feminine and neat. The price tag of most models does not exceed 15,000 rubles. At the same time, the appearance of a watch and the quality can give odds to luxury models costing over 100,000. For example, watches such as MICHAEL KORS MK5754 or MK6174. Users also respond positively to the quality of the winding mechanism and the accuracy of the course. The only thing that buyers noticed is that in some models the strap is quickly scratched. And sometimes there is a flimsy clasp. But compared to the advantages of the brand, these disadvantages are insignificant.

Pros and cons

  • Quality winding mechanism
  • Often there are discounts on the official website
  • Exquisite neat design
  • High quality of all materials
  • There are models with gilding, stones and rhinestones
  • Straps scratch quickly
  • Some models have a weak clasp

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About youth fashionable women’s watches 2020-2021

A lot of watch models can be attributed to youth watches. But most often, it is customary to consider watches of bright, defiant, acid colors as youth watches. These are stuffed models that will not be to everyone’s taste.

Youth hours may seem specific

This also includes watches with all kinds of pendants, spikes and everything that can be described by the word «too». It is customary to wear such watches for teenagers, but many people love such models and do not change them for a long time. Good mood can be given not only to yourself, but also to others.

Top Producers

Well-known brands produce products that are distinguished by quality, variety and a wide price segment, so it is better to buy a proven product.

  1. Cartier. A revered French brand founded in 1847. The production uses gold (white, pink), platinum, strong steel, diamonds and genuine leather for straps.
  2. Rolex. The legendary Swiss watch is a symbol of wealth and success. They are made of precious metals and steel using diamonds and diamonds. Differ in wear resistance, quality assurance and exclusivity.
  3. Casio. Well-known Japanese manufacturer of good quartz movements at a budget price. Materials used: mineral glass (to protect the dial), eco-leather and plastic. Stylish samples are decorated with rhinestones or prints.
  4. Bvlgari. Italian brand watches assembled in the Swiss branch. Jewelry, sports models and for everyday wear are produced. A unique feature is the Bvlgari inscription on the dial, protected by a sapphire crystal that does not scratch over time.
  5. Michael Kors. A popular brand that has been manufacturing fashion watches since 2000. They are made of precious metals and anti-corrosion steel, and mineral glass provides protection to the dial.

Leading manufacturers are constantly developing new models of watches, taking into account the preferences of women of all ages, based on comfort and lifestyle.

About beautiful women’s watches of unusual shape

The unusual shape of the dial is extremely rare. For those who appreciate everything unique and unusual, this is a real find. You will not only be able to surprise friends and acquaintances, but also emphasize your individuality. But it is also better to think in advance whether such a form will be convenient for you. Of course, you may like the shape very much, but wearing it can bring a lot of discomfort.

The unusual shape of the dial is no less convenient

There are watches with such forms of the dial:

  • in the shape of a crescent;
  • square;
  • «circle within a circle»;
  • oval;
  • in the shape of a heart;
  • rectangular.

With such a variety of forms, you will definitely be able to amaze and delight.

About fashion straps for women’s watches 2020-2021

Straps are also offered for every taste.

Among the most popular:

  • leather;
  • metal;
  • ceramic;
  • from stones.

In addition, usually the straps are also decorated with stones, rivets, or just interesting prints.

When choosing a watch, you should pay special attention to the strap.

In addition, straps can be very diverse in their shape. If it’s a metal strap, then it could be a real bracelet. The leather strap can be wider near the dial and narrower to the clasp, thin or massive. Also, when choosing a watch strap, it is better to take into account the dial — it can be gold or silver, plain or with interesting prints, applications and original color schemes.

About stylish women’s watches 2020-2021 with long straps

Such watches have been at the peak of popularity among young people for several years now. Usually they are decorated with pebbles, chains, rivets and look quite rich. But bracelets in the same style can be added to such watches.

Watches with long straps are chosen depending on the style of your wardrobe.

But there can also be watches on a long belt in a minimalist style. This makes it possible to expand the range and thereby increase the demand for these models.

Top 6. Calvin Klein

Rating (2021): 4.73

Considered 26 reviews from resources: Otzovik

Minimalistic design Smooth lines, straps of unusual geometric shapes, play of shades — all these are the characteristic features of the Calvin Klein corporate style. The design of this watch is very recognizable, which only adds to the popularity of the brand.

Having seen a women’s watch from Calvin Klein at least once, you definitely won’t confuse it with another brand. This brand has its own corporate identity, and it is noticeably different from other manufacturers. The design of the watch has a futuristic or space style. Minimalism and high cost are the synonyms of this brand. Just look at such models CALVIN KLEIN K6S2N1.16 and K7A231.L6 to appreciate the subtlety of execution. Impeccable appearance is not the only advantage of the brand. Almost all users noted the durability of the watch, its convenience, and the strength of the glass. However, the average price tag of a watch is rarely below 20,000 rubles, which not everyone can afford.

Pros and cons

  • Look more expensive than their price
  • Original corporate design
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on all models
  • Very comfortable and do not feel on the hand
  • Durability and wear resistance
  • Over time, small scratches and scuffs appear on the bracelet.
  • No cheap models

And how to choose and buy women’s watches?

In order to choose the right watch for yourself, you need to take into account fashion trends, as well as focus on your own preferences and features. Take into account the style of your wardrobe and for what occasion you plan to wear the watch.

You can easily choose a fashionable watch that suits you

And remember: good watches cannot be cheap. It is better to choose watches from trusted brands and do not suffer from trying to fix them every two weeks. And of course, you should take into account your past experience in order not to make a mistake now. Following these rules, you will pick up watches for long litas at the highest level, corresponding to fashion trends and your own nuances. After all, everyone has their own requirements for this important detail. For some, aesthetics is important, but for some it is part of the workflow.

Which wristwatch is fashionable — gold or white metal?

If you choose between gold and white metal, then in 2020-2021 the designers agreed on one thing: if you go for gold metal, then it is better to buy watches made of pure gold. After all, such a watch will not 100% reduce the cost of your bow, and will only emphasize your dignity and status.

Gold or silver, that is the question

But for everyone else, stylists recommend stopping at white metal. First, it is more versatile. And secondly, white metal is better combined with fashionable cold shades in clothes. Of course, these are just recommendations. It is important to feel comfortable in your watch and, when choosing, be content only with your own feelings and emotions.

How to distinguish the original from a fake?

Alas, there is no universal recipe, but there are a couple of tricks that will help you distinguish a fake from the original.

  • Second hand. If it is quartz (and most fakes, especially cheap and massive ones, have a quartz movement), and the original assumes mechanics, then you definitely have a fake.
  • Curved inscriptions. Usually a fake is given out by crooked and incorrectly placed inscriptions, incorrectly located chronograph elements on the dial, dust and dirt on the dial, a cheap strap with crooked stitching, distortions in convex glasses.
  • Frame. The case of expensive original watches is most often made of noble metals — gold and silver, it cannot be brass with any inexpensive alloy.
  • Protection. Some popular watch brands apply special security marks to their branded products, like a watermark on a banknote. The fact of the existence of protection must first be studied.
  • Stones. When inlaid with stones, only precious and semi-precious stones can be present on the original, they are all set at the same depth, ideal in cut and color. On fakes, stones are fixed much worse and this is striking, the quality and cut of such stones also leaves much to be desired.