Which filter is better Aquaphor or Barrier? Is there a difference and what are the weaknesses of these filters? And is it worth it to overpay? Aquaphor is a brand that is well known in our country. And although there are no standards in Russia that would determine how the Barrier and Aquaphor filters differ from each other, they all belong to the same class of household filters for water purification — mechanical filtration.

They have one technological base — a cartridge, which consists of an ion-exchange resin and granulated carbon. Moreover, Aquaphor has only coal. And the Barrier also has a membrane that allows only purified water to pass through.

Aquaphor filters are not suitable for all types of water. Due to the fact that they have insufficiently high productivity (it ranges from 1 to 3 liters per minute), they can be used to remove impurities of iron, manganese and some others. But they do not cope with the removal of phosphorus.

And if we talk about Barrier filters, then their performance is already from 2.5 to 6 liters per minute, in addition, they also remove all contaminants, while not having an ion-exchange resin cartridge.

Consider the technical characteristics of each filter.



  • the resource of one cartridge is up to 150 liters;
  • filtration speed — 0.5-1 liter per minute;
  • maximum water temperature — 5 C;
  • the pH level of purified water is less than 4;
  • osmotic membrane at the inlet — 0.3 m3.

It is the first filter followed by water containing very few impurities.

As a rule, this can only be chlorine, so its content in the water can be reduced to a minimum using special reverse osmosis filters.

Next, the water passes through the filter cartridge and passes through the reverse osmosis membrane. The last stage of purification is a carbon post-filter, which neutralizes all harmful impurities that were removed in the previous stages.


  • cartridges are easy to change;
  • the membrane is designed for a service life of approximately 8 to 12 months;

The price includes replacement cartridges, membrane and post-filter. The cost of filters is an average of 2000 rubles per one.


  • to replace the cartridge, if you use a membrane filter, you need a special tool (fasteners);
  • filter cartridges can only be used with pre-filtered water (this is indicated in the description of the filters);
  • when using membranes, certain conditions must be observed: for example, do not leave water overnight without water, and also do not exceed the water pressure in the water supply, otherwise the membrane may fail;

Price — membrane filters with a mineralizer — from 6000 rubles. Replacement cartridges for a membrane filter — from 600 rubles (depending on the size).

Replacement cartridges

Service life, performance, type of cleaning and additional properties depend on the used cartridge:

  • «Standard» get rid of the smell of chlorine, metal impurities, perform a general cleaning of suspensions of solid particles and organic matter.
  • «Rigidity» solve the problem of scale formation by softening water with an ion-exchange resin mixture.
  • «Iron» will remove the compounds of the element of the same name, which gives a metallic smell and taste.
  • «Fluorine» in addition to standard purification, it will enrich the water with an acceptable amount of useful fluorine compounds that prevent the formation of caries and gum disease.
  • «Mineral» enriches with trace elements necessary to maintain normal metabolism and functioning of the body.
  • «Ultra»: special attention in the development of this cartridge is given to deep cleaning from microbial contamination.
  • «For children 0+» — cassettes that provide maximum purification of water intended for the preparation of baby food and drinks for babies from birth to 4 years.
  • «For children 4+» adapts water to the needs of a growing organism due to comprehensive purification and dosed enrichment with minerals.

Important. It is necessary to observe the terms for replacing the cartridge, the quality of water purification depends on it.

How often to change the cassettes will tell you the instructions for use attached to the replacement unit, but usually it is 60-90 days. The new models are also equipped with a cartridge replacement calendar. He can be mechanical or electronic. New products are produced with a filter element resource indicator.

As a general rule, cassettes need to be changed every 60-90 days.

Myself the process of changing the cassette is very simple and intuitive: it is enough to place the block in the hole of the jug until it fits completely.

For more information about Barrier’s pitcher filter cassettes, click here.


This is an ideal solution for those who do not want to bother with additional purification filters, but at the same time want to get a powerful enough system for water purification. It is quite versatile and is suitable for both cold and hot water — it can be installed both at home and in the country, in the office or any other place.


  • the resource of a replaceable cartridge is up to 12,000 liters;
  • membrane resource up to 60,000 liters;
  • working pressure from 0.04 to 0.6 MPa;
  • maximum water temperature up to 50 degrees;
  • the volume of the water tank is 7 liters;
  • heater power 0.18 kW;
  • filtration rate up to 2.5 l/min;
  • overall dimensions, mm 360x260x250;
  • Warranty: 5 years for the filter housing, 1 year for the rest of the system.

Contents of delivery:

  • filter housing 1 pc.;
  • pump 1 pc.


  • universality;
  • suitable for cold and hot water;
  • the possibility of installation in an apartment or cottage;
  • low price compared to other filter jugs.


  • little space for installation.

Price: from 2600 to 3300 rubles.

Price overview

As an example, let’s consider the price criteria of products with similar performance characteristics and «Barrier».

Filter product range
A wide range of products for water treatment Source yandex.ru

Note! Prices are taken from the manufacturers’ official websites and are current as of December 2021.

household jugs

Products «Aquaphor»

Name Volume, l. price, rub.
Provence A5 4.2 790
J. Schmidt 2.48 2490
Orleans 4.2 850
Prestige 2.6 490
Aquamarine 3.5 540
Art A5 2.8 No data
Smile 2.9 450
Harry A5 3.9 No data
Ultra 2.5 490
Harry 3.6 No data
Gratis 2.6 540
Art 2.4 490
Country 3.6 549
Marseilles 3.7 540
line 2.4 450
Standard 2.2 390
Real 2 370

Products «Barrier»

Name Volume, l. price, rub.
BWT Vida 2.6 889
Champion Opti-Light four 983
Prime Opti-Lite 4.2 1000
Fit Opti-Light four 910
Immuno 2.5 615
Tokyo 2.5 699
Alaska 2.5 479
Smart 3.3 750
Aura four 737
Grand Neo 4.2 750
Smart Opti-Lite 3.3 1000
Extra 2.5 499
Nika 2.5 499

Important! For most modifications of filter jars, it is possible to choose the original color. The volume is indicated in relation to the entire jug, taking into account the upper and lower containers.

Aquaphor DWM-101S Modern

Aquaphor Deway Water is a new drinking water purification system without the use of replaceable filter cartridges. Its main difference from other filters is that it is able to process water not only from the water supply, but also from any source. Therefore, if you do not want to clean the replacement filter every time, then this is your choice. With this filter, it will be enough for you to purchase one module and change it every six months.

Tap water is treated in several stages. At the first stage of purification, water passes through the replaceable Aquaphor Trio module. After that, it enters the cartridge, which retains large suspended particles, chlorine, heavy metals and pesticides, as well as organic compounds. In the third filter, water is purified from bacteria, viruses and heavy metals.


  • type: flowing;
  • filter type: reverse osmosis system;
  • purpose: water purification;
  • service life: 6 months;
  • warranty: 1 year;
  • productivity (l/day): 2;
  • number of filtration stages: 3;
  • case material: plastic.


  • the ability to purify water from both impurities and bacteria;
  • convenient replacement of modules that are installed directly on the crane;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • no need to buy additional replacement filter cartridges;
  • convenience and comfort in use;
  • saving water.


  • the need to purchase replacement modules.

Price: 2 300 rubles.

On a note! Thanks to a special filter, the water is purified like in a mineral spring. You get clean and tasty water that meets all standards and requirements.


Before talking about which is better — Aquaphor or Barrier competitor, you need to carefully analyze the entire range of products of these brands, take into account expert opinions and consumer reviews.

Both brands have been present on the Russian market for several decades and have managed to establish themselves as companies responsible for the quality of their products. In addition, they regularly become winners of exhibitions of household goods. Both brands have an international quality certificate ISO 9001:2000, which can be regarded as compliance with the requirements for the quality management system at enterprises from the consumer’s point of view.

Water filters
Filters for water purification Source strojdvor.ru

Domestic market statistics show that the modern consumer most of all prefers to use Aquaphor filters or Barrier products. However, «popular» is not always equivalent to the phrase «best». We will try to figure out whether our attitude towards these brands is fair and whose products are better.

Barrier Standard

Provides up to 300 l/min of drinking water. Barrier Standard filters are designed to purify tap water from sand, rust, chlorine and other organic and inorganic compounds. Purified water does not leave a deposit in the form of rust and scale on plumbing. The filter is completely disassembled and can be easily washed under running water.


  • material: polypropylene;
  • White color;
  • length: 25 cm;
  • width: 10.5 cm;
  • height: 19 cm;
  • country of origin: Russia.

Pros: you can change the cartridge yourself;

  • easy and convenient to clean;
  • service life more than 5 years.


Price: from 7500 rubles.

general information

Pitcher filters produced under the Barrier brand were among the first to appear in Russia. The first available water purification devices from this manufacturer were released in 1993.
Filter manufacturer Barrier – one of the top five players in the water treatment marketmarked by consumer confidence. The development program includes not only the production of filter devices, but also a comprehensive study of water pollution.

Before you buy a filter for an apartment, house, cottage, you can give a sample for analysis.

The company’s own research center allows you to quickly (usually no more than a week) and inexpensively find out the composition of water.

You need to decide on the acquisition based on the results of the study.
Advice. The type of filter is selected according to the type of pollution.
So, with a high iron content (this often happens in summer cottages, when taken from a well), iron-removing filters are effective. With a high content of pathogenic microflora — bactericidal devices with silver.

The manufacturer supplies filter devices in:

  • Russia and the CIS;
  • European countries;
  • Asia;
  • USA.

The range of manufactured products includes dozens of types: from compact filter jugs to professional systems.

Pitcher filter Barrier Expert Micro

It is intended for post-treatment of tap water. It purifies water from pathogenic bacteria and viruses. With it, you can drink water from the filter or use it for cooking. In order to purify water or boil it, you just need to turn on the tap.

By purchasing a Barrier Expert Micro filter, you will not only provide yourself with clean water for drinking and cooking, but also allow it to remain so for a long time.

The manufacturer also guarantees that Barrier filters will give you the opportunity to drink exceptionally pure water. The minimum amount of harmful substances and salts will always be dissolved in water. They will be at the level of the natural state.

That is why, having bought a Barrier filter, you will be sure that all your households use the purest, high-quality water. The filter has 2 stages of cleaning.

The first is mechanical. It retains large fractions of dirt. The second stage is sorption. It absorbs all harmful impurities and prevents them from seeping through the membrane. The cleaning period is from 3 to 6 months.

After that, you need to change the cartridge. This should take no more than 15 minutes, so you can do without calling a technician. Barrier filters are characterized by high efficiency and low power consumption. Their productivity is 1 liter per minute.

Therefore, you can not worry if the hot water is turned off in the house. The filter can be connected to a faucet. In this case, the water pressure will not decrease.

Design features

As for filter jars, all models are very similar to each other in their design: jug, funnel, lid and cartridge. Users respond equally well to the ergonomic component of both manufacturers.

expert standard barrier

Both «Aquaphor» and «Barrier» have models that synergize with kitchen furniture, whether it be a refrigerator, a tile or a wall cabinet, so it’s also difficult to say which one is better here.

The stationary models of both brands are equally well attached under the sink, and there were no problems with installation. True, some users complain about the modest, or rather, not quite high-quality Aquaphor delivery kit: the fittings and the brackets themselves are not of the best quality, so you have to buy something more serious for normal installation.

Additional recommendations for choosing a filter

First of all, experts advise choosing a filter according to the area of ​​u200bu200bthe room where it will be installed. It should be sufficient to provide for all residents.

For example, in an apartment with an area of ​​40 m2, you can install a Standard Barrier filter. In this way, all your drinking needs will be cleared at the same time.

Such a device can be installed in the country. Its power is enough for a dacha with an area of ​​30 m 2. But in a large family, it is better to purchase another filter, for example, Barrier Expert.

Video — How to install a filter under the sink BARRIER EXPERT

It has two cassettes for hot and cold water treatment. In addition, due to the three-stage purification, you can purify water from most harmful impurities.

Don’t forget the Barrier Grand Maxi filter jug. It is perfect for those who are used to buying groceries in the supermarket. In it, you will always know about all the important promotions that are held at this outlet.

Aquaphor Crystal has a fairly large filtering surface made of fibrous silver. Therefore, it can purify up to 4L of water at a time.

Video — Installing the Aquaphor Crystal filter

All filters are generally designed for single tank installations. If you have purchased a model with multiple cassettes, it is better to purchase an additional capacity. It will help save space in the kitchen. In addition, filters from different manufacturers may not be suitable for each other. In this case, you will have to buy another model.

So, did you like the filter? Then it is worth studying its technical characteristics. Make sure it really fits you. After all, if you purchased an inexpensive model, and then found out that a special cartridge is needed for its operation and it is not included in the kit, you will have to change the filter yourself. When buying, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • manufacturer;
  • membrane quality;
  • number of filtration stages;
  • case material;
  • the size;
  • design;
  • guarantee.

In addition, some models have their own characteristics and nuances of use. Be careful not to buy a product that does not suit your family.

Video — The Truth About Water Filters

What to choose — we draw conclusions

Aquaphor and Barrier filters have their advantages and disadvantages, which are recommended to pay attention to when choosing. Experts recommend a preliminary assessment of the degree of water pollution. If the liquid contains too many impurities, then it is recommended to give preference to expensive stationary installations, thanks to which high-quality cleaning is guaranteed.

aquaphor filter and barrier


Users filter devices are evaluated according to several parameters:

  • price,
  • cleaning quality,
  • storage capacity,
  • performance.

The main criterion for evaluating pitcher filters is the quality of filtration.

The best results were shown:

  • Barrier Smart. In addition to the mentioned evaluation criterion, buyers often note a thoughtful design (filling the filtrate through the spout in the presence of unfiltered water in the upper tank), a convenient calendar indicator. The mentioned disadvantages are insufficient storage capacity, frequent change of cassettes.
  • Users appreciated the Barrier Grand not only because of the decent working life of the cartridge. Most note the convenient design, a capacious reservoir of purified water, and an indicator. Of the minuses — an inconvenient lid, the upper tank flying out when draining.
  • The Tango Barrier is highly regarded due to its shape. Most reviews praise the ability to fit it on the refrigerator door. Disadvantages — small volume of the accumulator, inconvenience arising when draining the filtrate when the upper reservoir is full.

Evaluation criteria are not always objective. Only he himself can choose the one that is important for a particular person. The information provided is just to help guide you.