High air humidity negatively affects the quality of building construction and repair work, significantly increases the time for their completion. To dry the premises, different types of equipment are used, the most effective of which are professional building dehumidifiers. Their use will create optimal conditions for quick drying of any surfaces without cracks, deformations and damage to building materials.

Why is drying rooms important?

Dehumidifier for construction and repairConstruction and repair of premises takes place in several stages:

  • erection of structures;
  • pouring concrete screed;
  • putty and plaster;
  • wallpapering and painting.

The right technology involves dehumidifying a room or an entire building at each stage. First, the humidity is normalized after “wet work” — pouring concrete, putty and plaster, which will help them dry faster. After that, wallpaper is glued to already dry surfaces, drywall and flooring are laid, whitewashing and painting are carried out.

The issue of drainage is especially relevant in a new building, when the structure of the house itself is still damp and unheated. High-quality drying before and after the repair will not only create a comfortable microclimate in the new apartment. Given that dry air heats up faster than humid air, heating costs for the next 3 years after building a house can actually be reduced by 2-3 times.

How to quickly dry walls, floors and ceilings

During repair and construction work, there is often a need for quick drying of premises.

Average natural drying time of surfaces

How long do building materials dry

How to quickly dry a roomThere are several ways to speed up the process of natural drying, which can take several weeks:


It does not allow to achieve the required indicators of temperature and humidity. Reduces humidity only in summer in dry, hot weather; in winter, with open windows, cold and humid air enters the room. It should also be borne in mind that freshly glued wallpaper is “afraid” of drafts.

Air conditioner with dehumidification function

It can only be used for a small room after renovation — an apartment, a room, a private house, a summer residence, if the percentage of humidity is not very high. Provides a reduction in moisture levels by a maximum of 10-15%.

Heat guns

With their help, a directed stream of hot air is created, which does not provide uniform drying. The outer layer can dry very quickly and will create a kind of «crust» that prevents the removal of moisture from the deeper layers of the screed and plaster. The result is cracking, dampness inside, damage to finishing materials.

Professional dehumidifier in constructionAir Dryer

The use of dehumidifiers will allow you to organize a uniform dehumidification throughout the volume of the room and a gradual decrease in humidity. It will improve the quality of work and help to significantly reduce the drying time. It works in automatic mode, removes excess moisture and maintains the set indicators.

Benefits of building dehumidifiers

A professional building air dehumidifier is designed for continuous operation in difficult conditions and with heavy dustiness.

The advantages of such equipment include:

  • efficient and fast drying of surfaces;
  • economical energy consumption;
  • ease of management and maintenance;
  • gentle effect on materials;
  • the possibility of easy movement;
  • wide operating temperature and humidity range.

Professional building dehumidifiers are condensing and adsorption.

Criteria for selecting an air dryer for a construction siteThey work completely autonomously, do not need additional air heating and ventilation. And only in those cases when the room is not heated, and the temperature outside is below zero, in addition to the dehumidifier, it is recommended to install a fan heater.

Which dehumidifier to choose for construction and repair

The choice of a building dehumidifier largely depends on the characteristics of its operation and the tasks set. One of the most popular models in the Russian market are dehumidifiers DanVex DEH-900i, Master DH 92 and Trotec TTK 355. These are compact industrial dehumidifiers operating on the principle of condensation.

Differ in high efficiency of moisture removal, reliability and mobility. Manufactured in a rugged housing protected from dust and dirt. They can work around the clock, easily move on uneven surfaces and stairs.

Comparative characteristics of models

Dryer model

Room volume, m3

Dehumidification, l/day

Power consumption, kW

Air exchange, m3/hour

Tank volume, l

Dimensions (HxLxW), mm

Weight, kg

Noise level, dB (A)

Brand Country

DanVex DEH-900i










Trotec TTK 355










Master DH-92










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