A dazzling smile can charm the people around you. At a young age, she is almost equally beautiful for everyone. Over the years, people have to keep their smile in good condition. To take care of your teeth, you will need to purchase a toothbrush. They differ in their design. The most popular today is the ultrasonic toothbrush. Below is an overview of the best fixtures in terms of price and quality.

How does an ultrasonic toothbrush work?

A toothbrush that works using ultrasound is almost indistinguishable in appearance from ordinary bristle heads. The difference is the presence of a motor that is responsible for its operation and a safe range of ultrasonic waves.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications
The design of the popular Megasonex ultrasonic toothbrush

Each brush has a built-in microprocessor that creates sound vibrations at a frequency of 1.6 MHz every 30 seconds. The oscillations are created by a piezoceramic plate, at a distance that does not exceed 4 mm from the location of the bristles. The speed of the bristles can be 100 million for 60 seconds.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

This work provides the following:

  • mechanical cleaning of the dentition from plaque;
  • impact on hard-to-reach places, due to the 4 mm capture of the space around the brush.

Model comparison

Thanks to our rating, we can compare the presented models of ultrasonic brushes and present a table with the characteristics of the described products:

Model name Number of pulsations per minute Cleaning time, in min. The presence of a timer
Acleon F36 60000 2 Yes
Philips Sonicare 2 Series HX6232/20 31100 2 Yes
Xiaomi SO WHITE EX3 Sonic Electric Toothbrush 28000-32000 2 Yes
Xiaomi Soocas X3 37200 2 Yes
Donfeel HSD-100 up to 2.8 million 2 Yes
Megasonex 40000 3 Yes
Oral-B Pulsonic Slim up to 1000000 2 Yes
Emmi-dent 6 Platinum up to 500000 3 Yes

The effectiveness of the ultrasound brush

In the process of cleaning the teeth with a brush that works with ultrasound, the temperature of the oral cavity rises by 1 degree. Due to this, the course of all processes is accelerated, this is achieved due to the expansion of blood vessels and the improvement of blood microcirculation in the tissues of the oral cavity.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

This process enhances the effectiveness of all dental cleaning and care products. In addition, exposure to ultrasound can effectively remove all types of plaque on the teeth, even tobacco.

Proper use of this tool benefits the mucosa:

  • the manifestation of pain syndromes decreases;
  • vasospasm is relieved;
  • scars on the gums dissolve.

Advantages and disadvantages

Experts say that a toothbrush that acts on the oral cavity through ultrasonic waves is more effective than ordinary brushes.

This is evidenced by its numerous advantages:

  • in addition to the teeth, there is a thorough cleaning of the entire oral cavity;
  • bacteria are destroyed;
  • the entire process of cleaning teeth is reduced by 2 times, and its quality is improved;
  • due to the heat that is generated during the operation of such a brush, blood circulation improves, due to it, fluorine present in the pastes penetrates into the enamel better;
  • suitable for use when wearing braces, owners of sensitive teeth and problem gums.

    Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

Disadvantages of an ultrasonic brush:

  • the occurrence of bleeding gums due to their increased sensitivity;
  • the high cost of the brush (from 3000 to 12-15000 rubles);
  • the likelihood of acquiring a fake, which may not bring any benefit or even harm the teeth and oral cavity.

Selection rules

When choosing an electric ultrasonic device, there are 5 main factors to consider:

  1. Secondary functions. Simplify the procedure for cleaning the oral cavity, make it as comfortable as possible if a modern apparatus has a timer, wear indicator, pressure sensors. Therefore, there is no need to overpay for brushes that are equipped with useless features.
  2. The degree of stiffness of the hairs and the shape of the working head. The main difference between ultrasonic models for oral hygiene is the bristles of medium hardness and the elongated shape of the head. Such devices are designed for people with healthy gums and teeth. For those who have increased sensitivity, it is recommended to purchase sets with soft bristles and a rounded working head.
  3. Charger option. Electrical devices run either on batteries or on batteries.
  4. Age group. Devices that are intended for children are not suitable for an adult. Such models will not be able to properly clean the oral cavity, as they make an insufficient number of oscillatory movements. For babies, the industry produces safe and lightweight brushes. They are comfortable, compact, do not slip out of the hands.
  5. Manufacturer. The modern market is filled with inexpensive ultrasonic devices made in China. Dentists advise buying toothbrushes from well-known and trusted brands. Such manufacturers guarantee the durability of their product, quality.

First of all, you should pay attention to the products of famous brands.

Are there any contraindications

You should not purchase such a device if there are such contraindications:

  1. Pregnancy period.
  2. Wearing a pacemaker.
  3. Oncology.
  4. Tumors of a benign nature in the oral cavity.
  5. early stages of caries.
  6. Inflammation of the gums and mucous membranes of various types.
  7. The thinness of natural tooth enamel.
  8. The presence of fillings, prostheses and veneers.

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How to choose the right ultrasound brush

An ultrasonic brush differs from a toothbrush in the complexity of the device, you need to choose it carefully, paying attention to such points:

  • convenience: the model should fit well in the hand, not be too bulky or heavy;
  • the presence of an indicator that will count the operating time and emit a sound signal;
  • if necessary, you can purchase a tool equipped with a head that can rotate;
  • the presence of a device on which the brush will be charged;
  • take into account the presence of children in the family, for which the purchase of a special model is required.

What paste is recommended to use

Paired with electric brushes, experts recommend using special pastes. These cleaners, based on natural ingredients, have the least abrasive effect on tooth enamel.

Note! Ordinary pastes are also suitable for daily care of teeth and gums. But you need to use such cleaning products that do not contain fine particles.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the composition, there should also be an inscription «For electric toothbrushes.» Preference should be given to pastes, which include calcium and phosphorus, as these components whiten and strengthen the enamel.

Sequence of application and use

To achieve the maximum effect from the use of an electric ultrasonic device, the following rules should be followed:

  • make sure the battery is charged before use;
  • twice a day, with a small amount of paste, brush your teeth;
  • to clean the side surface of the teeth, their inner and outer sides, use the brush at an angle of 45 *;
  • move the working head slowly in one direction, linger on 1 tooth for no more than 3 seconds;
  • hold the device vertically while cleaning the front teeth;
  • the brush must be moved in a horizontal position when cleaning chewing teeth;
  • carry out manipulations so that the bristles affect both the gums and the enamel;
  • after the procedure, rinse the villi thoroughly under running water, rinse the mouth.

It is necessary to change the batteries in time or charge the battery so that the device is in working condition at any time. Also, immersion in water should be avoided.

How to choose a brush for a child

A brush that works with ultrasound can also be used in childhood. The main thing is to do without it during the period when the dentition is not fully formed (teeth change from milk to permanent), because ultrasound may well disrupt the metabolism responsible for bone growth.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

In general, ultrasonic cleaning is permissible in children from 3 years of age, under the constant supervision of parents, while the constant use of this device is possible no earlier than after 9 years.

Choosing a tool for children is necessary considering the following:

  • if an adult brushes the child’s teeth, then the handle should be of a size that will be convenient for the parent;
  • the bristles should be soft or very soft;
  • the timer is considered a mandatory function that allows you to correctly distribute the time of brushing your teeth.

Can children use

The electric model can be trusted by a child from the age of 5. Preferably under adult supervision. These devices are ideal for children, as with their help they not only clean their teeth, but also carry out a light massage of the gums. This stimulates metabolic processes and increases the stability of periodontal tissues.

Special models have been developed for children, taking into account the peculiarities of the development of their teeth. That is why they should not use hygiene devices for adults.

Proper use of the brush

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

An ultrasonic toothbrush, like an ordinary toothbrush, requires proper use:

  • you must first read the instructions;
  • apply toothpaste to the surface of the bristles;
  • turn on the device;
  • divide the entire oral cavity into 6 equal sections, each of which must be processed sequentially;
  • after the timer signal, you need to start a new section;
  • after completion of the process, you need to rinse the mouth;
  • Wash the brush and dry thoroughly.

Ultrasonic toothbrush for diseases of the oral cavity

A toothbrush that has an ultrasonic effect on the oral cavity can have a powerful therapeutic effect on the mucous membrane. It consists in increasing blood circulation, due to which the processes of tissue regeneration go faster.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

However, the use of this device during the period when there is an active phase of inflammatory disease of the oral cavity (the presence of gingivitis, stomatitis or periodontitis) is unacceptable.

Because it can exacerbate the existing problem. It is better to wait until the disease has passed and only then, after consulting a dentist, apply such a brush.

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Selection Tips

how to take care of your teeth

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of a toothbrush, consult with a specialist. The dentist will clearly outline your problems and how you can solve them. In addition to consultation, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • manufacturers of toothbrushes, reviews of their products;
  • the presence of several modes and additional attachments;
  • the presence of a battery and a timer.

At the beginning of use, listen to your feelings. If you experience discomfort, replace the nozzle or change the mode. If after that you feel uncomfortable, we recommend that you return to standard brushes.

Ultrasonic or electric: which brush is better

When planning to purchase a modern device for cleaning teeth, each buyer faces a difficult choice: which brush to prefer, an ordinary electric one or one that works by means of ultrasonic action.

The electrical type is the most common. This brush performs rotational movements using an electric drive.. Models of more complex designs, in addition to rotations, can carry out pulsation, due to which mechanical cleaning of the tooth surface is carried out.

The ultrasonic brush uses the impact of the same name, due to which it allows you to achieve the following goals:

  • clean the surface of the teeth;
  • choose the optimal speed;
  • save time spent on dental hygiene;
  • spend less toothpaste;
  • accelerate blood circulation in the vessels of the oral cavity;
  • apply it to a sensitive category of teeth;
  • prevent the development of bacteria in the oral cavity.

    Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

However, this type of brush can have a negative effect on filled teeth. The smallest vibrations of ultrasound erase the boundaries between the bone tissue and the filling material, which significantly reduces the service life of the latter. In addition, such instruments are not recommended for use in the presence of dentures and crowns.

In general, both types of brushes are able to clean the surface of the teeth with high quality. If you have limited funds, it is better to purchase an electric option, otherwise — ultrasonic.

What nozzles exist

Toothbrushes that create ultrasonic action have several types of nozzles, each of which can be used in a particular case.

Nozzle types:

  • with soft bristles: the degree of its rigidity is minimal, which makes it possible to use in the oral cavity with sensitive teeth. Such a nozzle allows you to brush your teeth up to 5 times a day, in addition, it can be used for children and patients after recent dental operations;
  • with bristles of medium hardness: here the bristles are a little stiffer, they can be either the same or zigzag length. Such a nozzle has good flexibility, perfectly cleans the interdental space and the surface of the teeth. In addition, it is absolutely safe for the gums.

Ultrasonic brushes do not have hard tips, as they can damage the surface of the teeth and mucous membranes.

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How to brush your teeth properly?

We all imagine the rules of oral hygiene using a regular brush. Of course, progress does not stand still, the cleaning industry is developing, we are actively acquiring new ultrasonic brushes, but how to brush your teeth with them correctly? Before buying an ultrasonic brush, visit a dentist and make sure that you have no contraindications for use. In addition, they will clearly show and tell you how to clean. Have you already purchased this kind of brush, but don’t have time to visit the dentist? Adhere to the following rules:

  1. First, you need to moisten the nozzle and apply a small amount of toothpaste. Moistening is mandatory, because only in this case, nutrients are released from the paste that strengthen tooth enamel, for example, fluorine and calcium ions.
  2. Secondly, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the outer and inner sides of the upper and lower jaws. It should be done slowly, paying attention to the entire oral cavity. Pass the toothbrush back and forth over the lower and upper jaws several times — necessary to remove soft plaque.
  3. Thirdly, in the process of achieving the maximum result, it is necessary to clean each tooth separately. You can do this action once a day — before going to bed, when it is necessary to remove all food and microbes that have accumulated during the day, so that the teeth remain intact longer, have a beautiful and healthy appearance.

By following these simple rules of brushing your teeth, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful smile for a long time and visit the dentist’s office only for the annual checkup.

Overview of Popular Ultrasound Toothbrushes

Philips Sonicare

This brand is today among the leaders in the dental products market, the brushes of the company are actively recommended by all dentists.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

Tool Features:

  • speed of movements (in 2 minutes more than a simple brush will perform within a month);
  • elimination of plaque in the interdental space;
  • removal of microbes on the gum line;
  • after 14 days of use, there is an improvement in the health of the mucosa;
  • removal of the maximum amount of plaque on the teeth;
  • return of the lost whiteness of teeth;
  • average price category (from 3,000 to 12,000 rubles, depending on the configuration).


This brush is used at home for daily cleaning of the tooth surface.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

Model advantages:

  • gentle removal of plaque, including from tobacco, as well as tartar of medium strength;
  • high-quality cleaning of the surface of the teeth in the presence of braces, as well as inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity;
  • great job cleaning hard to reach places;
  • decreased tooth sensitivity;
  • multiple attachments included.
  • compliance with international standards and excellent test results at the international level;
  • high quality plastic outer case.

The price of such a device is about 15,000 rubles.

Donfeel HSD-005

The device of this model has an important distinguishing feature: an antibacterial effect on the surface of the teeth and gums, which prevents the development of inflammatory diseases and caries.

  • effective cleansing due to the combined effect: sonic and ultrasonic;
  • high antibacterial effect;
  • beneficial effect on the mucous membrane, gums and tooth surface.

The cost of such a set varies between 2100-5900 rubles.


This model is at the peak of popularity. This is one of the latest developments of specialists from Germany.

Device Features:

  • simultaneous cleaning and polishing of the tooth surface;
  • removal of tartar;
  • disinfection of the oral cavity;
  • prevention of oral diseases;
  • Ideal for cleaning teeth with orthodontic appliances.

The cost of this toothbrush is about 12,500 rubles.

Asahi Irica AU300D

The ultrasonic brush of this model actively cleans the dentition due to 96 million vibrations per second.

This device has 3 modes of operation:

  1. Standard.
  2. Massage.
  3. Delicate.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications
In addition, the model is distinguished by the presence of three nozzles, each of which is stored in a separate case. The charging station for it is a non-contact device, and the brush itself has an original design.
Model advantages:

  • prophylactic effect to prevent the development of inflammation;
  • decreased sensitivity and bleeding of teeth and gums;
  • destruction of dental plaque into the smallest atoms and its removal;
  • elimination of bacteria.

This brush is distinguished by the support of GOST of Russia, the presence of ultrasonic exposure is documented. The average cost of the device is 8500 rubles.

CS Medica SonicPulsar CS-131

This is not just a brush, but a whole device equipped with several features that allow you to turn home dental care into a professional one. This device can work both from the mains and from the battery. The cleaning head is closed with a cap, which reliably protects it from the penetration of dust particles.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

The brush has 2 modes of operation, having tried which, you can choose the best one for yourself.


  • a wide range of functions;
  • high frequency ultrasound;
  • the presence of a 30 second timer;
  • auto power off after 2 minutes standby;
  • work without recharging up to one and a half months.

The cost of such a brush is 9500 rubles.

VES Kenwell RST2062

KENWELL’s ultrasonic brush incorporates the latest developments from leading scientists and dentists. This model is charged by means of an induction device, which eliminates the presence of wires. This feature ensures complete safety of its operation even in conditions of high humidity in the bathroom.

Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

The device comes with: a charger and interchangeable nozzles.

Model Features:

  • the presence of a timer for 2 minutes;
  • the ability to set an intermediate signal after 30 seconds;
  • indication of operating modes on the handle of the device;
  • the ability to change modes, including pulsation, normal and soft cleaning options.

The cost of such a brush is 2500 rubles.

EMMI-DENT 6 Professional

This ultrasonic brush has 2 interchangeable heads, a special nozzle for removing tartar.

In addition, the kit comes with toothpaste and special tablets that allow you to determine the presence of plaque.

The piezoelectric plate in this brush is located directly under the removable head, which confirms the manufacturer’s statement about the presence of ultrasound in this device.

Fixture features:

  • no harmful effects on enamel;
  • the presence of microbubbles, ensuring the sterility of cleaning;
  • the possibility of cleaning periodontal pockets;
  • ability to handle braces;
  • applicable in the presence of implants.

The average cost of a product is 12,600 rubles.

Oral B

This manufacturer has long established itself as an expert in the dental industry.

The toothbrush has a number of positive aspects:

  • safety of ultrasonic exposure;
  • suppression of pathogenic microflora in the oral cavity;
  • the possibility of delicate brushing of teeth;
  • the presence of 5 nozzles;
  • more than 40,000 pulsations within 1 second;
  • breath freshening.

Such a device can be purchased for 15,000 rubles.

Colgate 360°

Ultrasonic brushes of this brand are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • compactness and ease of storage;
  • the presence of corrugations on the handle, which prevents its accidental slipping;
  • the presence of non-standard heads that have a stable and rotating nozzle;
  • effective plaque removal;
  • the oscillation frequency is 20,000 units, which destroy bacterial plaque and loosen tartar;
  • the bristles have smooth tips, which eliminates cases of trauma to the gums and enamel;
  • low consumption of toothpaste.

    Ultrasonic toothbrush.  Pros and cons, reviews of doctors, rating of the best and contraindications

The price for such a model starts from 1500 rubles.

TOP rating of the best ultrasonic brushes

Below is an overview of the most popular and popular models. The rating is based on the opinions of experts in dentistry, as well as consumer reviews. Based on this, for each model, the main parameters, all the pros and cons are presented.

Brushes Acleon F36/38

The best ultrasonic toothbrushes of 2021

Ultrasonic brushes Acleon F36/38 of the German manufacturer are presented in two colors: black and white. They clean your teeth with high quality and allow you to achieve a whitening effect. Due to ultrasound, the healing components of the toothpaste penetrate deep into the enamel.

The brushes come with 3 standard attachments and 2 orthodontic attachments that effectively clean implants, braces, and hard-to-reach places between teeth. Devices are charged from the wireless docking station. A convenient case is provided for storage. It has a built-in ultraviolet lamp that disinfects the nozzles while they are not in use.


  • Charging is enough for 14 days of use.
  • Special DuPond bristles gently but efficiently clean plaque.
  • Using a brush prevents tartar.
  • There are 4 brushing modes, including for sensitive teeth.

Users do not note shortcomings in the operation of the ACleon toothbrush.

Oral-B Pulsonic Slim

The model is characterized by small dimensions, the body is thin, and the brush itself is sold with a stand that does not take up much space in the bathroom. It also comes with a travel case. At the very beginning of the application, it is recommended to use the delicate mode for 2 weeks, so that the teeth and gums get used to the ultrasonic vibration. After that, the standard mode is applied for cleaning, removing stones and plaque.


  • Regular use will slow down the development of tartar.
  • Charging indication.
  • The head is elongated and is suitable for a different structure of the jaw.
  • Existence of the timer for control of cleaning.
  • Autonomy up to 1 week.

Among the shortcomings are the regularity of use to see the effect.

Donfeel HSD-010

This option is characterized by high functional characteristics and the ability to work in several modes. This makes it easy to remove plaque, food debris. The main advantage is the presence of an ultraviolet type disinfectant. By activating the lamp, bacteria and microbes that may be on the bristles are quickly destroyed, due to this, the brush will be perfectly clean every time.


  • The vibration effect is gentle and does not cause tissue irritation, after 3 uses there is almost no effect.
  • Continuous use with the help of the whitening function makes it possible to remove yellowness from the teeth.
  • The presence of a delicate mode of operation, which will be useful for clients with high sensitivity.
  • Comes with 3 extra attachments.
  • There is a disinfector to destroy germs and bacteria, and also acts as a charger.
  • Comes with an extra small charger.
  • Built-in timer to track the procedure time.

Among the shortcomings, consumers note the inability to use nozzles for other brushes.

Dentists’ recommendations

Purchasing a toothbrush with ultrasonic action is a serious step towards a healthy smile. To make it as safe as possible, you need to follow some recommendations of dentists.

These are the following expert tips:

  • obligatory examination by a dentist before buying a device;
  • the inadmissibility of the use of nozzles with hard bristles, to preserve the integrity of the enamel;
  • mandatory supervision of children while brushing their teeth with a similar device;
  • analysis of the features of different models and thoughtful choice of your own instance.


An electric ultrasonic toothbrush is not for everyone. There are a number of diseases in which the use of the device is contraindicated:

  • bleeding gums;
  • apical periodontitis;
  • diabetes;
  • white spots on enamel;
  • oncology.

In addition, dentists do not recommend using such models during breastfeeding, pregnant women, people with fillings and a pacemaker.